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The 9 Best Women’s Yoga Pants & Leggings for 2020

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One of the best things about yoga is that it works out your mind as well as your body. There are countless benefits to doing yoga, getting your body in shape is only the beginning. While learning and practicing yoga is itself not easy, it’s a really convenient activity to take up. You don’t need any expensive gear or equipment like with tennis, cycling, or most other athletic activities. Yes, you can buy accessories like a yoga ball, but they’re not totally necessary. You can practice in your living room, on the beach, in the woods – anywhere you can find peace and quiet, you can practice yoga. All you need is a mat and a good, comfortable pair of yoga pants.
Top Yoga Pants Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?

$$$$Check Price on Amazon

$$Check Price on Amazon

$$$Check Price on Amazon

$$Check Price on Amazon

$$$Check Price on Amazon

6. PHISOCKAT 2 Pack High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets
$$Check Price on Amazon

$Check Price on Amazon

$Check Price on Amazon

$$Check Price on Amazon

Buying Guide
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing yoga for awhile or if you’re just starting out, a good pair of yoga pants matters. They’ll help keep you cool, dry, and supported while you work out. Of course, some people also use yoga pants for other sports, like running or hiking, or even casual wear when running errands.
We’ve compiled a list of the top nine yoga pants for 2017, but before we take a look, let’s consider what makes a good pair of yoga pants.
Comfort and Style
Comfort is the most important part of buying a good pair of yoga pants. They should be loose enough so that you can bend and pose without anything digging into your skin while being tight enough that they won’t fall off or slide down.
Some are a loose fit, some are really flowy. There are also come that have compression qualities designed to be a little tighter, the theory being that they will help stimulate blood flow and enable you to feel more aware of the position your body is taking.
There is no one style that is best for everyone, though some are more suited for certain varieties of yoga than others. Consider what kind of yoga you’ll be doing and what style you like when looking for your ideal pair.
Because fit is so important when buying yoga pants, it’s important to make sure you get the right size. Obviously, if you’re buying your yoga pants in a store, it’s easy to try them on to find the right size. If you choose to buy online, make sure you look at the sizing chart for the manufacturer. Sizes vary from brand to brand so just because you’re a size 10 in one brand does not mean you’ll be a size 10 in another.
Another good thing to do when shopping for yoga pants online is to read customer reviews to see how the brand fits. Customers will usually tell you if the pants you’re looking at run small, big, or even short. It’s a great way to get some insight when you can’t actually try the pants on.
It’s important that the material is breathable. So much of yoga has to do with breathing and flow, and you want your pants to contribute to that feeling. Breathable fabrics let air pass through the garment and touch the skin. The fabric will help keep the wearer cool, especially during outdoor sessions in the hot summer or when doing hot yoga.
Some breathable fabrics that you can choose from are:
Cotton it the traditional fabric for yoga and the most common one used today. It’s incredibly breathable, soft, and lightweight. There are downsides to cotton fabrics, though. Cotton shrinks and stretches after every washing and will eventually start to wear thin. It’s generally not a very durable fabric.
This is a breathable synthetic fabric that is much more durable than 100% cotton. It’s lightweight and soft plus helps soak up sweat. It also maintains its shape and won’t shrink or stretch no matter how many times it’s washed.
Cotton Blends
Cotton blends are the best of both worlds. The breathability and softness of cotton with the durability and structure of a synthetic fabric. The most common combination is cotton and Spandex.
Elastic Waist
The waist of a good pair of yoga pants will fit close to the body without being too snug or uncomfortable. In yoga, because there is so much movement in the waist and lower abdomen, it’s important that it can move freely. Don’t use any yoga pants that have a drawstring because it will just constrict the abdomen in certain poses and can potentially be very uncomfortable.
Price & Branding
There are a lot of different brands out there and they vary greatly in price. Some you’ll be able to find on sale for less than $20 while other will cost way over $100. Price itself is not an indicator of how good a pair of yoga pants are. Neither is brand name, for that matter.
Of course, you know what kind of quality to expect with top names brands which is important. But read customers reviews and don’t be afraid to take a chance on an unknown brand.
Best Yoga Pants Reviews


The Alo Goddess Ribbed Leggings are so good, they even have their own Instagram hashtag. They have a very recognizable style – each is two-toned. The top of the pant is one color and made of an 87% nylon/13% spandex blend and the bottom is 90% nylon/10% spandex. This gives a little more compression around the area covered by the top of the pant – the waist, hips, and thighs.
They have a recognizable leg warmer look and are designed to be worn either scrunched up above the ankle or pulled over the heel. There are a lot of color combinations. Generally, the top half is a brighter color while the bottom is a simple black, grey, or cream.
Because the top does offer some compression, the breathability of these pants suffers a bit. You will most likely sweat a little bit in these pants so they’re not really suited for hot yoga or any kind of strenuous routine.
They’re really comfortable and stylish and chances are, people will ask you where you got them. But they are also pretty expensive. While they maintain their shape, they don’t hold up as well as other options do in the wash. Read the care instructions carefully and don’t be surprised if you find some slight pilling after a few wash cycles.

Unique color block style
Compression in waist, hips, thighs


Might not hold up well in the wash
Not very breathable




If you prefer something with a little more compression, Dynamic Athletica Compression Capri Pants might be the right pair for you. They’re made of a polyester/Spandex mix and have superior moisture wicking materials to help you stay dry and cool when you’re sweating. And, to help control the funky smell that happens after long workouts, they also have anti-odor properties.
Unlike most blend, these have a higher percentage of Spandex which gives them the extra compression. They’re made to be snug with just the right amount of pressure so as not to restrict movement while still stimulating blood flow and oxygenation so your muscles can recover quickly after your workout.
The fit is true to size, but remember when you get them, they’re supposed to be tight in order to get the compression benefits. They’re only available in one length and pattern/color choices are limited.

Moisture wicking
Anti-odor properties
True to size fit


Limited color/pattern choices
Only come in one length




With 2 back pockets and inseams measuring 27″, 29″, 31″, 33″, 35″ and 37″, the YogiPace pants will fit nearly everyone!  These pants are loaded with subtle and not-so-subtle features everyone will enjoy, like an elastic closure with wide and comfortable waistband that never digs or binds.  There’s a hidden back pocket in the waistband in addition to 2 UN-hidden back pockets.  The double-layer gusset offers greater comfort.  The bottoms flare slightly so that (for those who are not aware) your legs look a tiny bit longer!  Sizes start for Petites around 5’1″ or so.
The mixture of fabrics optimizes comfort.  The fabrics are 57% Nylon, 30% Polyester, 13% Spandex, while providing 4-way stretch abilities and moisture-wicking qualities without any “see-through”.
These pants have been purchased by women who use them for not only yoga, but everyday errand-running, while adding the right shoes can even lift these pants to a more “formal” attire.  Lots of versatility here folks!

Mild Compression
Great for a wide variety of activities


Runs small




For an inexpensive option that performs as well as some of the really expensive high-end brands, try the Onzie Capri Pant. They’re made of a thin, swimsuit-like material that wicks away sweat. They’re great for hot yoga or outdoor summer sessions.
While they’re really comfortable and easy to move in, they don’t offer any compression. They have a wide waistband and are made of an 80% nyl0n/20% spandex blend which makes them super stretchy.
The sizing is accurate. If you fall between sizes, going down one is recommended because of how much they stretch. They also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, over 20 to choose from.

A wide variety of colors and patterns


Not a lot of support




The Luli Fama capri is an eye-catching pant made from 65% Polyester and 35% Elastane for an all-around GREAT stretch quality.  However, they are considered “restricted” fit which gives comfort while flattering body shape.  They do fall below the knee (about halfway between your knee and ankles).   Like many such pants, ladies often wear them for a variety of casual occasions.  They tend to run a tad bit small so be aware of that when ordering.  If you normally wear small, you may consider a medium in this case.
They are not see-through, so that may appeal to some and not others.  

Tighter fit for more active duty
Feature elastic hip band


Runs small so it can be deceiving




There’s no denying that the Phisockat yoga pants have some enviable qualities and those qualities put these pants on our list!  They are definitely opaque (non-see-through!) but also very stretchy spandex.  Attention has been given to the idea of making them thick enough to cover your body without being see-through while at the same time, not being too hot.  The material itself is really very soft to the touch and you could almost compare it to a smooth fleece.  They’ve been likened to “wearing nothing” which is an awesome feel as long as you know you actually ARE wearing something!
Not only do they feel very non-restrictive, but they’ve been designed with a visual enhancement in the form of long vertical lines to make you look even slimmer!  Nice psychology huh?
They feature a high waist for better tummy control (AKA – makes you look better) and they have side pockets for things like a smart phone if you want one in your pants!  There’s a waist pocket that will even hold a locker key.  The Phisockat pants are excellent for other activities as well like running or fitness in general, or they can be a part of a casual outfit that has nothing to do with fitness at all!  Talk about versatility!

Super comfortable
High Waist
Hidden pocket
Great price


Sizing can be a bit off




These Active Lounge Sweat Pants are a little different take on the legging.  These are not super tight, so they’re better suited to someone who prefers looser clothing in general or for a slightly more modest look.  They have just the right amount of “stretchiness” with 12% Spandex, while the remainder of the material is cotton in the solid color model.  As of this review, the only available color is black.  It offers a low-friction performance and it really feels smooth and “skin-friendly”, so no lack of comfort with this set of pants.  It also wicks away sweat during exercise.  A drawcord is standard as well as an elastic waistband, and side pockets offer lots of storage (though you’ll not want to chuck your phone and keys in there while in the midst of a Firefly or Crane pose!
Oh, and while we’re extolling the benefits of this pant, here’s a doozie!  As of my writing this review, it just so happens that these are FORTY-SIX PERCENT OFF!!!  You can confirm that HERE, and if they’re not on sale, or even sold out and not available, my sincerest apologies – you were too slow! 🙂

Large pockets
Affordable (46% off at the time of review)
High quality


Best if hand washed
Can slide down if worn for high-intensity activities




90 Degree’s Power Flex yoga pants are designed for both fashion and function. Plus, they’re remarkably affordable. There are three different fabric blends available depending on style: for the solid color, 87% Nylon 13% Spandex; heathered, it’s 47% Nylon 46% Polyester 7% Spandex; and the for the space dye, 90% Polyester 10% Spandex. All wick moisture away from your body and are designed to give you a streamlined look.
The wide waistband helps them stay in place and they don’t ride up or cause any chafing. There’s a small pocket in the waistband just big enough to stash keys. There’s a lot of color choices available in the previously mentioned patterns: solid, heather, and space dye.
These come highly recommended, but there are a few minor issues. While they are opaque for the most part, they do stretch out and become a little see-through during certain poses, bending over, etc. Overall, these are a high quality, inexpensive option.

Three different patterns
Wide variety of colors
Small pocket
Great fit


Can be slightly see-through when stretched




Comfy Yoga is a newer brand that aims to mix fitness and fashion. Their designs probably have the brightest colors and most graphic designs of any of the others on our list. They choose the colors and patterns carefully to make sure you get a stylish, practical pair of yoga pants.
They’re made of a soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking material to help keep you cool and dry and support you for maximum flexibility. They’re a little high waisted to provide some tummy control and give you a smoother silhouette.
The fabric is stretchy, doesn’t shine, and is anti-pilling so it won’t look worn after being through a few wash cycles. (Make sure to check the care instructions, they should be hung to dry.)
Something a bit unique about these leggings is they only come in one size – it stretches from a 26” waist to 42”. The manufacturer says they’ll fit small to medium sizes best so, while these are a great pair of pants, they won’t fit everyone. For some users, they may stretch a bit and be slightly see through.
The waistband isn’t very thick or supportive like some others in this price range, so if you prefer a thicker waistband, these might not work well for you. Overall, though, they’re highly rated and get a lot of compliments on the patterns.

Beautiful Patterns
High Waist


Thin when stretched
Only fit certain sizes
Thin waistband


Ideas and Inspiration for Beginners!

And those are our nine best yoga pants of 2017. As you can see, there’s a lot of variety. Which one will work best for you depends on your taste and the kind of activity you’ll be using them for.
The Alo Yoga Women’s Goddess Ribbed Legging has a unique, two-tone, leg warmer look and is so popular, they even have their own Instagram hashtag. They come in a variety of color combinations and offer some moderate compression to the waist, hips, and thighs.
Dynamic Athletica Compression Capri Pants are a great choice if you like a good amount of compression. They have superior moisture wicking properties and even an anti-odor treatment.
The Lucy Studio Hatha Capri Legging isn’t necessarily a great choice for casual wear, but for yoga, these are ideal. They’re lightweight and breathable with a low, wide waistband to move with you as you move through your routine. They offer a wide range of sizes, from XXS to 3X.
For a really affordable option, try the Onzie Capri Pant. While they don’t have any compression, they are lightweight, extremely comfortable, and really stretchy. Plus, they come in a lot of colors and patterns so you’ll be able to find one that suits your style.
The Lucy Get Going Capri is another option from Lucy Studios. These are a little different from the other choices on our list because they have a slightly loose fit and a drawstring. They also have pockets and a wide waistband. These are great for light workouts or even just for lounging around.
MÜV365’s Ultimate Yoga Pants for Women are super comfortable and you might not ever want to take them off. They have a high waist and a thick waistband and do offer some compression. Each features a different cutout, which adds a cure, fashionable detail to their solid colors.
The Women’s Yoga Active Legging from Baleaf has a high elastic waistband with a small pocket large enough to hold a small smartphone. They run true to size but are best for lighter, less strenuous activities as they have a tendency to stretch a bit with a lot of motion.
90 Degree by Reflex Women’s Powerflex Yoga Pants are really affordable and come in a wide range of colors. The wide waistband has a key pocket and keeps these pants in place throughout all kinds of activities.
Comfy Yoga’s Dry Fit Mid Rise Printed Yoga Leggings are the brightest pants on this list with the most eye-catching patterns. They’re one size only and recommended for small to medium wearers. The high waist provides some tummy control and the fabric is soft, stretchy, and won’t pill.
If you’re looking for a good pair of yoga pants, take into consideration the features we discussed while trying to find the right pair for you. When it comes to yoga pants, there really is a style that suits almost any need.


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The 4 Best Speed Bag Swivels 2020

When purchasing a complete set to start train with your speed bag, the swivel is something the people usually take for granted and they sometimes settle for the cheapest swivel as a way of just having something to hold up the speed bag, the swivel might just be a small accessory, but it does have a huge effect on the way that the bag will perform.
Swivels are not that expensive, but they are fundamental to your speed bag and having the correct swivel, will save you a lot of frustration when training. We have set out to find the best speed bag swivels and show you how these swivels could impact your training. It is also worth noting that many platforms do sometimes have swivels included, but these swivels will range in quality and sometimes you might be lucky with a great swivel.
There are; however, a few things that you will need to know when it comes to selecting the best speed bag swivel and not all of these swivels are the same. These three features are the basic fundamentals of how swivels operate and when you understand them, you should be able to make the best choice.
Speed Bag Swivel Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?

