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The 10 Best Ping Pong Paddles 2020 : Options for Beginners, Speed, & Control

Ping-pong can be a fast-paced, exciting game that doesn’t necessarily require much practice in order to participate. After getting a table, the next step is to find the right Ping-Pong paddle for you. From a distance, it may look as though anyone could use any paddle, but that is simply not the case. What most Ping-Pong rookies don’t realize is that there is much more of a science to a Ping-Pong paddle and how you use one. How much money you’re trying to spend, if you frequently play, and the type of handle you are looking for are only a few options you must consider before making that final purchase.
Top Ping Pong Paddle Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?

1. Killerspin JET600 Paddle
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

2. Slyspin Rapture Ping-Pong Paddle
$Check Price on Amazon

3. DHS Hurricane II Ping Pong Paddle
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

4. Stiga Supreme
$$Check Price on Amazon

5. Gambler Professional Table Tennis Paddle
$$Check Price on Amazon

6. Stiga Titan Table Tennis Paddle
$$Check Price on Amazon

7. Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Paddle
$Check Price on Amazon

8. MAPOL Table Tennis Paddle
$Check Price on Amazon

9. Franklin Sports Performance Paddle
$Check Price on Amazon

10. Duplex 4 Star Ping Pong Paddle
$$Check Price on Amazon

The Three Parts of a Ping-Pong Paddle
There are three sections of the average Ping-Pong paddle: sponge, rubber, and the blade/handle.
The blade is essentially the skeleton of the Ping-Pong paddle. A paddle’s blade is the wood that shapes the handle and extends into the rest of the flat surface used for hitting the Ping-Pong ball. There are two different types of blades that are commonly used by serious Ping-Pong players, and they are distinguished by the way a player holds the paddle. One is the Penhold style, which has been historically known to be used by Asian players. Those who utilize the Penhold grip style hold the handle between their thumb and their index finger. Other players use the Western-style blade, which is when the player holds the blade handle with the palm of their hand.
An extension of the blade, the handle is made in different forms. The type of handle you choose ultimately comes down to how comfortable you are with the particular form and your playing style. The most commonly used handles are the rounded flare handle, the flat handle and the rounded handle that is straighter than the former. The handle is very important, especially for the western-style players, because they rely on that part of the paddle for their grip and stability. Having a paddle with a solid grip will benefit the player tremendously.
Rubber is placed on each side of the blade to maintain ball control and traction. One side of the paddle is red while the other side is black. This is for one player to distinguish what type of spin the other player is using. The rubber typically has different textures that are used for either defensive or offensive play. Whatever paddle you decide to use, you are going to want something with a durable rubber applied to it. This will assure you that your paddle will be able to absorb and deliver impact from and towards the Ping-Pong ball.
There are different styles of rubber, such as the Pimple Style rubbers. These include the most popular: inverted pimples or “pimples in.” Pimples in is known best for players looking to improve their control compared to pimpled rubber, which better suits experienced players searching for a particular playing style.
The sponge is meant to add a layer of padding between the blade and the rubber. The thickness of the sponge can affect the speed, spin, and control of the Ping-Pong ball. The thicker the sponge, the faster the ball will go once you hit it. You must also consider that the faster the ball goes, the less likely you are to have full control of it. In this case, the thickness of the sponge on your own paddles will be based on your playing style preference. The thicker the sponge, the more likely you are to have a paddle that works best for offensive gameplay.
Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews
10.   Duplex 4 Star Ping Pong Paddle
The Duplex brand introduces a lightweight paddle that offers a strong blade, high-quality rubber, and a good price. The 4 Star Ping-Pong paddle has a unique weight balanced design that enhances the player’s precision and recovery time. The handle looks like it’s made of a durable wood, which is a good sign for the player who likes to grip the handle.
The blade is made of 7-ply wood and weighs 6.3 ounces.  This ensures a sturdy paddle that does not weigh too much.  Duplex is SO SURE you’ll love it that they offer a 100% replacement or money-back guarantee – no questions!
This paddle is equipped with a durable rubber that is considered to be high performance. The rubber will be able to keep up with a rigorous game schedule and ultimately have a longer lifespan compared to the average paddle. Duplex provides its customers peace of mind with a money-back guarantee. If the buyer isn’t satisfied with the quality or performance if this product for whatever reason, they have the opportunity to either exchange it for a new paddle set or a refund. This factor will keep the buyer from thinking twice prior to their Duplex purchase.
The downfall to the Duplex paddle is that the feedback regarding durability isn’t as they had initially advertised. With a 3.7 out of 5.0-star rating, some buyers are ecstatic about the quality of the 4 Star paddle while others have reported that their paddles wore down rather quickly. This “risk” is something to consider when weighing your options. Your paddle is going to wear down regardless of what brand, but it all comes down to how fast, and based on reviews it looks like the Duplex paddle has an average lifespan at best.

Made of durable rubber
Duplex offers money-back guarantee
Weight is evenly distributed for an efficient experience
Good for players at any level


Not as durable as advertised
Takes a while to get used to


9.   Franklin Sports Performance Paddle
Franklin was able to take its exclusive technology and apply it to the Ping-Pong niche for players of the most competitive levels. Their Ping-Pong paddle can provide a fast spin while keeping the player comfortable throughout their series. The blade and handle sports the Franklin logo laminated vertically and is made with thick 5-ply wood material for a tight grip. One of the eye-opening features of this paddle is the very inexpensive price. For the price listed, you will get a paddle made with high-quality material that is meant to help you excel at your game. The 1.5-millimeter sponge underneath the rubber is average and slightly takes away from the spin of the paddle. The rubber is essentially used to absorb the impact from the ball and distribute that energy towards speed, but with a lack of padding it might be best for a hard-hitter looking to power the ball past their opponent.
There were a handful of users who complained about the rubber on their paddles. Some users said that the rubber on their paddle didn’t have enough padding to gain a competitive spin. It was also reported that the paddle isn’t as durable as other paddles in the Ping-Pong market. “You get what you pay for” best describes the Franklin Ping-Pong paddle. One thing that takes away from the true game of Ping-Pong is the colors. Naturally, one side of the paddle is red and the other side is black. This paddle has one red side, and one grey side. This might not be such a large difference, but it could become vexing to the experienced Ping-Pong player.

Durable blade
Lightweight feel
Low price


The rubber material tends to wear off
Not enough padding on the blade to accurately hit the ball


8.   MAPOL Table Tennis Paddle
This paddle encourages control, comfort, and strength. MAPOL’s Table Tennis paddle feels heavier than usual due to the 7-ply wood used in the blade and the two-millimeter sponge. This surplus of surface area can increase the likelihood of hitting the ball and creating an effective spin. How well you perform with this increased weight depends on your preference. Some people play better with light paddles whereas others enjoy the heavier sets. The two carrying cases that come with these paddles separate the product from others. This add-on will be very useful for players who are frequently on the move and looking to protect their items. This MAPOL paddle clearly has one of the better values within this list. This particular set comes in a two-pack, and based off of the price listed, it is a cheap price per paddle.

Handles are comfortable
Blade is strong
Sponge has two millimeters of padding


Heavier than the average paddle
Quality is average at best


7.   Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Paddle
Butterfly’s Table Tennis paddles can offer a high spin with the heavily tacky Yuki rubber and 2.1-millimeter sponge applied on both sides of the item. The tacky rubber enhances the contact between the Ping-Pong ball and the paddle, while the sponge layer provides a springboard-like experience for the player. The blade is a 2-ply wood and the handle extension is much thicker; with enough surface area to grip tight onto. The Butterfly 401 has a high price compared to other paddles, which has potential to deter potential buyers on a budget. The signature material used in this product demands a higher price, although some buyers question its quality. One good thing is that the set comes with paddle covers, so essentially the extra money you are investing is going towards the carrying protection.

