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Night Time Bike Safety

How to Safely Ride Your Bike at Night
Cycling is a sport that people typically think of as a day time activity. However, a growing population of people would beg to differ. The amount of people going on night time bike rides is growing and with that, the idea of safe night time riding needs to be spread. This article has been written to help inform cyclists how to stay safe when riding at night, in low light conditions.
Stay Visible and See Clearly

Bike Lights (Front)  

Whether you are out on a trail in the woods, or on the road commuting back from work, a bike light is one of the most important things you can buy to ensure your safety. A high quality bike light will help to light you path, literally.
When mountain biking, the light should allow the user to see roots, rocks and other details on the trail. This will keep the rider aware of the conditions and safe throughout his or her ride.
An urban rider should have a light to warn other people on the road of their presence, as well as to keep full vision of the road ahead of them.
The strength of a bike light is measured in lumens.
Urban riders do not typically need as powerful of a light as trail riders or mountain bikers because cities and towns are usually quite well lit. So if you plan on only riding at night in an urban area, you can probably get away a cheap low-lumen light. Although, less than 200 Lumens is not recommended.
As a mountain biker, riding trails at night will require a much more powerful light. Bike lights can get quite expensive when you get into the higher lumen output models, however, it is a worthy investment, especially if you intend to use it often. For completely dark trails, it is not unlikely that you will want a light that is capable of producing an excess of 1000 lumens.

Bike Lights (Rear)

Attaching a bike light so that it is visible when looking at you from behind is extremely important as it furthers your safety when cycling. A rear bike light or reflector, is recommended to be worn at all times (day and night) as it will help people see you better in almost any conditions. Rear bike lights are typically red and either flash or maintain a steady glow. Red is chosen for the same reason that red is chosen for car brake lights. It is a high contrast color that stands out from its environment. A rear light is much more important for urban cycling as it allows traffic to see you and safely maneuver around you. On a trail ride, it is unlikely that you will be worried about motorized vehicles. However, it is still good to wear one as it keeps you visible to your riding companions and others who may be on the trail.
A good quality bike light is now commonplace and expected for any serious night bike riding activities!
Where to Place Bike Lights
Choosing where to place your bike light is almost as important as choosing the light itself. If the light is bouncing up and down, then it can become difficult to see far ahead of you and your vison may blur. Many riders opt to attach the light to their handlebars. This is a good choice, especially for road riders. It will keep the beam aimed directly in front of you and it is easy to adjust the power.
For people who are riding tight trails, it is important to see the trail features ahead of you. Sometimes a light on the bars may not be the best option as you might find that you look past the beam, especially in corners where you should be looking for your exit on entry. For rides such as this, it is a good idea to get a light that will attach to the top of your helmet. This way, when you look around, the beam is aimed right where you are looking. The downside is that powerful lights can get heavy. Heavy lights on your helmet may put strain on your neck. For this reason, you may want to have a powerful light on your handlebars and a smaller lightweight one on your helmet.
Placing a rear bike light (or reflector) is quite simple. If you ride with a backpack, they often have a location to clip a bike light onto the back. Another option is to place it on your frame above the tire, or attach it to your seat post. You could even mount it to your rear carrier if you ride with one. Mounting a rear light will depend on how you ride and what you ride with so get creative. Just be sure that it is highly visible from behind.
Reflective Details
Like a rear bike light, reflective details are designed to help other people see you. Reflective details are often built into high quality cycling clothing and gear so pay attention when purchasing your items. These details are often in the form of special stitching or outlines, as well as logos or specific patches. It is also a good idea to buy reflective tape and place it around your bike and gear. Reflective detailing is about making sure that other people see you. You never want to go unnoticed when riding at night.
Bike Reflectors are a basic, non-negotiable mainstay on any bike!
Night Riding Tips

Plan your route

When riding at night, it is important to already know where you are going and what the route entails. Surprises tend to be even more surprising when riding at night. For example, when riding in the woods during the day, you may see a root section and evaluate how difficult it will be to ride. During the night it is harder to see this section which could cause you to crash if you are not ready for it. Ride the route in the light before you ride it at night. That will assure you know what you are going to encounter on the trail.

Slow Down

When riding at night it is important to ride slower than you normally would. Even if you have the best lights, it will still be darker around you which means your eyes will have a harder time seeing than if it was full daylight. To avoid unexpectedly crashing, it is worth brining your pace down.

Do Not Override Your Lights

This goes hand in hand with slowing down. Lights only reach so far in front of you. If you are riding too quickly, the stopping distance for you will be greater than how far you can see at that moment of time. So if you see something blocking your path, you will not stop in time and will likely crash. This is very similar to overdriving your headlights in a car.


Cyclists often wear glasses for a couple of reasons, the glasses keeps the sun out of their eyes, or they protect the wearer’s eyes from debris such a dirt and bugs. At night, cyclists will still have to face the debris issue. The best solution is to get a clear set of biking glasses. If you would rather save the money, a cheaper option may be clear construction glasses. There are also bike specific glasses available on the market that have auto color changing lenses which are great to use in any condition.

Be Alert (even more than normal)

Night time bike rides often leave the cyclist feeling energized and wide awake. This is good news because when you are riding at night, it is mandatory to pay the upmost attention to your surroundings. If you are on the road, it is harder for drivers to see you at night (even with the appropriate gear on). Make sure you pay very close attention to what the drivers are doing and make sure you are seen. On the trails be sure you ride at a pace that you are comfortable with and keep an eye out for wild animals.
Night Cycling is always a riskier activity so make sure your “spidey sense” is set on HIGH!

Beginners Should Ride Paths that are well Lit

No matter what, if you are just starting out as a cyclist, it is best to stick to conditions where there is lots of light. This does not mean you should not ride at night, just choose your route carefully. For example, many big city parks work great as they have paths that are well lit 24 hours a day.
To Conclude
Cycling at night can be a very enjoyable and beneficial experience if you follow this articles simple advice. Remember to get good quality lights and make sure you and your bike have lots of reflective bits on. Only ride routes that you have ridden during the day so you are sure of where you are going and what the route entails. Stay alert and ride at a safe pace. Most importantly, stick to your comfort zone. If you are worried about riding at night, slowly work your way into it by riding already lit trails.
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The 9 Best Adult Tricycles

Buying an adult tricycle is something that can be quite a challenging endeavor.  There are so many different types of tricycles- or trikes- that it can be difficult to narrow it down and select what is best for you.  No matter what, though, it comes down to the individual.  The individual person is going to be selecting which tricycle that they need or want, and it will fit into their purpose(s) for it. Top Adult Tricycle Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike $$$Check Price on Amazon2. Razor DXT Drift Trike $Check Price on Amazon3. Mobo Triton Ultimate Cruiser $$Check Price on Amazon4. Dirt King Red Adult Tricycle $$$Check Price on Amazon5. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle $$Check Price on Amazon6. Nuvo Adult Trike $$Check Price on Amazon7. Worksman Port-o-Trike Three Speed $$$Check Price on Amazon8. Kent Westport Folding Trike $$Check Price on Amazon9. Bpmimports BPM 950A 20’ 3 Wheel Electric Trike $$$$Check Price on AmazonAs it can get difficult to buy find the perfect tricycle, we are going to help you comb your way through them today with our buying guide.  After our buying guide, we are going to review the top ten adult tricycles that are currently out on the market this season!Adult Tricycle Buying GuideWhy a Tricycle?The beginning is probably the very best place to answer this question quickly and decisively.  A tricycle actually does have real, legitimate uses.  It’s not just something that kids ride when they are still too young to have a bicycle!  So let’s look at some of the reasons for owning a tricycle.The first use for a tricycle is for the senior community.  Just because you are a senior does not mean that you have run out of all options for exercise!  A trike can be a brilliant way to continue to stay healthy as you age, and it will not tax you near as bad as something like running or other forms of hardcore fitness that are out there (those are great, but probably not a bright idea for seniors).To further this point, trikes are a great option for those that have balance issues.  Trikes have two wheels in the back, which means that you have increased balance available to you.  So, you do not have to worry near as much about falling over when you start to pedal very slow or as you look to step onto the trike.  This is important because no one wants to fall off and hit the ground, especially if you are in the senior community!Trikes are also great for people that have stamina issues.  You can actually build up your cardiovascular system a little by riding your trike, in fact!  Trikes aren’t nearly as hard on the body as even bikes are, so you can safely ride them and get a cardiovascular workout even while going relatively slow.  This is something that encourages a ton of people to purchase an adult trike.  Whether you’re a senior, or you just want some extra exercise, it’s a great option.While we haven’t covered all uses for trikes, we’ll stop with this final one.  Trikes can also be purchased by collectors.  The collector community are the types of people that would “pimp” their trike.  They do this by adding any number of accessories to them in order to achieve the goal of sticking out!Trikes vs BikesDid you know that trikes have actually been very popular for centuries?  In fact, they’re only seeing an “upturn” in popularity today due to the fact that they had lost their popularity before!  So, it’s really a career resurgence instead of a first hit song for trikes!  Adult tricycles are different than bicycles in a few key areas.One of the first things you will notice with adult trikes is that they allow you to place your feet on the ground in a comfortable fashion at any time.  This is a massive departure from bikes, where you will have very little opportunity to get your feet to the ground.  This is something that is reassuring for a lot of people that you just cannot get with a regular bicycle unless you strain very hard.  So, you will have even more increased peace of mind for sure with a trike.We talked briefly earlier about the fact that trikes are better for people with balance issues than bikes earlier.  Here is where we go into more detail.  In order to make them more stable, trikes have a lower “step through” function in them that allow you to easily get onto the trike.  So, if the extra two wheels don’t help enough this surely will do so!  This allows people to easily get on without straining anything too much, and it also obviously prevents you from falling.Another thing that you find on trikes is bigger tires.  Bigger tires give you even more stability, but they also give you a much smoother ride.  When we say bigger tires, we really mean it as well.  They are typically five times, if not more, wider than their bicycle counterparts are.Another obvious distinction when looking at a trike is that the handlebars are raised up higher than those you’d find on a bike.  These raised handlebars are much easier to grip and reach, and they are way more comfortable as a result as well.  This can help people from having to bend over, which can definitely help save your back more than a bike would ever allow you to do.The last difference we’ll mention here is that trikes also typically offer oversized seats.  Oversized seats are great for added comfortability because they give you more width and/or depth to sit on.  The range of types of seats seemingly grow every day, so they can be hard to list out sometimes!The good thing about trikes is that they aren’t all that different than bikes in the grand scheme of things, though!  They are different in these areas because there is a specific need and purpose.  But, the great thing is that they still have the same basic frame that bikes have.  This is very important to anyone that has parts troubles with their trike.  It’s not a completely different machine, so you have a much greater chance at replacing or repairing the trike at a much better price.  This makes having a trike to not be nearly as much of a left field type thing as people would have you believe!Types of TrikesHere is the section where we are going to look at the different types of trikes.  