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The 10 Best Batting Gloves 2020 | For Adults, Youth, & Blister Prevention

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Holding onto your baseball bat can be difficult sometimes depending on weather conditions or other unforeseeable factors. Having a pair of well-made batting gloves is crucial to your game. Batting gloves provide you with the ability to have a tight grip on your bat so you don’t lose control of it during your time at the plate. It is also a proactive method to avoid blisters from your baseball bat.
Top Batting Glove Comparison Chart

PictureNameSizePriceWhere to Buy?

1. Franklin Neo Batting Gloves
Adult$$$Check Price on Amazon

2. Easton HS3 Batting Gloves
Adult$$Check Price on Amazon

3. Under Armour Clean-Up VI Batting Gloves
Adult$$Check Price on Amazon

4. Nike MVP Edge Batting Gloves
Adult$$$Check Price on Amazon

5. EvoShield Batting Gloves
Adult$$$Check Price on Amazon

6. Mizuno Men’s 2016 MVP Batting Gloves
Adult$$Check Price on Amazon

7. Louisville Slugger Series 7 Batting Gloves
Adult$$$Check Price on Amazon

8. Rawlings Workhorse Batting Gloves
Adult$$Check Price on Amazon

9. DeMarini Digi Camo Batting Glove
Adult$$$$Check Price on Amazon

10. Mizuno Techfire Batting Gloves
Adult$$Check Price on Amazon

11. Easton Youth Icon Gloves
Youth$$Check Price on Amazon

12. Rawlings Youth Batting Gloves
Youth$$Check Price on Amazon

13. Under Armour Boy’s Batting Glove
Youth$Check Price on Amazon

14. Mizuno Boy’s Batting Gloves
Youth$$Check Price on Amazon

15. Franklin Youth Insanity Batting Gloves
Youth$$$Check Price on Amazon

Furthermore, batting gloves can also protect the hand from the demanding and aggressive motions of batting. People who don’t use batting gloves tend to get splinters (depending on what type of bat they are using) and most notably, blisters. These after-effects can become extremely painful and could ultimately affect your play entirely. If it ever gets to that point, even batting gloves won’t be able to completely stop your hands from being in complete pain while attempting to help your team score at the plate.
Throughout the history of MLB, there have been plenty of pros that prefer batting with their bare hands, rather than using baseball gloves (i.e. former New York Yankee Jorge Posada.) While the use of batting gloves is optional, [unlike the use of a mitt] batting gloves can be extremely helpful when you are up to bat. Batting gloves help enhance your game by providing you with an assisted grip and protecting your hands from getting hurt due to friction against the bat, getting hit by a baseball, or even getting accidentally stepped on while sliding headfirst.
While it should go without saying; you should receive a pair of gloves when you buy batting gloves. After your purchase,
What to Look For When Buying Batting Gloves
The “right” pair of batting gloves will be made with good material, such as leather, to protect your hands from the wear and tear they receive due to gripping the baseball bat. Blisters can be extremely painful and can last quite a while before fully healing, which could hinder your experience at bat going forward.   In fact, batting gloves were first invented in response to the repeated blisters many players complained of.
Some gloves will come with padding in the knuckle/thumb area just in case a pitch hits your hand. Sure, your hand might slightly sting regardless, but having that layer of padding can go a long way. Without a pair of batting gloves that have some form of padding, your hands are at more risk for injury if a baseball does hit them. Hypothetically speaking: you are up to bat and end up getting hit in the hand by a baseball. You end up getting a bruise on your knuckle that affects your play for the rest of the game, or even longer depending on the severity. This situation could potentially be avoided with the use of batting gloves. While there is sure to be some amount of pain, you are at least protected with gloves that have quality leather and padding.
Your grip is important as a batter. You want to wear a pair of gloves that can provide the best grip so that you can firmly hold the bat when swinging. Purchasing a pair of batting gloves with some form of material on the palms to enhance the grip is ideal. Not only does it help you grip, but also it protects your hands from the callous bat material.
Regardless of your competition level, batting gloves can enhance your game. Players at the adult and youth levels can benefit from using batting gloves, and it’s up to you to choose what combination of material is best for you.
Best Adult Batting Glove Reviews

Franklin Neo Batting Gloves

The Franklin Neo Batting gloves are made of some of the best material on the market. These batting gloves are made of pure sheepskin leather, which provides a layer that can protect your hands from blisters and other effects from gripping onto your baseball bat.
To enhance your grip, the Franklin Neo batting gloves are equipped with a “Quad-flex” creasing that offers better comfort for your hands. This unique creasing gives the batter an advantage because it prevents random material such as grass, dirt, or tar from building up unto your bat and reducing your grip on the bat handle. Using these gloves, the odds of your bat accidently flying into the stands or field and possibly hurting someone, are reduced substantially.
In addition to the “Quad-flex” material, the Franklin Neo batting gloves have a leather palm that has a special tactility that offers a smooth grip unto the bat handle.

Available in over 20 different color schemes
Sheepskin leather helps prevent blisters and offers extra hand protection
Special “Quad-flex” material enhances grip on bat handle


Users report that the material isn’t very strong [ripped Velcro]
Other users claim that they received a defective glove
A lot of complaints about durability

Easton HS3 Batting Gloves

Durability is a unique feature that comes to my mind when analyzing the Easton HS3 batting gloves. The material responsible for this high quality of durability is the goatskin palm. This goatskin material on the palm area helps the batter with his or her grip and is bound to last longer than most batting gloves. These gloves are instantly recognizable due to the Easton logo on the back of the hand, and have “Zonal Flex” stretch mesh on the knuckles for flexibility. In other words, it is easier to move your fingers around in odd positions that are sometimes necessary when batting or even on the baseball diamond.
This Easton product has an exceptional wrist strap which offers wrist support that encourages durability and comfort. The wrist strap also has a Velcro patch so that you can easily adjust the tightness of your glove.