Yuki rubber delivers a high spin
Sponge is absorbent
Handle is thick enough for a tight grip


High price
Performs too slow for offensive players
Users believe paddle is made with cheap quality material


6.   Stiga Titan Table Tennis Paddle
Ping-Pong players that thrive from speed will surely appreciate this paddle set from the Stiga brand. The Stiga Titan table tennis paddle has a variety of unique features, including the 5-ply blade. The Crystal Technology used in this paddle makes the blade harder, which increases its speed. In addition to this technology, Stiga also equips this paddle with their lightweight Balsa technology. Balsa is a super lightweight wood center-ply that increases speed and helps with reaction time.
Another beneficial feature of the Stiga Titan is the WRB; a combination of weight balance, rate of recovery, and ball sensitivity. The blade’s balance shifts to wherever the player makes contact with the ball. This increases the power and energy that the paddle contributes to the ball; consequently taking the ball a lot further than average. The lack of weight in the blade assists the rate of recovery after each hit of the ball. You will be able to freely swing your paddle without the hassle of feeling weighed down. The last part is ball sensitivity. There is recess strategically positioned within the Italian composite handle for extra sensitivity, a plus for the average Ping-Pong player.

Crystal Technology increases speed
Highly accurate
Superior weight balance


Average quality sponge
Subpar quality


5.   Gambler Professional Table Tennis Paddle
Take a gamble with this high-quality paddle. The blade is constructed with a 5 ply Limba and two layers of carbon. The excess of carbon enhances the stabilization and speed of the paddle, in addition to providing a sweet spot that will send a Ping-Pong ball flying in the direction the offensive player sent it! The Gambler brand has a long-term vision. They want their consumers to continue using their product even after it reaches it peak. Gambler has the rubber professionally glued onto the blade for sturdiness and expects them to be replaced when the time comes. Surprisingly enough, replacement rubber surfaces are currently available for purchase. You will be able to use the Gambler paddle to it’s full potential without the worry of wearing it down to the point of no return. This paddle has Aces rubber, which is a sticky material that will create a lot of traction between the paddle and the ball. This price of this paddle is set at an average price; but based off of the paddle quality you receive in addition to the blue dragon “Competitor” by Gambler paddle cover, you will be getting a good deal in this product.

Glued by professionals for increased durability
Soft carbon enhances speed


Subpar durability
Short handle decreases the comfortability of the paddle


4.   Stiga Supreme
Another high-performance paddle from Stiga, the Supreme edition features the signature Stiga ACS that enhances the speed and control. ACS is a bunch of different air-capsules inside a special rubber that stretch very well; increasing speed and control. The Stiga Supreme paddle is made with superior Stiga technology in its entirety. Starting with the handle, Stiga applied their “Tube” technology. The blade consists of “microchannels” that sit on top of each other and filled with different materials depending on the type of paddle. The price of the Stiga Supreme is considered high in comparison to other paddles. If you are a consistent and serious Ping-Pong player, this paddle can give you the advantage every competitor desires.

Stiga technology provides a unique experience
Creates a solid spin upon contact


Material doesn’t hold up very long
Slightly expensive price


3.   DHS Hurricane II Ping Pong Paddle
Easily the most expensive paddle on the list, the DHS Hurricane II is expected to have the essentials of a Ping-Pong paddle, and then some. Well, some people might be wondering: “why is it so expensive?” Upon purchasing the DHS Hurricane II, the buyer will receive one paddle, two Ping-Pong balls, and a zip-up carrying case. While this bundle provides more than other paddles, it is up for debate if these items are valued at the price listed. Both the red and black side of the paddle has rubber that is pimples in, so it will be better with control and speed. The Hurricane II has a long Chinese Shakehand handle, a feature that could improve the stability and comfort of using this paddle. Despite the perks that come with the DHS Hurricane II, this paddle is quite overpriced. One possible reason of the high price is that this paddle is recommended for top Ping-Pong players. Unless you are at a high playing level, I wouldn’t suggest making such an expensive investment.

Excellent defense
Comfortable handle
Assists player with control


Very expensive
Quality doesn’t match the price


2.   Slyspin Rapture Ping-Pong Paddle
The Rapture Ping-Pong paddle from Slyspin brings all the essentials to the table. The six-millimeter blade has carbon technology attached and extends a smooth handle made with strong poplar wood. This type of handle doesn’t provide any tread for a superior grip but is still a well-made handle and projected to be most beneficial to players who use the penhold style. The sponge placed over the blade is measured at approximately 2 millimeters. This measurement is just enough thickness to absorb an incoming Ping-Pong ball and send it back with force. It may even have more absorption than other high-quality brands in the current market. Buyers are mostly conflicted with the carrying case. They feel as though it is a good addition but could be better in quality. Overall, it is at most an accessory and doesn’t reflect the true quality of the paddle itself. In regards to the price, it seems as though the price is at a decent value. There are cheaper paddles that have below-average quality, and paddles way more expensive with the same quality as the Rapture, so that’s something to consider before buying. The biggest issue users have is durability. While the materials used in this paddle are superior compared to other brands, the Rapture paddle does wear down after significant use.

Handle is made with a high-quality poplar wood
Comes with a carrying case
Average price
Provides top quality spin and control


Durability is questionable
Feels heavier than the average paddle
Carrying case could be made with better quality


1.   Killerspin JET600
The JET600 is a balanced paddle that offers an extraordinary playing experience for people at the intermediate and advanced levels. Killerspin’s primary goal when manufacturing the JET600 was to enhance the experience of the Ping-Pong player by providing the materials necessary to dominate the competition. The rubber used in the JET600 has a soft feel to it yet provides enough spring for the hard-hitting Ping-Pong players to excel at their game. The JET600 has a performance blade made with a durable 5-ply wood. This wood is extremely dense, so one should expect their paddle to feel light and thin; helping the player increase the power and precision in their shots. The price of the JET600 is up there but not substantially high to the point where the price exceeds the value. This paddle will serve the experienced Ping-Pong player quite well as they strive for excellence.

Equipped with materials that will benefit the advanced player
Creates a dominant spin
High tech rubber enhances play


Doesn’t come with a carrying case
Excludes beginner level


Conclusion & Recommendations

No matter what style you use, or what experience level you are, choosing a Ping-Pong paddle takes a lot of thought and effort. These ten paddles offer the best combination of quality and price. So far, we have encountered paddles with different levels of rubber, sponge, blade, and price range. The JET600 is at the top of this list because it embodies all the characteristics needed to succeed in the game of Ping-Pong. This paddle is best for competitive players that have experience. Not only are the features of this paddle of high quality, but also the price is well above average, so it would only be right for a committed player to invest in this paddle as opposed to the rookie who is unsure of their commitment level to the game.
If you’re on a tight budget, it is best to sacrifice quality for price and go for a brand such as Franklin or Duplex. Regardless of what direction you go with, these ten paddles cater to a variety of players, from the budget buyer to the experience/pro Ping-Pong player. If money isn’t an issue and you’re a Ping-Pong enthusiast, the JET600 has the features that will take you to the top. Other brands such as the Stiga Supreme, the Slyspin Rapture, and the Gambler paddle serve a similar purpose. The Butterfly 401 and the DHS Hurricane II have good characteristics but may break the bank too much.

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Sole F85 Treadmill – Overall First Impressions

