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6 Best Skimboards 2020: Options for All Skill Levels

There are multiple different variables that need to be accounted for when choosing the right skimboard. Your weight and height are some of those variables and you will need to ensure that your skimboard also matches your skills or capabilities on the water.
Much like surfboards, skimboards are extremely versatile and can also be a nightmare in the water if you do not manage to find the correct board for your needs. Luckily we are here to help you with all of the important features that you need to look for as well as the best types of boards that are currently available on the market.
Top Skimboard Comparison Charts

PictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?

1. DB Skimboards Proto Plank
$$$Check Price on Amazon

2. Fedmax Skimboard with High Gloss Coat
$$Check Price on Amazon

3. Victoria Skimboards Woody XL
$$$Check Price on Amazon

4. Sunspecs Rubber Top Wooden Skimboard
$$Check Price on Amazon

5. Wave Zone Diamond

$$$$Check Price on Amazon

6. Zap Lazer Skimboard
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

Before we look at the top skimboards, you will need to know exactly how to find the top skimboards and how the special features will be of benefit to you, so we have created our list of the most important features that you need to look for to ensure that you buy a quality skimboard that will give you the best value for your money.
Skimboard Buying Guide
We all know how devastating and powerful water is, but this is especially true in the ocean and a proper skimboard might be a little expensive, but you will definitely be able to ride in most water conditions without any fear of the water damaging or even snapping the board in half. Most manufacturers have started focusing on the aerodynamic element of the board to ensure that the wind does not lift you. But, let’s look at a few of the important features you will need to keep in mind when selecting your board:
The weight plays an extremely important role and when it comes to flotation. A heavier board will be much more inclined to sink into the water, thus ruining the fun and a lighter might be faster, but it will be lifted by the wind much easier
Larger skimboards are much faster when you look at the length and the width of the board, but they will not be as effective in carving up when you would like to possibly attack a wave. Your weight will also play a large role in determining the size of your skimboard.
Sizing Chart

The durability will affect the price and the materials used in the construction. The most common, but also expensive skimboards are those which have been created with a fiberglass body and foam on the inside. The wooden boards are also good and they are fortunately much cheaper
Foam boards obviously have better floatation that the wooden boards, but at faster speeds, the wooden board will still be effective enough to carve through the water and allow you to attack bigger waves.
Thicker skimboards will glide much better on the water, but they are also less responsive to moving, thus making them harder to carve through the water with and you will need to decide on the best skimboard for your needs
By looking through these five features, you should have noticed by now that you could save a lot of money by giving up some of the features, but you will also be giving up some of the fun you could have with these boards. We recommend the carbon fiber skimboards which has been filled with foam to get the most out of your board.
With that being said, let’s look at the top skimboards for this year:
Best Skimboard Reviews
1.  DB Skimboards Proto Plank
Materials: Hardwood – Maple
Size: 39 – 43 inches
While not the cheapest board on our list, we believe it’s the best quality option.  It’s actually DB’s lowest-priced entry-level model, but DB is a cut above the rest to begin with.  This board has a Maple core with durable HPL top and bottom layers.  HPL is made of tough melamine resins that are very slick, and slide easily and very quickly over sand.  DB has higher standards than most and their workflow philosophy includes environmental consciousness and sustainability. 
This board features 3D rocker which means it has a continuous rocker or curve from tip to tail as well as side to side rocker (called “taco rocker”).  With rocker on all sides, you can easily twist and spin free on the water without catching the edge of your board and wiping out.
Be sure to know your size – There are 3 Proto Plank sizes: 39 inches long and made for anyone 80 – 130 lbs. 41 inches for anyone from 130 – 180 lbs, and 43 inches for anyone over 180 lbs.
We recommend this board for beginners to start out with and to learn the basic fundamentals of skimboarding. This board is more of a long-term investment given its price point of around 2-3 times other, smaller, lower-quality models.

Maintenance-free design
Great for children and beginners
Great reviews online
Rocker in all directions



2.   Fedmax Skimboard with High Gloss Coat
Materials: Hardwood
Size: 30 inches and 41 inches
It was hard to determine what criteria would be most important to our readers looking for a skimboard.  Instead of just going for the most expensive boards which were of course filled with more features and better materials, we thought that a combination of affordability mixed with a good level quality would be our best bet.  The Fedmax falls squarely in that category so it ranks higher on our list.
Because of its high gloss coating, you won’t have to worry about rubber or foam falling apart or wearing away over time.  However, the coating is meant for wax to be applied from time to time to keep your feet on the board.  The Poplar wood construction makes this board light and tough.  It’s an excellent board for starters and they even offer you a 90-day return guarantee if you’re not thrilled!  If that’s not enough, Fedmax will include an ultimate tricks and tips guide with each purchase!

Really affordable
Durable hardwood design
Great for beginners


Not totally maintenance-free

3.   Victoria Skimboards Woody XL
Materials: Plywood
Dimensions: 48.5 x 21.3 inches
While this board is officially rated “entry-level”, you’d never know it by the comments from some experienced boarders.  Not only that but unlike pretty much any board online, this one received a LOWEST rating of 4 stars out of 5 and the WORST comment was “gets the job done”.  After that, the comments are insanely glowing and buyers seem to almost be over-stating how good it is (but I don’t think they’re scams).  For example, the rocker (curve) of the board is described as very minimal, and that was something very desirable for one buyer.  It’s meant for riding the shoreline or flat water because of its low rocker or “flatness” so it won’t ride up over waves as easily.
It’s made for riders in the 180-220 lb range but riders in the 160 lb range will find it works just fine!
In spite of the glowing comments from good riders, we do recommend this board for beginners or casual riders.  Advanced or veteran riders might need to move on to the fiberglass boards to get better results. The board is also fairly cheap, but the only downside should be the plywood construction. It does offer better floatation, but is much less durable once the epoxy finish deteriorates, therefore, beginners and casual riders should get the best use out of it at an affordable price

Excellent feedback and ratings on Amazon
Promotes better gliding
Slightly heavier than cheaper wood boards and the extra weight allows for use in heavier winds and waves without a loss of control


Lacks in durability
Lacks in control

4.   Sunspecs Rubber Top Wooden Skimboard With Slip Free Grip
Materials: Hardwood
Size: 30″ 35″ 36″ 41″
Here’s another good beginner board which has (you guessed it!) lots of great reviews online.  While a few buyers found some quality issue with the lamination, the vast majority loved it.  It’s made of solid wood and it uses the rubber layer on top for traction, so no traction wax is needed.  It comes in a HUGE variety of colors, and lots of sizes (way more colors and sizes than nearly any other board sold online).  It can accommodate riders from well under 80 lbs to anyone up to (and maybe over) 220 lbs!  Ride on!
Since the board offers great value to multiple sizes of people, we not only recommend it for intermediate riders, but also for entire families looking to have some more fun at the beach. The board is also really affordable and will give you great durability in the long term with the laminated finish.

More variety of sizes and colors than other boards
Huge variety of weights from 80 lbs – 220 lbs by using the correct sized board
Good value for a family vacation
Durable hardwood construction


Some boards may have lamination quality issues

5.   Wave Zone Diamond Fiberglass Skimboard

Materials: Fiberglass
Dimensions: 38.5 x 19.5 inches
The Wave Zone Diamond skimboard has been designed for beginners and intermediate riders alike. The board has been constructed from durable, but still, lightweight fiberglass and the added gel coating will ensure that the board is board holds up much better against stronger waves.
The foam core also allows you glide effortlessly for longer distances and periods of time and the fact that it has been handcrafted also ensure the quality of the board is that much better. Since the board is much thicker than most of the other boards, it will hinder the control a little, but the larger tail will also allow you to carve through the water more efficiently
Furthermore, the board is a little more expensive, but since the board will help you reach pro status much faster, we definitely recommend this board to anyone looking to go into the sport of skimboarding. Unfortunately, the weight limit on the board is only 110lbs and thus it will be good for younger and smaller riders.