“Zonal Flex” mesh offers finger flexibility
Goatskin palm enhances grip for bat handle
Wrist strap is comfortable


Several users claim that the gloves do not last very long; not as advertised
These gloves rip easily

Under Armour Clean-Up VI Batting Gloves

Under Armour’s series of batting gloves is significant because these gloves are equipped with the special HeatGear material that the UA brand is known for. This HeatGear material keeps the hands free of sweat, drying at a rapid pace, is extremely stretchy. This batting glove is made mostly with soft goatskin leather that helps the batter hold a strong grip with the ability to move their hands and fingers however they’d like. The Under Armour Clean-Up glove also possesses solid ventilation; as it has finger perforations [simply air holes on the inner finger area] so that air can come and go. This feature is definitely a compliment to the HeatGear material and contributes to the goal of keeping the hands dry at most, if not all times.

HeatGear material keeps hands dry from sweat and other elements such as rain
Goatskin leather offers a tight and effective grip


Buyers claimed that the gloves run too small
Some buyers also claimed that one (or both) of their gloves ripped within a few weeks of use

Nike MVP Edge Batting Gloves

When it comes to batting gloves that are lightweight and deliver, the Nike MVP batting gloves may be on the top of that list. The black, sleek look of these batting gloves make them look thin, light, and blessed with the ability to hold a mean grip. After looking at the features of this glove, it’s evident that these looks aren’t deceiving.
The mesh located on the back of the hand contributes to the lightweight look that the Nike MVP batting gloves radiate. This mesh material is good for breathability and ventilation. The material is thin enough to be lightweight and offer the hand the chance to breathe, while also being strong enough to withstand strong, fast-paced impact. The glove is primarily made with goat leather in the palm area for a strong, durable grip. This glove also has a smooth feel to it thanks to the rolled seams, so comfort is without question. The wristband on these gloves is adjustable and sports the “MVP Edge” logo in its entirety.
The Nike MVP Edge batting gloves seem to be superior compared to other batting gloves out there. Any player at any level can use these gloves, but I can most definitely see experienced and elite players wearing these batting gloves.

Goat leather palm enhances grip
Mesh on the back of the hand increases breathability
Lightweight material makes it seem easier to swing the bat


There is no proven method that these gloves can absorb moisture better than other options

EvoShield Batting Gloves

Recently acquired by Wilson, EvoShield brand released these pro-style batting gloves that are bound to make a hit (pun intended.) These batting gloves look like they’re made with the same material as the Nike Edge gloves. The palm area is made with quality leather called “Pittard’s leather”; which provides a comfortable feel. The stretchy material on the back of the hand let’s you move your hand and fingers with complete freedom.
The unique feature of the EvoShield Batting gloves is the built in EvoShield gel that will harden and fit your hand for better protection. This feature isn’t offered in most pairs of batting gloves and could benefit you when wearing your gloves. No one likes to be wearing gloves that aren’t a good fit. Whether they are too tight, too large, or anything else in between, it could become a headache to play with poorly fitted batting gloves. The gel also protects your hand from any pitches that may hit your hand. That is why the EvoShield gel feature will provide you with a secure and accurate fit, for a better playing experience.

Special EvoShield gel provides an accurate fit
Power stretch fabric and Pittard’s leather forms a flexible, light glove
Comes in a few different color schemes; including the “digi-camo” design.


Some buyers report a quality issue
Users also state that the “protective shield” slips off
Not the best glove for someone who sweats often

Mizuno Men’s 2016 MVP Batting Gloves

Mizuno has a pair of batting gloves that will offer you top of the line grip and excellent comfort; so that every swing is performed with confidence. The Mizuno MVP batting gloves have a palm grip that is made with non-slip material, so you will always have a tight grip on your bat no matter what the weather is looking like. After looking at the gloves, you can see that the ripples on palm side of the gloves are made with superior quality and will unlikely give up on you.
The base of comfort in this glove starts at the wrist. The Mizuno batting gloves have a neoprene wristband that doesn’t suffocate your wrist; providing extra comfort. The wrist strap is customizable and can be adjusted to the tightness that is best for you. Overall, these gloves are a good option if you are looking for an affordable, comfortable, batting glove.

Neoprene wristband offer comfort
Nonslip material makes it easier to hold onto your bat


Poor Stitching which results in poor durability
Buyers claim the material could be better

Louisville Slugger Series 7 Batting Gloves

Louisville Slugger brings to you a fashionable and affordable pair of batting gloves that will help you hold on to your bat and hit as many baseballs as you can. This pair of batting gloves dons a professional pattern with “Louisville” printed across the wrist strap. The palm of the glove is made of sheepskin; which offers a durable grip for the person using it. This sheepskin material also provides a stretchy type of feel, so that you have flexibility when using these gloves.
At an affordable price, the Louisville Slugger Series 7 batting gloves are a good buy if you are looking for decent batting gloves on a budget. The material will help you with flexibility and these can be a really long-lasting pair of gloves if you treat them right.

Sheepskin material encourages flexibility and durability
Wrist strap offers easy adjustment


Some buyers report that the stitching is weak; rips easy
Better fitting gloves on the market

Rawlings Workhorse Batting Gloves

It wouldn’t feel right if Rawlings didn’t release a batting glove. These gloves are sold as a pair, and seem to be worth every penny. The Rawlings workhorse glove looks as though it supports the workhorse; with its durable material and look that emphasizes legitimate baseball. The best thing about the Rawlings batting gloves is the unique material they are made with. The workhorse gloves are made with the exclusive Rawlings “Dynamic Fit System” material; a name which can be found stitched on the knuckles of the glove. You can tell just by looking at the fingers of this glove that the material can stretch and offer complete flexibility so you won’t feel restrained when up to bat.
The Rawlings Workhorse batting gloves also come with the Rawlings exclusive “Dura Plus” material on the leather palm pad, which assists with grip on the bat for efficient swinging. The Workhorse gloves are essential for the experienced baseball player, but aren’t limited to an exclusive level of play. The Workhorse gloves come in six different color schemes, including the grey and neon green combination.

Dura Plus and Dynamic Fit System technology makes these gloves elite
Variety of color schemes


Could be expensive, depending on your budget

DeMarini Digi Camo Batting Glove

While the DeMarini brand isn’t necessarily known in the world of baseball, or sports equipment for that matter, these batting gloves have potential. The material itself doesn’t look superior compared to other gloves on the market, but the digi camo design and variety of colors do stand out compared to the competition.
The DeMarini batting gloves have smooth leather on the palms for comfort. While this sounds nice, it could create issues regarding grip. When it comes to batting gloves, you want something comfortable that has a grip, that way your bat doesn’t go flying into the stands, or your play starts to lack due to poor grip. The lined inside of this glove makes it very comfortable to wear, so while these gloves may not have the best grip, they do pass in comfort.
The wrist strap on these gloves is thin. You can use the strap to adjust the fit of your glove, but it doesn’t look like it will hold up long term. Overall, these batting gloves have a cool look and decent comfort features, but they lack in the efficiency department.

Digi Camo design is intimidating
Lining reduces chafing


Material looks cheap
Wrist strap is flimsy

Mizuno Techfire Batting Gloves

Unlike Mizuno’s MVP batting gloves, the Techfire line is prepared to protect you from anything coming your way; a wild pitch to be specific. At first glance, you notice right away that these gloves are ready for contact. The thick padding on the back of the glove will evidently protect your hand from any stray baseballs or foreign objects that you may come in contact with. The Techfire gloves almost look more like a football glove than a baseball glove!
The Mizuno Techfire gloves are also equipped with Enhanced Power Grip with substantially increases your grip and reduces the likelihood of slippage of your baseball bat. This is an important feature to have, especially on those hot and sweaty days, or even a game where it is drizzling outside. Having this type of grip material on your gloves provides you with a sense of security. The neoprene wristband on these gloves makes it that much more comfortable, and they also have a molded wrist tab for extra protection.
This pair of batting gloves is definitely a thumbs-up. They offer essentially everything you need when it comes to approaching home plate. The front side is said to have “sticky padding” while the backside is laced with padding throughout practically the entire hand.

Padding throughout the glove offers high-end protection.
Power Grip material guarantees a strong grip to your bat


One buyer said that his gloves ripped upon usage

Best Youth Batting Glove Reviews
Youth batting gloves are just as significant as adult gloves. When dealing with children and their sensitive skin, it is important to provide your youth player with a pair of batting gloves that will protect their skin and bones. That means: purchasing a pair of batting gloves with decent padding just in case their hand gets hit by a baseball, strong material to prevent the occurrences of cuts and/or blisters, and a wrist strap that will make them feel comfortable and secure. You will also want padding on the inside or front side of the glove to absorb impact from the baseball bat after getting a hit.
Here are the top five youth batting gloves currently on the market:

Easton Youth Icon Gloves

Easton’s youth Icon batting gloves will prepare any youngster for their time up at the plate. The youth level is meant to educate young players about the different aspects of the game, and to prepare them for more advanced levels, as they grow older. In order to help a youth player succeed as a hitter, you need them to protect their hands. So with a pair of batting gloves such as the Easton Youth Icon gloves, you can fulfill that goal, with a reasonable purchase price.
The Easton Icon batting gloves come with padding that is strategically placed in specific areas in order to reduce shock and vibration from getting a hit. In most leagues except the Majors, players will use aluminum baseball bats opposed to wood bats, so the likelihood of feeling strong, painful vibrations from your bat is high. The front side of the glove is made of leather and has a diamond pattern to offer an enhanced grip so that the youth player will be able to hold on tight to their bat without risking the chance of whaling it into the field; potentially hurting their opponents on the baseball diamond.
While some customers feel as though the quality of the glove could be a lot better (mostly the stitching), these gloves are a good starter set for any youth baseball player. These batting gloves are padded for vibration protection, they have an inside pattern that is designed to hold on to the bat at all times, and leather that helps decrease the chances of blisters.

VRS padding is strategically placed so that specific areas of the hands stay safe
Diamond pattern on front side of the gloves help with grip
High-quality leather helps prevent blisters


Customers said that the material is “cheap”
Customers also complained that the gloves run very small

Rawlings Youth Batting Gloves

These Rawlings batting gloves come in six different color combinations for the youth level and look as though they can hold up well for a young beginner player. These gloves have a Velcro adjustable wrist-strap, which is necessary because they will last longer as the child grows older, granted that the gloves are durable.
Rawlings tends to release products that are good quality for baseball. While that is typically true, some customers have claimed that the poor material has caused blisters on their childrens’ hands. This is exactly why players wear batting gloves, so if you are feeling skeptical prior to purchasing these gloves, you may want to choose from a number of other options.

Velcro wrist strap helps with adjustment
Several color choices to choose from


Customers have stated that these gloves cause their children to have blisters
Other customers reported that the gloves are too big

Under Armour Boy’s Batting Glove

The UA Clean Up boy’s batting gloves are the same product, except in a smaller size to accommodate youth players. This pair of gloves comes with the Under Armour exclusive material; HeatGear, so that you sweat or any other form of liquid can be dried quickly so you can continue to support your grip. The palm of the glove is made of goatskin, and that makes the glove extremely comfortable, while providing great durability. The palm of the glove is made with goatskin leather that will help you with applying a good grip. In addition, the air holes on the fingers will provide you with extra ventilation; helping your hands stay as dry as possible.

HeatGear material will help your hands stay dry
Goatskin leather will help you maintain a strong grip


Customers said they rip easily

Mizuno Boy’s Batting Gloves

Mizuno’s boy’s batting gloves provide the same advantages as their adult counterparts. These youth batting gloves will help you hold onto your bat with the nonslip palm grip that is applied to this product. This nonslip grip will also protect you from blisters, mostly due to the fact that it prevents your hands from directly causing friction against your bat. This is a quality you should look for in a kids’ glove because it won’t prevent them from playing well or keep them in pain.
Don’t be concerned if you are looking for flexibility and breathability. This pair of gloves has an AirMesh material that offers more than adequate ventilation.