Before we jump right into the technical specifications of the Sole F85, I have to tell you about something that may be even more important than the size of the deck or the power of the motor.  What is it?  It’s my overall first impressions about how the machine looks, feels, acts, functions and if all those elements make it worth the effort to get it to where you need it and to pay the hefty price tag!! 
After all, I’ve owned at least 4 treadmills in my adult life and now I review fitness equipment for a living, so why would I choose a Sole treadmill over the many other options available at any good quality fitness store or online?
Well, I did my research online and narrowed my options to about 3 good quality machines that I knew were on the upper limit of my budget.  Then did some price shopping to determine which machine would be the winner, and yes, you guessed it, the Sole F85 came out on top!  Why?  Let’s get into it!
An Impossible Journey!
I’ll touch on all the awesome features in a second, but my story is much more interesting than boring specs!  When I arrived at the fitness store in St. Catharines, Ontario on a rainy Monday morning in the middle of the COVID-19 Worldwide economic shut down, little did I know that in less than 24 hours, all stores in Ontario, Canada would have to close for business unless deemed “essential” and apparently (if you can believe it!!) fitness stores didn’t make the cut. 
As I backed my 2007 Chevy Avalanche to the bay doors to have them load my treadmill, I was discouraged to see that 2 strong and very fit 20-something fitness fanatics struggled to move the box which was WAY too long to fit in my 8-cylinder truck box without sticking out past the back end.  
Luckily, I had some straps in the truck and was able to secure the box after watching them exert what appeared to be ALL their energy (in perfect unison) to push and heave the box onto my truck.  I kept my “social distance” at about 8 feet at least (though they did not keep any distance at all from each other). 
I noticed they were out of breath after loading the box and my heart sank at the thought of what was waiting for me in about 15 minutes from then in my driveway!  I needed to move that box about 10 times farther than they did, and my muscles were nowhere near as big as either one of them …. and there was only ONE of me!!!  AHHHH!
I asked if I needed to sign an invoice to prove I picked up the unit, and they looked at each other, then at me, then back at each other and said “NOPE, YOU’RE GOOD TO GO!”  I really must have looked like I had leprosy or something.  What a crazy world the Coronavirus has made!
The F85 treadmill from SOLE Fitness is ABSOLUTELY one of the few very best deals online today. Its specifications betray a much more expensive machine than you’ll actually pay. Read on to see that I’m telling you the TRUTH! Can you handle it?
See Latest Price and Availability AMAZON’S PRICE
At this point, it was raining and I had an uncovered cardboard box in my truck and I knew something had to be done quickly once I arrived home.  I broke the news to my wife as I peeled into the driveway, and we both started trying to unload the beast before it was completely soaked.  We wrangled it into our garage where I barely had room to unbox it given the extreme dimensions of the box itself! 
However, I was thrilled to see what looked like lots of individual pieces in the box and I thought it might easy after all to move it into our weight room if it was in so many small pieces. 
My optimism was dashed when I finished taking the 3 or 4 light plastic pieces to the workout room and realized that about 99.3% of the weight was still sitting in the box AND IT WAS IN ONE PIECE!!  That began our afternoon of hurt!
I was able to get an old compressed canister moving dolly to take most of the weight of the deck and motor while my wife and oldest son did our best to keep the machine on the dolly as I navigated our stone driveway that was soft and muddy in early spring.  I finally got it to our back patio area where I was able to begin a video (which you can see HERE) that shows the rest of the story!

How to Get this Beast into my HOUSE!
In case you didn’t want to watch the video or if you like reading instead, I’ll be brief!  My wife and I used Forearm Forklifts to gain some leverage in our battle against this gravity-loving entity!  In spite of our use of towels and “forklifts,” we nearly damaged our steps, wall and the machine itself during our move which included going up only 2 stone steps at the back of our house and into the room immediately on the other side of the door.  It could have been far worse if we needed to move it around through the house and up the stairs to a bedroom or downstairs to the basement!
After a few more minutes we struggled to get it into position, and after we did, the machine had one more nasty surprise for me.  You see, I didn’t read the warning (carefully enough) which said not to cut a retaining strap until the machine was in place.  Well, it WAS in place, but what I didn’t read was that “in place” meant the machine had to be sitting upright in its final position – as it would be if one was running on the deck. 
Our deck was sitting on its side when I made that fateful cut to the retaining strap only to have a steel support fly out at my shins faster than either my wife or I could see!  When I looked down it had already connected nicely with my shins and the pain was just beginning!  READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!
First Impressions
Aside from my “wonderful” experience so far, I had a whole lot of thoughts about the treadmill once I got it assembled.  It took me about an hour and I will warn you, please do each step VERY carefully.  The photos in the assembly instructions are decent, but not as easy to follow as you might think.  I had to unscrew and undo a couple of steps to get it right.
Once assembled I was itching to make ANOTHER VIDEO about my initial thoughts.  Here’s the gist of it if you skip the video;
Compared to every other treadmill I’ve owned, this one was by far the heaviest and that told me it would be sturdy and virtually immovable.  Even without officially “leveling” the deck with the adjustable feet, it was sturdy as an ox!
I like the look of the console which is big enough (and has enough features) to make it look like a pro health club machine!
I love the look of the machine as it features a big control panel area with three distinct sections.  The bottom section features the main Start and Stop buttons as well as the safety key and quick speed settings just below the quick incline settings.  This area also has an input for MP3 music players and an output for headphones.  For what it’s worth, it’s just as easy to connect your headphones directly to your smartphone rather than going through the machine itself, but it sure does work!
The next section of the panel includes incremental adjustments for the incline and speed as well as 11 different custom controls for individual users and customized workout routines.  It also includes the main LCD screen that displays all the information you’ll need to make all your changes/inputs, etc.  And that’s not all.  This section also includes an integrated fan and speakers. 
Now, I have to toss in my two-cents regarding the speakers.  If you’re serious about listening to music that inspires and motivates your workouts, I’d give these speakers a failing grade.  Like every other treadmill I’ve owned that featured speakers, it sounds like my computer speakers from 1994 before bass woofers were invented!  They lack all bass and sound “tinny”.  
Invest in a great set of wireless headphones and you’ll be WAY happier.  I just bought THESE about 2 weeks before I bought the Sole treadmill!  They’re super cheap but work REALLY well and they look expensive!
Finally, the top section of the control panel includes a tablet/smartphone holder that doesn’t just rely on gravity to hold it in a trench, but it has an adjustable clasp on the top to hold your device tightly, which allows it to sit on a steeper angle facing you better.  Of course, there’s also a USB charging port right beside it so you’re good to go for as long as you can handle it!
A Word About the Controls
I have mostly good things to say about this treadmill, but it’s not all roses for the F85.  While it functions very adequately, I believe that (given its not-so-budget-friendly pricepoint) the buttons and controls are lacking a bit.  Like the utterly “non-useful” speakers which lack any motivating bass and power, the buttons and controls look much like something manufactured in 1992.
The key is not as slick as a magnetic option and button technology is decades old.
I was REALLY hoping that the screen was touch-sensitive, and given that most screens today on any machine or device is touch responsive, my finger immediately went to the screen to start inputting my information.  To my dismay, I realized I had to click “UP↑” and “DOWN↓” keys to enter information and I felt like I was on a computer from the era of “Back to the Future”.  The non-magnetic safety key is awkward to insert, and it’s obviously not meant to be inserted or removed at every use, nor does it insert cleanly and easily.  It goes in with some resistance and feels like it is never quite “set” when it’s fully inserted.
We did, however, like the side rail mounted speed controls which admittedly, are way easier to use than reaching up into forest of keys to try to find another speed-adjusting option.  But then, isn’t the whole point of exercising to get “uncomfortable” so that we actually use and stress our muscles in order to build and tone them?  Hmmm…. I still like the easy access these buttons offer!
Side rail-mounted speed controls are quick and easy to use – a welcome luxury
The Deck and Motor
I was quick pleased with the deck’s built-in hydraulic system that made lifting this heavy monster very easy, while also automatically opening it in a gentle and controlled manner.  In fact, it’s so easy to lower and raise, that the default position of this treadmill (when not in use) is always up.  That’s never been the case with any other treadmill I’ve owned.  The deck has a “cushion-flex” system to reduce strain on joints.  In fact, the cushion-flex whisper deck reduces joint impact as much as 40% compared to running on asphalt.  That’s a big claim, but it makes me feel good!