Extremely durable
Promotes longer gliding periods
Features a stylish design


Extremely low weight limit

6.   Zap Lazer Skimboard

Materials: Fiberglass
Dimensions: 40.25 x 20 inches
Last but not least, we have the Zap Lazer Skimboard which has been made from lightweight and durable fiberglass. The inside of the board has been made from foam and all of these materials have been laminated together to ensure great durability.
The board is extremely long and this will ensure that you have a longer and more sufficient gliding period compared to most of the wooden boards and since it will be able of withstanding the weight of 160lbs, this board should be great for larger intermediate riders as well.
The board is also available in multiple different designs and you will be capable of choosing the best style for your needs. Unfortunately, the board is also one of the most expensive on our list, but it offers the most important features that will ensure that you enjoy riding the board.
We highly recommend this board for more advanced and intermediate riders, but beginners should also be able to use the board to lift them to pro status in no time. Most people in the family should also be able to have some fun with this durable board.

Extremely durable and lightweight
Allows longer gliding
Available in multiple colors and styles
Great for veterans to use


 The board is quite expensive


Final Thoughts & Conclusion
We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you are now capable of finding the best skimboard for your weight and skills. We do recommend the fiberglass designs for their durability and the fact that they are lighter, but the wood boards will be great to start out with.
We would also like to encourage you to let us know what you think of our selections ad if you think we might have missed any.


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The 5 Best Gun Safes Under $1000 : Protection & Security

The world is not like it used to be.  Acts of terrorism and violence have become commonplace and many people have turned to firearms provide security and protection for their families.Since guns are now become more and more on the streets and in homes, people are sometimes neglecting the fact that they do need to have a good gun safe to keep their guns secure.
We have decided to help in the effort to make guns a safer in the home and to help gun owners find the best and most affordable safes in which they could keep their weapons. In our search, we tried to choose the best gun safes that will cost less than $1000. Many of these safes might still seem expensive to some, but we have tried to ensure that you are able to choose the best ones and still get away with paying the most affordable price.
But, before we can simply dive into the top gun safes that will cost you under $1000, you will need to know which features are important when you are looking to buy a gun safe. There are also multiple choices that you will need to make to ensure that you do get a great gun safe at an affordable price.
Gun Safes Under $1000 Comparison Chart

PictureNameTypePriceWhere to Buy?

1. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652
Biometric$$Check Price on Amazon

2. Steelwater Standard Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection Safe
Long Gun$$$Check Price on Amazon

3. Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Portable Safe
Biometric$$Check Price on Amazon

4. GunVault MiniVault Quick Access Compact Gun Safe
Handgun – e-lock$Check Price on Amazon

5. Barska Compact Biometric Security Safe
Biometric$$Check Price on Amazon

Buying Guide
Many products will only require you to look at the top features and then select which one you want, or which one you feel is the most affordable of the bunch. These choices will ensure that you are able to have the perfect gun safe, that’ll keep your weapons safe and also make life much easier for you when you need to access the weapons.
The size of the gun safe is fundamentally important and getting the correct size for your gun safe, will definitely make a huge difference. If the size of the safe is not correct, your weapon will not fit. The larger gun safes are made for long rifles, but because of the more advanced and bulkier construction, they also tend to be more expensive.
Lock Type
Gun safes come in a variety of different locking options. The biometric and electronic locks are now the most common, but if you want the ultimate speed when trying to access the gun safe, you should look into getting the biometric locking safe. These safes are also very secure and they make use of a fingerprint scanner to give you access to the weapons. The standard mechanical lock is also great and with this lock type, is very trustworthy, but will take much longer to give you access to the contents on the inside.
Wall vs. Standing Safes
The choice between a standing safe or a built-in wall safe is also one that you will need to consider. The wall safes are much easier to conceal and many of them will also be perfect for your office if you need to have your firearm close by.
These are the three main things that you will need to consider and look into when you are going to buy a gun safe. Now that you have the 3 main choices that you are going to make when buying a gun safe, you will also need to consider the key and important features that will be looked at when you are in the process of purchasing a gun safe.
Key Features to Consider 
Gun safes are all designed differently and they will definitely differ from each brand. We have used these key features as part of our criterion when just completing the assessment and ensuring that you can choose the best gun safe under $1000 to meet your needs. Here are the features we consider the most important.
Lock type
The type of lock that you choose will also have a huge impact on the overall price of the safe. Biometric safes are generally more expensive and they have more technology that has been incorporated to make them work faster and be more secure. The biometric fingerprint scanners are generally best used on smaller safes and will give you more versatility in terms of access.
If you plan on storing the larger rifles, you will still manage to find bigger biometric safes. Unfortunately, you will have to pay extra for the size and this is where the mechanical lock can easily come into play.
The durability of the safe is mostly determined by the steel that is used in the safe itself. The quality of the steel will show you how hard, or how easy it can potentially be for someone to get into the safe and break it open. We highly recommend looking for the toughest possible steel to ensure that no one can break open the safe or get inside without your consent.
Fireproof and Waterproof
The top safes are also fireproof and they have an added layer to protect all your things on the inside. This fireproof layer is definitely important if you are living in a highly volatile area that might just catch fire at any moment. The insurance companies might also give you a little bit of discount if the safe you choose does match the entire list of criterion they want and the more safety features it has, the better the safe will be for you. We recommend that you research or just simply check the safe to see if it has a fire rating and for how long you will be protected.
If you like traveling a lot, you should look to invest in a safe that can be carried along with you and is portable enough for you to keep in the car. A portable safe will make life much easier for you and will always ensure that your belongings are carefully protected when you are on the road. These safes can also be effective to use in the place of a briefcase.
It is really important to ensure that the safe is covered by the backing of the company. This usually comes in the form of a warranty. Most safe companies will have decent warranties against break-ins, but if you live in an area that is volatile to fire and those kinds of situations, the fireproof safe and its warranty will certainly come handy. The top fireproof safes generally have huge warranties that will be great and will also protect you forever.
These 5 features will be the main features that you will need to be concerned about when you are looking to buy a decent safe while not breaking the bank. There are even more intricate features like lighting and fancy keypads, but with these features, you will have a good safe, that could keep your weapons and even your valuables safe from any possible intruders.
With that being said, here are the top gun safes we found after talking to experts and gun enthusiasts.
Gun Safe Reviews
1.  Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652
The Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 is one of the more modern, but still highly effective safes on the market today. The safe is designed from extremely high-quality steel and will be durable to almost any attack from an intruder. This includes the use of heavy machinery and torches.
On the inside, the safe is also very functional and it can hold up to 4 long rifles. The inside also features brackets that will keep the weapons in place and will ensure that the guns don’t swirl around and bump into one another. The 3-point deadbolt locking system is quite strong and there will be no way an intruder can pry open the safe without making too much noise or taking a very long time.
The safe makes use of a biometric fingerprint scanner to keep your items and weapons securely locked up and out of harm’s way. This fingerprint scanner is also quite versatile and you will be able to store up to 120 different fingerprints on it, with the first one being the administrative fingerprint. If you have administrative access, you can add or remove anyone at any moment.
In terms of pricing, the safe is actually really cheap and affordable and should be a bargain for the right buyer. All the mounting hardware has also been included in the package, but since the safe is quite heavy, you might need to have someone to help you set up the safe and have it correctly mounted for the best security.

Extremely durable
Decent inner space
Holds up to 120 fingerprints
Strong 3-point deadbolt locking system
Really affordable


You might need some help with the mounting process

2.  Steelwater Standard Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes
The Steelwater Standard Duty 20 long gunfire protection safe is one of the more expensive safes that you will find. This safe has been constructed from extremely powerful steel and has the capabilities of withstanding fires and heat of up to 1875 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 1 hour.  The features are plentiful starting with interior LED lighting and a 3-way direct drive lock and bolt system.  The overall construction is 14 Gauge steel and it features a 5″ thick door with 2 layers of fireboard.  Fireboard also continues with 2 layers throughout the rest of the case including ceiling, floor, walls and door jams.
You can fit up to 20 guns (10/10) but the average workable storage is closer to 12-16 long guns.  There’s also an internal spring-loaded re-locking bolt to secure the safe in case the lock is punched out/removed during a break-in or burglary.  Another ingenious feature is the heat-activated expandable door seal that is not only designed to seal out smoke and water, but it expands up to EIGHT TIMES its original thickness in the event of a fire.
The semi-gloss textured powder-coated black paint looks appealing, especially with the silver pinstriping and polished chrome handle.  The safe has several pre-drilled holes to accommodate attachment to the floor for security and another hole to allow for the use of a dehumidifier.  The grey interior is fully upholstered, and the whole deal comes with a free dry pack (200 grams) of silica gel in the form of a rechargeable, dehumidifying box.
I could go on and one talking about the features, but one that we especially liked was the EMP-proof (Electro-magnetic Pulse) digital keypad which also comes with a double-bitted high-security bypass key.

Great durability
Includes a free dehumidifier
Very secure deadbolt locking system
High Capacity


Quite expensive
Tough to mount
Can’t be delivered to some locations (see Amazon for details)

3.  Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Portable Safe
The Vaultek Essential Series pistol safe is one of the top handgun and portable safes that you can buy. The safe is quite small and lightweight, which will make it extremely easy to carry along with you. The safe is constructed from 18-guage carbon steel (well, actually, all steel is “carbon” steel, it’s just a matter of how much carbon – but that’s another issue) and this will definitely protect your belongings.
The safe is also resistant to any impact it might take and the inner lining will ensure that your weapon and valuables are not running wild inside. The safe includes a good lithium-ion battery and this battery only needs to be recharged every 4-5 months. The design is quite stylish and the outer powder coating does not only make the safe look better, but it also protects the safe from corrosion and any outer damages.
The main selling point of the safe is the fact that you can use your mobile smartphone to open up the safe. When the safe is opened up, you will also have a responsive LED light that will go on. This will make it easier for you to see your weapon and give you fast access when you need to defend yourself.
In terms of pricing, the safe is actually really affordable and you will definitely get some great value for your money. The only downside we found was the fact that the safe must be mounted securely to avoid any theft, but the steel cable might not be the strongest way and the intruder might be able to break the cable with the right power tools. This safe is definitely recommended for those who like to travel.

Extremely durable
Small and portable
Decent locking mechanism
Rust and corrosion protected
Really affordable


The mounting might not be as secure as you might hope

4.  GunVault MiniVault Quick Access Compact Gun Safe
Here’s an ingenious model we’re thrilled to feature!  The GunVault MiniVault takes quick access to a new level.  This safe promises to deliver your firearm should you need it quickly – up to 20% faster than anything else on the market.  Why?  Well, it features an auto slide-out drawer that holds your handgun.  But to get to the slide-out drawer, you simply place one hand on the top of the safe on a panel that fits your four long fingers.  You use those fingers to quickly push the button under each of your fingers in the right order to unlock the safe and you immediately have the slide-out drawer under your hand.
An LED helps you see exactly what’s going on during the process, and the heavy-gauge steel combined with the tamper-proof concealed hinge and manual backup key offer added security features.  The low battery warning also helps make your overall experience a good one!

Extremely lightweight
Really affordable
Offers you lots of room for the price
Superfast handgun access


Very dependent on batteries, which tend not to last as long as they should!
Thinner steel and less secure overall than more expensive brands
Only useable for small items and not useable for long guns

5.  Barska Compact Biometric Security Safe
The Barska Compact Biometric gun safe is a great safe designed by the Barska Company to give you fast access when you need to access your weapons and will also give you great protection from any possible theft. This safe has also been constructed from extremely tough and durable steel and will certainly be impervious to anyone trying to pry open the safe.
The safe utilizes a decent biometric fingerprint scanner to give you access. This fingerprint scanner is capable of holding up to 30 different fingerprints and the first one will be the administrative fingerprint. With decent internal sizing, you could easily store up to 2 handguns inside without any real hassles or complications.
The safe can also be mounted in virtually any location and with the pre-drilled holes; you should have no troubles when it comes to mounting the safe on the counter or even on your desktop at home. This safe is very lightweight and with all the mounting tools included, you will only need the drill to put the safe securely into place.
This safe is also really affordable and Barska has always been one of the trusted brands when it comes to gun safes. We would highly recommend this quick access safe to anyone looking to have a safe near them where they might be in the house. The safe will also be easy to mount without the help of any additional people.

Durable steel construction
Pre-drilled mounting holes
Versatile design
Good fingerprint scanner


The fingerprint scanner does have a few flaws

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we certainly do hope that you have managed to find the ideal safe to meet your needs and also to keep your weapons and valuables protected. There are many more safes available on the market, but we do consider these to be the top choices that you could make. In terms of recommendations, we would like to recommend the Barska brand. This brand is trusted everywhere around the world and will certainly give you what you are looking for when it comes to protecting your firearm and adhering to all current gun laws.
Please let us know in the comment section below if you think we might have missed any of your favorite safes and also be sure to tell us why you have chosen them. If you have any experience with our safes. Be sure to let us know what the experience was.

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The 13 Best Snorkel Masks for 2019

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One of the most exhilarating vacations for couples, families, and marine life enthusiasts is snorkeling. It has been popular for years and is the motivation of tourism across the tropical world. Whether you are a local to the beach, or you are looking to hop on a plane and explore the world beyond, there are many variables that can determine the success and fun of your trip. The beauty of snorkeling is to be found in the views underneath the water. This is why it is very important to maximize the quality, and comfort of your views. Alas, you have the importance of the snorkeling mask guide! There are so many factors that make up snorkeling masks, and it is very important to understand what will best fit your needs.
Top Snorkel Mask Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?

1. Seaview 180 degree GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

2. Dive IT Dry Snorkel Mask
$$Check Price on Amazon

3. YONGQI LJR Full Face Snorkel Mask
$$$Check Price on Amazon

4. Scubapro Frameless Mini Mask
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

5. Phantom Aquatics Velocity Scuba Snorkeling Mask Snorkel Set
$Check Price on Amazon

6. Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set
$Check Price on Amazon

7. Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggle, Made in Italy
$$Check Price on Amazon

8. PROMATE Snorkeling Scuba Dive DRY Snorkel PURGE Mask Gear Set
$Check Price on Amazon

9. North Scout Mask
$$Check Price on Amazon

10. Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

11. Atomic ARC Subframe
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

12. Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set
$$Check Price on Amazon

13. LUOOV Full Face Snorkeling Mask $$Check Price on Amazon

Buying Guide
The first important consideration is going to be fit, a ubiquitous concern amongst many pieces of worn equipment. The sizing of a snorkeling mask is going to be determined by measuring your face form the bridge of your nose down to the chin. Once you get this measurement, you also need to keep in mind that everyone has a uniquely shaped face. The centerpiece of snorkel mask sizing is the difference in the “skirt”. For some snorkeling terminology 101, the skirt is the rubber portion of the mask that makes contact with your face. In general practice, the wider the skirt is, the more contact the mask will have with your face. The more contact with your skin, the more likely it will be to make a good seal. Of course, there are other factors that will adjust how tightly sealed the mask is to your face. At the top of the additional variable list is the materials the mask is made of. A mask made of plastic is likely to be inexpensive, however, they come with many undesireable consequences. A plastic skirt is less flexible and may form a poor seal on your face, also durability of the mask is definitely something to be worried about with a plastic mask. On the upper scale of the table, a mask made from silicone will be much more durable, fit better, and offer more stretch in the mask.
Once you have perfected your fit, there is also quite a collection of colors and styles to consider. The masks are generally separated into two categories, clear and colored, usually dark-colored. A dark-colored mask may look nice in design, but it might make you feel tunnel-visioned. A clear mask on the other hand, will allow for a wider view. In addition to the traditional styles, a whole new snorkel mask model is soaring in popularity and gaining momentum. The full face masks! These masks will definitely make you look like you just landed from planet Zebulon, but they do offer a unique fitting style that can be very interesting and advantageous. One of the most irritating issues with snorkeling masks is leaking and fogging with the masks. The most important measure you can take to assure you won’t have to deal with these annoyances is buying the right skirt and having a well-fitted snorkeling mask. Other masks have special features such as vision-enhancing coatings, tinting to deal with certain places that might deal with things like heavy sunlight.

Best Snorkel Mask Reviews
Seaview 180 degree GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask
Panoramic Full Face Design and preventing Gag Reflex with Tubeless Design
One of the most interesting snorkeling masks to enter the market. First glance at this mask will leave you bewildered, is this even a snorkeling mask? Full-face masks are a growing trend. The full 180-degree design makes it much easier to not only breathe underwater but breathe comfortably. There is definitely an argument for the new face mask technology. Blowing in out of the same air vent can be very uncomfortable. This mask is priced a little higher than stereotypical snorkeling masks, however, it also offers great compatibility for GoPro camera integration. If you are looking to document your trip with little difficulty, this is a great choice for you. It has a nice modern look and comes in 5 different colorways, panoramic white paired with either teal, navy blue/grey, blue, plum/grey, and pink. This mask also has a very useful anti-fog design. The breathing chamber is engineered to be apart from the main viewing window. This will help diversify the channels and eliminate the crossover of airflow that creates dreaded fogging in snorkeling masks! It is recommended to have a clean-shaven face for this mask to increase contact between mask and skin. This may not be a good choice for you if you are rocking a big grizzly adams beard! Another major benefit to this mask and an attribute to all full-face masks is that you will not have to worry about holding your head at an awkward angle while taking in the underwater sights!

Full Face Mask
GoPro Adapted
Breathing Chamber


Full Face Mask might look a little ridiculous in a casual setting

Dive IT Dry Snorkel Mask
The Dive IT brand has gathered its engineers to fight against one of the biggest problems snorkeling masks frequently face, fogging. They have successfully trailed their mask to run for 90 hours straight without fogging! This is quite the feat and although we are all a little confused about how you would even go about testing a mask for 90 straight hours, the claim is certainly a testament to their confidence. This mask features a nice clear mask design, although it does have a black outline layer that may make you feel like you have restricted tunnel vision. It has a very sturdy and thick breathing tube. It is also a great mask for fitting purposes. It comes equipped with dual positioned buckles to adjust the helmet to your unique head shape. The Dive IT brand also offers a nice 2 years warranty over this mask. This is a definitely a great model if you are looking for a traditional mask that fights annoying fogging during use.

Combat Fogging


Tunnel vision
Breathing tube functionality

YONGQI LJR Full Face Snorkel Mask 
Another model featuring the revolutionary full-face design, the YONGQI LJR Full Face Snorkel Mask.  Honestly, I don’t even know how to pronounce that, but I can tell you it’s a replacement for the no longer available October Moon 2nd Generation mask.  October Moon Second Generation (AKA Yongqi LJR) separates themselves from the pack with a nice design, very thick breathing mask, adjustable tools, and a unique breathing system.  This mask a great for beginners who are just learning and figuring out how to snorkel. One of the most amazing features of this mask is the breathing system. It will actually block air and water from coming in the top of the tube if you choose to dive underwater. This feature is game-changing and it’s best for those looking to integrate more swimming fun into the experience. It can also be useful for divers with this additional functionality. The design itself does look a little bulky and this mask may be a little heavy on the face in comparison to some other models. Like the Seaview model, this mask also comes packaged with a GoPro mount that can allow you to easily create great videos and memories that last a lifetime. Some have complained that the plastic materials in this mask give off a troubling smell. This mask also comes with a carrying bag and extra washer as a treat from the October Moon company to you. In Conclusion, this mask is a great price for a full face mask and has a very awesome breathing tube.

Breathing Tube
GoPro Mount
Full Face Mask


Not great for free diving below 2-3 meters

Scubapro Frameless Mini Mask
This mask is specially designed for self-assembly. If you have vision difficulty and require prescription lenses, this is a great strategy for snorkel mask purchase. This mask is designed for small to medium face size and is prided on their exceptional field of vision. The skirt of this mask is made of high-quality silicone materials that will ensure durability and avoid the risk of odor from plastic materials. One drawback to this mask is the black surrounding color that may make you feel tunnel visioned or claustrophobic in the water. However, this mask is a great route for those looking to further customize their lens and add in a special lens. This does not come with a breathing tube.

Customizable for prescription lenses


Really not a lot of snorkeling purposed functionality

Phantom Aquatics Velocity Scuba Snorkeling Mask Snorkel Set
If you are looking for a traditional mask, this is probably going to be the pair for you. The Phantom Aquatics Velocity has a rare combination of low price and high durability potential. The mask is made of crystal silicon, the highest grade silicone available. This will not only create a comfortable and robust seal between your face and the mask, but premium materials like this are less likely to break or be deformed in any way. Another great feature of this mask is that the color system is extremely diverse and customizable. There are over 11 colorways to choose from. This mask is known for having a great fit. It has an ergonomic design that is specially made to accommodate flexibility matching unique head shapes.

Durability, material quality
Avoid leaking


Antiquated breathing tube design

Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set
Competing with the Phantom Aquatics model, the Cressi traditional snorkel set has many exciting qualities as well. This mask is a little more expensive than the Phantom Aquatics model, but it comes with a really sleek design with shiny silicone coating the frame of the mask. The breathing tube also comes with technology to eliminate water entry when submerged. This can be a game-changing feature for many snorkelers. This mask is especially known for being lightweight and opting to avoid having a bulky snorkel mask that will weigh you down and harm your experience. This mask also comes highly customizable in 9 colors.

Brand Name
Breathing tube, (rare amongst traditional masks)

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggle, Made in Italy
Sometimes, the best snorkeling masks are those that are lightweight and reduce clunkiness. The Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles are a great option for those who do not want to have to drag around a big mask on their face while swimming. These goggles are specially designed for snorkeling because they offer a wider viewing mask. They are also very customizable, offering 18 colorways. They offer a 180-degree viewing area and also have a great system on the sides of the mask for adjusting the fit. These are a great pair of goggles, however, they do not have any type of underwater breathing support. However, these can be a great option for those who aren’t comfortable with the traditional snorkeling experiences and would rather have a simple pair of goggles with a wider view. This wouldn’t make sense if the decision is purely motivated by pricing as this pair of goggles is only slightly less expensive on average than typical snorkel mask sets.

Great viewing space


Does not come with breathing tube

PROMATE Snorkeling Scuba Dive DRY Snorkel PURGE Mask Gear Set
FIrst glance at this mask may instantly turn you away from this mask. However, despite a somewhat clunky looking design, this mask offers great features to enhance your snorkeling experience. The mask is centered around it’s silicone purge valve for easy draining. This feature has received nothing but praise for its unmatched ability to keep water out of the breathing valve as you diving really deep into the water, (even depths as massive as 20-30 feet). If you have been snorkeling before you are familiar with one of the most annoying things to happen to snorkelers, getting a disgusting mouth full of water when you were opting for air. This can be especially annoying if you are snorkeling in salt water. This mask comes at a great price and is made of high quality materials to ensure its durability. The PROMATE mask is also highly customizable with an amazing 13 colorways released.

Avoid Fogging
Breathing Tube Functionality


Clunky design

North Scout Mask
If your name is James Bond and you are diving underneath enemy lines, this is definitely the hi-tech mask you are going to need to accomplish your mission. This mask is the ultimate creation of snorkel mask technology. The full-face design comes with an advanced silicone facial lining to secure the connection between face and mask and ensure that no leaking happens while using this mask. This mask also comes with the latest and greatest technology in the breathing tube, allowing for diving into the water without water getting into the tub or mask. This mask abandons the traditional concept of the mouthpiece altogether, trying to emulate almost an astronaut type of breathing apparatus. This mask is one of the top premium models in the snorkeling mask market. This mask is great for professional use or snorkeling/diving with a group of experienced veterans, but it might look a little over the top if you bring this bad boy out on a family snorkeling or swimming trip.

Full Face Mask
Breathing system


Will definitely look over the top in a casual setting

Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask
One of the priciest options for snorkeling mask, the ocean reef mask features a full face mask with a very sleek design and clear mask for optimal viewing area. The model is especially focused on easy and natural breathing within the space of the face mask. There are a lot of sizing options with this mask and it comes customizable in 10 colorways. It is very lightweight for a full face mask, only weighing about 2 pounds. This mask is also optimized to keep water from getting into the mask when you dive underneath the water. There is a plastic ball bearing that closes as you dive. When you reach the surface it will strategically clear and allow you to breathe again in the mask so you don’t have to necessarily come all the way out of the water to get another breath of air. This mask is known for being very comfortable as well. The design puts pressure on the right parts of your face to maximize the seal and keep water from leaking into the mask.

Full Face Mask
Viewing Area



Atomic ARC Subframe
The ARC subframe mask not only looks incredible but features amazing lens technology that will dramatically enhance your snorkeling experience. The lens coating is designed to increase light transmission and reduce glare to make it easier to take in the amazing views underwater. It has a very wide frame to make sure that you do not feel tunnel visioned, even in the black frame model. It comes in two colorways and both feature a really bad-ass look integrating the signature lens. This mask is also very well known for its resistance to leaking. This mask is a little pricey, but it is one of the absolute best in terms of fitting, quality materials fortified for durability, and awesome lens technology.

Lens Coating, sun resistant
Wide frame


No breathing tube

Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set
Another Model from the Italian company, the panoramic wide view mask and dry snorkel set is the complete package for those looking for a traditional mask. Like many other traditional models, it comes highly customizable with 12 different color options. It also features a very wide masks to enhance visibility and reduce feeling tunnel visioned in the mask. This design makes it easier to choose a black frame that might help reduce glare from a particularly bright sun. The lenses are designed to be extremely durable with a polycarbonate frame. This mask has a unique feature that separates it from other traditional masks with quick adjust mask strap buckles. The mask has a very high quality squirt that should optimize fit between skirt and mask, eliminating dreaded leaking. The straps should also really help with this. The adjustable mask also alleviates difficulty fitting the breathing tube. This mask is a little pricier than some of its competitors, but it comes with great fitting and design.

Full Face Mask
Color Options


Polycarbonate vs. Silicone material

LUOOV Full Face Snorkeling Mask 
This full face mask model is one of the most affordable masks on the market. This mask is very unique because of its pricing and features. It does not sacrifice the dominant features of full face masks that would usually account for its lower price. It features a full face fitting, and breathing apparatus allows for actually diving under water. The breathing tube will prevent water from getting into your mouth and face when you dive underwater. This mask also comes in four colorways with a signature all black style, and then blue, green, and pink each with a white frame. It is a surface mask and is not suitable for freediving. In conclusion, this mask is a great price and offers all the bonafide features of full face snorkel masks.

Full face mask

Final Thoughts & Recommendations
In Conclusion, few markets are changing as rapidly as snorkeling masks. The full face mask design has swapped search results for snorkeling masks. The full face mask is a great design that eliminates a lot of the problems faced by traditional snorkeling masks. The main benefit is to avoid the breathing apparatus that sometimes leaves you taking a big gulp of ocean water. The mask also future a full 180-degree view that will make you feel like an astronaut underwater. Finally, this mask is optimized to reduce leaking. The full face seal is very secure and will ensure that water does not leak into your mask, few things burn like salt water in your eyes. However, this mask does have some potential risks associated with it. For one, you will probably look like you are taking your snorkeling trip a little too seriously if you are wearing it for more casual use such as at the beach, pool, or family snorkeling trip. Additionally, if there is a defect in the face seal or breathing apparatus, you could risk having the entire mask being filled up with water. Many of these masks are also designed with the intention of using the camera phenomenon GoPro during trips. Document your trip and create amazing videos!
With the pros and cons of the full face mask reviewed, the traditional style mask certainly hasn’t been booted out of relevancy yet. The traditional mask features a more casual design that gets the job done advertised by snorkeling masks. These masks also allow for easy customization of the lens to be more accommodating to those who would prefer a prescription lens instead of trying to wear glasses or contact lenses underneath their masks. When looking for traditional masks, you will find immense variation. It is especially important to prioritize the quality of the materials. If you can find a silicone mask or even polypropylene, it will probably be much more durable than a plastic model. Additionally, you should look into the functionality of the breathing tube. Some models are adapted to allow you to dive underwater, and this is really so important it could easily be your top priority to look for. The coloring of the mask is also going to be very important. A clear mask will help you feel more at one with the underwater world, whereas a black framed mask may make you feel tunnel visioned. However, a black mask may be a more appealing visual design. In conclusion, which model you chose will really depend on your priorities. Are you a casual snorkeler? Are you aspiring for professional activity in the underwater world? No matter who you are, make sure you avoid water leaking into the mask/breathing tube, poor quality materials, as well as the unique features to each mask that makes them stand out. Good luck with your decision, I hope this guide helped you!

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Best Instant Pop-Up Tents for Camping

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When it comes to tents, there’s no shortage of variety and quantity from which to choose.  There’s a dizzying array of pop-ups online for beach shelters, 1 or 2 person wilderness canoe excursions or family camping at a park.  If you’re not totally familiar with what a pop-up tent is, I’d be thrilled to fill you in.  Essentially, it is a tent which can be put up in (ready for it?) less than 2 seconds.  Actually, I’m sure my tent goes up in 1 second, but it’s tough to tell!  Oh well, who’s keeping time anyway right?!
I should mention that there are a couple different categories of “pop-up” tents.  I should probably call them “instant” tents.  Overall, there are your conventional tents which take 5-10 minutes to set up.  Then there is an “instant” pitch tent which usually takes about 1 minute to set up, and finally, the “pop-up” tent which takes about 1 second.  Please note, that when we refer to the “1-second” assembly time, that refers to the main structure being open and ready to crawl into.  However, that 1 second does not include the additional 60 seconds you’ll probably need to install the pegs around the exterior perimeter.
How Do They Work?
A pop-up tent is made with reinforcement rods which form the structure of the tent, and they get twisted and folded into a circular shape which is then put into a zipped round bag which acts as a backpack for easy carrying.  To open the tent, you merely throw it into the air (yes, it’s literally that simple) and the reinforcement rods which have a tension (ie. spring-loaded) are released to take the shape of the tent.  It’s a very cool concept and a real time/effort saving invention to be sure.  However, they are not without their limitations.
There’s no question that the extreme convenience of a pop-up tent is very tantalizing, and many campers fall prey to that allure each year!  (well that sounded bad – like we don’t like them, but we do!).  The price point is also another consideration.  Prices range from bargain basement prices (ie. can’t get a lower price in any tent) to the very high end (like $500 for a 2-person model).  Often they fall right in between the super-cheap tents and the higher-end mountaineering shelters.
As you may have guessed, for every good thing, there has to be something negative to balance the issue.  Well, you’d be right!  Some of the overall negative issues surrounding pop-up tents are;
1 – Their storage shape and size are usually bigger overall and less compact than a non-pop-up model.
2 – Their rain fly is short and does not cover the entire tent, so it would not be suitable or useful for very heavy or prolonged rainfall.  I haven’t seen any options for a rain fly that does cover the entire tent on all sides right to the ground.  That’s the big negative, and it’s the only reason I don’t use my pop-up on long, multi-day wilderness canoe outings.
With all this said, let’s look at some of the top options you can find online today – for a DECENT price!
What to Look For
It’s worth mentioning that most tents will have a UV coating on the fabric (which is typically polyester or nylon.  All the tents we reviewed have some form of waterproof coating and most have a UV coating.  There are lots of details beyond our reviews that you can find on Amazon, so feel free to follow our links to continue your research!  Look for features like portability, durability, weather-resistance, storage, price and warranties.
Top 5 Pop-Up Tent Reviews
#5 – Coleman Pop-Up (4 Person)
Coleman Pop Up Tent
Coleman is, of course, an iconic and classic name in outdoor gear so it would be hard for us to leave it out of our favorites.  We like the 4-person model since most 2-person models of the 1-second pop-up variety are notoriously small for 2 actual people with normal sleeping bags and some gear.  Let’s take a look at some specs for this tent.  It features taped floor seams for maximum protection from water, two storage pockets for gear and a multi-position rainfly.  The 4-person model is 9′ 2″ long, 6′ 6″ wide and 3′ 4″ tall in the center.  It’s made with inverted seams, which means the actual sewn seam is located INSIDE the tent to prevent water from sneaking into the need holes of the stitching.  It also has a zipper cuff made of weather-resistant fabric to add to the rain-resistant qualities.  Overall, buyers of this tent were quite happy, other than a few who came to realize that sizing was a bit tight for the advertised number of people!

Excellent Price
Performs well in the rain
Super fast setup
Great Brand


A tad bit small for the number of people listed (a 2-person tent is more suitable for 1 person)
No rainfly that extends to the ground on all sides
Does not fold into a compact shape like a small fire log – instead, it folds to a 2-1/2 foot circular disc which can be awkward for some


#4 – AYAMAYA 3-4 Person Pop-Up
AYAMAYA 3-4 Person Camping Tent
There’s no hiding the fact that this tent is made in China, but really, which ones are not?!  Even some of the higher end tents that appear to have no connection to China and are not even available on Amazon are made in China!  We care more about how well the tent is constructed and how long it will last.
We like the 1-second setup scenario as usual, and we also appreciated that there is some flexibility (and honesty) in the allowance for “3 to 4 people”.  I guess it depends how big your “people” are!  This tent has more ventilation than most (windows or screens on all 4 sides).    Once again we see a decent quality tent with waterproof, taped seams and durable zippers.  It has an integrated “Oxford groundsheet” (which is really a floor) but it’s made with 4000MM fabric and the 3000MM waterproof fabric roof.  The manufacturing process did not include any toxic chemicals which means there is NO SMELL!  That’s kind of different I’d say!
You can turn your window coverings (flaps) into a bit of a rainfly by using the included cords to pull them out to shed the rain.  Overall, this is a decent choice for the price.  Remember, we’re not giving you ABSOLUTE “best” options here.  We ARE giving you the best options for the price (ie. “VALUE”).  If you want the absolute best, you can snag a tent for $500 or more that has better features …. which you may not even need!  Maybe! 🙂

Great Price
Good looks
Good construction and weather “resistance”


Not for extreme weather
Made in China (we thought we’d throw that in just to make our Pros/Cons list look more balanced – in fact most tents of any brand are made in China)


#3 – Toogh Automatic Setup (4 Person)
Toogh 4 Person instant Camping Tent
Here’ another good offering from our Chinese friends!  Once again, we care less about where it’s made, and more about its quality, longevity and overall value.  This tent has a very good dose of all 3 of those qualities.  It’s made with 100% Polyester fabric and a rainfly.  It’s not a 1-second setup, but rather, a 60-second model.  However, the construction of the 60-second design (as opposed to the 1-second design) allows for a more portable storage shape/size.  Toogh claims 24-hour customer support, but we have to be honest and say we did not test that because we did not actually purchase this tent under our name (so we likely would not be given support).
Within the hexagonal shape is a useable rectangular (sleeping) space of 81 inches long and 71 inches wide and 50 inches tall.  The size is ideal for 2 adults and 2 children rather than 4 large adults!  However, it can hold 6 people comfortably as long as they are not actually lying down and sleeping.  Can you say board games!?   However, the whole package weighs 8lbs.

Great-looking design
Super tall for comfort (not quite adult standing height)
24-hour customer support
Fast setup


Rainfly is small and does not cover the entire tent


#2 – Zumit Pop-Up (3-4 Person)
ZUMIT 3-4 Person Instant Tent
The Zumit is another pretty looking tent (in my opinion) with a great set of specs.  Like others on our list, it has a 190T Polyester PU coated fabric which is high-density for maximum waterproof resistance.  It has lots of ventilation and it’s the design we’re very familiar with since it’s the 1-second opening model.  The dimensions are 110 x 78 x 47 inches and the 3000 mm fabric is certainly adequate for protection from the elements in all but the harshest environments.  It even fits a queen-sized air mattress.  The weight is 8lbs.
The one thing we really liked about this tent is that it has something the others (lower on our list) did not have and we REALLY like this.  It comes with a front and back porch option!  You read that correctly!  It has integrated awnings that really make the tent feel substantial and offers you a whole new dimension in weather protection.  This is one feature I miss on my own pop-up tent and that’s why we ranked the Zumit pretty high!
I do have to say one thing here.  The ranking may change once we gain more experience with the Zumit, or we receive more feedback, but right now the jury is out on the rain-resistance level of the tent.  This tent does NOT come with a separate rainfly since the manufacturer claims its “high-density Waterproof Oxford fabric” will keep you dry in even the rainiest weather.  I’m not totally sure that’s accurate, but I can’t say for sure.  I’ll keep this file open for now and re-visit once I have more info.

Great looks
Front and back porch options
Very sturdy
Lots of Excellent reviews from satisfied owners


One user complained that it was not rainproof and should have a rainfly


#1 – Gazelle Pop Up Portable
Gazelle Pop Up Portable Camping Tent
Gazelle Pop Up Portable Camping TentWe LOVE this tent not only because of its looks but because the parent company has had years of experience building some of the best ice-fishing shelters on the planet.  This model is a 90-second setup version which is totally unique to all the designs in our review.  It is in my opinion, the most reliable of all the options we’ve outlined, and you can get a “4-8 person” size which includes a separate room that can be used to sleep people, or as a kitchen.  There’s also a 3-person model available.   It’s an incredible 71 inches tall and has 61 square feet of floor space.  It’s definitely not a hiker’s tent or even a canoe/kayak trip tent, but it’s one of the very best options on the market for a family camping tent in a state/national park or campground where your vehicle is nearby.  The uniquely-designed rainfly extends past the roof edges for good protection, however, because of the design, wind can catch under the edges making it flap.  It also has a removable floor, though some have complained about its design specifics.
The “bad” thing about this tent is its weight and size.  The 4-8 person model weighs a whopping 47 lbs!!  The stored dimensions are nearly 12″x12″x63″.  That’s 5 feet and 3 inches in length you’ll need just to store it, so be sure to have a substantial automobile!

Easy to set up
Really Weather Resistant
Very well constructed with high-quality materials


Big and heavy (storage, transportation and handling may be an issue)
Hard to take down and re-pack well
Rainfly flaps around
Expensive compared to the others


As you can see, there is no such thing as the “PERFECT” tent.  All of our options are quite good, but you’ll have to balance the various qualities against various price points.  Please let me know if you agree/disagree with my assessments and if you have had experiences with these tents.  I’d like my reviews to be as accurate as possible so the more input I have, the better!


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The 7 Best Ice Fishing Shelters for 2019