Nonslip grip will help players hold their bats efficiently
AirMesh material brings you ventilation


Customers have claimed that the gloves run very big

Franklin Youth Insanity Batting Gloves

These Franklin batting gloves offer exactly what their title is: “insanity.” From the design to the quality, the Franklin Insanity youth batting gloves will offer you a unique style and experience that will help you succeed on the baseball diamond. The grip provided with these gloves is superior to its competitors. These gloves have a tacky palm print that helps you hold onto your bat for dear life. This quality will help with your hitting, since it gives you the sensation that you have control over your bat.
The “floating thumb technology” that the Franklin brand describes will bring a feeling of flexibility to your gloves. Now, you won’t feel like you are wearing stiff batting gloves that refuse to enhance your play at home plate. Not only is this brand of batting gloves flexible, but also it offers definite breathability using an advanced technical mesh that helps with ventilation. The unique design on the front side of the gloves and backside near the fingers will help you stand out on and off the baseball diamond, and would be an ideal purchase for any youth player.

Design is unique
Technical mesh provides breathability
Palm is sticky for an advanced grip


High price for youth gloves

The Verdict
Batting gloves are significant in baseball for a number of reasons. They help you avoid blisters. Let’s face it: blisters are annoying and painful. Most, if not all people with full capability of their body, use their hands every single day, so why go through a day where everything you touch is painful because you didn’t wear a good pair of batting gloves?
In addition, batting gloves help adult and youth players protect themselves from bat vibration and a stray baseball that could accidentally hit their knuckles/ hand. When purchasing a pair of batting gloves, you are going to want something that is made with good material. In other words, don’t buy something cheap, especially for your youth baseball player. Quality is everything when it comes to batting gloves. Players getting ready to leave the youth level may be able to cope with having short-term batting gloves, but if you are a young beginner or someone looking for super long-lasting gloves, focusing on quality is key.
While a teen or adult player may have the heart to fight through a hand blister while playing on a varsity baseball team, children are less tolerant of pain. Therefore, you want a pair of gloves that will protect their hands from bumps, bruises, blisters, and bat vibrations. When it comes to youth gloves, I believe the best brands to go with are as follows:
Franklin, Easton, or Rawlings. As far as adult gloves are concerned, I would recommend the Mizuno Techfire gloves, Nike MVP, or the Rawlings Workhorse gloves. These gloves offer you the best quality for the price!

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10 Best MMA Gloves For Beginners & Competitions

When buying yourself a pair of MMA gloves there are lots of factors to take under consideration. Fighting is a dangerous sport and you are going to want a good quality pair of gloves so that you can block punches properly and deal put some good blows. Narrowing down your options can be rather difficult especially if you don’t know much about gloves and what to look for. Below are some of the major factors you should be aware of when you are thinking about purchasing yourself some gloves.Top MMA Gloves Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. RDX Maya MMA Gloves $$Check Price on Amazon2. RDX MMA Grappling Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon3. Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7 $$$Check Price on Amazon4. Venum Challenger MMA Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon5. Anthem Athletics SPITFIRE MMA Gloves $$Check Price on Amazon6. Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves $$$$Check Price on Amazon7. Hayabusa Ikusa Charged 4 oz MMA Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon8. Cheerwing Boxing Gloves MMA $Check Price on Amazon9. Ringside Combat Sports Pro Style MMA Gloves $$$Check Price on Amazon10. Flexzion Half Finger Boxing Gloves – Grappling MMA $$Check Price on AmazonMMA Gloves Buying GuidePriceAlways one of the most important starting points to any purchase is to set yourself a budget and try to stick within it. It is important to consider factors such as how often you are going to be using the gloves, as well as how powerful your opponents are going to be before setting your final budget. If you are going to be competing in fights you are going to want to round up some more money in order to properly protect yourself. Quality is a good reference to the price of a pair of gloves generally speaking. In order to fully determine if you have yourself a good quality pair of gloves you are going to have to look at a larger breakdown of materials and brand name so that you can have a better idea of the durability and overall quality of the gloves, compared to other gloves in the marketplace.WarrantyThis is a very important factor especially if you are buying yourself a fairly expensive pair of gloves. You wouldn’t want to spend a bunch of money, think you have a nice pair only to find a tear on the interior a few days after purchasing only to realize the manufacturer doesn’t cover defects in their return policy. If you find that the manufacturer covers anything more than product defects, this can be a really good thing because it means they have confidence in their product and that it is going to perform up to expectations.FoamFoam is something you are heavily going to want to look at when you are purchasing a set of gloves because this is what is going to protect your from punches as well as help you to deal them out. Make sure you look and see what kind of thickness the foam is as well as if it is double or triple layered within the glove. Extra layers can help with things like shock absorption and can be very important in fighting regulations as well. Especially if you aren’t competing professionally, you may want to get some added foam to help protect your hands from damage.RegulationsGloves are one of the most highly regulated parts of fighting and it is important to make sure that the gloves you are purchasing meet any regulations that are in place unless you are just purchasing for recreational use. Generally speaking you will find there is regulations on things like the thickness of foam, the weight of the gloves and the exterior material. You will even find that some competitions only allow for certain straps, and maybe even only certain gloves in order to keep the competition even for both fighters. Even if you are just fighting your friend’s for fun, it is not a bad idea to have a look at professional regulations to see what kind of safety equipment they use so that you don’t end up hurting each other.Interior LiningThe interior lining of a glove is quite important. Without good interior lining you are not only going to be uncomfortable during your fight, but you may even end up with painful blisters and rashes thanks to your uncomfortable gloves. Another thing you should consider is how heavy the material is, depending on what the material is made up of it can cause you to sweat a substantial amount more than something that is a lighter material.FingersAlmost all MMA gloves have open fingers at the ends of the gloves. This allows for air flow and more comfortability during your match because more sweat can escape and your gloves won’t be sliding around on your hands. Not only does this allow better protection for your fingers, but it also allows you more control for your punches and a lot less slippage from perspiration compared to if your hands were forced to be inside of the gloves.StrapMany MMA gloves have a wrist strap on the lower part of the glove in the wrist area. This is so that the gloves stay on nice and tight during your fight and so that they can fit people with a variety of wrist sizes and builds. If you are buying your gloves online without trying them on, it is especially a good idea to get something with a good quality thick strap so that you can be sure that the gloves are going to fit you once they arrive on your doorstep. Most gloves will have a Velcro strap because a buckle strap could cause damage to your opponent.Knuckle PaddingDifferent gloves come with a variety of different styles of padding that cover your knuckles. Some gloves have an individual layer of padding that go over each of your fingers. These types of gloves usually have a bit of space between each finger which allows you to have a bit of flexibility in your fingers and can be more comfortable for some people. Other gloves have one thick foam pad covering their knuckles and often don’t allow for quite as much finger flexibility.BrandThis could be an important factor for many fighters especially if you have been around in the fighting world for a while and have developed your own taste for your favorite brands. The most important thing you can do is at least have a look at a few different brands before making your decision. Who knows, maybe you will find yourself a new favorite brand or maybe something that is super high quality just like your brand but for a much lower budget. It is important to keep your mind open to new things otherwise you might miss out on something great. If you have no idea as to what brand is good, find some gloves that you like and google the company name so you can see how old they are, the kinds of things they make and this will give you a much better idea how renowned they are in the MMA fighting world and whether they may be worth buying from.Best MMA Gloves Reviews RDX Maya MMA Gloves These gloves are of very high quality and in the average price range. They come in a variety of colors including blue, black, red and pink. These gloves are made out of a synthetic hide which helps to make them quite durable. These gloves have padding over each individual finger along with space in-between to allow for more flexibility. One nice thing about these gloves is that they are available in small, medium, large and extra-large so that they are capable of fitting the majority of people. These gloves have a large Velcro strap so that you can keep these gloves secure and comfortable during your entire fight. Holes in the palms allow moisture to escape so that your hand can remain cool, have less moisture and provide better overall grip.Pros: Available in multiple colors and sizes to fit a very broad audienceWide adjustable strapHoles in the gloves allow for moisture to escape for more comfortCons:Padding is thick  RDX MMA Grappling Gloves These gloves are about middle of the pack for price and come in genuine leather. These gloves are available in red, black as well as blue to suit a wide variety of people. The gloves come in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large and therefore can fit the majority of people. Each individual finger on these gloves are padded with their own padding to help provide maximum shock absorption no matter what part of your hand lands first during your punch. A large Velcro strap allows for easy access to get in and out of your gloves and provides a snug, comfortable fit. The inner lining of these gloves was manufactured to help remove moisture and the mesh on the palm side of the gloves improves airflow and overall comfort.Pros:Comes in multiple colors and sizesMesh on the palms improves airflow and comfortLarge Velcro strap for adjustment and to keep your hands secureCons:May have issues figuring out which size to order  Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7 These gloves offer some great protection at an affordable price tag. Although these gloves only come in black, they are nice looking gloves that come in two sizes. The gloves come in Small/ medium and large/ extra-large so they are capable of fitting a pretty broad audience. Instead of having sectioned off padding for each individual finger, these gloves have one large piece of padding that covers all of your fingers at once. A wide Velcro wrist strap helps provide a comfortable fit and good adjustability. The interior lining is built to be odour resistant as well. A pretty standard glove that offers some good quality thumb protection and made by a well-known brand.Pros:Large wrist strap provides good adjustment and comfortOdor resistant inner liningIncreased thumb paddingQuality brandCons:Open fingertips, but no mesh or anything in the palms for air flowSome fighters may not like the bulky foam that covers all of their fingers with one piece.  Venum Challenger MMA Gloves These gloves offer about a medium price tag compared to others on the market and offer layered foam for better protection. The gloves are available in black, black and white, neo yellow as well as orange. The gloves are also available in three sizes including small, medium, and a large/ extra-large size. The gloves are actually made out of PU leather which helps to add an extra level of durability that you won’t find with every glove in this price range. A large Velcro strap incorporated into the glove allows for a good amount of adjustment and adds some style as well.Pros:Pu leather helps add durabilityA velcro strap adds more adjustment optionsMultiple colors and sizes appeal to a broad crowd of peopleLayered foam for better protectionCons:No holes in the palm for air flow to help with sweat issuesNot made of real genuine leather  Anthem Athletics SPITFIRE MMA Gloves These gloves have a very good price tag especially due to the fact that they are made up of genuine leather. One other nice perk to these gloves is that they feature triple dense foam for some great impact absorbance. These gloves also contain an open palm which helps to relieve sweat and improve grip. One thing that some people complain about is that these gloves do nothing to protect your thumb and it is left out fully exposed which is something you should be aware of. Overall though this glove offers great finger protection and a bit of flexibility thanks to having foam covering each individual separately.Pros:Genuine leather exterior adds durability and looks goodOpen palm reduces sweat build upTriple dense foam helps with impact absorptionVelcro strap offers some adjustmentCons:Only available in extra-largeDoes not cover your thumb with any protectionSome users may not like having an open palm  Venum Undisputed2.0 MMA Gloves These gloves are definitely a bit of a higher price than some of the other gloves on the market. These gloves come in a ton of different colors including: black, matte black, white, Neo orange, Neo pink, and Neo yellow. These gloves come in a total of three different sizes that include small, medium as well as large/ extra-large. The gloves themselves have a stylish design featuring the venom logo and Venum spelled across the gloves. These gloves feature a layered foam design that covers each and every finger individually as well as your thumb. Made from Nappa leather these gloves are built to last with great wrist support and a Velcro strap that offers a multitude of adjustment options that can fit most wrists.Pros:Stylish design in a multitude of colors and sizesLayered foam offers good impact absorbanceNappa leather brings durability to these glovesThumb is protectedCons:Not very much air flow gets to your palmHigher price tag than many other models available  Hayabusa Ikusa Charged 4 oz MMA Gloves These gloves are in an average to high price range. Available in one black/ grey color you don’t get many options besides choosing between the four sizes available. One nice thing about these gloves is that they are the average 4 oz regulation weight for martial arts. These gloves come with an adjustable Velcro strap and are made out of engineered leather to help bring the gloves some durability. These gloves have padding over each individual finger which offers you good flexibility and comfort. You will notice no thumb protection on these gloves, but there is lots of thick foam and as long as you tuck your thumb in you shouldn’t run into problems.Pros:Average to high price rangeEngineered leather for good durabilityFour size optionsWide Velcro strap for a snug fitCons:No thumb protection makes you have to tuck your thumb inSome users may not like the open palm  Cheerwing Boxing Gloves MMA These gloves come at an extraordinarily low price tag and are still made out of PU leather to help bring some durability to the design. These gloves come in black, blue, red as well as white and have a wide wrist strap to offer an adjustable, secure fit. These gloves have thumb protection and have foam covering each finger in order to allow for some flexibility and the most comfort possible. A mesh palm helps to reduce sweat and allows you to have the most amount of grip possible when you are throwing your punches. It will be rather difficult to find a pair of gloves at this low price range that offers this nice of quality.Pros:Available in four different colors to appeal to a wide audienceThumb protection keeps you from worrying about having to tuck your thumb inCons:May not be regulation weightSome users may prefer an open palm over mesh for more comfort  Ringside Combat Sports Pro Style MMA Gloves This glove has a very low price range and yet offers so much. There are a total of 6 different sizes and a total of eight different colors available. With so much customization at an affordable price tag this glove definitely competes with its other low price competitors. This glove offers foam protection over each finger but leaves open an exposed thumb. The glove weighs a total of five ounces which match regulations for some MMA fights depending on where you are. An open palm helps to improve overall grip and assists with reducing sweat within the glove as well. A synthetic leather construction is difficult to come by at this low price and helps to bring longevity to these gloves no matter how much you fight.Pros:Very low price tagExtreme customization options for size and color tasteRegulation weight in some areasSynthetic leather adds durabilityOpen palm for reduced sweatCons:Exposed thumb means you will have to tuck in when punchingSome users may not appreciate an open palm  Flexzion Half Finger Boxing Gloves – Grappling MMA These gloves also have an extraordinarily low price tag and come in a total of four colors including black, red, blue as well as white. PU leather construction helps to make these gloves durable and helps to outclass some of its other low priced competitors on the market. These gloves offer a large wrist strap so that you can adjust to fit your own particular wrist size. The foam on these gloves wraps around each one of your fingers to offer a nice level of comfort and flexibility. Unfortunately these gloves do not have any kind of thumb protection and you will be forced to tuck in your thumb when you punch. These gloves do have a very open palm top help release moisture and improve your overall grip when you are in a tight match.Pros:Extremely low price tagAvailable in four colors to suit a variety of personalitiesMade from PU leather which brings durability to these glovesWrist strap provides adjustment optionsOpen palm for moisture to escapeCons:Some users may not like the open palmWill have to tuck your thumb in during a punch due to no thumb protection  Shattering A Myth? Buying yourself a set of MMA gloves is not easy. There are so many factors to consider and so many options available on the market that it can be quite difficult to narrow down your options. Generally speaking it is a good idea to find out the kind of features you like, look for some gloves with those features and then set yourself a budget and compare the gloves that you like the best. If you are competing professionally make sure that you do your research so that you aren’t breaking any kind of regulations. It is generally important to check what types of material they allow in the gloves as well as what weight limit they have set in place. Hope that this list helped you to get a better idea of the kinds of features that you want your gloves to have, or better yet, helped you find some gloves that you like to prevent injuries and improve performance. Best of luck with your fights.   The post 10 Best MMA Gloves For Beginners & Competitions appeared first on Sport Consumer.