1. Everlast Professional Speedbag Swivel
$$Check Price on Amazon

2. TITLE Boxing Deluxe Pro Swivel
$$$Check Price on Amazon

3. Title Platinum Premier Pro Swivel
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

4. Ringside Mexican-Style Swivel
$$Check Price on Amazon

Buying Guide
In recent years, you will find that most speed bag swivels have been constructed from durable stainless steel. The reason for this is that stainless steel is not too heavy, but still sufficiently durable to allow you to train. Plastic swivels might break easier and solid steel swivels are too heavy and will limit the movement of the bag.
We recommend that you stick to a stainless steel swivel to ensure that you get the best of both worlds and to allow you the opportunity to train with a greater range of motion.
In your speed bag swivel, you will need to have the motion to ensure that you are able to punch in all directions and still have great rebound. Heavy bag swivels are sometimes used as a substitute, but since they are designed to hold up under more pressure, the might have a slower motion and this could be extremely difficult to train with.
We also recommend that you ensure the swivel does have a 360-degree motion and does not deviate when the bag is rebounding. The balancing of your bag will also greatly impact the motion of the swivel and that is why a lot of time is put in by manufacturers to perfectly balance out their bags.
There are three main types of speed bag swivels that you will be able to choose from and each of these designs does have its own special purpose.

The ball-hook swivels might be a little noisier, but they also have a reputation of being perfectly fluid in all directions and with a little bit of grease, you might muffle the noise as well.
Chain link swivels are more commonly used for the heavy bags and they do limit the movement and motion of the bag a little. These swivels are also a little slower, but they are some of the most durable swivels you could choose.
U-hook swivels are the most expensive swivels you will find and while they might allow perfect motion back and forth, they do lack in terms of movement from side to side. These swivels might sometimes also allow the bag to dismount and this could disrupt your workout session.

Now that you understand some of the fundamentals of swivels, you will need to make a decision when it comes to purchasing the right one. We have selected a few to make the choice a little easier for you and to keep you from going through the trial and error part of getting your ideal speed bag swivel.
Speed Bag Swivel Reviews

1.  Everlast Professional Speedbag Swivel

 Swivel type: Ball-hook
The Everlast professional speed bag swivel does have a reputation for being noisy, but this can be fixed with a little bit of grease every now and again. The swivel does offer you 360 degrees of motion and will allow you to strike the bag in any and all directions.
The swivel has been constructed from premium grade stainless steel to improve the durability and the screws have all been added to make the mounting process easier for you. This swivel is also perfectly designed for your Everlast speed bag and platform, but it will also easily mount to most other platforms as well.
With a great range of motion, we highly recommend this swivel. It might be a little noisy at first, but once you have added grease, this swivel will be smooth and offer you perfect motion. The swivel is also really cheap and should be perfect for upgrading your original swivel.

Really cheap
Easy to mount
Perfect range of motion
Extremely durable


A little noisy

2.  TITLE Boxing Deluxe Pro Swivel

Swivel type: U-hook
The TITLE Boxing Deluxe pro swivel is a little more expensive than the Everlast version, but it does feature a unique U-hook design. The design is also much larger than some of the other swivels you will find and this does make it perfect for some of the larger speed bags on the market. Since the hook is a little larger, you will have unpredictable movements and motions of the bag and this can be great for improving your reflexes as well.
The hook has been constructed from durable stainless steel and the added triple chrome plate will ensure that the swivel does not sustain any damage or scratches from the moving bag. The inner ball bearing is a little noisy and this could sometimes be frustrating, but the fluid movement will be great for improving your skill.
This U-hook swivel is definitely recommended for larger speed bags, but you should also keep in mind that the U-hook swivel might not always be compatible with all speed bags and you might need to buy a different type of swivel.

Extremely durable
Easy to mount
Provides reasonable motion


Not compatible with all speed bags

3.  Title Platinum Premier Pro Swivel

Swivel type: U-hook
This beast is super heavy-duty and it’s thicker than most swivels.  There’s a quick change U-clip and push pin for security.  It features a one-piece design that Title says assures smooth, efficient and secure action every time.  The triple-reinforced swivel rotates 360 degrees and it’s made for advanced and elite athletes while offering true rebounds and excellent efficiency.  Title offers a one-year warranty on this product because it really is a solid, robust beast of a swivel!

Features a wider arch
Well-priced (for cheapos like me!)
Offers a good range of motion
Toughest swivel on our list


At a $50 price point, it’s way more expensive than many others

4.  Ringside Mexican-Style Swivel

Swivel type: U-hook
The Ringside Mexican style swivel is one of the sturdiest swivels you can choose, but it does lack in terms of motion and speed. While this swivel does not have any noise associated with its movement, it will limit you in terms of having a wider arch and movement.
The swivel also only comes with three holes and this might require you to drill a few new holes as most speed bag platforms do come with 4 pre-drilled holes for mounting a swivel. The design of this swivel does have a great upside; you will find that this swivel does rebound a little better than some of your cheaper swivels and this will give it an edge over the other U-hook designs.
The swivel is fairly expensive for what it brings to the table, but it does offer great use if you are not that much in need of speed. We recommend this swivel as a backup swivel to anyone into boxing and the design will hold up perfectly. The swivel is also extremely durable.

Extremely durable
Offers great rebounds
Fits most speed bags


Might require new holes
Does have a slow motion

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

We would like to thank you for reading this article and while none of the swivels will be perfect in meeting all aspects, we do hope that you are able to find the best swivel for your speed bag workout needs and speed bag. We do recommend the Everlast Professional Speedbag Swivel as our number one choice and we believe that you will be able to get the most functional use out of this swivel.
We would also like to encourage you to share your thoughts on our selection of swivels and to let us know in the comment section if you think we might have missed any of your favorites.

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The 10 Best Kettlebells for 2020 : Home Use, Crossfit, & Beginners

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Category : Fitness , Kettlebell , kettlebells

Hey, let’s deal with the elephant in the room for starters okay?  WHY would you want a kettlebell instead of a standard dumbbell?  I’m so glad you asked!  The truth is that there are lots of reasons, but one of the basic reasons is that the fluidity of motion you can achieve with a kettlebell cannot be duplicated with a dumbbell.  Both can work fine, but the comfortable and injury-free range of motion ability of the kettlebell is arguably far beyond that of a standard hand weight.  Many exercises are easier to do ergonomically which means increased safety and increased muscle development due to more efficient ergonomics.
A kettlebell can be a great tool in your workout chest! They come in all sorts of weights and sizes and it is important to have some of an idea as to the kinds of exercises that you want to do with a kettlebell beforehand so that you can get a grasp as to the weight that you should purchase. There are lots of options for weight as well as materials that kettlebells are made up of and if you don’t know what you are buying you may end up with something that isn’t of the quality you are expecting. In order to help you with this process we have come up with a buyer’s guide as well as a list of our picks for the top ten kettlebells on the market in order to help you make a better, more informed purchasing decision.
Each and every kettlebell that you look at, the weight of the kettlebell should be directly on the unit. This is a very important aspect of the purchase because if you were to buy more than one kettlebell from the same manufacturer, you are going to want to know which is which so that you can use the proper weight for the exercise that you are doing. It is important to realize that not every company goes by the same unit of measurement and you will see weights that are in lbs and you will also see weights in kg as well as a combination of the two at times.
Kettlebell Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?

1. AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebells
$$$Check Price on Amazon

2. CAP Barbell Cast Iron
$$Check Price on Amazon

3. Yes4All Powder Coated Kettlebells
$$$Check Price on Amazon

4. Kettle Gryp – Kettlebell Adjustable Portable Weight Grip
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

5. Day 1 Fitness Kettlebells
$$$Check Price on Amazon

6. CAP Barbell Enamel Coated
$$$Check Price on Amazon

7.Yes4All Solid Cast Iron
$$Check Price on Amazon

8. Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell
$$Check Price on Amazon

9. Yes4all Vinyl Coated Combo Special
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

10. Weider Vinyl Kettlebell Set
$Check Price on Amazon

Buying Guide
Depending on the exercise that you are doing, a handle may actually be one of the most important components of the exercise. You will want to make sure that the handle is nice and wide so that you can easily fit your hand inside of it and you are also going to want to make sure that the handle has enough grip built into its design that you are comfortable swinging it around using one arm. You definitely don’t want to accidentally throw a kettlebell across the room as it could cause some serious damage and even hurt someone else or hurt you as we result.
No matter the kettlebell that you buy, it is important to realize that there is not a single weight available that is the best weight for every single exercise that you do. Some exercises you should definitely be using more weight than others and some of them you should definitely be using a lighter weight so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. It is important to note that there are actually some adjustable kettlebells on the market that you can buy where you can actually adjust the weight of a kettlebell according to your needs. Unfortunately, an adjustable kettlebell is a fairly expensive unit and you can often get a set of kettlebells for a fairly reasonable price tag as well so it is important to consider both your options carefully before making the decision that is best for you. Keep in mind that an adjustable kettlebell will likely take a bit of time in order to be able to change the weight, while a kettlebell set all you have to do is set down and pick up the next weight that you want to use.
Depending on the price that you are willing to pay, you will notice that there is a wide range of material options available on the market that you can choose from. Some of these options are likely to last you longer than others as a result of them being a more durable design, however, for these options, you often have to pay a higher price tag for the unit to begin with. One of the most common kettlebell options available is a cast iron option. Generally, these are a very solid construction but tend to wear out if they are left out and exposed to the elements.
If you want to get a cast iron kettlebell always remember to check and make sure that it is at least painted, or that it is coated in a powder based paint as this definitely helps to increase the durability and the longevity of these kettlebells. One of the other very common materials you will find a kettlebell made up of is a vinyl material. The nice thing about vinyl is that it is a very weather resistant material and it is hard to rip and tear vinyl unless you are doing it against a sharp object on purpose.
Often times a vinyl covering will go over the top of an iron kettlebell which helps to increase durability. Steel is another material you are likely to find largely because it is cheap to manufacture; you will find vinyl and rubber coatings as well as paint based and powder-based coatings covering steel units in order to help prevent them from rust and wear and tear. The one other material you may find in your search is a cement based kettlebell and these will have all kinds of coating on them as well in order to make them more durable.
If a kettlebell is made out of metal then you should always check to see if the material has been welded or if it has been cast in order to get a grasp as to the quality of the unit. Generally, a casted unit is going to be thicker in all aspects and therefore more durable than that of a welded unit. If you want to get yourself a welded unit just make sure you look at the seams to make sure everything looks nice and tight and that the weld is nice and clean otherwise you may end up running into problems with the weight somewhere down the road.
Accessories/ Options
At the checkout generally, most kettlebells will at least have a few weight size options that you can choose from. The odd time you will find that the company only sells sets of kettlebells and this could be a great option for you if you want to be able to do a wide variety of exercises. It is always important to make sure that you look at each piece that is included in the set so that you can be sure to get yourself a weight range that works for you. Just keep in mind that kettlebell training isn’t necessarily just for strength, it is for flexibility and cardio training as well so you don’t always need to get yourself the heaviest set of weights available. The odd time an additional thing you will notice that comes with your purchase is some kind of a video or a guide that helps to teach you various exercises that you can do using kettlebells. Especially if you are new to kettlebell training it is never a bad idea to look for a product that contains something like this with your purchase as they can really help to teach you some great exercises.

Kettlebell Reviews

AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebells

In spite of not offering a thumbnail image for our chart above, AmazonBasics offers a no-nonsense basic kettlebell set that we really can’t criticize.  It’s no frills, but the price is right, and price is one of the big factors we consider in our reviews ratings.
There are a total of 10 different weight options available (10 lb – 60 lb) as well as an option to buy the kettlebells as a set in case you have a need for a lot of different weights. These kettlebells range in weight from 4 lbs to as high as 106 lbs so they should be able to meet your exercise needs quite easily especially if you buy yourself the entire set of kettlebells. This set has the weight in pounds as well as kgs directly on the front of the weight and even has color coating incorporated into its design in order to allow you to be able to grab the weight that you need quickly and easily. These kettlebells have great grip thanks to a powder coating that covers the weights and the kettlebells are even cast in order to provide you with maximum durability. So that the kettlebells don’t roll away on you, the bottoms of these weights have been flattened out so that you can set them on the ground and not have to worry about them moving around on you.

10 different weight options to choose from ranging from 10 lbs to 60 lbs
You can buy the whole set as an option at the checkout
Made from a cast design for durability
Coated with a powder coated paint for great grip and even more durability
Weight in lbs directly on the front of the unit
1-year warranty with your purchase


Paint may not be as durable as a vinyl coating
Hefty shipping fees


CAP Barbell Cast Iron

If you are looking to get yourself one of the cheapest options available then this could be a great option for you. This weight is available in as low as a 10 lb option and goes to as high as an 80 lb option with 12 different weights that you can choose from according to your needs. The weights themselves are made out of a cast iron construction and contain no welding in order to make them as durable as possible. The weights don’t have anything extra on the handles so one thing to take note of is that you may want to be careful swinging these weights around as they may be a bit slippery to grip. The handle is very wide though which does allow you to hold the weight comfortably when you are doing your exercises. The whole unit is covered in a black paint which certainly helps to make the unit a little bit more of a durable design.

Available in twelve different weight options ranging from 10 lbs to 80 lbs
Made out of a cast iron construction which is quite durable and contains no weak welds
Painted black to be more resistant to the elements
Units do have their weight in lbs located on the front for fairly easy recognition
Steel reinforced handle for peace of mind


Definitely, you have to watch your grip when handling these weights as they may be a bit slippery to grasp


Yes4All Powder Coated Kettlebells

If you are looking to get yourself some individual weights in the low to average price range then these could definitely be a great option for you. These weights are available in anywhere from 8 pounds to 88 pounds though they are officially measured in Kilograms (kg).  With 11 different weight options that you can choose from within this fairly small weight range, you should be able to shift upwards in weight at a fairly comfortable pace over time. Most increments are in 2kg steps. 
The design of these weights offers a cast iron construction and each of the weights is fully powder coated in order to make them more durable to wear and tear. The units have a very wide handle which offers a comfortable grip for the user. You will also find that the bottoms of these weights are flat in order to allow you to set your weights down with peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to worry about them rolling away on you.
The flat bottom is also designed for doing pushups safely while holding the handles.

Powder-coated handle won’t irritate your skin
Fully powder-coated unit
A wide handle on the units allows for comfortable weight lifting
Low to average price range appeals to a lot of people
Bottoms of the weights are flat to help for safe pushups
Made out of cast iron
Color-coded rings at the base of the handle on each weight


While most purchasers gave this kettlebell a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating, some users found that their newly opened kettlebell looks used, with some of the powder coating on the main lower part of the unit coming off (like wear and tear from age).


Kettle Gryp – Kettlebell Adjustable Portable Weight Grip

While technically not a kettlebell at all, this product holds a unique place on our list.  It’s a kettlebell-style grip that attaches to a regular dumbbell which then acts like a kettlebell allowing the user to use the grip as though he/she would a kettlebell.  The advantages are obvious.  You can always have access to your “kettlebell” when traveling since every hotel gym or health club has dumbbells.  The ergonomics of using a kettlebell are different than using a dumbbell and many would argue they are much “better” providing a greater range of motion.  The other reason this is a welcome and innovative product is simply that kettlebells are generally more expensive than dumbbells, so this one product can save you money in the long run.

