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10 Best Volleyball Knee Pads for 2020

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When playing volleyball, you are expected to keep the ball from hitting the floor.  In order to do this, you must do everything possible and dive to save the volleyball from hitting the hardwood on your side of the court. However, diving can lead to volleyball knee injuries and pain unless you have good quality knee pads that will help cushion the impact of the ground with your knees.
Buying the right pads are very important for any and all seasoned players. Knee pads serve as a protective measure to help prevent scrapes, burns, and bruises, and are going to make all the difference for you as you pour yourself into the game both mentally and physically!  Modern pads have excellent engineering that usually contours to your knee, so you will barely know you’re wearing them at all.
Specially designed knee pads will offer more strength and will have more stability. Knee pads are so great because they are specially designed to be able to absorb a significant amount of shock lessening the stress that your knees get and therefore making the effects of the injury less severe. Having kneepads that don’t provide the right amount of padding or that don’t fit properly can be a real distraction during an intense match.
The proper volleyball pads provide full patella (kneecaps), lateral and medial protection. Get a comfortable knee pad to retain the freedom of movement which will allow you to stay focused on the game rather than your gear. Choose a knee pad with advanced moisture-wicking material that keeps you dry and cool so you can focus on the big set, and attack your way to your best performance yet.
Top Volleyball Kneepad Comparison Chart
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Volleyball Knee Pad Buying Guide
As an athlete, it’s important to take these factors into consideration. The quality of the pads can also contribute to how well the pads move with the player while diving or running. Players who play libero or back row positions should look for a kneepad with the best lateral coverage available. The kneepads with the right quality can wrap around the knee and move fluidly during play. We would suggest concentrating on the quality and protection level rather than the price point because even a small injury can put you out of commission for the season, or potentially even end your volleyball career!
The key to finding a pair of volleyball knee pads that are right for you is knowing what you need. Proper fit can mean the difference between pain-free play and your limping off the court. You need to know what types of kneepads are available so you can seek comfort without sacrificing protection. However, you may find out that you need extra protection, so pads with a bit more coverage or padding may be right for you. If you can, visit a sporting goods store and try on a few pairs of knee pads to get the feel for them.
When choosing a size, keep in mind that it really doesn’t matter how short or tall you are or how much you weigh.  The only thing that matters is the size of your legs. Although every brand of volleyball knee pad has its own unique size and fit, there are generally limited options for sizes. The available sizes are “one size fits all,” “Small/Medium,” and “Large/Extra Large. Choose the size of pad that will stay secured to your knee and will not move around or loosen up as you move around. For more information on what size is right for you, check the suggested sizing charts from the manufacturers.
Padding materials and padding length are equally important to consider before purchasing the best volleyball knee pad. The required thickness of the padding will vary greatly depending on the position played. Be sure to purchase a kneepad with adequate padding that covers the patella (kneecap), lateral and medial areas of the knee.
Humidity and Dryness
When you play volleyball, you sweat a lot. So, if you have a low-quality knee pad, sweats will make your knee feel itchy. Some pads may even come with a special moisture wicking material that can help keep sweat away from the skin while others may have open ventilation at the back of the knee to allow the evaporation of moisture. Look for volleyball knee pads make of materials that are non-abrasive and soft. So, if you are thinking of buying a knee pad, take this factor into consideration.
No matter what type of knee pads you choose, you’ll need to wash them periodically after use according to the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure you let your them air out after heavy use. Proper care and cleaning can also help to prevent a rash from forming in areas of your leg that come into contact with the pads.
Best Volleyball Knee Pads Reviews
Quality volleyball knee pads are essential for peak performance and they come in many different sleeve lengths, sizes, and padding options. Some options also have gel on the inside to make the impact from the ground do less tear and wear on the knee. If you are looking for volleyball knee pads and you are not sure which ones are going to suit you, then look no further! These reviews on volleyball knee pads will help you make the right decision and on the characteristics, you should look for when buying.
Enough with the preamble chit chat, here are some of our user-tested reviews of the best ten knee pads you can get on planet Earth!!!
Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad

The Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad has it all in terms of comfort, style, flair, and provides the protection needed to prevent the knee from damage. The primary function of a knee pad is to protect all parts of the knee from injury caused by diving, sliding or falling to the floor. The LR6 is made of 50% polyester with 28% elastic and 22% rayon, gives a snug fit without pulling too tightly or cutting off circulation and a polyester construction that makes it very lightweight. These knee protectors feature high-quality foam that minimizes slip or rotation of the sleeve on your leg.

Mizuno QuickDry
Polyester knee pads
DF Cut pad provides greater freedom of movement
VS-1 padding in high impact zone for complete protection
Complete patella, lateral, and medial protection
Poly/Cotton/Spandex blend
Covers all of the knee area
Great for hitters and setters
No fold, low rise design


This pad is a lot more affordable than most knee pads of roughly the same quality.
The design of these pads takes into account the needs and wants of the volleyball players.


Adult and those with thicker and muscular legs complained of discomfort and even pain I.e “too tight” or “too small” for them.
Players report ripping, tearing and even melting of the fabric after sliding across the floor.


 Asics Setter Knee Pad

It goes without saying in most circles, that Asics is the single biggest name is quality volleyball gear!  These knee pads don’t sully that tradition in the least!  It should also be said right here, that these are not just for setters!!  Yes, that’s in their name but despite their small profile and tight fit, they serve any position quite well!  They tend to conform to your knee instead of being just a generic pad on top of your kneecap.  Another excellent bonus is that these pads have a padded part along the sides of the main front area, and this does wonders for anyone diving from side to side.  Featuring a gel knee cushion and also offering a specific left and right knee pad, Asics shows they are on the cutting edge of knee pad innovation especially when it comes to customization and engineering.

Best name in the name
Gel knee cushion
Right/Left specific
Padding on the sides as well as front of pad


Some users have said they have excellent padding while others complain of too little padding


Tachikara Competition Knee Pads

The Tachikara Competition Knee pads will allow you to spike, dive and set the volleyball easier knowing that your knees are protected from impact.  These knee Pads will keep your knees protected and cushioned from painful accidents while you are playing volleyball. The high-density knee pads design from Tachikara offer easy movement, big thanks to a wrap-around construction that makes these knee pads easy to put on as well. They do not slip even on impact. There are several different size options allowing you to purchase these knee pads that will most comfortably and securely fit over your knee.

Several different size options
Contoured foam pad with added rubber cushioning
Sold as a pair


They are made well and backed by one of the top names in the industry worldwide.
These knee pads will securely fit on top of your knees.


They may be tight for larger size legs.


Nike Essential Volleyball Kneepads

The Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads comes with a simplified outer design for a streamlined and minimalistic look and also with a high-density protective foam pad. The Dri-FIT knit construction keeps you comfortable and cool on the court when your game starts to heat up. You’ll get the durability and protection you need when dashing and diving around the court wearing these pads. You won’t regret buying this offering from one of sports’ most iconic names.

Short style design
Extra soft, brushed interior lining
EVA shock absorbing padding
Lightweight, slim fitting design
Sold in pairs
40% Polyester, 30% Rubber, 30% EVA
Knit in Swoosh design trademark
Dri-FIT knit design helps to wick moisture away from the body


Improved outer knit stands up to high-level play.
Good price
You are assured to experience the highest standard of comfort.


It’s not as effective as hard-bodied knee pads
They are suitable only for volleyball and similar sports


Under Armour Volleyball Knee Pads

The Under Armour Volleyball Knee pads have some unique features to provide a comfortable way to protect knees while on the court. Designed to be right and left knee specific, the pads provide optimal protection. This kneepad will work well with the positions that require mostly lateral jumping and movement. HeatGear technology helps keep you cool when it’s hot out.

74% