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The 6 Best Men’s & Women’s Triathlon Running Shoes for 2020

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Triathletes know that there are a lot of moving pieces that go with triathlons.  They require a lot of different equipment if you truly want to do it to the very best of your ability.  Most equipment isn’t required or really all that highly regulated, but most triathletes find certain things to be absolutely necessary.  One of the things that is considered very necessary is a very good pair of shoes for the run. 
Top Triathlon Running Shoes Comparison Chart

PreviewNamePriceWhere to Buy?

1. ASICS Gel-Noosa Tri 11 Running Shoe
$$$Check Price on Amazon

2. Zoot Ultra Race 4.0
$Check Price on Amazon

3. Newton Running Men’s Distance 8
$$Check Price on Amazon

4. Saucony Kinvara 7
$$$Check Price on Amazon

5. Nike Men’s LunarTempo Running Shoe
$$$Check Price on Amazon

6. Adidas Ultraboost Running Shoe
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

There are challenges that face triathletes that do not face regular runners, so this buying guide is going to help you walk through some of those and help you determine what kind of shoe you need in order to help you reach a better time in your race.  After we’ve gone over the ins and outs of what you need, we’re going to take a look and the top running shoes for triathlons that you can get this year!
Triathlon Shoes Buying Guide
Triathlons vs Normal Running
There’s no doubt that both triathlons and running are hard physical activities that require a lot of time and effort to get good at.  Both tax the body to the extreme at times and both are really very similar.  But triathlons do have other challenges that just aren’t always present with regular running.
With triathlons, you’re going to be competing in two other events, basically.  You’re going to be swimming and then biking before you even get to the run.  This means you’re going to be much more tired than someone that is just running.  This is not bashing or running, but it’s a fact!  So you’re going to need a shoe that is a little bit more responsive to your needs there.
One of the things that can be found is an all-purpose shoe.  This is something that will allow you to come to the end of the swim to put on and then you’ll be good to go until the end.  This type of shoe will be very good for both the bike and running sections.  It’s difficult to find a good shoe like this, but it is possible.  If you are wanting to find a shoe like that, then just know they are out there and you will have to look for them!  Remember, that transition times are a key factor in triathlons, so this may factor into your decision.
The distance of your race is a major factor in what kind of shoes you wear.  For races that are much shorter in length than Ironman races, transition times are going to prove to be much more crucial.  So having one pair of shoes for the bike and run could be very beneficial in that case.  Or even a pair of shoes that you already have tied and can just slip into would do you a world of good as well!
But the distance is a big factor here as well because of comfort and durability.  Running long distances stresses and strains you and your shoes.  Shoes won’t last forever, and many are suggested to be changed after 500 miles or so.  But, you have to remember that certain shoes are going to do better with you than others for longer distances.  Some shoes will likely do you well no matter if you’re running one mile or a whole marathon, but they could be different the further you go.
Maybe you have a shoe that you are very fast in for short periods of time, but they are very uncomfortable when you wear them for a long time.  This is something that’s very normal to see in everyday shoes, so it’s a possible example that you might encounter one day.  Those shoes, despite being fast over the short haul, are ultimately going to slow you down when you start hurting, blistering and aching.  So, you have to be very aware of your specific needs sometimes when you select a pair of shoes!
The temperature outside can also be a major influence on you when you’re running.  Not all triathlons are done during the summer, so you may need a different pair of shoes if you are running during the winter or even if you’re in the rain!  Great tri running shoes for the summer will be very breathable, which will allow your foot to feel less sticky and sweaty.  To be breathable, mesh is often used and it essentially creates an open space in the shoe.  This open space is great like we’ve said in the summer, but it’s horrible in the winter because you’re not producing near as much sweat likely.  This open space will allow the cold in and it could make you very uncomfortable.  And the answer isn’t always easily available like oh just throw on some thick socks.  If you do that, the shoe may not fit correctly!  You may be able to overcome this, but you also may not.  So you will have to factor weather in when selecting a good pair of shoes to run in a triathlon with.
You’re Going to Get Wet!
This is an obvious statement, but it’s something you’re going to have to learn.  For beginning triathletes, you don’t always need to go all out on buying a bunch of equipment.  Maybe you are just trying it out for the first time.  You’re not going to want to invest a ton of money right away in something you may not continue to do.  So maybe you’re going to use a pair of running shoes for both the biking and running sections.  Well right before the bike section you’re going to have been swimming.  So you’re going to come out of the water a little bit wet.  Your shoes are going to have to be able to deal with this, as are you, in some manner.  Not all shoes will do well with being wet, so you have to be careful to find one that is good at staying together and performing optimally while sogged with water.
Biking with Running Shoes
Because there are few rules surrounding what kind of shoes you have to wear during a triathlon, you are free to choose what you feel is best for you.  So, you can wear the same shoes, as discussed before, for both the run and the bike portions of the race.  It must be said, though, that this is not done by many expert triathletes.  Experts tend to have shoes for the bike ride alone.  The reason why is that these types of shoes have grips in them to grip the pedals better.  Whether you want this feature or not is up to you, but it should be known that there are advantages and disadvantages to your decision to either wear running shoes or cycling shoes.  There are some select ones that are dual purpose, but those will likely cost you more money and will be harder to find as well.
Here’s the preachy section of the buying guide, but it will do you well to pay mind to it.  Running shoes need to be a snug fit.  This is going to protect you over time, and it will not do you any harm.  Ever!  If they are this way, you’re going to be much safer.  Running shoes are meant to help you move as quickly as possible, and the best way to help them do their job is to have the proper size.  You need to have yourself just a little bit of room in the shoe.  If the shoes are too tight, you’re going to have your toes rubbing up against the liner.  This is very likely to cause blistering, and it may lead to slower times or you having to even drop out of the race itself.  However, if the shoes are too loose, you also will cause problems.  In addition to having the shoe move up and down your foot in a very annoying manner, you will have to readjust your running style or gait.  This is an unnatural thing to do, and it has been known to cause injuries in the back and knees over time.  Don’t let this become an issue by buying the correct size!  In order to do that, it’s always wise to go somewhere and try on shoes first.  Online shopping is great, but it is quite tricky to get the correct size if you’ve never had the specific shoe before.  You can always come back to online shopping later!
One more thing before moving is the fact that you are going to be full of adrenaline when you reach this stage of the race.  This means you’re going to be pumped up, which means that your muscles will be much larger and will be swollen than when you began the race.  This means that getting the correct size can be tricky if you’ve just been standing around doing nothing before you try them on.  A great tip is to always try to do some sort of exercise before you try on and purchase a pair of shoes.  This will help you find a much better fit, and you will be much happier overall.
Please Wear Running Shoes!
Running shoes are designed with one purpose in mind: to help you move forward.  Running shoes aren’t like other types of shoes.  Other shoes may be great for helping you move side to side, but they will pale in comparison to what running shoes will provide for you.  So, it’s pretty important to find a pair that is meant to run in instead of just getting any old pair of shoes.  They will likely not hold up very well for you.  Remember, running on hard ground, is very high impact, so you will need something that can absorb shocks.  Just because a basketball shoe, for example, absorbs shocks, does not mean that it will absorb them at a very heavy pace like running.
Running Style
How you run, (aka. your gait) is an important factor.  Here are some examples of what you might want to look for.  Whether you are someone who strikes the ground with their toes first, or there heels is very important.  Maybe you do neither, and you land on the middle of your foot (you are rare).  Those things can influence your shoes for sure.  In addition to this, how your foot’s weight is distributed is also important.  Some people put the pressure of their feet towards the outside of the shoe.  Others put it toward the inside.  For those that roll their feet outward, they’ll want to look at stability shoes.  For those that roll them inward, motion control shoes are the best type for them.  For people in between, or “neut l” foot runners, they are most likely open to many more options.
Protection vs Speed
This is something that has to be quickly mentioned.  A lot of the choices you’re going to see will allow you to choose from protection or plain out speed.  Generally, the lighter the shoe the faster you will go and the less protection you are going to have in the way of shock absorption and the such.  Another thing to keep in mind, though, is that the lighter the shoe the less durable it is likely to be as well.  So, many of the shoes that we’ll look at will be great for use in competitions, but maybe not quite as great for training.  If used for training, they’ll function fine, but they may not last as long as training-specific shoes.
Best Triathlon Running Shoe Reviews

1.   ASICS Gel-Noosa Tri 11 Running Shoe Men’s and Women’s

It’s not a huge surprise to see ASICS at number one on any list having to do with running shoes.  Both genders have great colors to choose from, and both shoes have elastic laces, which make them much easier to get on and off of the foot. They both have a sockliner that is great for airing out your wet foot throughout the race, and they also have excellent grip in areas where it’s wet!  The price isn’t bad, either, as they can run from moderate to slightly above moderate, but nothing really bad at all!

Good price
Great for transitions
Keeps you dry


Not for wide feet
Not as comfy as previous offerings

2.   Zoot Ultra Race 4.0 Men’s and Women’s

if you’re looking for something stylish, easily seen, and in a moderate to slightly above moderate price level, then the Zoot is your answer.  Both have just one color, but they are very flashy, maybe too flashy for some people.  They are fully synthetic with very little mesh appearing to have been used and they have a huge protruding curve to them in the front that will try and make you more comfortable over the course of the race.  The fastening system is also quite different, but it appears as if they’d be easy to pull on in a hurry.

Very flashy
Very comfortable
Quick to put on


Runs small
Takes time to break in

3.   Newton Running Men’s Distance 8

You can imagine we try out a lot of shoes, but I have to come clean on this particular shoe:  I own a pair ’cause they’re the ultimate!!!   I could talk about them all day, but here’s the unique feature that sets them apart from the competition;  They are made for proper, ergonomic running form.  That is, they are made for running with a forefoot strike!  What does that mean?  Well, let’s put it this way;  If I asked you to run in your barefeet (or even just jog) 30 feet down the driveway, I will give you a 100% chance that you would NEVER land on your heel. 
You would run exclusively on the front of your foot (between toes and mid-foot).  But, when most runners slap on a pair of running shoes, they immediately start landing on their heels.  This is categorically WRONG as far as kinetics and kinesiology is concerned, but that doesn’t stop shoe manufacturers from making shoes that encourage heel strike running.  TSK! TSK! 
The Newtons have it right!  And, to encourage fore-foot strike running, Newtons feature a less padded heel, and “lugs” or chunks that stick out of the sole at the forefoot, that contract and then spring out to give you more distance and efficient propulsion with each step.  Pretty snazzy I’d say!
All Newtons have EXTREMELY good ventilation!  So much so, that you can always see what color socks you’re wearing right through the shoe material.  If I put in another way, you Northerners will get it;  you WON’T want to wear these casually in the winter since your feet will freeze within a few minutes – that’s how “well-ventilated” they are!

Very cool looks
Ultra-revolutionary technology
Potential to change your running philosophy!


Not the cheapest shoe
Potential to change your running philosophy 🙂


4.   Saucony Kinvara 8 Men’s and Women’s

If you’re looking for a shoe for a moderate to high price that has a multitude of great colors and looks, then look no further.  This is also a great running show with a synthetic and rubber make up.  It has a lot of mesh all around it to help you air out a little better as well. That’s the difference between this and a regular running shoe.  It has a bit of curve toward the top of the foot, but not as pronounced as the second item on our list was.  This has a very flexible outsole to the shoe, and you are able to remove the insole and replace it easily with whatever insole you need to install in its place.

Tons of colors to choose from
Very breathable
Removable insoles


A little stiff
Not a lot of toe room

5.   Nike Men’s LunarTempo Running Shoe

if you are looking for a great looking shoe with a lot of breathability built into it, then look no further.  This shoe is priced about the same as all of the others we’ve seen so far, and it’s built with a ton of mesh.  It might not be so great on cooler days but certainly will get the job done when it’s warmer.  It is a classic lace-up shoe that will have to be tied, so it’s down a little on the list in comparison to others.  The toes do curve up a little, but it’s only slightly noticeable to the eye at a glance.  It has technology built in to make the inside very plush and comfortable to wear for you.

Very breathable
Great for warm days
Very comfortable


Runs a little small
Probably not great for cooler days

6.   Adidas Ultraboost Running Men’s and Women’s

These Adidas shoes right here might come at a higher price than the others on our list, but they do serve a specific purpose besides just making you look great with a number of color options to choose from.  These are great stability trainers, so they are great for anyone that tend to roll their feet outward when they stand, walk, and run. These are made from synthetics, but they also have a lot of mesh at the front of the foot. They aren’t as open as the Nike, however.  The ‘boost’ in the name is referring to its new, more cushioned response this time around.  These are a little bit heavier than many we’ve seen on the list so far, so they might make a little better training shoe than just an all-around competition shoe.  They do need to be laced up, so that’s why they are a little bit lower on the list than most of the others one.

Awesome looks
Very comfortable
Great stability trainer


Not as quick in transitions
A little expensive

Editor’s Choice for Quality, Value and Customer Satisfaction!

Conclusion & Recommendations

It is absolutely critical to remember that running shoes are not all the same.  Each person has a different need that should be addressed, so you must keep this in mind when you are searching for a pair of shoes.  It’s great to have a really nice look and style to your shoe, but it will mean little in the end if your shoe is uncomfortable!  Remember, you need to have a good pair of running shoes with you in order to protect yourself as your feet as going through a lot of trauma and potential pain over the course of a race.  Also, it’s wise to think about what you want to spend money on and what you want to be doing (or not doing) during the transitions of the race!  Once you’ve made all those determinations, you can get to the task of buying the perfect tri running shoe, and then you’ll be cutting your personal best in no time!
And finally, it’s SUPER critical to note that our review does not (and simply cannot) extensively cover ALL the best triathlon running shoes on the market.  We did indeed exclude some very competent shoes that might even be better for YOU than some that we’ve reviewed.  If I were you, I’d check out all these options in addition to our reviewed shoes!  Happy shoe hunting!


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The 9 Best Men’s & Women’s Triathlon Shorts for 2019

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Category : Shorts , Tri-Sports , Triathlon

Triathlon shorts, or tri shorts for short, are meant to be just as versatile as you are.  You’re going to be swimming, biking, and then running, and your shorts will be joining you on that journey.  As its quite a lot to ask of any piece of clothing, it does take some special shorts to get the job done just right.  Many people would be overwhelmed with this choice as it does represent quite a large part of the triathlon experience.  Top Triathlon Shorts Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. ZOOT Men’s Performance 9″ Tri Shorts $$$Check Price on Amazon2. SLS3 Men’s Triathlon Shorts FRT 2.0 $$Check Price on Amazon3. Zoot Sports Women’s Performance Tri 8″ Shorts $$Check Price on Amazon4. TYR Men’s 9 Inch Compression Tri Shorts $$$Check Price on Amazon5. SLS3 Men’s FX Tri Shorts $$Check Price on Amazon6. Canari Men’s Triathlon Shorts $Check Price on Amazon7. Louis Garneau Mens Tri Shorts $$$Check Price on Amazon8. Louis Garneau Womens Tri Shorts $$$Check Price on Amazon9. Synergy Men’s Distance Tri Shorts $$Check Price on Amazon10. Pearl Izumi Women’s Select Tri Shorts $$Check Price on AmazonAs such, you are probably looking for a little bit of help on what to look for.  Today, we’re going to be helping you find what you need by looking at the important factors that are needed in any pair of tri shorts.  We’ll then, towards the end, look at and review some of the top-rated shorts out on the market right now.Triathlon Shorts Buying GuidesWho Are They For?Triathlon shorts aren’t a requirement, but they are heavily encouraged to be used by both beginners and experts alike.  The reason why they are such a commonly desired item is because they deliver an all-purpose barrier for all three sections of the race.  Many coaches and veterans of triathlons and people that have been around the sport for many years recommend that this be the one purchase you make if you could only make one.  So out of all of the things you’d be encouraged to buy for a triathlon, this is the one item that you most need to have, according to nearly everyone.  They are truly that versatile.Why Are They Special?Triathlon shorts are very desirable because they can be worn during the swim, the bike, and the run.  This is a big deal because you certainly don’t have time to change a bunch of clothes.  That’s why it’s desirable to have one pair for everything you’re going to be encountering during your race.  A good pair of tri shorts are very breathable, meaning they allow air to pass through them easily, and are also very durable.  Both of these are big factors because you are going to need something that will air out from the wet, and you also need something that can take the beating that all of those miles will put on them.  And then you have to factor in how well they take water and do on the bike!  You also need them to do an adequate job there, so you are asking for quite a lot in a pair of tri shorts.  But with the right materials, it can and will be done!Some pairs of tri shorts are even better than others.  Some go as far as also having UV ray protection.  This is huge, especially for those that are doing much longer races where they will be baking in the sun.  Also, the main thing to look at is the ‘chamois.’  The chamois is a pad that encloses you in your tri shorts.  The chamois is present in both tri shorts and regular bike shorts, and it’s meant to help you ride your bike better and more comfortably.  However, the regular bike shorts have a much larger and thicker version.  If you were to use bike shorts for your run, then, you’d be very uncomfortable and you would also probably see a lot of chafing as well.  So, tri shorts tackle this problem by making the chamois thinner and into the shape of a pad.  In addition to having to make you comfortable for the run as well as the bike stage, the triathlon short chamois has to be very quick drying and antibacterial as well to help you prevent all sorts of other issues.  This is why it’s very encouraged to buy tri shorts instead of other shorts that are specifically made for other sports!There are two main types of chamois for triathlons.  One is the microfleece, and the other is the foam padded.  Both of them are very similar in their properties, but they look different.  Both are very breathable, they dry quickly, and they are antibacterial in nature.  However, they foam padded chamois is better specifically on the bike ride because it offers more shock absorption than the microfleece does.  This can be especially helpful on bumpy courses, and definitely would be a big help in much longer races.  If it’s a sprint, this type likely won’t be that much of an advantage.CompressionTri shorts are going to be form-fitting to you.  If you can’t handle that, then triathlons are probably not your thing.  But this form-fitting look doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting some benefits, however.  The benefits of wearing tri shorts are large and wide-ranging.  In addition to what we talked about above, tri shorts also offer a great deal of compression to the wearer.  They are tight to you, but they will stretch a little bit to allow you to be comfy.  You won’t be way too uncomfortable or anything like that, provided you buy the correct size.  The correct size simply needs to be something that fits you snugly.  You wouldn’t want them to be too tight, nor would you want them hanging onto you loosely.  But compression is a big advantage because it really does help your muscles as they work ever so hard.  Your legs are going to be screaming at you during the entirety, one would assume, of the race, and every little bit will help!Inseam LengthThe length of the inseam plays an important role in your selection of a pair of tri shorts.  Depending on what you want and the length of the race you are in, the length of the inseams will help you out.  For those that are going to be racing in longer triathlons, you will likely want to go with a longer inseam.  The rule is that the longer the inseam is, the more protection and compression you will get.  This makes perfect sense as the shorts are covering a much larger area of the body.  It will cover your quads and hamstrings more, and those are perhaps the two most important muscles for this type of race!  Because people want this added protection for the long haul, you’ll often see longer ones worn by people in longer races.Another rule of thumb is that the inseam length will be determined by your height.  A taller person will most likely opt for something that has a longer inseam.  This is natural because they are going to want to cover as much as possible, and they are going to want to be as comfortable as they can be.  Comfort really is the key here because no one is going to want to be running, swimming, or biking for miles at a time while thinking about how annoyed they are by their clothing.  For shorter people, a shorter inseam will be more suitable for them.  Here are some general guidelines for inseam sizing:Short women’s tri short inseam- 3-4 inchesMost common women’s size- 6-7 inchesLongest inseam for women- 8-9 inchesShort men’s inseam- 5-6 inchesMost popular men’s size- 7-8 inchesLongest inseam for men- 9-10 inchesPocketsPockets are a really big factor to look at.  Many triathletes determine which pair of shorts they are going to buy simply based on the number and availability of pockets on the tri shorts.  Pockets are important for the storage of food or anything else that will help you on your journey.  However, some people will find them unnecessary because they will have a pouch or belt, or some form of storage for them on their bike.  The choice is really all about preference, and there’s definitely no right or wrong here.  Some people, in fact, won’t even use the pockets if the pair they are wearing just so happens to have them.  If you’re in a routine and used to doing things a certain way, you should always stick to it!  There are four main varieties of pockets that you’ll find.  Some will have two pockets, one on either side.  Others will have four pockets, two on each side with one toward the top of your buttocks and the other down toward your knee.  There are also shorts will just one pocket, in the back of the shorts in the very center.  And then, of course, there is the no pockets option.  This is the most preferable for those that are going shorter distances.Note: if you’re in a warmer water race where wetsuits aren’t required, you may be wearing your tri shorts in the water.  Keep in mind that pockets can cause drag, especially those lower on the hips.  It may be minimal, but it may not be something that is acceptable to you.Leg GripsLeg ‘grippers’ are very important in the world of triathlons because they are designed to help the wearer from having his or her shorts ride up on them.  We’ve all had the piece of clothing that just will not stay in place properly.  It’s awful, uncomfortable, and it’s just plain out annoying.  You have to fiddle and fidget it with it, yet it still continues to chafe you or rub you the wrong way.  And it’s painful at times.  Leg grips seek to minimize this occurrence.  Now, it must be said that if you’re looking for absolute maximum comfort, then you will likely not want leg grips.  A lot of triathletes find that they are a little uncomfortable at times, so they opt for a gripper-less hem.  This is something that is up to you, but just beware that they might ride up on you.  Oftentimes, the grips are made of silicone.  This silicone just is there to help make sure your shorts don’t bunch up, which is also going to cause discomfort.  One further thing to keep in mind is for those with larger quads.  Some triathletes are going to have small waists and huge quads simply because they’ve developed them over time.  If you are one of these people, you may want to go up a size or two if the shorts are grippers.  This will help you out tremendously as you won’t have to worry about the grips being too tight or losing your circulation.  Losing circulation might be the worst thing that could happen in a long race.  And it’s just not very healthy for you in the slightest.Last Things to ConsiderGetting everything that you want into a triathlon short is nigh on impossible.  Don’t count on a pair having everything you want.  These are truly amazing pieces of technology, but they are not miracle workers.  They will not just have everything you want in them, unfortunately.  But many of them will have almost all of the features that you want.  Just remember that it’s very difficult to find something that is like this!  These shorts have to perform through a swim, a bike ride, and a run, and most of them do a great job at doing exactly that.  So, you will sometimes have to choose which one has the most features you are looking for.Best Triathlon Shorts Reviews ZOOT Men’s Performance 9′ Tri Shorts Coming in at a moderate price and with several actual stylish choices is the ZOOT tri shorts.  This pair looks great while covering just enough of the legs to be considered a middle ground amount.  They have UV protection provided, they do not have a gripper, they have a drawstring if it is needed, and two pouches in which to store items.ProsLooks greatVery comfortableVery protectiveConsNo gripper for the bike rideMight not be ideal for taller people  SLS3 Men’s Triathlon Shorts FRT 2.0 this pair of tri shorts from SLS3 also come at a moderate price.  This pair of shorts don’t have the choice of styles like the ZOOT, but they do have an elastic drawstring to ensure a good fit.  They have a foam padded chamois to help you out on longer rides and races a 7-inch inseam and does NOT include a gripper, either.  The shorts are also very comfortable, as they sought to make them as light as possible.ProsLike you’re not wearing anythingFoam pad for bikingVery comfyConsJust one colorShorts will ride up some  Zoot Sports Women’s Performance Tri 8″ Shortslike it’s male counterpart, the women’s ZOOT looks great and has different colors to choose from.  These styles look even better, for obvious reasons. This is a much longer inseam than most of the women’s shorts, so keep that in mind.  It ranges from a low price to the moderate range depending on the size, they have UV protection, the drawcords for fit around the waist, and they have a gripper to provide compression and the shorts in place.ProsShort’s won’t bunchVery nice stylesInexpensiveConsLittle longer inseamRun small  TYR Men’s 9 Inch Compression Tri Shorts here’s a choice for those that are looking specifically for compression.  This pair has a number of different colors to choose from, but the styles do disappoint a little.  The price is inexpensive, however, so that might have to get a pass here.  These have a silicone gripper, a draw cord, and are a good starter set.  These aren’t likely to be great in the water for long stretches, so be aware.ProsGood priceGood for bike and runWon’t bunch upConsNot very durableNot great for the swim  SLS3 Men’s FX Tri Shorts if you’re looking for something that has a great and colorful design and you happen to be a male, this looks like your best bet.  It’s also got quite a great, low price as well.  It has a foam padded chamois for longer rides, one zipper in the back of the shorts, and a silicone gripper as well.  Because of the gripper, the shorts do not contain a drawcord.  The inseam is at 8 inches, so it should be great for most people.ProsGreat priceAwesome looksWon’t bunch upConsWaist height is lowerPadding is thin  Canari Men’s Triathlon Shorts the Canari is another very low-priced option for you to take into consideration.  Despite being very plain in just a boring black color, they have a ‘low profile’ chamois, leg grippers that are said to be very soft, and a waistband with elastic and NO drawcord.  The inseams are only at 6 inches, though, so this is definitely not for a taller individual. They do tend to run small as well.ProsGreat priceVery softDurable despite the low priceConsBoring lookNot intended for taller people  Louis Garneau Tri Shorts- Men’s and Women’s This pair of shorts is very similar in both the men’s and women’s, so we’ll look at the both in the same number.  The women’s is only different in the designs and colors, but both have an adequate amount of nice looking choices.  They are both in the moderate price range level and they both have a microfleece chamois padding.  The men’s shorts have a 7-inch inseam while the women’s have a 6.25-inch inseam.  The waists do run to be a little bit tight, so be aware of that.ProsGreat stylesPadding for the bike rideDecent priceConsRuns a little smallDoesn’t offer a lot of cushioning for longer races  Synergy Men’s Distance Tri Shortsthis pair of Synergy tri shorts look like just another value choice because of the lone black color, but they offer so much more.  They have a micro fleece pad to help with the bike ride, a long drawstring just in case you need it, and a leg gripper that is not made from silicone in order to not be so rigid on you.  It offers what it calls “semi compression,” so you won’t be too tight but will still have some protection for sure.  The pad is also very light and hardly noticeable.ProsGood priceComfortable leg gripperJust enough compressionConsJust the black colorDoesn’t hold up well in the water  Pearl Izumi Women’s Select Tri Shorts Depending on the size and color, the price can widely fluctuate from very reasonable to moderate.  They do offer quite a few nice colors and designs for the ladies, so that is a major plus.  This pair has a silicone leg gripper, a pocket in the back of the shorts, they are reflective, and they have an eight-inch inseam.  They have a microfleece chamois for the bike ride as well as having compression as well as moisture wicking properties.ProsGreat stylesVery flattering wide constructionGives compressionConsRun very smallVery tight on the thighs  Conclusion & RecommendationsTriathletes, both new and old, know that a good pair of tri shorts are absolutely crucial to have when competing in a race.  No matter the length of the race or the time of year, they are a very useful tool to have along with you.  They are versatile, protective, and oftentimes very comfortable.  They are a true necessity to have.  But they no longer have to be difficult to buy or find.  With this guide and our reviews, you now know what to look for.  And you also don’t always have to spend a bunch of money to find a good pair of shorts that will meet you needs!  So, here’s to hoping your new pair of shorts will see to your best time yet!The post The 9 Best Men’s & Women’s Triathlon Shorts for 2019 appeared first on Sport Consumer.