After this, we will just about be ready to look at the top ten and then review them for you!UprightUpright trikes are the most traditional type of trike that you will see out on the roads or at stores. Upright trikes are great for the purposes of fitness, errand running, or just recreation in the neighborhood.  The drawbacks that you may find with this type of trike is that you don’t have many gears on offer as most range from one to three speeds.  A possible benefit is the fact that they allow you to have a basket for some rear storage, so you can theoretically go to the store if you like!  Prices do vary, so don’t quote us on this, but they typically run up to about $500.  So they usually aren’t awful on the wallet!TandemTandem trikes are exactly what they sound like.  They allow two people to ride the trike at the exact same time.  There are two seats on a tandem trike: one at the front and one in the back.  Both partners can pedal at the same time, or they can take turns.  There are some that will allow you to sit side by side, although, that might be a little too odd for even tricycle riders!  These bikes are a little more expensive, as they typically run for between $1000-$2000 because of their added features.ElectricElectric trikes are basically the hybrid of the trike world.  These are best for people that need a little bit of helping pedaling from time to time.  They are also great for those that are looking to build their stamina.  You can pedal as long as you can, and then let the electric take over for you!  These aren’t nearly as expensive as you’d think as they generally come in around $1000 or thereabouts.  You can be assured of one thing with this type: you’ll never have to worry too much about that hill you used to dread!FoldingFolding trikes are trikes that… fold!  These sound like a fun, gimmick idea that will not last over the test of time, but in reality they have and they seem to be thriving among a lot of people.  These are great for people that love to travel.  Imagine riding this to a job interview, and there are no places to park your trike.  No problem!  Just fold it up and take it inside to some place safe.  They are also great if you have limited storage space at home, so you will never have to worry with those issues ever again.  These are also not nearly as unfriendly to your budget as you’d imagine, as they are typically able to be purchased for under $500.RecumbentRecumbent trikes are trikes that allow you to have even more comfortability and leisure while riding your trikes.  But be warned, these are more expensive.  These should really be called reclining trikes because they allow you to sit back and pedal with your feet as if it were a leg press machine!  So your legs are straight up, in fact, from you while your hands can remain wherever you choose them to be.  These are great for your back, as they require no work at all from the lower back.  In fact, it’s very comfortable for you.  And they are also much more aerodynamic than a regular trike that you’d see.  Depending on the type you get, they can be bought for around $1000 all the way up to $2500 or so.Special ConsiderationsNow that we know what the default types of trikes are, we need to look at some special things to consider when going to purchase your trike.  It’s very important to note some of these things here, as they could affect your specific purchasing decision.  For some, they may not matter at all!Gearsthe number of gears and “speeds” available may be a concern to you.  If so, you’ll likely have to pay a little bit more for some models.  This is not as typical in trikes, but some people are still interested in this kind of thing.Storage Spacesome people will need an area for more space than others.  Maybe you go to the grocery store with your trike!  If so, you’re probably going to be looking at the upright trike, although you can find others that have storage options.Seatsseats are a big deal because they give you the ability to either be more comfortable or not.  Some can be raised or adjusted on the fly.  Remember to pay close attention to details here!These are just three of the things that can also make an impact on your ride!  So, keep that in mind as you look at buying a new trike!Best Adult Tricycles Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle TrikeThe Mobo Shift is anything but a “normal” trike.  We put this as #1 on our list for a host of reasons.  In no particular order, here they are:  First, unlike virtually any other trike on the market, this one looks as “cool” as it can!  It looks FUN!  Secondly, the frame is not only adjustable but so much so that it can accommodate riders from as short as 4 feet to well over 6 feet in height!  Thirdly, the funky-weird steering bars on either side of your legs are unique in their design, but they support the hand brake units and they are intuitive!  Fourthly, not only is there a backrest, but it’s adjustable to 6 different angles!  ….and fifthly, the chassis is CHAINLESS!  I could go on, but you can see a full set of features by clicking the name of the bike just above this paragraph.This Mobo features a 20-inch front wheel with 2 16-inch wheels at the back.  It’s 62-inches long when fully extended.  It weighs 44 pounds, and yes, there is some assembly required once it arrives.Overall, it’s a super feature-filled bike which receives very good ratings from customers countrywide.  We like it more than the rest, so it’s our #1 pick!ProsAdjustable frame size and backrestChainlessLooks cool so when people turn their heads and notice you, it’s not because you’re on a lame tricycle!ConsJust a little priceyDoes take a little bit of assembly  Razor DXT Drift Trike this trike isn’t what you’d normally think of as is being a trike at all! It’s very flashy and is meant for performance as its built to allow you to turn 180s very quickly. This may not suit older riders at all!  It is a recumbent trike, though, so you will be very comfortable.  While being recumbent, it still doesn’t have the typical seat that you’d see with that as its not got much of a back rest.  