I honestly didn’t even look at the motor, but when I read that it was a 4.0 hp beast, I was immediately sold.  I have researched over 2 dozen treadmills recently and even the ones costing significantly more than this one didn’t have any higher powered motors than a 4.0 hp.  I was only mildly anxious about how “noisy” it might be, but after a quick test, I was pleasantly surprised by its quietness.  With headphones on (not even noise-canceling ones) you won’t hear it even a bit!
Sole is so proud of their features that they’ve placed stickers with them in prominent areas so you won’t miss noticing them!
The engineering team at SOLE strives to exceed their customers’ expectations. That’s the official word from Sole and I believe them … to an extent.  Through emphasizing quality design, they consistently create quiet, stable, and durably made treadmills. Loaded with comfort features from the cushioned deck to the cooling fan, and with a lifetime warranty on treadmill frames and motors, SOLE treadmills are (in this reviewer’s opinion) one of the better deals on the market with a number of specs that are only available in higher-priced brands and models.
You can listen to music through the Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Speakers from any enabled smart device. SOLE offers users the option to record workout feedback via Bluetooth from SOLE equipment to an Android or Apple smart device. Users’ workout feedback is automatically saved to the integrated personal calendar, and the data can also be downloaded to the free SOLE FITNESS APP, or transferred to compatible fitness apps (Fitbit, iHealth, Record, Map My Fitness, MyFitnessPal, and other open-source training apps).
Message Board
SOLE offers integrated message boards on most of their treadmill models. It’s an alphanumeric text center that sends scrolling messages to the user as guidance through the details of each workout. This feature can help you to understand the full capabilities of Sole treadmills at times when accessing the user manual may not be so easy (though we keep the manual nearby). The message board is also able to recap an entire workout and allow you to see the progress you’ve made.
High Torque Motors and Flywheels
All Sole treadmills feature the heaviest duty motors and chassis in their class. Industrial quality motors are used in conjunction with large diameter, all-steel, zinc coated, and balanced flywheels for a vibration-free and secure running surface. The flywheel extends the life of the motor by allowing it to run cooler and with a lower power consumption while their heavier weight lends to the same fluid motion found on commercial grade treadmills.
The belts are not plastic but are made of rubber for durability, PVC to prevent over-stretching, and nylon providing a smooth, static-free surface to glide over the deck and rollers.  
The Sole F85 treadmill features large rollers which means a larger contact surface with the belt contributing to even movement and longer roller and belt life. Big rollers with sealed bearing design and copper ground wires reduce static as you exercise making for a smooth, quiet motion that will (with any luck) stand the test of time.

Machine Dimensions:

Footprint (in.):
82″ L x 37″ W x 66.5″ H

Folded Dimensions (in.):
44″ L x 37″ W x 71″ H

Item Weight (lbs.):
280 lbs.

User Weight Capacity (lbs.):
400 lbs.

Running Surface:
22″ x 60″


Carton Dimensions:
85.5″ L x 37″ W x 17.5″ H

Shipping Weight (lbs.):
308 lbs.

Controls & Features:

Motor Info:
4.0 HP

.5 – 12 mph

0 – 15 levels

Heart Rate Monitoring:
Hand pulse grips, chest strap compatible

Chest Strap Included:

Cooling Fan:

Standard Programs:

Custom Programs:

Heart Rate Programs:

USB Device Charging:

Bluetooth Compatability:

Bluetooth Speakers:

Audio System:
Built-in speakers (MP3 Compatible)

Console Display:
10.1″ high-resolution LCD

Display Feedback:
Time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, incline, program

See Latest Price and Availability on the SOLE F85 –  AMAZON’S PRICE

Frame and Motor:


5 Years

2 Years


First Impressions of the F85

The Sole F85 is the top model in Sole’s folding treadmill series and it’s also Sole’s #1 seller!  It features a 4.0 hp motor (while more expensive machines from competing brands feature 3.2 hp or 3.5 hp motors).  Speeds up to 12 mph can be reached with 15 different incline settings if you start feeling like Batman!  For me, I keep the incline low since I’m staring down the barrel of 60 years of age!!!!  AHHHHGH!
The F85 also has Sole’s biggest deck area and a 22-inch wide running surface and their longest commercial-sized belt. 
It features heart rate controls and a full chest heart rate monitor as well!  If you weigh 400 lbs (I hope you don’t, but if so, start moving more but do it carefully and with supervision) or less, this machine will work nicely for you.
We found the F85 treadmill console is fairly user friendly with a nice-sized display showing feedback about Speed, Incline, Time, Distance Traveled, Calories, Pulse, and Pace at all times, and includes a 1/4 mile track feature and a peak and valley graph for specific programs. Built-in speakers allow you to hook up any MP3 player for easy listening while you exercise, and cooling fan and speed/incline controls are easily accessible on the armrests. 
You can also change the measurements from Metric to Imperial so you can have Kilometers or Miles.


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The Best Pool Tables for 2020 : For Bars, Basements, & Man Caves

Pool is one of the most popular games all over the world. The sport can be played in bars and there are even world championships where the best pool players come together to test their skills. Having your very own pool table can definitely take away some of the boredom and even relief some work stress when you get home after a long day at the office.
Top Pool Table Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?

3. EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table
$Check Price on Amazon

2. SIMBASHOPPING USA 8′ Feet Billiard Pool Table$$$Check Price on Amazon

3. Hathaway Hustler 7’-8’ Pool Table
$$$Check Price on Amazon

4. Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table
$Check Price on Amazon

There are various types of pool tables and they all fall under different price ranges for you to choose from. Many of the features will be great for improving your game, while other tables should be great for simply having a little fun with friends at a party, but a pool table is definitely something that you should look into buying if you want to spice up your man cave.
We have set out to find the best pool tables and also look for the pool tables that will offer you the best value for your money. These pool tables are all good for having at home and with a few modifications, they can even be used in your pub if you own one to bring in a little extra income.
But before we dive into the top pool tables, you will need to understand how to buy the best pool table when you are searching for one on your own. There are certain features that are really important and then a few that will only be great for more of the advanced players, but let’s look at a few of these important features:
Pool Table Buying Guide
Professional pool tables can be really expensive and therefore, we have set out to show you some of the features that you will need to consider looking for in your cheaper pool table to ensure that you still get great value for your money. Having all of these features will also be expensive, therefore, you can choose the table with the features that you need to save you a few bucks.
There are two types of pool tables that you will have the opportunity to choose from. These two tables are the American pool tables and the English pool tables and both of them vary quite a bit as you will see later on.
the size of the table must be taken into account and while the 7-foot table is the most common because it does not take up as much space, the pool tables can go up to 9 feet long. American pool tournaments are usually played on the 9-foot tables and they also offer a great opportunity for you to play some snooker as well. The average pool cue is 4 feet long and this must be taken into account and we recommend having a 14 by 11 feet room at the minimum to fit your pool table in.
Pool Dining Table Option
The pool dining table is a little different from the standard pool table and it offers much more leg space underneath. These tables are also a little cheaper than your average pool table and they will offer you great multifunctional use and also improve the space usage in the home as less space will be wasted.
There are two types of construction to choose from. The first type is the wood laminated MDF style. These pool tables are cheaper and they are not made from high-quality woods. Plywood is used most commonly. The slate bed tables are more durable and they are made from solid wood. The wood can be of your choosing, but they are more expensive. The slate bed will also allow you to customize the style of the table much more.
Added Accessories
When purchasing a pool table, you will receive a set of balls depending on the table and the game and also a cue to start with as well as a triangle, but there are also more accessories to choose from and we recommend adding accessories like specialized brushes as well as snooker ball to have some fun.
With these five features, you can really simplify the choice of the table that you want to buy. We do consider the dimensions to be really important, especially since it will have an impact on your playing experience. One of the hardest choices is usually between American and English pool tables, so let’s have a look at the difference.
American Pool Table vs. English Pool Table
American Pool Table
The American pool table is a little bigger than the English pool table and this is because the balls are bigger. The cue ball is usually 2 ¼ inches and will be hard to pot on the English pool table. The pockets are also a little wider in design and this will be the best pool table to start out with.
English Pool Table
The English pool table is a little smaller in terms of the pockets and it features a furry design that will slow down the game. The cue ball is 2 inches big and even though this might not seem like a big difference, it does have a huge impact on the play. English pool also uses a smaller cue to play with and this is around 6 to 8 mm wide.
Now that you have a better understanding and more knowledge on how to choose the best pool table, it is time to look at the best pool tables and how they can help you improve your game and also provide great fun for the family.
Best Pool Table Reviews
(links below are to latest prices on Amazon.com)

EastPoint Sports Masterton Billiard Pool Table
Dimensions: 87 inches L x 50 inches W x 31 inches H
Here’s a table that excels in the arena of VALUE.  While some tables can have a price point of well over $1000, the Eastport is less than half, but still offers hours of serious fun.  When I say SERIOUS fun, I mean fun that adults can have on a decent table that doesn’t feel like it was purchased from Party City or Wal-Mart.  It’s sturdy and features traditional style ball and claw legs and parlor style drop pockets.  The scratch-resistant LusterLong finish is strong enough and durable enough to pass the test of time (and children!).  Its built-in leg leveling system is a real convenience when you’d like a well-calibrated/leveled table.
You won’t just get the table, but a nice assortment of accessories like 2 Wooden Billiard Cues, 1 Set of Billiard Balls, 2 Pieces of Billiard Chalk, 1 Billiard Triangle, and 1 Table Brush.  
The ideal room size (uncluttered) for this table would be around 13 feet by 17 feet.  Keep in mind however, the price point of this table should warn you that it’s not exactly a high-end competition table with stellar quality parts.  The legs are a composite plastic, and a number of purchasers have been disappointed by details like ease of assembly (or lack thereof) and the quality of the side bumpers (more dead than other tables).