If you love fishing and are bummed at the end of the season thinking about how long it’s going to be until you can head out on the water again, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to wait until the cold temperatures go away before you can fish again. There is a way you can go out even on the coldest days of winter: ice fishing. It’s serene, peaceful, and quiet. Just you and whoever you want to join you, a hole in the ice, your pole, and your ice fishing shelter.Maybe you’ve never thought about ice fishing before because it seems like sitting out on the ice might not be very much fun. That’s why it’s important to have the right ice fishing shelter to give you a safe, warm home away from home out on the ice.Having the right ice fishing shelter is essential to enjoying ice fishing. The right one can make or break your trip. Before you buy your ice shelter, though, there are a lot of factors to consider. In this guide, we’ll help you learn what you need to know before deciding on the ideal ice shelter for you. Then, we’ll take a closer look at the best 7 ice shelters for this winter season.Top Ice Fishing Shelters Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Eskimo Wide 1 Inferno Insulated Ice Shelter with Swivel Seat $$$Check Price on Amazon2.Eskimo Quickfish 2 Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter $$Check Price on Amazon3. Eskimo FF949 FatFish Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter $$Check Price on Amazon4. Eskimo QuickFish 3i $$Check Price on Amazon5. Shappell Wide House 5500 Ice Shelter $$Check Price on Amazon6. Popsport 2/3/4/8 Person Ice Fishing Shelter $Check Price on Amazon7. Eskimo FF9416I FatFish Insulated Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter $$$Check Price on Amazon Buyer’s GuideIf you’re new to the sport of ice fishing, it’s likely you’re not sure where to begin when shopping for an ice fishing shelter. Here, we’re going to spell out the basic things you need to know and what to look for so you can be sure to find the right one for you. Immediately following this guide, you’ll see our top 7 picks to help you pick the right ice shelter for you.PortabilityOne thing you’ll always need to keep in mind is portability. You might be thinking that you just set up shop around your fishing hole and stay in one spot, but that’s not usually the case. When you’re fishing, you move to where you think the fish are. The same is true for ice fishing, although it’s not nearly as simple as walking to another part of the shore or navigating your boat to the other side of the lake.Ice shelters frequently need to be transported, so it’s important to look for one that you’re going to be able to move. If you plan to ice fish alone, make sure you can handle transporting your shelter by yourself. Like most things, it will be a little bit easier if you have help.If you choose a shelter that’s too large or heavy to transport on your own (or even with help), you’ll have to tow it. This is typically done using an ATV but can be successfully done with the right equipment in the right conditions with a car or truck.StylesThere are a few different styles of ice fishing shelter you should be familiar with: Hub-StyleHub-Style Shelters are similar to tents. They have internal framework that holds the material in the shape of the shelter. They are usually quite easy to set up and give you a generous amount of fishing space. You might have some trouble getting them up in severe weather conditions, especially when it’s windy, but they’re usually pretty solid once you put them up.While the setup isn’t particularly difficult, it does hinder (to an extent) how portable this style is. Setting it up and breaking it down once is fine, but if you have to start doing it a few times a day, it can get pretty tedious. The size and shape can also make it a little awkward to transport from spot to spot, especially in high winds. You’ll typically need to use ice anchors to give it stability and it’s not always easy to move those from place to place.You’ll find that chairs are a big deal when it comes to ice fishing shelter. Hub-Style ones do not come with seats so you will need to provide your own. Flip-StyleFlip-Style Shelters are really portable. In fact, they were specifically designed for easy setup and breakdown. Basically, a Flip-Style Shelter has a sled-like frame that can be easily moved around on the ice. It can hold all of your gear and usually has pretty comfortable seating. Once you’re in position, the shelter part flips up and over the fishing area, enclosing you inside and protecting you from the elements.A great thing about these is that they usually give you a lot of storage space. You’ll often find storage areas underneath the seat and pockets along the walls. They’re very convenient and durable and hold up well in harsh winter weather.Unsurprisingly, they’re easily the most expensive variety of ice fishing shelter, but you’ll need to take into account a few things here. One, you probably won’t need as many materials to haul it, which will save you a bit of money in the long run. And secondly, it comes with all the seating and storage you’ll need so you won’t need to worry about providing your own chair. Cabin-StyleCabin-Style Shelters are unique in that they have a built-in floor. This allows them the distinct advantage of being able to keep out some of the cold and hold in the heat. The floor has openings so you can easily drill and access your ice holes.Cabin-Style Shelters are quite similar to Hub-Style in that they set up in the same basic way as a tent. They have a frame and will require ice anchors; therefore, they have the same downsides. Cabin-Style Shelters aren’t particularly easy to move around. They don’t come with a lot of extras and you’ll definitely need to provide your own chair. SizeThere is a lot of variety when it comes to size. You can easily find an affordable, portable single man shelter. When you’re trying to find a one-man shelter for yourself, it’s important to keep your build in mind. If you’re exceptionally tall, make sure you find a shelter that offers you a little more room so you can stretch out and stand up if you want to.If you’re planning to make ice fishing something you do as a group, find an ice shelter that can fit the number of people in your core group. You can find some that are large enough to fit up to 9 people but there are plenty of 2, 3, and 4 person shelters available, too.Obviously, a 9-person ice shelter is going to be too much for most people. But you will have to carefully consider the size you buy. If you get a one-man shelter, you won’t be able to share your fishing space with friends. If you get one that’s too big, it’s going to be really tricky to maneuver during those trips when you’re on your own.SeatingWhen you’re ice fishing, you spend most of your time sitting down so it’s important that you have somewhere comfortable to do it. As we’ve mentioned, Flip-Style shelters usually have built-in seats. They’re usually quite comfortable with padded cushions and backrests plus they often have extra storage available underneath.If you choose to go with another style shelter, you’ll have to provide your own seating. This can be a camping chair or something special that you buy just for ice fishing. Or, it can be something as simple as an overturned 6-gallon bucket. It’s really up to you. Just make sure it’s comfortable.There are pros and cons to having a built-in seat in your shelter. They’re sturdy and usually pretty comfortable, plus they make it a little easier to move the shelter around. They’re attached to the frame and will move as the shelter does. That said, you’re stuck with having the chair in the same spot all the time. This could be particularly annoying if you’re with a friend and the positioning is awkward for you both to get comfortable.If you bring your own chair, though, it just adds one more thing you’ll have to carry and another thing to move; however, you do get the flexibility to move it wherever you want to which might make it easier to get into a good position close to your hole, especially if you’re sharing a shelter with another person. Some Other Things to ConsiderIf you’re new to ice fishing, you might not realize all the little things that will impact what ice shelter you should choose. Here are some tips and things to remember when you’re trying to determine which one best suits your needs:WindowsYou might be wondering why you would want windows on an ice fishing shelter if the whole point of them is to keep out the cold and the elements. Well, they make checking on weather and just seeing what’s going on around you a whole lot easier. When you choose your shelter, make sure that the windows are large and at a good height for you to see out of. They won’t do much good if they don’t provide you with an adequate view.GearWe won’t get too deep into gear in this guide but you need to have some idea of the amount of stuff you’ll be hauling along with you before you can decide how much space you’ll need.First, you’ll need a portable propane heater. There are a lot of different styles and brands to choose from but they will all need propane canisters to work. Plus, you should always have an extra just in case you run out or something goes wrong.You should bring yourself enough clean clothes to keep you warm for however long you’re going to be out and it’s always a good idea to have more than what you need in case it’s colder than you expected or if something unexpected happens. Don’t forget extra gloves and socks.You’ll have your fishing equipment: ice auger, poles, lures, etc. You’ll also need a large 5 or 6-gallon bucket to hold your catch throughout the day. Sonar is optional but comes in really handy when you’re trying to figure out where the fish are going to be biting.Consider what safety equipment you’ll want to have with you. Your life vest is a bare minimum. You might also invest in other safety equipment for ice fishing.Then, there’s the whole issue of food. This can be as simple as a lot of prepackaged, pre-made things like sandwiches, snacks, and even fruit. You might also consider taking a grill and meat and having something a little more satisfying.This is just a short list of what you might discover you want to take with you, but it gives you a good starting point to determine what you’ll need to have on hand so you can figure out how much room you’ll need and the number of storage options you’d like to see in your ice fishing shelter.HaulingYou will need a way to haul your shelter. We’ve touched on this a little bit already, but it’s worth mentioning again. Some shelters will come with built-in sled bottoms that let you easily pull it around on the ice, either by hand or using some kind of vehicle.If you’re hand pulling, make sure you have durable, strong ropes that aren’t going to hurt your hands because you’ll be using them a lot. The kind of runners the shelter has will determine how easy it is to move. Large, smooth runners are ideal for moving your shelter around.Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, let’s have a close look at our picks for the best 7 ice fishing shelters of 2017. Ice Fishing Shelter ReviewsEskimo Wide 1 Inferno Insulated Ice Shelter with Swivel SeatEskimo is a name that appears a lot on this list because they’re one of the top brands in the industry. The Wide1 is the best one-man shelter we found. This wide-bottom flip-style shelter is fully insulated with quilted fabric that’s 35% warmer than non-insolated shelters. It’s also designed to give you 32% more fishing space than comparable one-man shelters while still being portable and lightweight.The expandable front end allows for the extra room and double-walled hinges keep the structure sturdy and the cold wind out. Once expanded, there’s room for a heater and a few fishing lines. The swivel seat keeps you comfortable while you fish and the mesh storage pockets let you keep everything you need close by. There’s more storage available underneath the seat, too.For a one-man ice fishing shelter, you can’t get much better than this. It’s warm, portable, durable, and has loads of storage.Pros: A lot of storageInsulated and warmMore fishing spaceCons:Expensive Eskimo Quickfish 2 Pop-up Portable Ice ShelterAnother offering from Eskimo, the Quickfish 2 Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter is a hub design that’s designed for 2 fishermen. Set up is quick and easy and should take less than a minute once you get the hang of it. It’s a pop-up design and has self-tapping anchors that all easily fit into a carrying bag, making it extra portable.The 25 square feet of space inside which is more than enough for 2 people. There are mesh storage pockets on the walls where you can put all your necessary equipment and supplies. The windows are removable so you can control the ventilation and there’s an extra-long skirt to help keep drafts out.The fabric has a high thread count that’s 59% more than other shelters of this size. This makes the material denser and keeps out wind and water. Corner joints are reinforced so there’s less risk of wear and tear over time.Pros:Great size for 2 anglersWaterproof and blocks windEasy setupCons: Difficult to get it back into the storage bagNot insulated Eskimo FF949 FatFish Pop-up Portable Ice ShelterIf you’re looking for something that can fit 3-4 people, you can’t go wrong with the Eskimo FF949 FatFish Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter. The insulation consists of a layer of IceTight fabric on each side for 3 layers of protection. This provides you and your fellow fisherman with unprecedented sheltering from cold and moisture, even on harsh days.This shelter is a pop-up design that expands to give you 65 square feet of fishing area, enough room for you, a few friends, and your gear. The large windows are removable so you can control the airflow into the shelter and a long skirt helps keep out any drafts. Large mesh pockets on the walls give you plenty of places to store your gear, plus you get self-tapping anchors that are easy to set up.This design has 2 doors opposite of one another for easy entry and exit. For increased safety, reflective trim is integrated into the design so you know you’ll be seen at night. The corners are reinforced with heavy-duty material to help this shelter last for a long time.Pros:Large enough for 3-4 peopleTriple layer insulation for exceptional warmth2 doors for easy entryEasy setupCons:A little unreliable on windy daysExpensive Eskimo QuickFish 3iAnother option from Eskimo, the QuickFish3i is made with their special insulated fabric that keeps it 35% warmer than non-insulated shelters. The self-tapping anchors are easy to grip and strong enough to stay intact under a lot of pressure. Its hub design makes it easy to put up.  It’s so easy, that it can be done in under a minute.The fabric works because it’s so dense, thus keeping the cold and moisture out. It has a really high thread count which keeps the shelter watertight. There’s also a long skirt to prevent drafts and offer a little extra insulation.This shelter is designed to hold up to 3 people and has 37 square feet of room. Mesh pockets on the walls are a great way for you and your friends to keep all of the necessary supplies and gear organized. The windows open using hook and loop strips and can be easily removed if need be. It’s really portable and all fits back into the bag so it can be easily carried on someone’s back.Pros:Effectively insulatedLots of storagePortableEasy to put upCons:A little heavy Shappell WH5500 Wide House 5500 Ice ShelterWhile you may never have heard of Shappell ice fishing shelters, it’s not for lack of quality, that’s for sure!  Established back in the 1970’s, this American Company started the process of manufacturing higher end, tough tents for ice fishing conditions.  The iconic outdoor/fishing equipment company Eagle Claw has recently taken over Shappell and because of its reputation as one of America’s premier fishing tackle companies, Eagle Claw makes sure the Shappell brand is made to the highest standards.The Wide House is made for 2-3 people and features 2 big oval doors for easy entry and all anchor points are reinforced.  It features high visibility reflectors and it’s made with 600D polyester material, which is best described as not “heavy” duty, but EXTREME duty!  With 6 removable windows and shades, this is a shelter to last a lifetime, and a very good competitor for Eskimo!Pros: RoomyVery toughGreat parent brand (Eagle Claw)reasonably pricedCons: Not as “famous” as Eskimo sheltersIt’s blue (not red like Eskimo …. if you really like red!) Popsport 2/3/4/8 Person Ice Fishing ShelterThe Popsport is a really an off-brand bargain shelter, but it makes our list because of the price (less than $100!! REALLY!), because it doesn’t get any really negative reviews, AND because the features are pretty decent for the price!  The 300D Oxford Fabric is a generally tougher weave than a standard weave, and results in a longer-lasting material.  It has an actual frost resistance of -22ºF.  The 4 windows allow light in (obviously) but keep cold airflow out.  The poles are fairly heavy duty in their design.  Overall, it’s a reasonable value for $100.  And hey, many have used it for a tent in warmer weather, so a sturdy tent for this price is not a bad thing!  It’s 58 x 58 x 66 inches when opened.Pros:ComfortableLots of storageGood size for 3 fishermenBudget-pricedCons:No name brandNot a lot of history or reviews to research Eskimo FF9416I FatFish Insulated Pop-up Portable Ice ShelterIf you’re looking for some really big that can fit a lot of people, the Eskimo FF9416I FatFish Insulated Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. It covers a whopping 109 square feet and can fit 7-9 people and their gear. For the safety of the group, the shelter is marked with reflective trim for high nighttime visibility.Considering its size, this shelter sets up quickly. Its ball and socket design adds the strength it needs to make sure the long walls are supported and the self-tapping ice anchors are easy to use and durable so they’ll remain steady under pressure. Storage pockets are places around the tent so everyone has a place to put their gear.There are 10 removable windows so you can easily control the view and air circulation. 2 doors offer easy entry and exit for everyone coming and going. This large ice shelter provides 60% more fishable area than comparably sized shelters. The denier fabric has a dense thread count for a tighter weave fabric that will keep out wind and water. There’s also an extra-long skirt to eliminate any drafts.Everything comes in a convenient storage bag that can be carried on your back for easy transport once you’ve broken down the shelter. The bag tends to break pretty quickly, though, so expect to come up with an alternative way to carry this. It’s also a little on the expensive side, but that’s to be expected with a shelter this large.Pros: Fits a lot of people and their gearAdequate storageHigh nighttime visibilityCons: ExpensiveStorage/transport bag breaks easily Final Thoughts & Conclusion The Eskimo Wide 1 Inferno Insulated Ice Shelter with Swivel Seat is one of the best one-man shelters out there from one of the best companies in the business. This flip-style shelter is fully insulated and has more space than most other one-man shelters thanks to the expandable front end. Plus, it comes with a comfortable swivel seat that provides a nice amount of storage space.If you’re looking for a great 2 man shelter, try the Eskimo Quickfish 2 Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter. This hub-style shelter is easy to set up and gives you 25 square feet of space, enough for 2 people and their gear. Mesh storage pockets provide storage while the dense fabric and long skirt are waterproof and keep out the cold.The Eskimo FF949 FatFish Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter is a little bigger still and has room enough for 3-4 people. The IceTight fabric provides astounding warmth even on harsh winter days. The pop-up design provides a whopping 65 square feet, plenty of room for a few friends and their gear. With 2 doors, reflective trim for safety, and plenty of storage, this is one of the best ice fishing shelters in its size.The Eskimo QuickFish 3i is designed for up to 3 people and is made of Eskimo’s dense, quilted insulating fabric for superior protection from the elements. Set up is quick and easy and it provides enough storage space for you and 2 of your buddies. It as protection against drafts and removable windows to control the temperature and view.Another 2 person option is the Clam Outdoors 9714 Nanook 2-Person Ice Fishing Shelter with Padded Seats. Clam Outdoors has been in the outdoors business for more than 3 decades so you know this is a brand that makes high-quality products. This shelter is easy to set up and to transport. The 2 padded seats are comfortable, adjustable, and removable if you’re using this as a one-person shelter and want more space.The Frabill Citadel 3255 Insulated Flip-Over Side Door with Boat Seats is large enough for 3 people. The sled base makes moving this shelter pretty easy and the Combo-Case Bench seating provides a sturdy, comfortable place to sit plus gives you additional storage under the bench in the form of a molded storage case.Need something for a lot of people? Try the Eskimo FF9416I FatFish Insulated Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter. It can hold 7-9 fishermen and their gear. It sets up quickly and has superior support with the ball and socket design. There are plenty of storage options for everyone who will be using this shelter. Compared to others that can hold this many people, you get 60% more fishable area which is sure to give everyone a chance to make their big catch.As you can see, you have a lot of options when it comes to ice fishing shelters. Whatever one you choose, make sure you keep our buyer’s guide in mind so you know you’re making a well-informed decision. Check out our list of the 7 best ice fishing shelters and decide which one is the right one for you. We covered a variety of different kinds of shelter in sizes that can fit anywhere from 1 to 9 people. The post The 7 Best Ice Fishing Shelters for 2019 appeared first on Sport Consumer.