Hack is based on DejaVu Sans Mono

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Hack is based on DejaVu Sans Mono

The “Hack” Font.

Recently I discovered a very nice monospaced font: “Hack” by Source Foundry

Hack is based on DejaVu Sans Mono, but with some nice modifications .
My favorites:A very lovely, curved i.

Longer hyphen (DejaVu’s hyphen is awkwardly short)

More generous spacing for parenthesis.
Of course, there are many more, subtle differences .

If you already like DejaVu/Menlo

Hack may be for you.

I’ve made it my default font in BBEdit and it looks great at 11   pt

The font is open source and in very active development .
Go here for the font’s homepage, with specimen and an interactive compare tool, .

Or here for the project on Github

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