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10 Best Adult & Youth Softball Gloves 2019

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt unprepared? Whether it was at work, school, athletics, or even a random art class, it’s likely that you felt absolutely useless. That feeling could arise again for softball players if they do not pick the best glove for them. If you don’t come to the softball diamond prepared with the proper glove, you won’t be able to contribute to your team and become useless in concept. The best softball gloves will have a mix of comfort, quality, and high levels of protection.Top Softball Glove Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Easton Natural Elite Softball Glove $Check Price on Amazon2. Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Softball Glove $Check Price on Amazon3. Louisville Slugger Diva Softball Glove $$Check Price on Amazon4. Easton Synergy Elite Fastpitch Glove (Women’s) $$$$Check Price on Amazon5. Wilson A500 Siren Series Softball Glove $$$Check Price on Amazon6. Easton Salvo Softball Glove $$$Check Price on Amazon7. Louisville Slugger Dynasty Softball Glove $$Check Price on Amazon8. Worth Women’s Storm Softball Glove $$Check Price on Amazon9. Rawlings Basket Web Softball Glove $$Check Price on Amazon10. Mizuno Pinch Prospect Softball Glove $$$Check Price on AmazonSoftball Glove Buying GuideLooking for a softball glove is very similar to looking for a baseball glove. First off, you need to make sure the glove you are looking at is tailored for your position. This process is pretty straightforward. If you play mostly infield, then you are better off purchasing an infielder’s softball glove. Same thing with the outfield; you play mostly outfield? Go get an outfielder’s glove. Next is the quality of the glove. If you’re looking for the best softball gloves, you are going to need something durable, which means the glove is made with great quality. By choosing a glove made with great quality, you will be assuring yourself that you will have your glove for a long period of time.Something that is a little more obvious between the two sports is ball size. A softball is clearly much larger than a baseball, therefore the glove you are looking for will need to have the ability to open wide enough to catch the large softball. If the pocket is well made and the glove is durable, you should little to no difficulty when opening your glove, even if it takes a short period of time to break it in. Padding is also another benefit to a great softball glove, specifically palm padding. Having soft, well-aligned padding in front of the palm makes the difference between a good softball glove and a superior softball glove. Palm padding is important to the softball player because it protects the hand from shock that occurs when the player catches a softball coming at a high velocity. The padding will be able to absorb the shock so that the player isn’t uncomfortable during their game, so it goes without saying that your glove preference should be the one with the best palm padding.Best Softball Glove ReviewsEaston Natural Elite Softball Glove This Easton softball glove has a more natural look and feel to it, along with patented technology that helps the user play to their best ability. The Natural Elite glove is durable, comfortable, and stable for softball players at any level. The Natural Elite glove has a fit unlike any other. Easton has a patent-pending fit system that mixes comfort with flexibility. The adjustable wrist strap can also enhance your fit. Players can adjust their strap to a fit of their liking, so that the glove can be as secure as possible during gameplay. The Natural Elite glove has a double deep pocket that is fully capable of taking on the size and speed of a softball. The pocket contains an enlarged leather pattern with an extra segment between the middle and index fingers so that the player can open and close their glove with ease.Tired of your glove feeling slimy because you’ve been sweating during a hot summer game? The Easton brand has you covered with the Bio-Dri technology. This fabric is lined within the back of the hand strap and wicks any form of perspiration that occurs on the inside of the glove. So no matter how hot it is, or how much you are sweating during a game, the Bio-Dri technology from Easton will assure you that your hand will be dry at all times.Easton’s Natural Elite glove also proves to be durable based off of the materials it is made out of. This glove is primarily made with USA Steer Hide, which happens to be one of the strongest leather materials in the world. It would take years upon years to truly break down this type of leather, so you know as a potential buyer that this glove will last you long term. The Oasis cowhide lining is also very durable and enhances the player’s comfort experience.Pros:Glove is very durable; made with USA Steer Hide LeatherBio-Dri feature absorbs moisture so your hand will be dry at all timesPatented Fit System offers a unique fitPocket is deepCons:Slow to break inExpensiveFranklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Softball Glove Franklin’s Fastpitch Pro series has the features necessary for a great softball glove. It is designed with a technical mesh that enhances durability and stability in the glove. The mesh comes soft, so you won’t need to worry about breaking in your glove upon purchase. The soft mesh makes it fairly easy to open and close your softball glove, so you will be ready when the time comes for you to catch that line drive. The adjustable strap located slightly above the player’s wrist will help them find a comfortable fit. They won’t have to worry about their hand being suffocated because the fit is fully in their control. The wrist strap stabilizes the hand pretty well so that you can have full control of your softball glove while on the softball field.Pros:Lightweight mesh enhances durabilityAdjustable wrist strap stabilizes the hand for a better fitDeep webbing is very durablePalm padding shields the inside of the hand from the impact of the softballCons:Could be used by all experience levels, but recommended for beginnersOnly two color options availableLouisville Slugger Diva Softball Glove The Diva glove from Louisville Slugger is an infielder’s softball glove designed for the female athlete. This glove is considered an infielder glove because of its size. The Diva glove has shorter finger linings that are curved so that you can easily scoop up ground balls and catch incoming line drives. Since the material used in the Louisville Slugger Diva glove is soft pig leather, it won’t take much effort to break it in. You could pretty much take this glove off of the shelf and go directly to a practice or game use it effectively. There is also an opening for the index finger to expose itself. This feature will help players with their grip and ultimately provide a better experience.This glove is labeled by users as a “beginner’s glove” and would be great for any rookie softball player who is trying to get used to the feel of a softball glove and how to use it properly. Technically, the Diva softball glove is sized at a youth level. Does this mean adults can’t use it? It really depends on your hand size. If you have a naturally small hand, the odds of efficiently using this glove are a lot higher compared to a bigger hand.Pros:Made with soft leatherComes with one year manufacturer’s warrantyInexpensiveCons:Not as durable as other glovesExclusively for infieldersSpecifically for youth levelEaston Synergy Elite Fastpitch Glove Specifically designed for women’s play in the infield, the 12″ Easton Synergy glove offers prime padding and excellent quality material for a durable experience.The Easton Synergy glove is extremely convenient, comfortable and secure, mostly because of the lockdown wrist strap. This strap can be used to properly adjust the fit of the glove to whatever tightness comforts them most. With this lockdown strap, the infielder won’t have to worry about being hindered by a loose glove; potentially costing his or her team the ball game.This glove is made of steer hide leather that offers exceptional durability but Easton touts this glove as also being soft!Pros: The steer hide leather is very durableLockdown wrist strap can adjust to the user’s wrist/hand sizeFinger lining is comfortableSpecifically made for women!Cons:Specifically made for women!Runs smallPricey!!Wilson A500 Siren Series Softball Glove The Siren Series softball glove from Wilson is arguably the most versatile glove on the list of best softball gloves.This softball glove is made to support all positions with its 11.5″ corset web design.  Whether you’re an infielder, an outfielder, or both, the Wilson A500 Siren Series glove will give you what you need in quality and support. The top grain leather shell that this glove has will keep it feeling very light, yet sturdy…that way, you can move around and make plays on the field without the vexing worry of damaging your glove.  