Saves a little space
Really affordable
Looks great!
Easy to level


Can be complex to set up
Not the best for improving your game
Construction quality is not 100%


Simbashopping USA 8-Foot Pool Table
Dimensions: 98 in. length x 54 in. width x 31.50 in.
The Simbashopping USA pool table is a substantial step up from our #1 choice, and it’s hands down the better table.  The catch?  It’s well over the $1K price point.  That said, you’re truly getting what you pay for, like pro-size dimensions, chrome inserts on the corners, ball return system and lots of other small things (aesthetics are excellent with the blue cloth playing surface).  It weighs in at 339 lbs so it’s a sturdy, substantial piece of furniture rather than being a “toy” in the corner.  
Of course, foot levelers are included along with accessories like15 Numbered Balls with Cue Ball 15 Red Balls with Cue Ball 6 Balls of different colours 6 cues (4 Cannon and 2 Rest shafts with rest head) Scoreboard, Pool Table Cover, Brush to clean the Cloth, and 2 chalks.
This is your #1 choice for a Solid and Strong table, and if you can cough up the green, I’d suggest going with this table over the Eastpoint Masterton.

Extremely durable
Strongest and most sturdy table of all our options
Includes all the added accessories to get you started
Can be leveled quite easily


Extremely heavy
Will need a large room
Expensive … ish


Hathaway Hustler 7 or 8 foot Pool Table with Blue Felt
Dimensions: 87-in L x 48-in W x 32-in H
The Hathaway Hustler comes in a little more expensive than our #1 option but less than our #2 option.  It’s a good choice for someone with a moderate budget but wants a “real” pool table with a quality name and a pool hall “feel” to it.  It looks pretty good I’d say and it features K-66 gum rubber bumpers or cushions.  It’s made of high-quality MDF, and features independent leg levelers, chrome corner connectors and lots of accessories.  They would include (2) Two-piece 57″ pool cues, 2.25-in pool balls, racking triangle, and cue chalk.  It’s covered with level 3/4 in. thick CARB certified MDF with blue felt.
This U.S. designed table offers a 180-day  manufacturer warranty.  Overall, based on price vs. quality and customer feedback, we’d give this table a cautious “buy” rating.  However, as you’d expect, it’s not without its detractors.  No table option gets a 5-star rating, and there are purchasers who have not been happy with the Hathaway table.  Be sure to read all the reviews on Amazon and weigh the odds for yourself.  

Looks Great
More than 3/4 of purchasers give it a 4 or 5-star (out of 5) rating


Overall quality issues seem to come with some tables according to Amazon customer feedback

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table
Dimensions: 82.3 x 46.5 x 9.5 inches
The Mizerak Space Saver is a much-needed answer to the overwhelming “elephant in the room” (kind of literally!) when you walk into a games room and are greeted by nothing other than a huge billiard table.  Some are up to 10 feet long.  Mizerak has designed this table to bring you the feel and fun of a traditional pool table in a reasonably-sized package of only 6.5 feet.   Rubber perimeter cushions offer excellent rebound qualities and the leg levelers allow for precision installation.  Pockets are not isolated so you don’t need to walk around the table to get the balls.  It features a rail system that leads balls to the end of the table where gathering them is easier.   The bamboo laminate finish looks rich and refined and goes with most interior decors.
The double-sealed MDF play surface resists warping, but it’s not perfect.  A set of balls wth triangle and chalk/brush/table cloth are all included.
We like this table for its overall value and easier use given the smaller size (and more manageable price tag!).

Nice looks
Easier to fit in a “normal” house
Lower price


Not great to practice if you’re looking to tweak the finer points of your game on a regular-sized table



Final Thoughts & Recommendations

Pool tables are great to have when you entertain guests, but we also consider it to be a specialty item. Pool tables should be taken care of to increase the longevity and we hope that you managed to find the ideal pool table for your needs.
We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you are now able to buy your very own pool table with all the right knowledge of the features. We would also like to encourage you to let us know if you agree with our list and if you think we might have missed any of your favorites.

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The 8 Best Foosball Tables for 2020

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 If you’re in the market for a foosball table, you might be surprised at how many options you have. There are a wide range of foosball tables with a lot of different features available. Some are meant for beginners, some for advanced tournament level players. You’ll find a wide range of prices, too. Whether you’re looking for a foosball table for your kids or hoping to compete, it’s important to pick the right table with the right features.
To help make this a little easier, we’ve rounded up eight of the best foosball tables around. We cover a lot of different types of tables so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. But first, let’s take a look at the things you need to know about buying a foosball table to make sure you get the right one.
Top Foosball Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?

1. Tornado Sport Foosball Table
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

2. KICK Splendor Foosball Table
$$Check Price on Amazon

3. Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table
$Check Price on Amazon

4. American Heritage Element 58-in. Foosball Table
$$$Check Price on Amazon

5. Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table
$$$$$Check Price on Amazon

6. Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table
$$$Check Price on Amazon

7. KICK Royalton Foosball Table
$$Check Price on Amazon

8. EastPoint Sports Newcastle Foosball Table
$Check Price on Amazon

Buyer’s Guide
The best way to describe foosball is that it resembles a little soccer game. Each team tries to score a goal with a miniature team spaced out across the table. There are eight poles in total, four for each team, and the player turns the handles to move the ball down the field to score a goal. Foosball is a great game to play at home, in a dorm, bar, or arcade. It’s a game that accessible to almost any age and skill level. Let’s take a look at the specific things you need to look for to make sure you get the table that will work best for your needs.
Types of Foosball Tables
There are a few different kinds of tables you can buy:
Stand-Alone Tables
This is a standard foosball table that is composed of a tabletop resting on four legs. Most stand-alone tables are made of wood and high-quality materials and can be pretty heavy; in fact, some weigh upwards of 300 pounds. Because of their weight and due to how they are designed, these tables aren’t designed to be moved around. Higher quality stand-alone tables can handle a lot of rough play. All stand-alone tables look a little different, but some are designed to look like a nice piece of furniture that you’d be happy to leave in your living room. They’re usually more expensive and much higher quality.
Tabletop Tables
If you want a foosball table but don’t have space or a lot of money to spend, a tabletop foosball table is portable, versatile, and much more affordable. They are made to sit on top of a larger, sturdy table like in the kitchen or dining room. They’re smaller and are meant to be used for short periods of time and them moved or stored. You can even put one on a coffee table for young kids to play with. If you’re considering buying a table top foosball table, make sure that the bottom has a scratch protecting surface so it won’t ruin your table.
Multi-Game Foosball Table
These are a great idea for a family because they feature a wide range of entertainment options. Usually, the rods are removed and the surface can be changed to accommodate a variety of games from table tennis to checkers. You can find these in stand-alone or tabletop versions. While they are usually a little pricey, they really offer a wide range of games and are really versatile. We did not include any of these in the following reviews but instead chose to focus more on traditional foosball tables. But, if you’re looking for something more versatile that lets you play a lot of games, you might want to look into multi-game tables.
 Different Features to Consider
 Foosball tables have a really wide price range and there are a lot of different features available that will affect how much you’ll pay.
The first thing you need to decide is how you’ll be using the table. Maybe you’re looking for something that your young children can play within the game room or you want something that is going to get a lot of tough play in a dorm. You’ll need very different features for each of those environments. How long are you hoping your table will last? Do you need your table to be good enough to accommodate the players as they grow? How important is it to you that your table is regulation size?
Here are some to consider:

Table Size

An official, full-size table measures 56 x 30 inches. You also need to account for the space taken up by the rods and the people playing. You’ll need to leave a few feet of room around the table to make sure everyone can play comfortably, so a full sized table requires quite a bit of room. There are tables that are slightly smaller than this that will take up less room. Tabletop tables are a good option if you’re worried about space because they’re typically significantly smaller than standard size. Remember, full-size tables are good for seasoned players while smaller ones will be better four younger players and beginners.