Less expensive than a kettlebell
Can be used on pretty much any weight dumbbell
Very light and easy to travel with


While less expensive than many kettlebells, the price can creep up when you consider the cost of BOTH a dumbbell and the Kettle Gryp unit


Day 1 Fitness Kettlebells

Day 1 has a great offering which we thoroughly enjoyed reviewing!
The hammertone non-chip finish is easy on the eyes, and it’s designed from one single chunk of cast steel, which means it’s less likely to crack or break given the lack of stress points.  We appreciated the smooth grip which may not seem like a big deal at first, but after hours of a variety of motions, tender palms can start to feel worn, red and just asking for blisters.  Unlike standard dumbbells which don’t typically rotate in your grip once you grab them, your grip on a kettlebell can’t be tight since the palm of your hand must allow the handle to rotate as you move through the range of motion on many exercises.
It’s important to have an excellent grip like these Day 1’s for that reason!

Steel construction is durable and coated to be more durable
One piece construction
Seam-free finish on handles for extended blister prevention
Weights available from 5-60 lbs in five-pound increments


Lack of a substantially flat bottom makes the unit unable to sit handle-up properly when not in use


CAP Barbell Enamel Coated

If you want to get yourself something that is fully coated with an enamel material because you like the feeling of it and want good durability then this could be a good option for you. This unit is quite cheap and comes in anything from a 10-50 pound weight size and comes in five-pound increments with the exception of a 30-pound weight. These weights are quite durable as they are made out of a solid cast iron construction and don’t have welds incorporated into their design. If you are skeptical about these weights, one nice thing about these weights is that the manufacturer does give a thirty-day warranty on the quality of the weights giving you plenty of time to test the weights out and check for any defects in the design.

Made out of a solid cast iron to give you some more durability
Available in weights between 10 and 50 lbs
Fully covered in enamel for more durability
Wide grip available on the unit is great for people with large hands
Enamel coating offers good grip during your lifts
Flat bottoms on the weights will keep them from rolling away on you
Weight in lbs is located on the front of the units so that you know what you are lifting


Nothing above 50 lbs is available and there is no 30 lb weight 


Yes4All Solid Cast Iron

If you want to get yourself a popular set of iron cast weights then this could be a great option for you. These weights are available in a weight range from 5-80 lbs in five-pound increments up to 45 lbs. These weights have no welds or seams in order to create a weak spot in the design of the product and you will also notice that there is a nice wide handle allowing for most people to be able to use the weights with ease. Each of these weights is painted black in order to offer more durability from the elements. You will notice that the bottoms of these units are flattened out in order to keep them from rolling away on you and you will also notice that the units do have a textured handle which helps with grip.

Price is in the average range appealing to a broad spectrum of people
Available in weight ranges from 5-80 lbs
Textured, wide handle for good grip
Painted black for added protection and durability
Cast iron design has no seams or welds
Flat bottoms so that the units don’t roll away on you
Weight in lbs is located on the front of the units for relatively easy recognition


No set of all the weights available at the checkout 


Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell

If you want to get yourself a cheap set of weights or just a couple of lightweight kettlebells then this set could be a good option for you. Although this set may not have the highest quality construction on the market as they are made from cement and coated with a vinyl material, they do offer an extremely cheap price tag which is quite appealing if you don’t use kettlebells all that often in your workout routine or you just want to give them a try. At the checkout you can choose between a 5, 10, as well as a 15 lb option or you, can buy the full set of weights if you so desire. These weights have a wide handle to give you good grip and the whole unit is covered in vinyl for good durability as well. The units even have a flat bottom design so that you don’t have to worry about them rolling away on you and they are also color coated so that you can easily tell which weight you are picking up without even having to read the weight label located on the front of the unit.

Very low price tag on the units appeals to a lot of people
Comes with a DVD
Vinyl coated design is quite durable
Available in a 5,10, as well as a 15-pound size and available as a set at the checkout
Flat bottoms on the unit keep them from rolling away on you
Wide handles make for comfortable use, even for people with large hands
Color coated so that you don’t always have to read the label before picking up the weights


Definitely not the highest quality construction thanks to a cement build


Yes4All Combo Special

If you are looking to buy yourself a good set of dumbbells rather than buy them one at a time, then this company offers a lot of different options that you can choose from. These weights are made out of a cast iron material and the bottoms are enclosed in vinyl in order to offer good durability and more protection from wear and tear. The units each have their weight in lbs located on the fronts of each of the products in order to make it easy for you to be able to choose the right weight of the exercise that you are doing. These units all have a nice wide handle and each of the handles do come with a textured design rather than just a smooth handle in order to offer you better grip and support so that you don’t have to worry as much about potentially dropping the weight. At the checkout the following weights are available in different sets. There are eleven sets all with varying weight and size combinations. 
The best deal is a 6-weight combo for under $130.  It includes a 5 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb, and 30 lb weighted kettlebell.

Eleven different sets are available with a lot of different weight options within
Bottoms of the units are covered with a vinyl coating for more durability
Textured, wide handles provide increased grip
Flat bottoms on the unit prevent them from rolling away
Each unit has their weight in lbs on the front of the unit so that you can tell them apart from each other


If you want a heavyweight set then these weights won’t be a good option for you
Price can get a little steep once you get into the larger sets


Weider Vinyl Kettlebell Set

If you want to get yourself a bit of a package deal with a lightweight set of kettlebells then this could be a great option for you. This set actually comes with a nice storage rack that you can set all of the kettlebells on which is a really nice feature to have if you don’t have a place to store your weights. Additionally, the set comes with an exercise DVD as well as a chart to keep you on track and to allow you to learn some new exercises. With this package deal, you get three different kettlebells that are 5, 10 as well as 15 lbs in weight. Each of these kettlebells is color coated so that you can easily tell them apart without having to read the weight on the unit that is displayed in large font in lbs on the front of each of the weights. Each of these units has a nice textured handle and the handle is also quite wide allowing for a wide range of people to be able to use these weights with ease.

The storage rack that comes with the unit has measurements of 20×9.25×11.5 in case you need to measure
Three weights come with your purchase that weigh 5, 10 and 15 lbs
You get a DVD as well as an exercise chart with your purchase to help you keep on track with your exercise goals
Wide-handled, textured grips on the unit are good even when you are doing a vigorous exercise routine
Extremely low price tag for a set of kettlebells with the nice additional accessories that it comes with


Lightweight set may be a little bit light for some people


 Final Thoughts & Conclusion
Hopefully by reading our list of picks for the top ten kettlebells on the market, as well as reading through our buyer’s guide has helped to inform you as to the things you should look for in order to get yourself a great kettlebell. It is always a good idea to make sure that you check company return policy as well as check to make sure what the details of the company warranty are of the product you are thinking of purchasing. It can definitely give you some peace of mind knowing the things that you are covered for so that you know that the company actually has your back if something were to go wrong with the product. Best of luck in your search for some great kettlebells and enjoy your workout routine!

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Sole F85 Treadmill – Overall First Impressions

Before we jump right into the technical specifications of the Sole F85, I have to tell you about something that may be even more important than the size of the deck or the power of the motor.  What is it?  It’s my overall first impressions about how the machine looks, feels, acts, functions and if all those elements make it worth the effort to get it to where you need it and to pay the hefty price tag!! 
After all, I’ve owned at least 4 treadmills in my adult life and now I review fitness equipment for a living, so why would I choose a Sole treadmill over the many other options available at any good quality fitness store or online?
Well, I did my research online and narrowed my options to about 3 good quality machines that I knew were on the upper limit of my budget.  Then did some price shopping to determine which machine would be the winner, and yes, you guessed it, the Sole F85 came out on top!  Why?  Let’s get into it!
An Impossible Journey!
I’ll touch on all the awesome features in a second, but my story is much more interesting than boring specs!  When I arrived at the fitness store in St. Catharines, Ontario on a rainy Monday morning in the middle of the COVID-19 Worldwide economic shut down, little did I know that in less than 24 hours, all stores in Ontario, Canada would have to close for business unless deemed “essential” and apparently (if you can believe it!!) fitness stores didn’t make the cut. 
As I backed my 2007 Chevy Avalanche to the bay doors to have them load my treadmill, I was discouraged to see that 2 strong and very fit 20-something fitness fanatics struggled to move the box which was WAY too long to fit in my 8-cylinder truck box without sticking out past the back end.  
Luckily, I had some straps in the truck and was able to secure the box after watching them exert what appeared to be ALL their energy (in perfect unison) to push and heave the box onto my truck.  I kept my “social distance” at about 8 feet at least (though they did not keep any distance at all from each other). 
I noticed they were out of breath after loading the box and my heart sank at the thought of what was waiting for me in about 15 minutes from then in my driveway!  I needed to move that box about 10 times farther than they did, and my muscles were nowhere near as big as either one of them …. and there was only ONE of me!!!  AHHHH!
I asked if I needed to sign an invoice to prove I picked up the unit, and they looked at each other, then at me, then back at each other and said “NOPE, YOU’RE GOOD TO GO!”  I really must have looked like I had leprosy or something.  What a crazy world the Coronavirus has made!
The F85 treadmill from SOLE Fitness is ABSOLUTELY one of the few very best deals online today. Its specifications betray a much more expensive machine than you’ll actually pay. Read on to see that I’m telling you the TRUTH! Can you handle it?
See Latest Price and Availability AMAZON’S PRICE
At this point, it was raining and I had an uncovered cardboard box in my truck and I knew something had to be done quickly once I arrived home.  I broke the news to my wife as I peeled into the driveway, and we both started trying to unload the beast before it was completely soaked.  We wrangled it into our garage where I barely had room to unbox it given the extreme dimensions of the box itself! 
However, I was thrilled to see what looked like lots of individual pieces in the box and I thought it might easy after all to move it into our weight room if it was in so many small pieces. 
My optimism was dashed when I finished taking the 3 or 4 light plastic pieces to the workout room and realized that about 99.3% of the weight was still sitting in the box AND IT WAS IN ONE PIECE!!  That began our afternoon of hurt!
I was able to get an old compressed canister moving dolly to take most of the weight of the deck and motor while my wife and oldest son did our best to keep the machine on the dolly as I navigated our stone driveway that was soft and muddy in early spring.  I finally got it to our back patio area where I was able to begin a video (which you can see HERE) that shows the rest of the story!

How to Get this Beast into my HOUSE!
In case you didn’t want to watch the video or if you like reading instead, I’ll be brief!  My wife and I used Forearm Forklifts to gain some leverage in our battle against this gravity-loving entity!  In spite of our use of towels and “forklifts,” we nearly damaged our steps, wall and the machine itself during our move which included going up only 2 stone steps at the back of our house and into the room immediately on the other side of the door.  It could have been far worse if we needed to move it around through the house and up the stairs to a bedroom or downstairs to the basement!
After a few more minutes we struggled to get it into position, and after we did, the machine had one more nasty surprise for me.  You see, I didn’t read the warning (carefully enough) which said not to cut a retaining strap until the machine was in place.  Well, it WAS in place, but what I didn’t read was that “in place” meant the machine had to be sitting upright in its final position – as it would be if one was running on the deck. 
Our deck was sitting on its side when I made that fateful cut to the retaining strap only to have a steel support fly out at my shins faster than either my wife or I could see!  When I looked down it had already connected nicely with my shins and the pain was just beginning!  READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!
First Impressions
Aside from my “wonderful” experience so far, I had a whole lot of thoughts about the treadmill once I got it assembled.  It took me about an hour and I will warn you, please do each step VERY carefully.  The photos in the assembly instructions are decent, but not as easy to follow as you might think.  I had to unscrew and undo a couple of steps to get it right.
Once assembled I was itching to make ANOTHER VIDEO about my initial thoughts.  Here’s the gist of it if you skip the video;
Compared to every other treadmill I’ve owned, this one was by far the heaviest and that told me it would be sturdy and virtually immovable.  Even without officially “leveling” the deck with the adjustable feet, it was sturdy as an ox!
I like the look of the console which is big enough (and has enough features) to make it look like a pro health club machine!
I love the look of the machine as it features a big control panel area with three distinct sections.  The bottom section features the main Start and Stop buttons as well as the safety key and quick speed settings just below the quick incline settings.  This area also has an input for MP3 music players and an output for headphones.  For what it’s worth, it’s just as easy to connect your headphones directly to your smartphone rather than going through the machine itself, but it sure does work!
The next section of the panel includes incremental adjustments for the incline and speed as well as 11 different custom controls for individual users and customized workout routines.  It also includes the main LCD screen that displays all the information you’ll need to make all your changes/inputs, etc.  And that’s not all.  This section also includes an integrated fan and speakers. 
Now, I have to toss in my two-cents regarding the speakers.  If you’re serious about listening to music that inspires and motivates your workouts, I’d give these speakers a failing grade.  Like every other treadmill I’ve owned that featured speakers, it sounds like my computer speakers from 1994 before bass woofers were invented!  They lack all bass and sound “tinny”.  
Invest in a great set of wireless headphones and you’ll be WAY happier.  I just bought THESE about 2 weeks before I bought the Sole treadmill!  They’re super cheap but work REALLY well and they look expensive!
Finally, the top section of the control panel includes a tablet/smartphone holder that doesn’t just rely on gravity to hold it in a trench, but it has an adjustable clasp on the top to hold your device tightly, which allows it to sit on a steeper angle facing you better.  Of course, there’s also a USB charging port right beside it so you’re good to go for as long as you can handle it!
A Word About the Controls
I have mostly good things to say about this treadmill, but it’s not all roses for the F85.  While it functions very adequately, I believe that (given its not-so-budget-friendly pricepoint) the buttons and controls are lacking a bit.  Like the utterly “non-useful” speakers which lack any motivating bass and power, the buttons and controls look much like something manufactured in 1992.
The key is not as slick as a magnetic option and button technology is decades old.
I was REALLY hoping that the screen was touch-sensitive, and given that most screens today on any machine or device is touch responsive, my finger immediately went to the screen to start inputting my information.  To my dismay, I realized I had to click “UP↑” and “DOWN↓” keys to enter information and I felt like I was on a computer from the era of “Back to the Future”.  The non-magnetic safety key is awkward to insert, and it’s obviously not meant to be inserted or removed at every use, nor does it insert cleanly and easily.  It goes in with some resistance and feels like it is never quite “set” when it’s fully inserted.
We did, however, like the side rail mounted speed controls which admittedly, are way easier to use than reaching up into forest of keys to try to find another speed-adjusting option.  But then, isn’t the whole point of exercising to get “uncomfortable” so that we actually use and stress our muscles in order to build and tone them?  Hmmm…. I still like the easy access these buttons offer!
Side rail-mounted speed controls are quick and easy to use – a welcome luxury
The Deck and Motor
I was quick pleased with the deck’s built-in hydraulic system that made lifting this heavy monster very easy, while also automatically opening it in a gentle and controlled manner.  In fact, it’s so easy to lower and raise, that the default position of this treadmill (when not in use) is always up.  That’s never been the case with any other treadmill I’ve owned.  The deck has a “cushion-flex” system to reduce strain on joints.  In fact, the cushion-flex whisper deck reduces joint impact as much as 40% compared to running on asphalt.  That’s a big claim, but it makes me feel good!

