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2019 LWOS All-IFL Teams Announced

With the Indoor Football League’s (IFL) semifinal playoff games wrapped up and in the books, it’s time again for Last Word On Sports annual awards announcement.
Our department is proud to be celebrating our third annual selection announcement for the IFL.
We’re keeping it simple for this week and putting out our All-IFL teams today before releasing our Individual Awards such as MVP, Coach of the Year, etc. on Wednesday morning.
As always, thanks for following along to our coverage this season.

2019 LWOS All-IFL Teams Announced
The Arizona Rattlers finished the 2019 regular season with an unblemished, 14-0 record. Rightfully so, they lead all teams in the IFL with seven players on our all-league rosters.
The Iowa Barnstormers put seven players on all-league rosters as well, with a league-leading five making the first team.

All 10 IFL teams had at least one representative earn LWOS’ all-league honors. All but two teams had multiple players selected.
2019 LWOS All-IFL Teams
First Team
Quarterback | Daquan Neal, Iowa
Running Back | Mike Jones, Tucson
Wide Receiver | Ryan Balentine, Iowa
Wide Receiver | Quinton Pedroza, Quad City
Wide Receiver | Brandon Shepherd, Sioux Falls
Offensive Line | Steven Gurrola, Arizona
Offensive Line | Forrestal Hickman, Sioux Falls
Offensive Line | Oliver Lumpkin, Iowa

Defensive Line | Chris Martin, Nebraska
Defensive Line | Nikolaus D’Avanzo, Arizona
Defensive Line | Claude Davis, Sioux Falls
Linebacker | Treyvon Williams, Iowa
Defensive Back | Tyrell Pearson, Iowa
Defensive Back | Allen Chapman, Arizona
Defensive Back | Brandon Roe, Nebraska
Defensive Back | Bakari Triggs, Green Bay

Special Teams
Kick Returner | Eric Thomas, Nebraska
Kicker | Jimmy Camacho, Arizona

Second Team
Quarterback | E.J. Hilliard, Quad City
Running back | Davonte Sapp-Lynch, Nebraska
Wide Receiver | Marques Rodgers, San Diego
Wide Receiver | Keyvan Rudd, Quad City
Wide Receiver | Jazeric Peterson, Iowa
Offensive Line | Lamar Mady, Arizona
Offensive Line | Kyle Saxelid, Cedar Rapids
Offensive Line | D.J. Loving, Iowa

Defensive Line | Deldrick Canty, Green Bay
Defensive Line | Silverberry Mouhon, Green Bay
Defensive Line | LaTreze Mushatt, Bismarck
Linebacker | Zach Allen, Tucson
Defensive Back | Davontae Merriweather, Arizona
Defensive Back | Danzel McDaniel, Quad City
Defensive Back | Marquez Gollman, Green Bay
Defensive Back | Omar Cook, San Diego

Special Teams
Kick Returner | Jarrod Harrington, Arizona
Kicker | Jacob Stytz, Quad CityThe post 2019 LWOS All-IFL Teams Announced appeared first on Last Word on Sports.

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IFL: Blizzard One Game Away from securing Home Playoff date

They’re just one game away from a home playoff date.

After a 6-5 mark through their first 11 games of the season, the Green Bay Blizzard were tied in the standings with Tucson for the No. 4 seed in the Indoor Football League (IFL) Playoffs.

With the way that the IFL Playoffs are set up this season, the No. 3 and No. 4 seeds each host a Quarterfinals game, where the winners will advance to play the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds (whom will come off of bye weeks) in the Semifinals.

Thanks to a Tucson loss last week and Green Bay’s 41-10 blowout of Bismarck, the Blizzard are one game away from clinching a spot to host a playoff game for the first time since 2012.
IFL: Blizzard One Game Away from securing Home Playoff date
With the win over Bismarck, Green Bay improves to 7-5 on the season with two games to play – that’s one game ahead the Sugar Skulls who still have to play the undefeated Arizona Rattlers once more.

Next week, with either a win against 1-11 Cedar Rapids or a loss from Tucson, the Blizzard will have clinched their home spot and the No. 4 seed.

It’s already been a historic season for the team. Their seventh victory marks the most since 2012 and also the first winning record they will finish with.

The surge has come from the help of quarterback Lenorris Footman. He’s fourth in the IFL in passing yards per game and also leads the league in rushing yards.

He’s not the first quarterback to do that in the IFL, but it has given the Blizzard a much needed spark that has seemed to push this team over the hump.

On the defensive side of the ball, Footman has been aided by the duo of Marquez Gollman and Bakari Triggs. The two have combined for seven of the Blizzard’s forced turnovers, with six of those being interceptions.

Gollman has been sidelined for a few weeks due to an injury, but the Blizzard expect to have him back for their regular season finale on June 15.

It can’t get much better for Green Bay the way things are going right now. Let’s see how far they can take this thing.

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IFL Standings

Games behind



Sioux Falls

Green Bay


Quad City



San Diego

Cedar Rapids

Week 15 Scores
*LWOS will update scores and standings as games finish throughout the night.
FINAL: Green Bay 41, Bismarck 10
FINAL: Arizona 56, Cedar Rapids 0
FINAL: Sioux Falls 60, San Diego 7The post IFL: Blizzard One Game Away from securing Home Playoff date appeared first on Last Word on Sports.