Less expensive tables use lower quality materials. Particleboard or MDF is a popular material that is used on some lower end models. It comes in various thicknesses. The thicker it is, the more durable it will be. Generally, anything less than a half-inch thick is not going to be very strong. Over time, particle board and MDF can weaken or warp and joints can start to become loose. These tables are less expensive but won’t last nearly as long as tables made of different materials. You can also find table made with special high-quality MDF or that are coating in a finish that helps them stay durable and last a little longer.
High-end foosball tables are made from solid wood of a composite material. Solid wood or composite can last for a long time, but make sure you choose a strong, hardwood. Softwood will act like MDF or particle board over time and warp or bend. Wood tables should be at least an inch thick to make sure it’s strong enough to stand up to abuse and last for a long time.


There are a few things to know about rods. Steel rods are best for foosball tables. There are three kinds of rods: hollow, solid, and telescoping. Hollow rods are lighter and can make the game move faster because the player has more control and can achieve faster kicks. Solid rods are heavier and can be better to learn on. Telescoping rods are a feature found on some high-end machines. These rods don’t slide out of the opposite side of the table during play and are a safe choice for a home with small children. They’re nice to have but are less durable than other rods.

Playing Surface

The markings on the playing surface should be inside the laminate. Less expensive, lower quality tables will sometimes use stickers, which will wear and fade over time and can affect the playing surface. It’s important that the markings on the surface are correct and permanent because they help you line up your shots.


Tables can either have one or three goalies. This means that the rod closest to the goal can either have one or three men on it. One man goalies make the game a little harder because it’s more difficult to defend your goal while three man goalies make it a little easier. Three man goalies usually lead to faster games while one man goalies require more focus and skill. For anyone just starting to learn, a three-man goalie is best. Some tables will come with set-ups for both so you have the option of changing them if you want to.
Another thing to pay attention to with the players is whether or not the players are counterweighted. This is how professionals play and makes the game a little better to play. Counterweighted players have weights that allow them to stay in a horizontal position when you let go of the rod. This keeps them off of the playing surface, which makes gameplay go faster, smoother, and out of the way when taking shots.
Whether you use a one or three-man goalie or if you want counterweighted players boils down to personal preference. It’s a good idea to find a table that gives you a little bit of wiggle room and allows you to change between a one or three-man goalie and counterweighted or uninformed players. The more versatile your table is, the more use you’ll get out of it.
Now that we took a closer look at the features you need to know about to decide which it the right foosball table for you, let’s take a look at the eight best foosball tables of 2017.
Foosball Table Reviews

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

The Tornado Sport Foosball Table is a pretty basic table but because it’s constructed of such high quality, its simplicity is easier to appreciate. It even has the look of a classic, traditional table. The cabinet is made of better grade MDF than some other tables. This MDF is one inch thick and weighs around 200 pounds. It’s a sturdy, substantial table that should be able to take a beating and last a long time.
This table is not going to move around during play, no matter how into it you and your friends get. The legs are designed so that shims can be used to adjust the table in case it’s uneven. The steel rods are hollow and lightweight which results in easier, faster gameplay. The players are not counterbalanced, which is one of its few downsides. Counterbalanced players are available from the manufacturer, but you’ll have to purchase them separately. This is not only inconvenient, it also adds a substantial amount to the price.
Tornado is a pretty well know company in the foosball space and they even sponsor the World Championships of Foosball (table soccer)!


Can take a beating and last
High quality, heavy duty table
Lightweight rods for fast gameplay


Players are not counterbalanced
Ordering additional counterbalanced players increases cost quite a bit



KICK Splendor Foosball Table

The Kick brand has a reputation for providing high-quality tables at an affordable price so it’s always worth taking a good look at what they have to offer. This model measures 55 inches and is their largest, most popular table.
Despite weighing only 115 pounds, this table is solid and sturdy and can handle pretty intense play. You can also adjust the legs so you’ll get a level playing surface wherever you choose to set this one up. Some less expensive tables don’t have a very smooth playing surface, but the Kick Splendor Foosball Table has a nice, level playing surface. The balls roll nicely on it and it has a great graphic, too.
This table comes with two sets of players, counterbalanced and uniformed. It’s nice to have a choice since everyone has different preferences, but switching out one set for another can be tedious. The rods are solid and quite heavy but make gameplay a little more controlled.

Reasonable price
Comes with counterbalanced and uniformed players
Solid and sturdy


Assembly instructions are a little confusing



Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

If you don’t have room in your house (or your budget) for a full-sized foosball table, the Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table was made for you. This is a tabletop game you that weighs only 15 pounds that you can set on your kitchen or dining room table. Play when you can, put it away when you’re done. It’s an ideal compromise.
This foosball table is designed to play calm games with friends and is not designed for serious, intense games. It won’t truly provide the same experience as a full sized table. That said, for a fraction of the price, you can enjoy calm friendly games with your friends or your children.
If you don’t want to put it on your good tabletop, it also has legs that you can easily set up. It’s small, doesn’t take up much room, and is ideal for young kids. It’s also portable and easy to store while still being sturdy and durable.
This is a great foosball table to get if you’re looking for a way to entice your kid away from his tablet or cell phone or if you want something fun to pull out when you have friends over. It’s not really meant to be used as a table for serious players and won’t be able to handle being bumped and banged around a lot.

Affordable price
Easy to store compared to other tables
Used with legs or on table top


Only meant for casual play



American Heritage Element 58-in. Foosball Table

This is one heck of a beatiful-looking table and that’s why you’ll pay through the nose for it!  It’s designed very well with details that can be easily overlooked like decorative metal accents and glossy black and silver players.   It’s mostly engineered wood and it has a washed brown maple veneer.  This is a really good looking table. If you’re looking for a table that looks nice enough to keep in your living room (even if you don’t use it as much a you’d like), this is it!
It features 2 ball returns and 4 balls.  Most owners comment on the heavy-duty nature of the design and feel, and there are no serious negative comments about this table.  American Heritage is the world’s largest billiard table maker, so I’m thinking that should speak to the quality and design of this piece of fine furniture!
There are a few downsides to this table. The first is that it’s fairly heavy at around 189 pounds. It’s difficult to transport and you’re probably not going to want to move it one you get it assembled. And speaking of assembly, it’s a little difficult to put together, but even those owners who mentioned this, give it a full 5-star review.

Gorgeous table that you can leave in your living room
Great for experienced and new players
Heavy-duty design


Difficult assembly



Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table

This is probably the most solid, durable foosball table you’ll find. If you’re looking for something that can stand up to rough play and will last a really long time, the Tornado T-3000 might be the table for you. It’s made of 1 ½ inch stainless steel laminate and weighs a whopping 355 pounds.
It’s loaded with features that make gameplay even more enjoyable. It’s really stable and isn’t going to get jostled around by even the toughest players. The playing surface is thick and level with no dead spots. Rods are smooth and telescopic and give the player a lot of control with wooden handles. The players are designed for control and quick play.
While this table is great as far as gameplay, the stainless steel exterior is not as attractive as a traditional wood finish. This might not be a table that you’d be happy with having in your living room. In addition to being really heavy, it’s also really expensive. This isn’t a table for a casual player, although anyone can enjoy it, it’s a big investment to make if you’re not serious about the game,

WIll last a really long time


Not as attractive as a wooden table
Very heavy



Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table

The G-500 table from Garlando is made of high-quality MDF that’s 1 inch thick, a good thickness for MDF which should provide a lot of stability. The steel rods are covered with anti-rust chromium so they’ll last for a really long time without bending, rusting, or wearing.
This table weighs about 160 pounds. That’s heavy enough that it’s not going to wiggle or shake during gameplay but light enough that it won’t take more than two people to move it. You might even be able to relocate it after it’s been assembled with some help.
The rods are telescopic so they don’t come out the other side, making it impossible for anyone to get poked. The playing surface is made out of tempered glass so gameplay tends to be really fast since there aren’t any imperfections on the surface to slow down the ball. The players are not counterweighted, which is something most experienced players prefer because they tend to make the game go a little smoother.
One small negative with this table is it doesn’t come with any way to level the table if it’s tilted. Some table will come with lifters that can be inserted in the legs to help make the surface flat. It’s a little thing but an odd one not to have on such a high-end table.