This does come at a very reasonable price, though!ProsGreat priceVery flashy lookRecumbentConsNot meant for leisureDoesn’t have a backrest  Mobo Triton Ultimate Cruiser coming in at a good price as well is the Mobo Triton cruiser.  It has four colors available as well, each with a flaming hot design in tow.  It is a recumbent bike with a giant back rest that will allow you to ride comfortably.  It also has handlebars to the sides to hold and turn with like you’re steering.  This makes it a little unique to most, so it could be a detriment or a benefit to you depending on your opinion.ProsGiant back restGood priceGreat looksConsHandling is a little differentDoesn’t have any built-in storage  Dirt King Red Adult Tricycle this American-made bike is an interesting one that makes the list based on its uniqueness.  This one has its two back wheels designed to be close to the front wheel.  It’s handlebars are up high and they are long like some Harley Davidsons that you see.  The back tires are huge, which must be for use in conjunction with dirt, as the name applies.  It has a shock absorber on the frame, which is clearly seen by anyone looking.  This is another lower-priced option, but it’s definitely meant for someone younger and a little “hipper.”ProsLooks very differentGood priceGood for dirt purposesConsNot great for older ridersNo storage; has little to it  Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle one of the very first companies to pop into mind when discussing bikes or trikes is Schwinn.  They come in at #5 on our list with an upright trike that is of the “super low” variety.  As if trikes weren’t accessible enough, Schwinn does a great job at making this one even more so.  It also has a hefty amount of room for storage in the back for you to easily use.  It’s also at a very nice price, and it has a slick silver look to it.ProsLots of storageVery good priceSits very lowConsDoesn’t have a backrestAppears to have some brake issues  Nuvo Adult Trike Nuvo also has produced a very affordable trike option with this #6 pick.  It is a classical upright trike with a bit of a twist.  It sticks out easily because it looks a lot like some of the eye-catching ones.  It has front-wheel drive as well as having storage, which will differentiate it a little from our “style” type trikes we’ve looked at thus far.  It also allows you to easily coast when you like.ProsGood priceHas storage despite it looksFront wheel driveConsHas no back restHard to assemble  Worksman Port-o-Trike Three Speed this is another upright trike, but it’s priced a little more steeply. It has a raised handlebars set up, but they aren’t very much higher than your hands would go on a bike. This might be a flaw to be had with it.  It has storage in the back and a nice blue design as well as being able to be folded.  At most, a rider can only weigh 215 pounds.ProsCan be foldedHas storageNice designConsA little priceyHas a weight limit of 215 pounds   Kent Westport Folding Trike Kent’s Westport is another good, less expensive option that you can buy.  It has a great design to it, and it is upright.  It doesn’t have much back support, but the seat is very nice and wide for you to sit on.  It also has storage in the back despite being capable of being folded!  It has a suspension “fork” that helps protect you and your cargo from bumps you might encounter.ProsDecent priceFoldableNice designConsTough to assembleNo backrest  Bpmimports BPM 950A 20’ 3 Wheel Electric TrikeI had no choice!  I just HAD TO throw this one into the mix because it brings trikes to a new level of COOL!  Slap a motor on a trike and add fat wheels and you have something you can be proud of.  Now you can make eye contact with people and not feel wimpy or feminine (not that there’s anything wrong with that!!!)The 750-watt motor gives this trike a good kick.  The 20-inch wheels (4-inch width) give it a good degree of versatility without making the trike sit too high off the ground.  Because of the way this trike looks, it’s a common sight at remote festivals like the Burning Man and Coachella.  You know if they’re here, they have some level of “cool” to their design.  The heavy-duty construction can support 300 pounds of “junk”!  That includes, of course, the rider and gear!   The battery can last 4-6 hours (depending on usage intensity) and the battery can handle around 1000 charges.  It features six speeds and it’s definitely an off-road machine as much as on-road.The actual leather seat offers a touch of class and quality, as do the tig welded mudguards and overall aggressive look and feel.  This beast is awesome for nearly anyone, but we envision a dude somewhere between 20 and 35 years old who’s not quite the HARLEY type, but doesn’t want the potentially wimpy style and geeky-ness that can be associated with tricycles in general, and ADULT tricycles in particular!ProsElectric to give you breaks when neededStorage abilityVery cool, aggressive stylingConsVery expensive  A Closer Look at the Schwinn Meridian The most important thing that you could do is to determine what you will be using your trike for.  Whether it’s for showing off, leisure, fitness, or for running errands (or some combination of them), you have various things to look for.  Not all trikes are created equal, and you’ll definitely want to make sure that you are getting something that fits your purposes.  If you’re looking for something that will take you places with a loved one, you can get a tandem!  If you want something that is for fitness, you can stick with the upright.  If you’re just looking to save space, a folding trike can be great for even the youngest of adults.  If you are looking to ease back pain while getting a little bit of exercise, look no further than the recumbent trike!  Or if you want something that will allow you to climb mountains without having to pedal, look electric!  No matter what you select, you’re bound to have a fun, safe day as you get some exercise and get things done!  The post The 9 Best Adult Tricycles appeared first on Sport Consumer.