Plus, Wilson swears by its policy of “no break-in time necessary”.  That’s a pretty good deal!The deep pocket of this glove is very durable. The dual welting and double palm construction within the lightweight pocket ensures you that you can take on even the hardest or fastest softballs coming your way. The Siren Series glove easily secures the glove to the player’s hand for a perfect fit. The two-piece closure right above the back of the wrist will help you secure the glove to your liking; so that you can go out there and play without being bothered by a poor fitting glove. The Siren Series comes in both right-hand thrower and left-hand thrower styles, so you can choose which one is best for you upon purchase. The option of which hand you can throw with opens the market for this glove because it isn’t limited to one type of thrower.Pros:High-quality leather keeps the glove light and durableThe pocket is wide and easy to open/closeAn adjustable wrist strap secures the glove to your handCons:No color optionsEaston Salvo Softball Glove One of the more expensive gloves in softball, Easton provides the customer with excellent quality and close to perfect sizing for a positive experience out on the softball field. The pocket is wider and deeper than your average glove, and it has a “double deep palm design” that is friendlier to the large size of a softball rather than a baseball. The Salvo softball glove is also made with strong materials that make it very durable, while also having mesh applied throughout the glove for more flexibility and a lightweight feel. A majority of the durability in this glove comes from the cowhide that is used for the Salvo softball glove.The Easton Salvo glove has an opening right under where the index finger is located, and instead of having the index finger exposed through the opening, there is a leather patch over the finger so that the player can have a good, comfortable grip without having their finger exposed.Pros:Mesh material promotes flexibility and lightweight feelPalm padding keeps hand comfortable with a wide gripCons:Slightly above average in priceLacks color varietyLouisville Slugger Dynasty Softball Glove Louisville Slugger’s fourteen-inch softball glove comes with dependable features that could help any softball player excel on the field. The black glove is laced with a tan cowhide in the web and palm for extra durability. The web of this glove is very wide so it could easily catch the large softball. This glove is primarily used by outfielders, hence the long, fourteen-inch fingers. By having such long reach, this glove will be able to catch line drives on the run, as well as fly balls. For a large, good quality glove, the price listed is very good. Similar to Rawlings, the Louisville Slugger brand has been a large contributor to baseball and softball over the years, so you know that you are going to gain a positive experience once you purchase the softball glove.Pros:Large glove with a durable webbingEasy to break inVery fair priceCons:Quality has been considered “poor”Opening near the wrist is too bigWorth Women’s Storm Softball Glove Worth’s softball glove is about average on this list. The Worth brand offers a glove with plenty of control, primarily due to the narrow hand-spread. While this hand-spread is something that stands out about this glove, it may not be of good use if it is too narrow, because you might not be able to handle a large softball at a high speed. Other than this downside, the glove is expected to open and close with ease, so that you will be prepared to protect yourself and make a play when it is demanded of you. The user will be in total control using the Storm softball glove.One good thing about the Worth Storm softball glove is its’ hand protection. It comes with a sting reduction material in the palm so that your hand doesn’t hurt due to the impact of an incoming softball. This is important as your performance could be affected tremendously after catching a hardball coming your way. In this case, using a glove with subpar padding, you’re likely to be hesitant to grab the next ball in your area due to the fear of pain from impact. The best softball gloves will have good quality palm padding to enhance the experience of the player.Finally, the Worth Women’s Storm glove has a custom Velcro strap that creates a secure fit regardless of your hand size. You can use the strap to make your glove as loose or as tight and you would like; giving you more options regarding the fit of your softball glove. This glove is also very durable, as it is made of a full-grain leather shell that is easy to break in and use frequently.Pros:DurablePalm pads reduce sting from catching softballsNarrow hand-spread enhances controlCons:Runs SmallStitching isn’t good quality  Rawlings Basket Web Softball Glove Rawlings has quite the “basket” with a glove that has a large basket web which is designed specifically to catch the softball effectively. The pocket inside the glove has a wide opening and very deep, so that you could catch the biggest and highest softballs. The glove also offers premium hand protection as it is cushioned in the palm and contains finger back linings for even more shielding. For wrist security, there is an adjustable strap with the “Rawlings” logo across it, and an opening above it for proper ventilation.While this glove passes the tests for fit, protection, and quality, there are occasional complaints that this glove runs too small for a handful of buyers. It is important to try the glove on before buying [if you can] and if you can’t, then make sure there is an opportunity to exchange or return the item if it doesn’t meet your standards. The best thing about this glove outside of physical features is the reasonable price. The Rawlings brand has been around baseball and softball for a long time now, so if you can get a glove from Rawlings with good quality and a low price, you should jump on the opportunity.Pros:Basket web is large enough to handle incoming softballsPlenty of ventilation through the small hole above the wrist strapCons:Runs very smallAbsolutely needs to be broken inMizuno Pinch Prospect Softball Glove The Mizuno Prospect softball glove should be the standard for the right glove. This glove comes in styles for both left-handed players and right-handed players, so basically it does not discriminate. The most interesting feature of the Pinch Prospect softball glove is the PowerClose technology, which has been patented by the Mizuno brand. The PowerClose is a specific technology built within the glove that enhances flexibility and open/close control. The PowerClose material is designed in a way where the player has more flexibility within their glove, and can control the softball glove without any difficulty. By having a softball glove with the PowerClose feature, you could be confident in your ability to catch a softball that is approaching you in a rapid pace.In addition to the patented PowerClose, the Mizuno Prospect softball glove has a “power lock” adjustable wrist strap which helps with a secure fit and stability. With this ability, you can decide how loose or tight you want your glove to be. By being presented with options, the player has a better chance of playing to their best ability because they chose their comfort level. Besides the “power lock” wrist strap, there is an opening placed where the index finger is for a better grip and additional comfort.Pros:PowerClose feature enhances player experienceAdjustable wrist strap offers a comfortable fitCons:Runs small; listing doesn’t explain that glove is used primarily for youth levelThe material isn’t strong enough for adultsTips on How to Buy Gloves Conclusion & RecommendationsThroughout all these reviews it’s important to understand the difference between slowpitch and fastpitch gloves and to purchase the right one for your situation.The Easton Natural softball glove comes in first on the list for the best softball glove in a close competition within the top three. The Easton Natural softball glove comes out on top because of its extraordinary durability and Bio-Dri technology, which sets it above other gloves.  The brand is also well known for making bats and other softball equipment in the slowpitch and fastpitch softball market. This glove is the best investment for the softball player looking for a new glove because it will last longer and will be comfortable well throughout gameplay. Other gloves have appealing features that put them in the conversation, such as the Franklin Fastpitch glove and the Louisville Slugger Diva glove, but nothing beats the Easton Natural softball glove.Overall, the Easton Natural softball glove is the best option for all softball players. Whether you are in a fastpitch after-work league or a contributing player on a varsity roster, this glove you provide you with the best possible softball experience.The post 10 Best Adult & Youth Softball Gloves 2019 appeared first on Sport Consumer.