Great features for enhanced gameplay


Players not counterweighted
No table levelers



KICK Royalton Foosball Table

This is a pretty solid midrange table that can take a bit of a beating during gameplay. It comes with leg levelers, which help keep the playing surface flat even if the floor the table is set up on is not. There are even optional cup holders, which is an accessory that you don’t really need until you have it. Then you’re not sure how you lived without it.
The playing surface is pretty smooth and reliable with no dead spots to speak of. The rods are chrome plated and strong enough that they won’t be bent or damaged even during intense gameplay. It comes with both counterweighted and uniformed players so you have some versatility in gameplay.
The table has a butcher block design but comes in a warm brown finish so it’s nice to look at as well as being a great table to play on. It’s about 103 pounds, heavy enough for stability but light enough to move around with some help. Assembly is a little tricky and the instructions aren’t very clear. Once you work through that, though, this could be a foosball table that gets a lot of use in the game room year after year.

Nice looking finish
Counterweighted and uniformed players
Solidly build


Instructions unclear



EastPoint Sports Newcastle Foosball Table

The Newcastle Foosball Table by EastPoint Sports is an affordable option for anyone who wants a foosball table for light play and casual use. Weighing only 83 pounds, it’s made of MDF that is sealed with a Luster Long finish to give it a little more durability and resistance to wear.
Because this is such a light table, it’s easily moved and jostled around which means it’s not a really good table for intense, competitive play. It’s a little smaller than a full sized table, too, but only by a few inches. The rods are high performing and it comes with oversized leg levelers. While this table might not be a good choice for hardcore players, it’s ideal for a family just learning to play.
One nice thing about this table is that it looks nice enough to leave prominently displayed in your home. The wood finish looks high quality and it will go with a lot of decors.

Looks high quality


Won’t hold up to intense competitive games.


Final Thoughts & Conclusion
Those are the eight best foosball tables for this year (in our humble opinion). There’s quite a variety here so you should be able to find one that suits your needs perfectly. A foosball table will make a great addition to any basement with other table games such as ping pong, pool, and air hockey.
The Tornado Sport Foosball Table is a basic table that it well made and really sturdy. Despite being MDF, it’s well constructed and heavy, can tolerate a lot of action and will last a long time. The legs are adjustable so you’ll always have a flat playing surface and, although the players aren’t counterbalanced, the rods are hollow lightweight for fast gameplay.
The KICK Splendor Foosball Table is solid and sturdy while only weighing around 115 pounds. The legs are adjustable and it has a solid playing surface with an eye-catching graphic. You get uniformed and counterbalanced players with this one, so you can use whatever ones work best for you and your crew.
For a great tabletop foosball table, try the Sport Squad FX40. At only 15 pounds, it’s portable and easy to store. Set it up on your dining room, kitchen, or living room coffee table. Keep in mind that this and all tabletop tables aren’t designed for heavy, intense play. But this one is perfect for adults or children who are just starting to learn.
The American Heritage Carlyle is really durable and designed to handle tough play. It has a durable, reliable glass countertop that has minimal dead spots and friction and keeps the ball rolling fast and smooth. This is a great table for experienced players and for anyone just starting to learn. It’s also nice enough to set up in the living room.
If you’re interested in getting a table that is top quality and almost competition level, the Tornado T-3000 is arguably the highest quality table out there. It’s made of stainless steel laminate, very heavy and solidly built, and can handle even the toughest play. It has telescopic rods and men that are made for quick, precise play. It’s also one of the most expensive tables around, but if you’re looking for something that will last a lifetime and intend to play hard, this is the table for you.
This is a mid-range table that is made of thick MDF and won’t wiggle or shake as much during play as some other MDF tables. It’s light enough that you could move it from room to room with some help but not so light that it makes play too jittery. The playing surface is made of glass and so has little to no imperfections or dead spots.
Another offering from KICK, the Royalton is a durable table that can stand up to some tough play. It comes with counterweighted and uniformed players and chrome-plated rods. With leg levelers, a smooth playing surface, and optional cup holders, this is a great table for a family with young children to use in the game room for years to come.
The EastPoint Sports Newcastle Football Table is an affordable, lightweight option for light, casual use. Most MDF tables aren’t very durable but this one is coated with a Luster Long finish that keeps it resistant to wear and tear. Its finish looks high quality and you wouldn’t even mind keeping this one in the living room. It has high performing rods and oversized leg levelers. This is a great choice for families with young children.
If you’re ready to invest in a foosball table, the number of different ones available might be a little overwhelming. The price range could be confusing, too, because there really are foosball tables available for all price points. It’s hard to know where you can skimp and what you really need to find a table that will not only fit your playing needs but also last a long time. Use the information in our buyer’s guide to figure out what to look for and then be sure to check out our picks for the eight best foosball tables for next year if you’re still looking. We cover a lot of ground so I’m confident you’ll find the one that will work for you.

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The Best Sport Stacking Cups and Timer Mats