I honestly didn’t even look at the motor, but when I read that it was a 4.0 hp beast, I was immediately sold.  I have researched over 2 dozen treadmills recently and even the ones costing significantly more than this one didn’t have any higher powered motors than a 4.0 hp.  I was only mildly anxious about how “noisy” it might be, but after a quick test, I was pleasantly surprised by its quietness.  With headphones on (not even noise-canceling ones) you won’t hear it even a bit!
Sole is so proud of their features that they’ve placed stickers with them in prominent areas so you won’t miss noticing them!
The engineering team at SOLE strives to exceed their customers’ expectations. That’s the official word from Sole and I believe them … to an extent.  Through emphasizing quality design, they consistently create quiet, stable, and durably made treadmills. Loaded with comfort features from the cushioned deck to the cooling fan, and with a lifetime warranty on treadmill frames and motors, SOLE treadmills are (in this reviewer’s opinion) one of the better deals on the market with a number of specs that are only available in higher-priced brands and models.
You can listen to music through the Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Speakers from any enabled smart device. SOLE offers users the option to record workout feedback via Bluetooth from SOLE equipment to an Android or Apple smart device. Users’ workout feedback is automatically saved to the integrated personal calendar, and the data can also be downloaded to the free SOLE FITNESS APP, or transferred to compatible fitness apps (Fitbit, iHealth, Record, Map My Fitness, MyFitnessPal, and other open-source training apps).
Message Board
SOLE offers integrated message boards on most of their treadmill models. It’s an alphanumeric text center that sends scrolling messages to the user as guidance through the details of each workout. This feature can help you to understand the full capabilities of Sole treadmills at times when accessing the user manual may not be so easy (though we keep the manual nearby). The message board is also able to recap an entire workout and allow you to see the progress you’ve made.
High Torque Motors and Flywheels
All Sole treadmills feature the heaviest duty motors and chassis in their class. Industrial quality motors are used in conjunction with large diameter, all-steel, zinc coated, and balanced flywheels for a vibration-free and secure running surface. The flywheel extends the life of the motor by allowing it to run cooler and with a lower power consumption while their heavier weight lends to the same fluid motion found on commercial grade treadmills.
The belts are not plastic but are made of rubber for durability, PVC to prevent over-stretching, and nylon providing a smooth, static-free surface to glide over the deck and rollers.  
The Sole F85 treadmill features large rollers which means a larger contact surface with the belt contributing to even movement and longer roller and belt life. Big rollers with sealed bearing design and copper ground wires reduce static as you exercise making for a smooth, quiet motion that will (with any luck) stand the test of time.

Machine Dimensions:

Footprint (in.):
82″ L x 37″ W x 66.5″ H

Folded Dimensions (in.):
44″ L x 37″ W x 71″ H

Item Weight (lbs.):
280 lbs.

User Weight Capacity (lbs.):
400 lbs.

Running Surface:
22″ x 60″


Carton Dimensions:
85.5″ L x 37″ W x 17.5″ H

Shipping Weight (lbs.):
308 lbs.

Controls & Features:

Motor Info:
4.0 HP

.5 – 12 mph

0 – 15 levels

Heart Rate Monitoring:
Hand pulse grips, chest strap compatible

Chest Strap Included:

Cooling Fan:

Standard Programs:

Custom Programs:

Heart Rate Programs:

USB Device Charging:

Bluetooth Compatability:

Bluetooth Speakers:

Audio System:
Built-in speakers (MP3 Compatible)

Console Display:
10.1″ high-resolution LCD

Display Feedback:
Time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, incline, program

See Latest Price and Availability on the SOLE F85 –  AMAZON’S PRICE

Frame and Motor:


5 Years

2 Years


First Impressions of the F85

The Sole F85 is the top model in Sole’s folding treadmill series and it’s also Sole’s #1 seller!  It features a 4.0 hp motor (while more expensive machines from competing brands feature 3.2 hp or 3.5 hp motors).  Speeds up to 12 mph can be reached with 15 different incline settings if you start feeling like Batman!  For me, I keep the incline low since I’m staring down the barrel of 60 years of age!!!!  AHHHHGH!
The F85 also has Sole’s biggest deck area and a 22-inch wide running surface and their longest commercial-sized belt. 
It features heart rate controls and a full chest heart rate monitor as well!  If you weigh 400 lbs (I hope you don’t, but if so, start moving more but do it carefully and with supervision) or less, this machine will work nicely for you.
We found the F85 treadmill console is fairly user friendly with a nice-sized display showing feedback about Speed, Incline, Time, Distance Traveled, Calories, Pulse, and Pace at all times, and includes a 1/4 mile track feature and a peak and valley graph for specific programs. Built-in speakers allow you to hook up any MP3 player for easy listening while you exercise, and cooling fan and speed/incline controls are easily accessible on the armrests. 
You can also change the measurements from Metric to Imperial so you can have Kilometers or Miles.


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10 Best MMA Mouth Guards

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When buying yourself a mouth guard there are so many factors that you need to take into account. This simple device comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and without knowing any information about them it can be extremely hard to narrow down your options and choose a mouth guard that is the best for your own situation. Different sports require different types of mouth guards and it is important to buy yourself the right type and size so that you are properly protected from injury should some kind of contact occur.Top MMA Mouthguard Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Everlast Evershield Double Mouthguard $$Check Price on Amazon2. Shock Doctor 3300 Max Air Flow Lipguard $$$Check Price on Amazon3. ProDefenda Mouth Guard $$$Check Price on Amazon4. Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard, Adult & Youth, Strapped and Strapless $$$$Check Price on Amazon5. Venum “Challenger” Mouthguard $$$Check Price on Amazon6. Venum Predator Mouthguard $$$$Check Price on Amazon7. Gold Beast Fang Teeth Mouth Guard $$$Check Price on Amazon8. Martial Arts Mouthguard and Case $Check Price on Amazon9. RDX Boxing Mouthguard $$$$Check Price on Amazon10. MaxxMMA Advanced Single Antibacterial Mouthguard $Check Price on AmazonMMA Mouthguard Buying GuidePriceYou can buy yourself a mouth guard for a very cheap price if you want to. However, you are likely going to have to get out the scissors and make some major adjustments to the size of the mouth guard. It is important to look at quality in order to make sure that you aren’t putting something toxic in your mouth. Price doesn’t always reflect quality, but it definitely is a good starting point. You will notice when you are looking at mouth guards that specialized mouth guards cost more money. Something like a mouth guard meant for people who wear braces is going to be a lot more expensive than a regular mouth guard.WarrantyAlthough you will find that not a lot of mouth guards have warranty, largely because a mouth guard is useless after being form fitted, you will find some companies that do offer this. This is a good reference to the overall quality of the unit and generally speaking if a company is willing to put a warranty on a mouth guard then they are going to offer you a pretty high quality product that for the most part is free of any defects.RubberThis is a huge factor when it comes to mouth guards. If you do one thing when you are looking at a mouth guard, make sure you have a look and see how thick the rubber is as well as how tall it is on the outer layer. You of all people know if you have a small size mouth, or a large mouth and having excess rubber at the front or back of the mouth can not only be painful, but it can make it hard to talk and even restrict air flow.Form FitNo matter the mouth guard you are buying, each mouth guard will have to be form fitted to your mouth so that it can properly protect you. It is extremely important to get your mouth guard fitted before using it for the first time or you won’t be properly protected. You will notice that some mouth guards are made using different grades of materials and each of them will have their own instructions for how to fit the mouth guard to your mouth. Although this likely won’t affect you unless you are in a rush, times can vary on moulding the mouth guard and this is something you may want to take into account with your purchase.SizeEveryone has a mouth that is a different size and therefore there is no mouth guard that works for everyone. It is important to have an idea of how big of a mouth you have so that you can choose to buy the right size mouth guard. If you buy too large of a mouth guard remember that you can trim it down so that it properly fits in your mouth. When in doubt it is never a bad idea to get the larger size and then just adjust the mouth guard as needed.BrandThe brand can actually be fairly important when buying yourself a mouth guard. Due to the fact you put it in your mouth, you are being very exposed to any chemicals or toxins used during the manufacturing process. Buying yourself a cheap mouth guard from an unknown supplier can actually damage your health. If you aren’t sure what kinds of brands offer trustworthy and largely chemical free mouth guards, it is a good idea to see how long the company has been around for and you can even get into contact with them if you have any questions.StrapsNot all MMA mouth guards have a strap, but some do actually attach directly to your head gear so that you can spit the mouth guard out when you want to talk or if you are done your match. This is something that you will not find very often, but generally the strap will start as rubber coming out of the tip of the mouth guard, then it will either continue as rubber or it will move into the form of a fabric string.Breathing HolesNot all mouth guards have this feature, but it is definitely something that you are going to come across. Basically there are holes on the front of the mouth guard that allow you to breathe out of your mouth when you have your mouth open. These mouth guards can be large in size so that your mouth is actually forced to stay open which allows you to breathe. If a mouth guard does not have a breathing feature they are smaller in size so that you can open your mouth up and still be able to breathe generally speaking.DesignOften one of the most important aspects of a mouth guard to some people is the actual design that is incorporated into the mouth guard. A mouth guard will generally not have paint or anything on it, it will just have different colors of rubber in certain areas in order to make the design possible. Although design may be high on your priority list, just make sure that your favorite design comes in the right size and has the features that you want otherwise it may not be the best purchase for you. Design can definitely have an impact on price especially if there are brand name logos located on the mouth guard itself. It is still important to check for quality especially if you find a brand name that is heavily discounted, there may be a reason for this.RegulationsThis is something you are going to want to look into if you are competing at a competitive level. Depending on where you are based out of, only particular brands or particular features may be allowed in a mouth guard. They may also have regulations on the size and shape of the mouth guard as well as when the mouth guard may be used. Make sure you are aware of your local regulations so that you don’t run into any issues.Best Boxing & MMA Mouthguard Reviews Everlast Evershield Double Mouthguard This mouth guard is made by a very well know name in the fighting world and will offer you the protection for your mouth that you seek. With features like a double layered frame, this mouth guard is going to offer you more protection and peace of mind. The inner layer is shock absorbent while the outer layer is harder and more impact resistant. This mouth guard is not just designed to protect your upper teeth, it is also designed to help your upper and lower jaw take on a blow. A regular mouth guard design to boil and bite in order to mold properly to your teeth is used to make this mouth guard an even more comfortable fit. Not only does this mouth guard protect your teeth but it even has air holes throughout the mouth guard so that there is no air flow obstruction when this mouth guard is in use.Pros:Double layered frame offers extra protectionDesigned to also protect upper and lower jaw from damageBreathing holes make for comfortable wearAvailable in red, grey and pinkCons:May be a bit bulky, if you like thin mouth guards this may not be the one for you  Shock Doctor 3300 Max Air Flow Lipguard This mouth guard is made from one of the biggest mouth guard manufacturer’s on the market and it offers an array of features that you may not even find on other mouth guards on the market. This mouth guard is available in a total of 13 different colors and also comes in an adult as well as a youth size. This mouth guard offers a great no mold mouth guard that is actually comfortable to wear. This mouth guard offers a quick release in case you want to strap it yourself which is a very handy feature. The outside of the mouth guard is quite bulky, but this is largely to prevent your lips from damage. A central breathing hole is located in the middle of the mouth guard so that your airflow isn’t being obstructed while in use.Pros:No mold design is comfortable and you can pop it in right after buying itBreathing hole is large and allows for maximum airflowQuick release tether for strapsTons of sizes and colors to choose fromCons:Bulky around the lips   ProDefenda Mouth GuardThis is a multi-purpose mouth guard that doesn’t offer a bulky design. If you are looking for something simple to put into your mouth at a very affordable price, this mouth guard may be the one for you. It features double-layered protection and contains the ability to be molded and custom fit to your mouth. This mouth guard has a durable design despite its simplicity thanks to impact absorbing gel. One great thing about this mouth guard is that the manufacturer offers a satisfaction guarantee on their product if you have any issues with it. This can really give you peace of mind knowing that a full refund is available for you should you run into any problems.It features strategically placed air holes and anti-slip pads for extra grip in your mouth!  The protection is MAXIMUM and it outperforms some “sexier” looking guards that underperform.Pros:Manufacturer’s satisfaction guaranteeDurable impact resistant gelSimple, comfortable design.Easier to talk without taking out the mouth guardCons:Doesn’t offer a breathe hole, you will have to open your mouth to breathe  Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard, Adult & Youth, Strapped and Strapless This simple mouth guard made by the shock doctor comes in a strapless design as well as a design that contains a strap. Two sizes of this mouth guard are available and it comes in an adult as well as a youth size to suit your individual needs. This is a simple black mouth guard that is both mouldable as well as shock absorbent. This mouth guard uses something called jaw pads, these jaw pads help to absorb and reflect vibration and impact and really help when you take a big hit. The mouth guard also offers double layered protection and great overall comfort compared to many others in the marketplace.Pros:Mouldable for more comfort and a better overall feelDouble layered protectionWell known mouth guard brandJaw pads to assist with shock absorbing and to reflect vibration and impactsCons:Does not have a hole to breathe out of  Venum “Challenger” Mouthguard This mouth guard is available in a huge variety of styles with a total of 9 different options available. It won’t be hard to find a mouth guard that you like and something that relates to your personality. This mouth guard is made from a gel frame in order for your mouth to better adjust to it and be more comfortable. The design, although there are no breathing holes at the front of the mouth guard, is custom made to promote more air flow and better overall breathing. This mouth guard is double layered and even comes in a protective case so that there will be less bacteria build up and it won’t be in contact with the rest of your equipment.Pros:Gel frame allows for more comfort and adjustmentEngineered for optimal breathingComes with a caseCons:No actual breathing holes on the front of the mouth guard  Venum Predator Mouthguard This mouth guard comes in a wide variety of colors, in fact you will find 9 different design options available. This mouth guard is built from dense rubber so that the mouth guard has better overall shock absorption and therefore better protection for your jaws, cheeks and mouth. When you buy this mouth guard it also comes in its own protective case so that you can easily store it in with your equipment and not have to worry about hygiene issues quite as much. Venum makes this mouth guard in a one size fits all option only and so you may have to do some adjustments to get it to be comfortable.Pros:Lots of color options are availableGel frame allows for a comfortable experienceComes with a protective caseHigh-density rubber is used for better impact absorption Cons:No specific breathing channels are located within the mouth guardOne size fits all option means you will likely be doing some adjustments  Gold Beast Fang Teeth Mouth Guard This mouth guard has quite the design on it and it is bound to turn a lot of heads. The mouth guard is available in a youth size as well as an adult size so that you don’t have to make as many adjustments. This mouth guard includes a free carrying case which allows for easy storage. This mouth guard is designed so that it actually molds better at a lower temperature, meaning less chance of burning your mouth. The design does not incorporate a breathing channel, but it does have ridges on both the front of the mouth guard and the rear of the mouth guard so that you have great suction and maintain protection while you use the device.Pros:Molds better at lower temperatures, reducing the risk of a burnGreat suction increases protectionFree mouth guard holder is included with your purchaseCons:No breathing holes, means you have to open your mouth to get more airFancy design that not everyone will appreciate  Martial Arts Mouthguard and Case This mouth guard is extremely budget friendly but still offers some quality protection for your money. Amazingly this mouth guard has a total of twenty different options to choose from, each of which come with their own carrying case. Although this is a one size fit all mouth guard, proper adjustment and molding doesn’t take too long and the mouth guard will not need to be remolded on a later date. The mouth guard itself is a very simple double layered design that does not contain any breathing holes and is relatively thin when it comes to mouth guard standards.Pros:Extremely cheap priceComes with a storage case so you can stay in good hygieneTons of color options to choose fromCons:One size fits all option may mean that you have to make some adjustments to the mouth guardThin rubber compared to most mouth guards on the market  RDX Boxing Mouthguard This mouth guard offers an average price tag and is available in both a green as well as an orange color. This mouth guard incorporates its one size fits all mouth guard with a multi-layered shield in order to better protect against impacts. The mouth guard actually has breathing channels, but they are located under your teeth and then exit through the front of the mouth guard. This unique breathing feature is said to move the jaw forward and limit production of cortisol when in use. The mouth guard comes in its own protective case so that you can keep it in with your other equipment.Pros:Average price tagGel fit liners add comfort to the designUnique air flow structure limits cortisol productionCons:One size fits all mouth guard may force you to do some adjusting  MaxxMMA Advanced Single Antibacterial Mouthguard This extremely affordable mouth guard comes available in two different colors including a black and yellow option as well as a black and green option. The simplistic design appeals to a broad audience as long as you aren’t looking for a bulky mouth guard. This mouth guard offers a double layer of protection and a unique breathing channel that helps to add more overall comfort to the mouth guard. This mouth guard does not come with its own carrying case, but it does come with its own strap should you want to attach it to something. This mouth guard is of a very simple design that does not incorporate high ridges which could be uncomfortable especially if you have a really small mouth.Pros:Very affordable price tag and available in two different colorsComes with a strap so you can attach the mouth guard to thingsUnique breathing channel adds comfort and protectionCan be molded for a custom, secure fitCons:Does not come with its own carrying caseNo large breathing channels may require you to open your mouth if you need more air  Conclusion & RecommendationsBuying a mouth guard is a lot more complicated than it initially seems. With so many different brands and designs available it can be extremely hard to narrow down your options. It is important to make sure that you have the right size to properly fit your mouth and that you get something that can be custom fit to your mouth, or that comes already comfortable so that it can provide you with the maximum protection that you need. It is never a bad idea to check into the background of the company you are buying from and to check and compare a variety of mouth guards so you can get something that both looks good and works well for you. Best of luck finding your mouth guard, hope you found this list to be informative and hope that you maybe even found yourself a nice mouth guard embedded in the list. Good luck with your MMA journey.  The post 10 Best MMA Mouth Guards appeared first on Sport Consumer.

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10 Best MMA Gloves For Beginners & Competitions

When buying yourself a pair of MMA gloves there are lots of factors to take under consideration. Fighting is a dangerous sport and you are going to want a good quality pair of gloves so that you can block punches properly and deal put some good blows. Narrowing down your options can be rather difficult especially if you don’t know much about gloves and what to look for. Below are some of the major factors you should be aware of when you are thinking about purchasing yourself some gloves.Top MMA Gloves Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. RDX Maya MMA Gloves $$Check Price on Amazon2. RDX MMA Grappling Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon3. Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7 $$$Check Price on Amazon4. Venum Challenger MMA Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon5. Anthem Athletics SPITFIRE MMA Gloves $$Check Price on Amazon6. Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves $$$$Check Price on Amazon7. Hayabusa Ikusa Charged 4 oz MMA Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon8. Cheerwing Boxing Gloves MMA $Check Price on Amazon9. Ringside Combat Sports Pro Style MMA Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon10. Flexzion Half Finger Boxing Gloves – Grappling MMA $$Check Price on AmazonMMA Gloves Buying GuidePriceAlways one of the most important starting points to any purchase is to set yourself a budget and try to stick within it. It is important to consider factors such as how often you are going to be using the gloves, as well as how powerful your opponents are going to be before setting your final budget. If you are going to be competing in fights you are going to want to round up some more money in order to properly protect yourself. Quality is a good reference to the price of a pair of gloves generally speaking. In order to fully determine if you have yourself a good quality pair of gloves you are going to have to look at a larger breakdown of materials and brand name so that you can have a better idea of the durability and overall quality of the gloves, compared to other gloves in the marketplace.WarrantyThis is a very important factor especially if you are buying yourself a fairly expensive pair of gloves. You wouldn’t want to spend a bunch of money, think you have a nice pair only to find a tear on the interior a few days after purchasing only to realize the manufacturer doesn’t cover defects in their return policy. If you find that the manufacturer covers anything more than product defects, this can be a really good thing because it means they have confidence in their product and that it is going to perform up to expectations.FoamFoam is something you are heavily going to want to look at when you are purchasing a set of gloves because this is what is going to protect your from punches as well as help you to deal them out. Make sure you look and see what kind of thickness the foam is as well as if it is double or triple layered within the glove. Extra layers can help with things like shock absorption and can be very important in fighting regulations as well. Especially if you aren’t competing professionally, you may want to get some added foam to help protect your hands from damage.RegulationsGloves are one of the most highly regulated parts of fighting and it is important to make sure that the gloves you are purchasing meet any regulations that are in place unless you are just purchasing for recreational use. Generally speaking you will find there is regulations on things like the thickness of foam, the weight of the gloves and the exterior material. You will even find that some competitions only allow for certain straps, and maybe even only certain gloves in order to keep the competition even for both fighters. Even if you are just fighting your friend’s for fun, it is not a bad idea to have a look at professional regulations to see what kind of safety equipment they use so that you don’t end up hurting each other.Interior LiningThe interior lining of a glove is quite important. Without good interior lining you are not only going to be uncomfortable during your fight, but you may even end up with painful blisters and rashes thanks to your uncomfortable gloves. Another thing you should consider is how heavy the material is, depending on what the material is made up of it can cause you to sweat a substantial amount more than something that is a lighter material.FingersAlmost all MMA gloves have open fingers at the ends of the gloves. This allows for air flow and more comfortability during your match because more sweat can escape and your gloves won’t be sliding around on your hands. Not only does this allow better protection for your fingers, but it also allows you more control for your punches and a lot less slippage from perspiration compared to if your hands were forced to be inside of the gloves.StrapMany MMA gloves have a wrist strap on the lower part of the glove in the wrist area. This is so that the gloves stay on nice and tight during your fight and so that they can fit people with a variety of wrist sizes and builds. If you are buying your gloves online without trying them on, it is especially a good idea to get something with a good quality thick strap so that you can be sure that the gloves are going to fit you once they arrive on your doorstep. Most gloves will have a Velcro strap because a buckle strap could cause damage to your opponent.Knuckle PaddingDifferent gloves come with a variety of different styles of padding that cover your knuckles. Some gloves have an individual layer of padding that go over each of your fingers. These types of gloves usually have a bit of space between each finger which allows you to have a bit of flexibility in your fingers and can be more comfortable for some people. Other gloves have one thick foam pad covering their knuckles and often don’t allow for quite as much finger flexibility.BrandThis could be an important factor for many fighters especially if you have been around in the fighting world for a while and have developed your own taste for your favorite brands. The most important thing you can do is at least have a look at a few different brands before making your decision. Who knows, maybe you will find yourself a new favorite brand or maybe something that is super high quality just like your brand but for a much lower budget. It is important to keep your mind open to new things otherwise you might miss out on something great. If you have no idea as to what brand is good, find some gloves that you like and google the company name so you can see how old they are, the kinds of things they make and this will give you a much better idea how renowned they are in the MMA fighting world and whether they may be worth buying from.Best MMA Gloves Reviews RDX Maya MMA Gloves These gloves are of very high quality and in the average price range. They come in a variety of colors including blue, black, red and pink. These gloves are made out of a synthetic hide which helps to make them quite durable. These gloves have padding over each individual finger along with space in-between to allow for more flexibility. One nice thing about these gloves is that they are available in small, medium, large and extra-large so that they are capable of fitting the majority of people. These gloves have a large Velcro strap so that you can keep these gloves secure and comfortable during your entire fight. Holes in the palms allow moisture to escape so that your hand can remain cool, have less moisture and provide better overall grip.Pros: Available in multiple colors and sizes to fit a very broad audienceWide adjustable strapHoles in the gloves allow for moisture to escape for more comfortCons:Padding is thick  RDX MMA Grappling Gloves These gloves are about middle of the pack for price and come in genuine leather. These gloves are available in red, black as well as blue to suit a wide variety of people. The gloves come in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large and therefore can fit the majority of people. Each individual finger on these gloves are padded with their own padding to help provide maximum shock absorption no matter what part of your hand lands first during your punch. A large Velcro strap allows for easy access to get in and out of your gloves and provides a snug, comfortable fit. The inner lining of these gloves was manufactured to help remove moisture and the mesh on the palm side of the gloves improves airflow and overall comfort.Pros:Comes in multiple colors and sizesMesh on the palms improves airflow and comfortLarge Velcro strap for adjustment and to keep your hands secureCons:May have issues figuring out which size to order  Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7 These gloves offer some great protection at an affordable price tag. Although these gloves only come in black, they are nice looking gloves that come in two sizes. The gloves come in Small/ medium and large/ extra-large so they are capable of fitting a pretty broad audience. Instead of having sectioned off padding for each individual finger, these gloves have one large piece of padding that covers all of your fingers at once. A wide Velcro wrist strap helps provide a comfortable fit and good adjustability. The interior lining is built to be odour resistant as well. A pretty standard glove that offers some good quality thumb protection and made by a well-known brand.Pros:Large wrist strap provides good adjustment and comfortOdor resistant inner liningIncreased thumb paddingQuality brandCons:Open fingertips, but no mesh or anything in the palms for air flowSome fighters may not like the bulky foam that covers all of their fingers with one piece.  Venum Challenger MMA Gloves These gloves offer about a medium price tag compared to others on the market and offer layered foam for better protection. The gloves are available in black, black and white, neo yellow as well as orange. The gloves are also available in three sizes including small, medium, and a large/ extra-large size. The gloves are actually made out of PU leather which helps to add an extra level of durability that you won’t find with every glove in this price range. A large Velcro strap incorporated into the glove allows for a good amount of adjustment and adds some style as well.Pros:Pu leather helps add durabilityA velcro strap adds more adjustment optionsMultiple colors and sizes appeal to a broad crowd of peopleLayered foam for better protectionCons:No holes in the palm for air flow to help with sweat issuesNot made of real genuine leather  Anthem Athletics SPITFIRE MMA Gloves These gloves have a very good price tag especially due to the fact that they are made up of genuine leather. One other nice perk to these gloves is that they feature triple dense foam for some great impact absorbance. These gloves also contain an open palm which helps to relieve sweat and improve grip. One thing that some people complain about is that these gloves do nothing to protect your thumb and it is left out fully exposed which is something you should be aware of. Overall though this glove offers great finger protection and a bit of flexibility thanks to having foam covering each individual separately.Pros:Genuine leather exterior adds durability and looks goodOpen palm reduces sweat build upTriple dense foam helps with impact absorptionVelcro strap offers some adjustmentCons:Only available in extra-largeDoes not cover your thumb with any protectionSome users may not like having an open palm  Venum Undisputed2.0 MMA Gloves These gloves are definitely a bit of a higher price than some of the other gloves on the market. These gloves come in a ton of different colors including: black, matte black, white, Neo orange, Neo pink, and Neo yellow. These gloves come in a total of three different sizes that include small, medium as well as large/ extra-large. The gloves themselves have a stylish design featuring the venom logo and Venum spelled across the gloves. These gloves feature a layered foam design that covers each and every finger individually as well as your thumb. Made from Nappa leather these gloves are built to last with great wrist support and a Velcro strap that offers a multitude of adjustment options that can fit most wrists.Pros:Stylish design in a multitude of colors and sizesLayered foam offers good impact absorbanceNappa leather brings durability to these glovesThumb is protectedCons:Not very much air flow gets to your palmHigher price tag than many other models available  Hayabusa Ikusa Charged 4 oz MMA Gloves These gloves are in an average to high price range. Available in one black/ grey color you don’t get many options besides choosing between the four sizes available. One nice thing about these gloves is that they are the average 4 oz regulation weight for martial arts. These gloves come with an adjustable Velcro strap and are made out of engineered leather to help bring the gloves some durability. These gloves have padding over each individual finger which offers you good flexibility and comfort. You will notice no thumb protection on these gloves, but there is lots of thick foam and as long as you tuck your thumb in you shouldn’t run into problems.Pros:Average to high price rangeEngineered leather for good durabilityFour size optionsWide Velcro strap for a snug fitCons:No thumb protection makes you have to tuck your thumb inSome users may not like the open palm  Cheerwing Boxing Gloves MMA These gloves come at an extraordinarily low price tag and are still made out of PU leather to help bring some durability to the design. These gloves come in black, blue, red as well as white and have a wide wrist strap to offer an adjustable, secure fit. These gloves have thumb protection and have foam covering each finger in order to allow for some flexibility and the most comfort possible. A mesh palm helps to reduce sweat and allows you to have the most amount of grip possible when you are throwing your punches. It will be rather difficult to find a pair of gloves at this low price range that offers this nice of quality.Pros:Available in four different colors to appeal to a wide audienceThumb protection keeps you from worrying about having to tuck your thumb inCons:May not be regulation weightSome users may prefer an open palm over mesh for more comfort  Ringside Combat Sports Pro Style MMA Gloves This glove has a very low price range and yet offers so much. There are a total of 6 different sizes and a total of eight different colors available. With so much customization at an affordable price tag this glove definitely competes with its other low price competitors. This glove offers foam protection over each finger but leaves open an exposed thumb. The glove weighs a total of five ounces which match regulations for some MMA fights depending on where you are. An open palm helps to improve overall grip and assists with reducing sweat within the glove as well. A synthetic leather construction is difficult to come by at this low price and helps to bring longevity to these gloves no matter how much you fight.Pros:Very low price tagExtreme customization options for size and color tasteRegulation weight in some areasSynthetic leather adds durabilityOpen palm for reduced sweatCons:Exposed thumb means you will have to tuck in when punchingSome users may not appreciate an open palm  Flexzion Half Finger Boxing Gloves – Grappling MMA These gloves also have an extraordinarily low price tag and come in a total of four colors including black, red, blue as well as white. PU leather construction helps to make these gloves durable and helps to outclass some of its other low priced competitors on the market. These gloves offer a large wrist strap so that you can adjust to fit your own particular wrist size. The foam on these gloves wraps around each one of your fingers to offer a nice level of comfort and flexibility. Unfortunately these gloves do not have any kind of thumb protection and you will be forced to tuck in your thumb when you punch. These gloves do have a very open palm top help release moisture and improve your overall grip when you are in a tight match.Pros:Extremely low price tagAvailable in four colors to suit a variety of personalitiesMade from PU leather which brings durability to these glovesWrist strap provides adjustment optionsOpen palm for moisture to escapeCons:Some users may not like the open palmWill have to tuck your thumb in during a punch due to no thumb protection  Shattering A Myth? Buying yourself a set of MMA gloves is not easy. There are so many factors to consider and so many options available on the market that it can be quite difficult to narrow down your options. Generally speaking it is a good idea to find out the kind of features you like, look for some gloves with those features and then set yourself a budget and compare the gloves that you like the best. If you are competing professionally make sure that you do your research so that you aren’t breaking any kind of regulations. It is generally important to check what types of material they allow in the gloves as well as what weight limit they have set in place. Hope that this list helped you to get a better idea of the kinds of features that you want your gloves to have, or better yet, helped you find some gloves that you like to prevent injuries and improve performance. Best of luck with your fights.   The post 10 Best MMA Gloves For Beginners & Competitions appeared first on Sport Consumer.

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10 Best Lifting Shoes for Squats 2019

I think it’s safe to say that almost every lifter in the gym wants to lift more than they whatever they are putting up currently. If they don’t then why are they there in the first place? What if I told you that a pair of shoes could provide the right amount of support to enhance your lifting ability?Top Squat Shoes Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Adidas Performance Powerlifting 2 Shoe $$$$Check Price on Amazon2. Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoe $$$$Check Price on Amazon3. Adidas Powerlift.3 Shoe $$$Check Price on Amazon4. Inov-8 Fastlift 325 Cross-Trainer Shoe $$$Check Price on Amazon5. Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoes $$$$Check Price on Amazon6. Reebok R CrossFit Lifter 2.0 $$$Check Price on Amazon7. Reebok Crossfit Lite TR Womens Training Shoe $$Check Price on Amazon8. Inov-8 FastLift 370 BOA Cross-Training Shoe $$$$Check Price on Amazon9. Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes $$$$Check Price on Amazon10. Asics Lift-Trainer Shoe $$$$Check Price on AmazonHave you ever been squatting 225 pounds at the gym and in the middle of your set think: “man, I could really use some squat shoes right about now.” Yes? No? Well I can honestly say that although squatting shoes never immediately came to mind, they can be extremely useful for the dedicated lifter and/or crossfire. Wearing the standard running shoe wouldn’t necessarily hinder your lift, but having that pair of squatting shoes would give you the advantage needed to enhance your lifting experience and safety.Squat Shoes Buying GuideBenefits of Using Squatting ShoesSquat shoes are designed to put the lifter in the best position possible to build their craft. The most evident feature of the squatting shoe is the height of the heel. The higher-than-average heel helps the lifter squat deeper than normal because of the ankle’s adjusted angle. This new angle forms a strong posture that could further challenge the muscles tested in the squat lift.Another feature that identifies a squatting shoe is the straps across the laces used for stability and a natural fit. This is important because a lifter wouldn’t be able to safely and effectively squat with a shoe that isn’t secure to the foot. A secure fit will install a sense of confidence in the lifter; they will be able to lift without any disturbance from a lack of security.Needless to say (or maybe not as obvious as I thought), squatting shoes are not meant for casual or traditional exercise wear. This style of shoe is engineered specifically for weightlifting, and only weightlifting. One should expect to gain enhancements to their lifting using this shoe, rather than gaining the ability to run faster…because you will be disappointed if that’s the case.Best Shoes for Squats ReviewsAdidas Performance Powerlift.2 Shoe It wouldn’t be surprising if some of you were wondering, “why is the Powerlift.2 ranked higher than the Powerlift.3? Shouldn’t the most recent version be the best available?” Well to answer those questions: sometimes the most recent item of a particular brand is the best available yet in other instances an upgrade isn’t always the most logical decision.Let’s start with the color. The Powelift.2 has plenty of different colors, including blue, grey, yellow, red, and the original black and white. Luckily for lifters with wide feet, these shoes are made wide for enhanced comfort. The upper is completely made of synthetic leather; which makes it very light and durable. This material keeps the feet cool at all times, so there won’t be any distractions when you are getting mentally prepared to squat your personal best record. The elevated heel puts the user in a position that increases depth and puts the hips at an awkward angle.One thing to always consider with big-name brands is the price. If you are buying anything of value, the odds are that it will come at a price. This decision is strictly a preference. If you’re someone who is 100% committed to powerlifting, then make the investment and get a pair of shoes that could take you to the next level. If you are on a budget or a beginner, there are less expensive options on the list that could be of some use.Pros:True to sizeHas a wide size, which helps with comfortSynthetic leather is lightweight and durableCons:Wears down easilyHigh priced Adidas AdiPower Weightlifting Shoe  The AdiPower shoe from Adidas specializes in weightlifting. The upper is very comfortable because it is applied with PU-coated leather. This shoe will last a lot longer thanks to this high quality material. The hook and loop strap across the shoelaces increases foot security, which is something important when lifting heavy weights. The heel overlay in the AdiPower sets the standard for lightweight stability. This means that the lifter can transition into different lifting positions without feeling weighed down. They also have the support and stability needed to get through those lifts; starting with the heel.Strength is an asset of the AdiPower shoes that stands out compared to other features. Just by looking at this shoe, you can tell it is meant for something intense, something powerful, like Olympic weightlifting for example. The chassis was engineered specifically for weightlifting, with most of its strength coming from the injected polymer. The outsole hosts “VentFlow” openings that help with comfort and breathability. Ventilation is important when it comes to lifting shoes, because sweat and heat could easily build up when performing intense lifting workouts. Having a good sense of breathability will help the user in the long run because their feet won’t feel like they are in the sauna.Pros:Plenty of breathability and comfort throughout the upper and the outsole.Chassis was made specifically for weightliftingHook and loop strap provides a better sense of fit and security Cons:Expensive price Adidas Powerlift.3 Shoe One of the newest additions to the Powerlift line, this squatting shoe from Adidas has the looks and the features of an elite lifting shoe. Starting with the obvious, this Adidas sneaker has a thick, bright orange Velcro strap that has “powerlift” placed on it. This gives the lifter the extra support needed to get that tedious last rep out. The heel height on these shoes look above average, so there is a great chance that you will be able to get in the position needed to lift correctly. The comfort in this shoe runs high. The lining and the tongue are made primarily with air mesh, which has enhanced breathability in addition to being soft and light.Another great part about the Powerlift.3 is the open forefoot and flexible toe. This helps with foot movement, as the lifter might need to move their feet in awkward positions or transition into different positions. The synthetic upper contributes to the durability of the shoe without adding unneeded size. The outsole tests great against stable and unstable surfaces. Made with an anti-slip rubber, the outsole will be able to stabilize your position no matter what lift you are attempting.Pros:Lightweight upper helps with flexibility.Anti-slip outsole enhances stability.Mesh material within the shoe helps with breathability. Cons:Lack of color variety.Runs very small. Inov-8 Fastlift 325 Cross-Trainer ShoeAnother Inov-8 shoe on the list, the 325 cross-trainer shoes is considered to be the “lightest weightlifting shoe on the market.” The Inov-8 FastLift 325 is manufactured with high-end footwear technology that puts it at the top of the charts for lifting shoes.The FastLift 325 offers one of the most comfortable squatting experiences around. Made with meta-flex technology, the FastLift 325 provides the foot with freedom; you can move your foot in any position while lifting. Stability is also a benefit of wearing this shoe. The FastLift 325 has an external heel cage that keeps the heel stable and power-truss technology that builds a solid foundation for the feet. The 325 lifting shoe has a midfoot strap that runs across Inov-8’s Met-Cradle lacing. This combination offers arguable the most secure fit available in the training shoes niche.Pros:Flexibility in the outsole allows movement for easy transition.Heel cage helps with stability.Meta-flex technology offers excellent comfort.Cons:Not true to size.Wears down easy. Nike Romaleos Weightlifting Shoes  A flexible, lightweight, durable shoe, the Nike Romaleos has the features necessary for the persistent squatter. The Nike Romaleos lifting shoes are built to keep up with the beating taken with dedicated power lifters. The upper is made with a synthetic material and has two hook-and-loop strap across the laces that are made to keep the foot stable inside the shoe. The elastic placed on the top of the shoe helps the back of the ankle move naturally without any restriction. The toe box in the Romaleos is so narrow that they feel restrictive to those with wide feet.The heels are reinforced with TPU heel wedge cups that secure the rear-foot. The durable outsole is flat and made with a strong rubber that prevents wear. The reinforced heel will support the feet when lifting heavy weights. This shoe feature will enhance your lifts dramatically. Although they can’t do the lifting for you, and you will still need to practice proper form, you won’t want to lift without these shoes again after you buy them!Pros:Double hook-and-loop straps stabilize the feet.Synthetic upper is light.TPU heel cups keep the rear-foot in place.Cons:Runs Small.Toe box is very narrow.  Reebok R CrossFit Lifter 2.0 Compared to the CrossFit Lite, the CrossFit Lifter 2.0 looks more like the traditional lifting shoe. The Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0 prides itself in flexibility. The CrossFit Lifter 2.0 has an upper consisting of textured and mesh material. The textured part of the upper is used for stability whereas the mesh provides a good level of breathability. The strap across the laces controls the fit of the shoe. You could tighten or loosen the shoe as you please, to provide you the best fit possible.The sole seems fairly durable just by looking at the rubber sole. The outsole is flat with a little tread towards the forefoot. This tread will gain traction with the ground so the lifter can comfortably stay in place while doing their exercise. The midsole contains Reebok’s signature “PowerBax” material that makes the shoe feel like, yet stable. The combination of the “PowerBax” technology and the rubber outsole results in a stable platform.Pros:Rubber sole offers durability.Mid-strap helps form a proper fit.“PowerBax” technology enhances the lightweight feel of the shoe.Cons:Runs ½ a size larger.Quality is average.Heel isn’t very reliable. Reebok Crossfit Lite TR Training Shoe (Womens’) At first glance, the Reebok Crossfit Lite training shoe looks like a thicker version of the Converse Chuck Taylors. Despite the resemblance, these squatting shoes from Reebok supply the user with comfort, stability, and durability. The CrossFit Lite training shoes from Reebok come in seven different color varieties, giving the user plenty of choices to choose from. The style and shape of this shoe might not match the style of “weightlifting shoe” but it is a great alternative for someone looking for something different.The outsole of this squatting shoe is flat, with small teeth that are used to build traction. It is made of a high-abrasion rubber, so it won’t be easy to wear down the sole of the Reebok Crossfit Lite. There is a heel clip provided to stabilize the foot when lifting heavy weights. This heel clip increases the stability of the shoe tremendously, especially since the heel isn’t elevated. You will also receive superior ankle support since the shoe is a high top shoe. The area where this shoe lacks is the front. This shoe might not be as secure as other training shoes mostly due to the absence of an adjustable strap. While this feature isn’t an absolute must, it does help when you need it.Pros:High top design supports the ankle.High-abrasion rubber enhances the durability of the outsole.Heel clip stabilizes the foot when lifting heavy weights.Cons:Shoe is long and wide (depending on your foot size.)Quality is average at best.Not as durable as advertised. Inov-8 FastLift 370 BOA Cross-Training Shoe If you are looking for a squatting shoe that is unique in both looks and features, take a look at the Inov-8 FastLift training shoe. The feature that sets this Inov-8 shoe apart from the rest starts with the BOA closure system, which is used to deliver a secure, custom fit with no pressure points. This BOA feature thrives on security as it is stretch free and offers a stable platform for lifters. When most people get in the zone and start to squat and deadlift, the last thing they want to do is kneel down for twenty minutes trying to fix the fit of their shoes. With the BOA dial, the user needs to simply turn the dial to their liking. This is a quick, easy, and stable process.Next part of the Inov-8 shoe to evaluate is the midsole. The heel is raised fairly high; measured at about 16.5 millimeters. This raised heel will provide excellent balance for the individual who is lifting heavy weights. The outsole is made with FastLift technology that consists of sticky rubber used to grip onto the floor. The upper is made of a lightweight, breathable mesh that will keep the lifter light on their feet with enough support to lift the heaviest of weights. The inside of the FastLift BOA shoe has a fabric lining and a removable foam footbed. There is a strap attached to the BOA dial that has the phrase “rise to it,” printed across of it. This, along with the padded tongue and collar, offers great comfort and motivation for anyone who throws these shoes on.Pros:BOA dial makes it easy to adjust the strap for a better fit.Raised heel provides balance.Lightweight fabric in the upper.FastLift Outsole provides excellent grip to the ground.Cons:Run bigger than expected.Quality is subpar. Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes This shoe is a 2014 limited edition version of Pendlay’s weightlifting collection. This durable squatting shoe is primarily made with a combination of synthetic leather nylon mesh that helps the shoe stabilize the foot snugly inside. One side note about this shoe that everyone should be aware of is that it runs significantly smaller compared to your standard running shoe. An ideal rule to go by for the Pendlay shoes is to order a half a size lower than your regular shoe size. The Pendlay lifting shoes have two adjustable Velcro straps going across the laces. This gives the user options to tighten or loosen the shoe depending on their foot size and how much support they desire.You can tell that the heel of the Pendlay limited edition-training shoes is elevated, which provides a significant advantage to the squatter and/or dead lifter. A lifted heel will benefit the lifter in the long haul, as they will get better depth during squats. Another note-worthy feature of the 2014 Pendlay shoes is the single sole design. The purpose of this design is to make the sole durable and flexible, since it is only one piece. Furthermore, there is a ninety-day warranty for this shoe just in case it wears out during that time period. The Pendlay 2014 limited edition shoes for weightlifters are strongly recommended for weightlifting only. Pros:Elevated heel provides the lifter with better squatting depth.Two adjustable straps give the lifter control of their fit.Single sole design enhances the strength and flexibility of the Pendlay shoe.Cons:Runs ½ size small compared to the standard shoe.Not very comfortable.  Asics Lift-Trainer Shoe The Asics Lift-Trainer is a lifting sneaker that stabilizes the lifter’s foot for a proper lift. This shoe offers comfort, support, and style. Starting with the fit, Asics has a padded tongue and color for ultimate comfort and support. The feather last at the forefoot enhances the stability in that area so that you can move your foot in several positions without discomfort.The Asics Lifting shoe has a great level of breathability thanks to the moisture absorbing sock liner and the mesh lining throughout the upper. The sock liner is removable just in case the user would like to replace it with a gel sole or something medical-related. The heel of this shoe is measured at over half an inch, so you can expect your flexibility to be slightly enhanced due to this increased angle. You will be able to maintain the best depth possible for any type of squat or deadlift that you are aspiring to get through during your gym session.Asics’ signature DuoMax Support System in the midsole will keep the shoe feeling extremely light while still providing quality comfort. The GEL cushioning also contributes to excellent comfort because it will absorb the impact that the lifter would feel when applying substantial pressure towards their feet. The fully rubber outsole will be able to secure your feet because of the solid traction that is applied to the ground. You will be able to easily lift during your set without the worry of an unstable shoe.Asics has some great, unique quality features that are something to look forward to.Pros:Specialized Asics material offers a unique lifting experience.Raised heel enhances flexibility.Cons:Not as durable as other brands.Some reviews claim the shoe isn’t comfortable. Conclusion & RecommendationsSquatting shoes can assist a powerlifter or fitness addict in reaching their goals. If you have the form, and have the drive, the next step is to purchase the right pair of squatting shoes that will ultimately put you in the best position to win. Unlike running shoes, this type of shoe has less padding, extra support using a strap over the shoelaces, and a raised heel used to increase depth and change the position of the hips. Squatting shoes will enhance the lifter’s depth during their lifts. Sure, squatting shoes are more of a luxury rather than a necessity, but luxuries are always good to have.Based off of this list, it is clear that Adidas has dominated the market for lifting shoes. The Powerlift series proves to have the advantage, primarily because of the high quality material used when they were manufactured. They have the right amount of height in the heel so that the squatter would hit the right depth to increase their weight.If you want to shy away from Adidas, there are other options out there that you can depend on. Inov-8 has two pairs of training shoes that can qualify as a reliable asset to a lifter’s squatting session. The FastLifts are made with superior technology that will show the difference when it comes down to it. There are also reasonable options from Nike and Reebok, but ultimately the Adidas brand runs away with this one.The post 10 Best Lifting Shoes for Squats 2019 appeared first on Sport Consumer.