What is Sport Stacking?Sport Stacking is without a doubt, America’s fastest growing new sport/activity (or at least in the top 5 for sure!).  In fact, it’s such a popular sport (ya, we’ll call it a sport for simplicity), that it has its own governing body for competitions and rules called the World Sport Stacking Association or WSSA!   If you’re new to this sport, here’s an overview of what’s going on!Also known as cup stacking or speed stacking, sport stacking is a sport that involves stacking (by hand) 12 specially designed cups (sometimes a different number like 9) in a predetermined order or sequence and then unstacking them again as fast as you can.  The cups are made very specifically for this sport and any attempt to use your plastic tumblers at home will only result in frustration. The cups have holes in the bottom to let air flow freely during the stacking process and prevents the cups from sticking together when you start unstacking them.  They’re also made of a very slippery plastic that further reduces adhesion to one another.  Stacking sequences are typically pyramids of 3, 6 or 10 cups, and competitions are based on individual times or one on one player competitions.  Competitions and popularity are growing so fast that new world records are being set nearly every month!  Let’s try to unpack the reasons why!BenefitsAt first glance, it may appear that sport stacking is just another fad like hula hoops or yo-yos.  On one level, that’s exactly what it is.  However, it seems there have been copious studies done around the world on the benefits of sport stacking, ranging from physical, to mental and emotional benefits that can be life-changing!  According to information gathered by Speed Stacks (a company with the only officially-sanctioned cups that can be used in competition in WSSA tournaments), one of the most common comments they receive from parents and school administrators is that sport stacking goes a very long way towards leveling the playing field for otherwise “disadvantaged” kids!  Non-athletics kids can now compete head to head with skilled athletes in school, and they often win.  That raises self-esteem which in turn motivates them to work harder not only in P.E. class, but in other subjects!  WOW!  It seems tough to believe that a set of plastic cups can move a slacker to become an academic overachiever who graduates top of the class from med school!Much of this academic improvement is achieved by students because they are forced to use both the right and left sides of their brain. When students sport stack they are crossing the “midline” of their bodies and developing new synaptic connections in their brains. These new connections help to spur brain growth which in turn promotes greater academic achievement. Parents, caregivers and teachers the world over have endorsed this sport since it promotes fitness, agility, concentration, and quickness!  Who wouldn’t want that?!  Even school Physical Education programs incorporate speed stacking as part of their curriculum. A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin by Dr. Brian Udermann, confirms that stacking improves hand–eye coordination & reaction time by up to 30%.  Incredible!  Who need mind-numbing video games?!  In another study at Towson University, a significant increase was found for elementary school students in comprehension skills, suggesting that Sport Stacking may improve students’ reading comprehension skills, regardless of race or gender.Consider Trey!Unlike many other activities and sports, there seems to be something nearly “magical” about the effects of sport stacking.  Dozens (probably way more) stories have come to light about kids whose lives are forever changed in a nearly incalculable way for the better.  Consider a young man named Trey Griffith!  When Trey’s dad Jimmy found out his son was on the Autism Spectrum he was rightly concerned he may never be able to bond with his son over any common connection to a sport which Jimmy loved.  Trey found a set of stacking cups in his sister’s closet, and after a couple years and some great practice sessions with Dad, Trey became one of the fastest sport stackers in the world at age 12.  This is but one of countless stories that warm the heart and jerk the tears!A Bit of HistoryWayne Godinet came up with the idea for sport stacking WAY back in 1981 while working for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Oceanside, California.  Sports were a bit component of the club, but Wayne saw that often children were tired of traditional sports and some didn’t like sports at all.  So, in an epic attempt to alleviate that problem, he took paper cups from the kitchen and made the kids stack them as fast as they could.  The specifics of what that looked like are the topic of a whole new post, but for now, let’s just say the activity or sport was very well received and it became more than just another boring pastime at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club!  Godinet realized that plastic cups would work better but discovered the problem of cups sticking together.  He added a hole in the bottom and the first stacking cup was born!Popularity grew even further to the point that Godinet started his own cup-making company called the Karango Cupstack Company, and by the end of the 1980’s he had sold around 25,000 sets of cups.  He then started an annual competition in Oceanside and later appeared with his championship team on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson!The CupsEarlier, we covered some of the history of the cups from paper to plastic to hole-making.  Because of how the cups are made and their surprisingly low price point, it’s simply not worth making your own set.  Even if you did, it would have a very different feel than the “official” cups which means that you would need to become accustomed to the official cups to set any records or even just compete!  The cups are reinforced with ribs inside which also serve to separate the cups from each other when they are nestled together.  The outside of the cup offers good grip since it is slightly textured.  The insides are smooth in order to slide out of the nestled position easily.  The cup bottoms (which could be called tops since they are facing upward) have at least 1 hole to allow air to pass while stacking and unstacking, and some cup designs have as many as 4 holes.  There’s even a company which makes cups with NO bottom (or top) to allow for no air resistance at all!The GoodsIf you think that a set of cups is all you need to enjoy the sport, you’d be wrong!  Well, mostly anyway.  We purchased 2 sets for our kids only to find out within one day, that we were lacking in other essentials!  In order to have fun competing (even if it’s just against yourself), you’ll want to have a timer.  It’s no good to have a stopwatch since you cannot accurately start or stop time during the stacking process which often takes only several seconds.  Enter the stack mat.  Stack mats (AKA “stacking mats”) are specially designed mats that decrease cup movement but more importantly, incorporate a sensitive timer used for practice and competition timing.A Bit of a Controversy!We mentioned the company Speed Stacks earlier, which happens to be the best-known and most prolific maker of Speed Stacking equipment like cups, mats and timers.  In 2001, the World Sport Stacking Association was founded to promote and govern sport stacking competitions, but the problem was that the owners of Speed Stacks were the founders of the WSSA.  Why is that a problem?  Well, it might not be if it wasn’t for the fact that the ONLY cups that could be used in official competitions were cups MADE BY SPEED STACKS!  Yikes!  That’s not even a hidden conflict of interest!  It seems the stacking world has come to terms with this situation, however, there are many critics who contend that sport stacking can’t grow until the governing body is an independent body that is not influenced directly by brand, products and companies that dictate rules to their own benefit.That being said, Sport Stacks makes (arguably) the best cups, mats, and timers in the world, and many competitors really don’t care about the business politics behind the scenes.With lots of great cups and a huge variety of mats on the market, let’s see what our team has chosen as the top equipment and supplies available anywhere! Best Sport Stacking Supplies Reviews Speed Stack Stack Station ProThe Speed Stack Stack Station Pro is really one of a kind.  We couldn’t find any competitors!  With Speed Stack having a virtual monopoly on higher end equipment, our reviews focus on their products simply because of the standardized quality and variety available.  This station includes a tournament display pro head and data cable with a G4 Storm mat and pro timer.  A surface with no bounce is imperative, and the Stack Station Pro is ZERO BOUNCE!  The legs are removable and they’re welded (rather than riveted or pinned) for a very solid feel.  If you’re looking to practice for official WSSA competition or just feel like a tournament winner, you’ll want the table/station to be official WSSA height.  Guess what?  YES, this is the official WSSA height of 30 inches!ProsOfficial height of WSSA competition tablesSturdy, stable construction with zero bounce qualityConsAt over a hundred bucks, it can be a bit restrictive in price for the casual player Speed Stacks – 30 Set Sport PackOkay, let’s be honest here!  You won’t need this pack for your 1-3 kids even if they’re all really into the sport!  The sport pack is for schools or other organizations that are equipping at least half a dozen serious competitors or a kid’s club with dozens of interested players!  It contains 30 sets of cups, 6 StackMat Pro (mats plus timers) and video instruction including online curriculum.  It’s an organized system that really gives the sport an academic and serious note!ProsWAAAYYY better pricing than buying all the components separately which would cost nearly $2000, so paying 1/4 the price ain’t so bad!Offers instruction on video and online curriculumConsNot much here other than price.  The value is insanely good (about 1/4 of the price of buying all items separately) but you’re still paying hundreds of dollars! Speed Stacks G4 STACKMAT ProThe G4 Atomic Punch Mat and G4 Pro Timer are a combo used by many of the world’s top stackers.  It’s really on par with the cream of the crop in this category.  We recommend it because the reviews online are stellar (and plentiful) and we know you’ll not be disappointed by the quality.  It has an accuracy to within 0.001 seconds and it features a data port which allows connection to an external display.  Batteries are included (yes, you read that correctly!!!) and as expected, it’s endorsed by the WSSA.The Speed Stacks G4 StackMat Pro is the winner of at 2018 Family Choice Award which recognizes the best in children’s and parenting products.  The Family Choice Award is one of the absolute most family-friendly and coveted award programs in the U.S.ProsWinner of the Family Choice AwardsThe most accurate timer availableConsThinner than some expectedPrice?  Speed Stacks CompetitorHere’s probably the best “deal” on our list.  It features 12 Speed Stack Cups in any one of 6 VERY COOL color combinations.  Click the name just above this line to see the options!  It has a GX timer and GX mat and a stacking stem (meant to carry and store the cups but does not help in stacking).  It also offers online stacking instructions as do other Speed Stacks products.ProsWinner of the Family Choice Awards (as are all Speed Stacks products in general in 2018)Very funky choice of bright and loud colorsConsThe only real negative would be that some customers received something other than what was ordered.  This results in extra effort and aggravation to rectify the situation with Amazon, but eventually, it turns out well in the end. Speed Stacks Sport Stacking SetFor those wishing to get their feet wet (metaphorically of course) in the sport of speed stacking, without breaking the bank, we strongly recommend this sport stacking set.  While it does not include a timer, mat or stand, it does offer an attractive price point to get you started with the feel of actually stacking cups.  It also offers you the choice of red, purple, pink, orange, green or blue cups.  The quick release stem is also included and it’ll help you carry and store the cups in an organized way.  On the stem you’ll find a QR code to bring you to an online training video to give you a jump start on your road to learning and enjoying one of America’s fastest growing sports!As with all Speed Stacks products, this set fits in the general category of “winner of the 2018 Family Choice Awards” which is quite an accomplishment for any product from any company!ProsOfficially endorsed cups (by the WSSA)Comes with a carry/storage quick release stemWinner of the Family Choice AwardConsDoes not come with timer, stand/table or mat  SpeedStacks Pro Cubing Pack – G4 Voxel GreenOkay, true, this is not officially a cup stacking mat, but we had to throw it in because the mat is dual-purpose.  It can be used for cup stacking AND you can use it for Rubiks Cube timing as well.  The timer itself is 100% the same as the speed stacking timer.  It’s a G4 Pro Timer (as good as SpeedStacks makes) and the accuracy is super tight to 0.001 seconds. CAUTION:  The only issue with the Cubing Pack and mat is that the width is NOT ideal for cup stacking.  It’s narrower and therefore it’s perfect for cubing.  If you’re into both stacking and cubing, we’d suggest keeping the timer and just buying 2 separate mats which will definitely not break the bank!ProsIncludes interchangeable timer for both stacking and cubing matsIncludes SpeedStacks’ best timer (G4 Pro)ConsNot ideal for sport stacking since the mat itself is not wide enough for 3 stacks of cups beside each other (3-6-3). Sport Stacking Primer/Overview/Lowdown … you get the idea!  The post The Best Sport Stacking Cups and Timer Mats appeared first on Sport Consumer.