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10 Best Wrist Wraps 2019: Crossfit, Weightlifting, & Carpal Tunnel

Wrist wraps are an interesting product to review. There are multiple types that include powerlifting, Olympic lifting, CrossFit, or something for those that deal with or are trying to prevent carpal tunnel. Some fall in somewhere between each of those as general workout/lifting wraps. Throughout this article and review, we will cover a little of each, starting with a buying guide that will break down what you should look for in each chosen section.Top Wrist Wrap Comparison ChartPictureNameTypePriceWhere to Buy?1. Wrist Wraps by Rip Toned Crossfit$$Check Price on Amazon2. CrossFit Wrist Wraps-Strength Wraps- WOD Wear Crossfit$$$Check Price on Amazon3. Pivot Elite Rotating wrist support Crossfit$$Check Price on Amazon1. StrapWrapz by Nordic Lifting Weightlifting$$$Check Price on Amazon2. Anvil Fitness Lifting Straps Weightlifting$$Check Price on Amazon3. Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Gloves Weightlifting$$$$Check Price on Amazon1. Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support Carpal Tunnel$$$Check Price on Amazon2. Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace Green Line (Right) Carpal Tunnel$$Check Price on Amazon3. CarpalCure (Right) Carpal Tunnel$$$$Check Price on AmazonWe have combined them all into one guide as we felt that it would be the most concise way to show you the types of wraps available for different aspects of your life and workout. With that said, the buying guide will include subsections for each wrap type, so don’t hesitate to reference those sections during the reviews. The review section will also be broken up into the top wraps for each type of use, instead of one big review that covers wraps of all types. Save this page as a place to reference when you need to look up a new wrap for a new use.Wrist Wrap Buying Guide (What to Look For)CrossFit Wrist WrapsCrossFit wraps have a bit of an overlap with lifting wraps in that they are used to help support the wrist, similar to a back support. The key is to not use them too often, no more than half the time, so that you can build the strength in your wrists without letting the muscles become reliant on the extra support. The wrap itself is used more for the support and less for strength gains.For example, look at any Olympic lifter, how many are actually using wraps? For CrossFit, the same is true. You want to use them when needed, but not so much that you rely on them. With that said, look for a wrap that is going to work for your personal style. Some wraps are Velcro while others are traditional wraps that are a bit more flexible.When wrapping your wrist, proper positioning is key. Make sure that the wrap is just above or at the crease near the wrist and palm of your hand. Some of the wraps on this list will be very easy to put on as they will basically be like a glove. For those that aren’t easy, follow the manufacturer’s directions very carefully.While CrossFit wraps are very similar to lifting wraps in many ways, you will want to look for something with a bit more flexibility. This will ensure that you have the ability to move from one work out to another. If you are including pull-ups, push-ups or other non-weight lifting exercises in your daily routine, you want something that is going to work on all of those exercises and flexible support is key.Lifting Wrist WrapsThere is plenty of arguing going on about straps online when it comes to lifting. Many claim that it is a cheat and reduces the “pure” nature of the sport. In reality, there is a space between that wrist straps should be used regardless of what random individuals online may say. First, for non-competitive lifters, they are a no-brainer. The idea is that you are trying to wear out specific muscles in your weightlifting and in specific types of lifting, the hook or strap on the wrap is going to ensure the bar doesn’t go crashing down on the floor when you fatigue too much.With that said, wraps are not allowed in competition, so you shouldn’t rely on them exclusively. Use them to increase your overall strength gains, but don’t use them to the point that you can’t lift without them.There are a few types of straps that you will find, so we will cover each here just to give a solid overview of what to expect.Loop Straps This type of strap is the most common and will be the easiest to find in a material of your choice (leather and cloth are most common). They give a secure fit around the wrist, but they can be difficult to wrap around the bar one handed. In addition, the loops leave extra material hanging and can make it difficult to bail from a failed lift. You won’t see these in Olympic lifting at all.Speed or Olympic Straps This is a closed loop strap that is much easier to attach to the bar and much easier to bail from a failed lift. This is the primary reason they are used in Olympic lifting. You won’t get as secure of a grip and the tightness can’t be adjusted, but they are good if you are wanting to move towards a more professional level of lifting.Hook Straps These are becoming more popular as they don’t require any wrapping and they offer a hook that will allow a standard bar to easily rest. The big problem is that you can’t grip the bar as tight as you can with others and that can impact your technique negatively for certain lifts. In addition, the hook is made for standard bars and won’t fit specialized bars in many cases.Carpal TunnelWraps for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often very different from the wraps you have read about previously (if you read the other sections) and are made specifically for those that are going to be typing a great deal. Carpal Tunnel is a wrist injury that comes from trauma or injury to the wrist, hypothyroidism, repetitive use of vibrating hand tools, over active pituitary gland, and many others. So, while they are often looked at as something used for typing, they aren’t exclusive to that – it is just the most common use and what people associate with the syndrome most often.Unlike other wraps, the ones used for Carpal Tunnel are going to be a bit less scientific in the reviews. This is because you need to be extremely comfortable using them during your normal activities. You will find that in lifting or other workouts, you end up with a short use wrap that has a specific purpose. For CTS you are using a wrap or brace that will last throughout the day at times and it needs to feel right.There are two primary types of supports for those suffering from CTS. The first is using bandages to simply wrap the wrist. This can be a good choice as it is generally a lighter option, but it requires much more work to put on and does not offer the same type of support that you would get from a brace. That brings us to braces, which are more commonly used for more severe cases of Carpal Tunnel. These are essentially like gloves with a harder brace to keep your wrists angled correctly and help to prevent the progression of the syndrome.The choice you go with is up to you, but our advice, at least for recurring cases, is to go with a comfortable but firm brace. Using a bandage to wrap your wrist is not only difficult to put on correctly, but it often doesn’t offer the same health benefits in regards to recovery that you would get from a brace. When looking at braces keep the material in mind. You want something that is firm, but also breathable. If you are planning on wearing the brace throughout a day or work, you don’t want to build up sweat throughout the day. There is no perfect brace, but with a little research you can get a good idea for the ones that are likely going to work best for you.Wrap and Brace CareIt doesn’t matter if you get a wrap or a brace or just use bandages, keeping them in good shape is important. There isn’t a whole lot to it, but it needs to be mentioned in its own area just to ensure that your wrap lasts as long as possible. Most will not do well in the washing machine, but with a quick rinse in the sink and a little hand soap, you should get the sweat out of the wrap and letting it air dry is all that is required.As you sweat in your wrap it will be a perfect home for bacteria to grow. This will make it so that the wrap doesn’t last nearly as long as it should. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning. Barring any clear directions, do a little research on the material and ensure that you clean them properly. You are making an investment (regardless of the size) and the more use you get out of it, the better.Best Wrist Wrap ReviewsBefore getting into the actual reviews, I wanted to take a moment to explain how we rate the products and how this review will be written as it will be different than most. First, value is what we look for first – a product that is a good price (based on our research) and a good quality, will generally win over a similar product that is better but priced much higher. That isn’t going to be the case in every situation, but most of the time “bang for your buck” is our main concern.For this review, the products will be broken up into three separate sections. The first will be CrossFit Wrist Wraps, followed by Lifting Wrist Wraps (which includes Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting), and finally Wraps and Braces for Carpal Tunnel. The top three in each section will be picked, but for CrossFit and Lifting I will make a special note if they are good for both types of exercise. With that out of the way, read on to the reviews.Best CrossFit Wrist Wrap ReviewsWrist Wraps by Rip Toned The first pair on the list is a set of wrist wraps that can be used for lifting as well as CrossFit. The big points here include the fact that they will stabilize your wrists which will boost your performance in burpees, strength training, pushups, planks, and all types of lifting. They are also guaranteed, so if you don’t see an improvement, you’ll get your money right back.They are also endorsed by the 2014 World Champion Powerlifter Kevin Weiss, which you can take or leave as a positive. It may be good marketing, but the wraps themselves deserve the stamp of approval either way in our opinion. If you suffer from wrist pain, this pair will alleviate it significantly. They are extremely secure and keep your wrists in the position they need to be. They also help you prevent injury.Easy to put on and take off, they have the advantage of being beginner friendly as they will fit in one specific way – no need to read through instructions or watch videos on how to wrap, they just fit. They work for men or women; the only issue will be with people with smaller wrists. In that case, they may not be the right choice – otherwise, these are the best for CrossFit and general workouts and not a bad choice for lifting as well.ProsGreat for CrossFit and Lifting.Very secure fit.Easy to put on and take off.Works well for men or women.Stiff, but comfortable.ConsNot a good choice for people with small wrists.For some, they are entirely too stiff. CrossFit Wrist Wraps-Strength Wraps-WOD Weightlifting Wrist Wraps While the name implies these are good wraps for all workouts, including powerlifting, these are more for CrossFit and less strenuous workouts. This wrap is the style that comes as a long “ribbon” that you have to wrap around your hand and wrist to give support. While they do provide support, they fall far short of the heavy duty wraps on our list.These are also much more difficult to put on than the wraps that you just slip over your hands, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a high spot on our CrossFit section of the list. You can customize how tight they are which allows you to have more or less support based on the particular activity you are planning on focusing on. They are also extremely affordable and easy to throw in your purse or gym bag for travel. The biggest drawback is that they are seriously lacking on heavy support.ProsGreat all-purpose wrap.Extremely affordable.Traditional wrap, gives a bit more customization of support.Easy to travel with as they roll up into a small package.ConsCan be a little difficult to put on for novices.Lacks the support needed for heavier lifting.Some can smell when first opened. Pivot Elite Rotating Cross fit wrist & callus protection This unique design is patent-pending and for good reason!  It has the ability to rotate the grip around your hand and attach it to the neoprene wrist support.  The whole rotating feature makes it easy to move from “wearing” to “not wearing” the grips.  That’s a blessing when you’re cross-training and moving quickly from one training exercise to another.  It also provides callus prevention qualities, and features lots of neat ideas like enhancing grip on barbells, kettlebells and pull up bars, and it secures the grip when not needed.  The construction quality is heavy duty for ultimate longevity.Pivot Elite Rotating StrapsThere is no leather in the construction which is a mixture of Neoprene, synthetic leather, velcro and metal (pivot screw assembly).  The Pivot Elite is really and truly a multi-purpose, versatile addition to any lifter’s gym bag. ProsInnovative design.Solid palm protection.Enough Support and protection for elite level athletesConsFinger holes were too small for some usersPivot screw assembly broke in one user’s case Best Lifting Wrist Wraps ReviewsStrapWrapz by Nordic Lifting The StrapWrapz by Nordic Lifting are some of the best all-around wraps available on the market. They likely won’t fit the bill for seasoned veterans, but casual lifters, or those still newer to the sport will find everything they are looking for in these wraps. More seasoned users may still like them, but there are a few questions as to how well they grip on your hands and how well they let you move during your lift.For the most part, they are fantastic wraps that offer a great deal of support. While they say they can be used for CrossFit training, they are a bit too cumbersome and heavy to make that list. For just lifting, though, these are the best value out there and they have built in straps that are great for deadlifts.ProsGreat for most lifting.Added support for your wrists.One size fits all (most).ConsDoes not offer the best grip on hands in some cases.Can be too large or cumbersome for anything but lifting.Quality is not consistent. Anvil Fitness Lifting Straps If you read through the CrossFit section, you are going to notice a similar pattern so far. While the first lifting strap was a simple to use, yet innovative, wrap, these are more traditional wraps that require more experience to put on. With that said, they are a bit easier to figure out as a foam support pad is included in the wrap which makes it much easier to figure out where to start. Still, you will likely need to follow instructions or watch a video to put them on correctly the first time.That isn’t a negative though, the lifting hooks can wrap 2 or 3 times around the bar and they work with dumbells, barbells, kettlebells, row or pull up work and just about anything else. The main use for this wrap will be towards the end of your work out when you are losing some of your grip strength but need to push just a bit further. They are a bit large for smaller wrists, but other than that they would have been our top pick if they were a bit easier to put on for newer users.ProsIncredibly versatile.Comfort is unmatched.Very durable wraps.ConsMay be difficult to use for beginners.Not sized perfectly for smaller wrists. Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Gloves There aren’t many negative things to say about the Cobra Grips outside of their price point. They are more expensive than traditional wraps, but they offer support and a solid grip. They offer new patented technology that will ensure you have a solid grip while also supporting your wrists.The Cobras are often compared to the Versa Grips, which are one of the biggest names in this category, but the price puts them off our list besides the mention here. If it weren’t for the Cobra grips, which are as good or better than the Versa Grips, being a less expensive alternative the Versa Grips would be in this spot. Still, the Cobras are great for more experienced lifters and only fall to number three on the list because of their price point. They are likely the best for pure lifting that we have put on the list, but value is our big focus on every item. For the average user, you are better off going with one of the other two listed in this section.ProsNew technology on offer that gives a solid grip and wrist support.Wider grip works well with bigger hands.Extremely comfortable wrist wraps.ConsDesigned for more experienced users.Priced for more experienced lifters. Best Carpal Tunnel Braces and Wraps Futuro Night Sleep Wrist SupportCarpal Tunnel doesn’t just cause discomfort or pain while you are typing on the computer or using your wrists for repetitive action, it can cause a constant issue throughout your day and night. The Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support Wrap works on the left or right wrist and helps relieve the discomfort associated with the syndrome.Easy to use, lightweight and easily breathable, this is one of the best wraps to use even when not working. The only real issue we have is the locking system, which is very adjustable, is suspect when it comes to durability. It may only last you six months or so. It is priced low enough that you shouldn’t be too put out, but it is worth a mention.ProsCan be worn all night without any discomfort.Can be worn on the left or right wrist.ConsDurability is questionable.Construction may only last half a year. Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace Green Line (Right) Mueller goes green with their extremely comfortable and supportive brace. Made from eco-conscious non-petroleum based materials, this is a brace that is perfect for those that are concerned about the manufacturing of their product. This brace is sturdy and extremely comfortable for daily wear but may not hold up as well for sleep. They have plenty of sizes to choose from and most will fit any wrist, so you are sure to get a comfortable fit no matter which one you purchase.Mueller would be number one on our list if it could work on either wrist, but you won’t have to pay much more to grab a pair than the Futuro. Still, if you just need one, this review stands for the left wrist as well. There are a few complaints about uncomfortable stitching from some users, as well as Velcro that doesn’t stand up well for support, but these are likely just manufacturing anomalies. Still, keep it in mind when you are making your purchase.ProsExtremely comfortable for daily use.As sturdy as any other brace on the list.Eco-friendly materials for the eco-minded.ConsOnly works on one wrist as opposed to the Futuro’s dual wrist design.Some quality issues with the stitching and Velcro are not completely uncommon. CarpalCure (Right) CarpalCure is the only brace on our list that is clinically proven to help heal your wrist. While it is very similar to other braces, what makes this brace unique is the active technology inside. Essentially a vibration throughout your wrist will help alleviate pain while promoting healing. The material used is neoprene which, when kept at the right temperature, also promotes faster healing. All in all, this is the best brace for serious sufferers on the list.The big gripe here is the price. It has consistently been between three to five times more expensive than the others on the list. That makes it a hard sell in our eyes, but for those that suffer from serious discomfort, it is worth the investment. This is a fantastic brace and you pay a pretty penny for it, but the others on this list provide relief for a much lower price. It all comes down to your level of suffering.ProsPromotes healing.Sturdy and comfortable.Helps regulate temperature.Clinically proven to work.ConsPremium price tag.Somewhat bulky.Results vary based on other users of the device.Wrist Wraps and Lifting Straps Conclusion & Recommendations There you have it, a list of all the types of wraps and braces you may need to protect your wrists and help them heal. Obviously, the final pick (CarpalCure), is the best brace for recovery, but won’t do much for prevention. The CrossFit Wrist Wraps at number two (under the CrossFit section) and the Rip Toned at number one are the best two all-around wrist wraps available. They may not do the trick for power lifting or more advanced lifters, but for those that are headed to the gym for CrossFit and moderate lifting, the two are about even in how well they work.For those looking to do some heavy lifting on a more professional level, the StrapWrapz and Anvil Lifting Straps are going to be the place to look. They offer two takes on the traditional support needed for lifting at a higher level. If you are looking for something a bit more innovative the Cobra Grips are a great place to start. While the Cobra’s are primarily reviewed in our lifting section, their flexible design could have just as easily landed them a spot on the CrossFit section.When it comes to recovery, we already mentioned the CarpalCures but the price tag is too high for average recovery. The Mueller Fitted Green Line is a great place to look for recovery while you are at work, or doing your daily duties. For overnight support and recovery, you are likely going to be best served going with the Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Supports.The key here is to know what you need. Are you primarily working on a CrossFit regimen, or is powerlifting your goal? Are you simply looking for support while you are at work, or recovery while you sleep? Unfortunately, there isn’t a brace or wrap that covers all three of the sections we reviewed on this list, but we made sure to add affordable options in each category that will make it painless to purchase one for each need you may have. Keep an eye on the Carpal Tunnel braces though as most are made for a right or left wrist – only the Futuro works for either.The best advice is to look for a wrap or brace from a reputable retailer (online or brick and mortar) that allows exchanges and returns. If you end up with a brace or wrap you don’t need, there is no reason that you should just be stuck with it. If you find one you like, but it isn’t perfect, do not hesitate to try something different, you can always go back. Use this list as a jumping off point. You may start with one of our suggestions and follow a rabbit hole to something unique that is perfect for you. Everyone is different, so there is not a perfect choice that we can suggest – we are here to get you started and give you are opinions on the best wraps and braces out there.The post 10 Best Wrist Wraps 2019: Crossfit, Weightlifting, & Carpal Tunnel appeared first on Sport Consumer.

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6 Best Exercise Balls 2019: Ab Workouts & Back Pain

We live in a world now that requires us to spend a great deal of time sitting. There isn’t an easy way to exercise when most of your time is spent in front of a computer on your butt. Unless you are fortunate (or unfortunate depending on your view) enough to have a job where you spend the day on your feet, you are likely looking for a way to strengthen your core while also burning some calories. Exercise balls were made with this in mind and are a perfect way to get your exercise in, even when you are busy with other work. The strength that you will get in your core, plus the constant balancing you will need to do, will help you get into shape without making a significant impact on your personal time.Top Exercise Balls Comparison ChartsPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Live Infinitely Exercise Ball with Workout Guide $$Check Price on Amazon2. DYNAPRO Exercise Ball with Pump $$$Check Price on Amazon3. Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball $$$Check Price on Amazon4. Superior Fitness 600 Pound Exercise Ball with Stability Ring and Resistance Bands $$$Check Price on Amazon5. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (300 pound)$$$$Check Price on Amazon6. Incline Fit Anti-Burst Yoga Exercise Ball with Base $$Check Price on AmazonExercise & Yoga Ball Buyer’s GuideWhen you start to shop around for a ball, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Where will the ball be used most? How often will you use the ball? How portable does the ball need to be? How does it look (especially important if you plan to use it in an office or other public space)? How safe is the ball? Will it burst while you are using it?Exercise balls are called many things, so as we get into the review it is key you know what those names are. Exercise balls are the most common name, but you will also find names that include therapy balls, Pilates balls, yoga balls, physio balls, gym balls, Swiss balls, fitness balls and others.Key FactorsBurst ResistanceEach ball has a durability rating. This is essentially how much weight it can handle before it is likely to burst. You will need a ball that can withstand your body weight plus any additional equipment you plan to add, such as small weights. For the balls that don’t state a specific rating, expect 100-200 kg, which is 220 to 440 lbs. Some balls also include anti-burst tech which will ensure that a puncture does not send you falling flat onto the ground.SizeExercise balls come in a number of different sizes. Ranging from 18 inches to 33 inches in ball height, you will need to find the one that is right for you. The average users will likely find that the 22 to 30 inch balls are perfect. For a quick reference use the following chart as a starting guide:4’10” and under, use an 18 inch ball, or Small.4’8” to 5’5”, use a 22 inch ball, or Medium.5’6” to 6’0”, use a 26 inch ball, or Large.6’0” to 6’5”, use a 30 inch ball, or Extra Large.Over 6’5”, use a 33 Inch ball, or Extra Extra Large.This is a rough guideline and you may find that you need something a little larger or smaller. If you are behind a computer all day, you may be looking for a chair replacement for an hour or two of your day, and you will need to measure your regular sitting position to find the right size for that. Just make sure it will also support your weight.A Few PrecautionsBefore going any further, this is a key subject that needs to be mentioned. No matter what ball you end up purchasing, you need to remember that this is an inflated balloon, more or less. If you have any injuries from the past, such as spinal injuries or issues, you should speak to your primary care physician before using a ball. In addition, make sure you inflate the ball exactly as the manufacturer instructs. Over or under inflated balls can lead to premature bursts which can only lead to harm.Exercise Balls as ChairsAt one point exercise balls were talked about as a possible replacement for a chair at work. It didn’t pan out early on, simply because of the difficulty or business regulations. Ultimately, things have taken a turn for the better. There are some serious business out there that are creating office exercise ball chairs. Essentially, they work the same as a chair, with rolling wheels on the frame and a low profile black ball that sits in the middle. It is worth researching, but for a writer like me, I’ll stick with a traditional ball. If you are in an office, consider one of the chairs.For our review we will be looking at a number of different exercise balls, but keep in mind that what they are specifically used for is somewhat up in the air. While most are good for exercise or yoga, they are just as good as an office chair replacement. We will try to mention that in the review, but keep the sizing charts in mind. Where available, we will also include the weight that the ball supports, but if it is not listed by the manufacturer refer to the average, which is often much lower than some of the best out there. Still, they may show up as a solid choice for a budget, but we want to stress the importance of getting a ball that will support the weight that you plan to put on it. That includes your own body weight, plus any weights you plan to use while on the ball. Also, keep in mind that a ball that is rated at 2,200 pounds is rated at a stationary weight. For more active use, it may drop as low as a 600 pound guarantee. Think of it this way, if you are bouncing on the ball intensely you are going to put more pressure on it which can possible cause wear or bursting. So, make sure you keep those things in mind as you read our review.Best Exercise Balls ReviewsLive Infinitely Exercise Ball with Workout Guide (2,200 Pounds) My ball of choice and the one I use at my desk is the Live Infinitely ball. I use a 75 cm ball which works perfectly as a desk chair and requires me to sit up straight. It would upset my parents and teachers back in my youth, that something so simple could get me to “sit up straight” which they constantly hounded me about. This forces me to work on my posture and core strength throughout the day and makes the fact that I am sitting for a majority of it much less infuriating.The ball comes with a workout guide, which I honestly haven’t used much but seems to be very thorough, as well as a hand pump. My biggest complaint is the pump itself. The instructions aren’t complicated, but they aren’t the most well written either. The pump will give you a workout as you try to get the ball up to the initial 80% mark for the first 24 hours. The problem is that it doesn’t include any way to measure how full the ball is, as some other brands will include, requiring some significant guess work.Still, the ball is easily the most secure ball I’ve used yet and I don’t feel like it is going to burst or break any time soon. The quality is strong and my daughter has even started to try to sit on it – and at six, she has been more successful than I expected. Some reports have been found that the wrong size ball shows up, so make sure you get the size you want from a place that allows returns or exchanges in case there is a problem. Otherwise, this is easily the best ball on the market for a desk chair and exercise. It also has a 600 pound anti burst guarantee.ProsEasily the best ball on the market for all around use.Can support 2,200 pounds.Ribs along the ball create an anti-slip texture.Feels sturdy and safe.ConsThe hand pump is a significant workout.Does not include any measuring device to ensure it is inflated fully (instead it says to measure from the wall to the box on the floor and just expect that is correct).A few packages seem to include the wrong size. DYNAPRO Exercise Ball with Pump (2,000 pounds) The DYNAPRO, for better or worse, is a near carbon copy of the Live Infinitely. This only comes in at number two because it is able to withstand a slightly lower level of pressure. It also varies more widely in price than the Live Infinitely. Put side by side, it would be all but impossible to tell the difference between the two, all the way down to the pump that is used.The big knocks here are price and the lack of an online exercise guide. It does include a card that shows a few exercises as basic drawings (think better stick figures) which is a bonus, but not as complete as the number one on our list. There are also a number of complaints that this ball does not have a very long lifespan. This isn’t going to be the case for every user, but keep it in mind.Finally, as this is a pretty close copy of the number one ball on the spot, it is hard to recommend over the Live Infinitely unless you find a significantly lower price. This is a fine option if you don’t like our number one, or have issues with it, but it comes in at the second spot for a reason.ProsGreat ball in most cases.Very similar to our number one pick and may be found at a lower cost.Includes a simple exercise guide.ConsQuality control issues are more rampant than expected.May not have the durability expected.May have a chemical smell.Inconsistent results from other users. Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball (2,000 pounds) Black Mountain comes in at number three as it is a solid ball that offers a few differences from the other two on our list. The same issues can be found if you look hard enough, but for the most part, this is a sturdy and durable ball that will last a good amount of time. It has less textured look to it and is a bit slicker than our number one pick, which will be a personal preference choice. I personally like the stickier rubber used for the Live Infinitely, but from my research online, everyone prefers a different texture.The ball is not all that different from our first two picks, but the pump needs some work. It seems like a no-brainer to get this one because it uses a foot pump which should be easier to inflate the ball with, but that isn’t the case here. The pump is actually inferior to the hand pumps and may require you to purchase or use something different. The nozzle constantly comes out and can require a partner to make sure it stays in place. There are reports of the ball bursting after only a few hours, but that is a rarity that can be found in just about any ball you purchase.Overall, this is a ball that is similar to our first two but has enough differences in texture and material to set it apart. Again, the preference will come down to the type of feel you want when using the ball, so make sure you purchase from a place that offers exchanges.ProsGreat ball, very similar to the first two.Slicker than our number one pick, which may be what you are looking for.Enough ribs to give it a gripping texture, but not so much that you stick to the ball.ConsThe foot pump is very finicky and may require a run to the local athletic store to get a better one.Quality control is not perfect.May burst quickly if not filled correctly (always follow the instructions). Superior Fitness 600 Pound Exercise Ball with Stability Ring and Resistance Bands The Superior Fitness ball is the first significantly different ball on our list. It is a 65 cm ball that is made specifically for exercise and yoga. Don’t buy this if you are looking for a solid desk chair replacement, unless the 65 cm is the right size.The big advantages here are the stability ring and resistance bands. The ring keeps the ball in place and the resistance bands will add more options for your exercise routines. This is an especially good item for heavier individuals looking to start to work off that fat and get into a healthier body. Included is a 100 picture exercise guide that gives you an outline of what you should do with the ball. Not the best guide out there, but it is better than nothing at all.The ball seems to sink a bit the heavier you are, but if you continue to refill it if it loses its strength you should get into a good spot where the ball supports you easily. The only reason this isn’t number one is because of the lack of options for those looking for a chair replacement and the less than optimal exercise guide.ProsSpecialized for healthy workouts.Stability ring helps those that are far out of shape stay sturdy.Resistance bands add value and additional exercise options.ConsThe workout guide left us wanting something more complete.Lacks flexibility as only a 65 cm ball is currently offered.The hand pump is better than a foot pump, but not by much. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (300 pound) Similar to the Superior Fitness ball, this ball is made specifically to act as a chair. It includes a 52 cm removable ball, which is small for a desk chair replacement. The trick here, though, is that the ball includes a sliding base with a lumbar support back that creates a chair when the ball is inserted.You likely won’t use this for exercise on its own, but as a chair, it gives you more support than a ball alone. You also have to pay a significantly higher price since it comes with the additional hardware. With that said, this is the perfect choice for someone that simply wants a unique and healthier chair to sit on.A few complaints that keep this from rising higher up on the list. At only 300 pounds, this isn’t going to be ideal for many people that likely need it most, or safe for that matter. The rolling wheels on the chair are a bit of a mystery as they provide less stability and make it difficult to stand up without tipping over. The fact that the ball can’t be used for exercise by most users is a disappointment as well.ProsIdeal for those wanting a new office chair.Comfortable enough to sit on for a few hours, but will push you to get up and walk around more often than a traditional chair.The included chair, itself is great for lumbar support.ConsNot the ideal size for exercise for most individuals.Wheels on the chair cause stability issues.Only 300 pounds supported which excludes many users that likely need this most. Incline Fit Anti-Burst Yoga Exercise Ball with BaseThe Incline Fit comes in as the final choice on our list for a few reasons. First, it is a fantastic ball and we added it because it is worth consideration. It is also a ball that offers a bit of both worlds when compared to the number one and number three spots on the list. It includes a base which will help with balance, as well as a unique texture that will help you use the ball in a way you see fit. Where other balls are ribbed from top to bottom, this is smooth throughout with a bumpy texture in the center.The hand pump is a concern again, but it is superior to the foot pump. The price is fair, especially since a base is included. The big concern is that the ball has no indication of a weight limit, though people upwards of 350 pounds have claimed to use it with no issue.The quality control seems a bit off, though not enough to be a major factor in our review. Some have claimed to receive the wrong size over and over again, though this may be user error due to not following directions for inflation. Overall, this is a good ball that fits certain needs, but the lack of information is a concern.ProsUnique textureIncluded baseThe hand pump is better than the foot pump.ConsLack of weight information.Quality control may be a bit lax.I’m personally not a fan of the texturing, though that is a personal preference. Conclusion & Recommendation You may have noticed that there isn’t a significant difference between exercise balls on the market. Most fall within a few different areas and the best, such as the Live Infinitely at number one and the DYNAPRO at number two offer a wide range of uses.  Most balls will perform well enough for the majority exercise ball exercises performed.If you are looking for a single purpose ball, to be used as an office chair, the Gaiam at number five is a perfect choice at a fair price. Finally, number three and six both offer bases which allow additional security as you exercise. They aren’t our favorite ball on the list, but that will ease you into the routine at a more comfortable pace than the rest.When you start to narrow down your search, make sure you are finding the right size ball for your needs. Some won’t offer a guide, so use ours as it is pretty universal across all companies. As always, make sure you purchase from a reputable retailer that will allow you to exchange the product in case it comes in the wrong size or you get one that didn’t get pulled off the line in quality assurance. The ball should last you a while, so don’t hesitate to exchange one that has you concerned.  The post 6 Best Exercise Balls 2019: Ab Workouts & Back Pain appeared first on Sport Consumer.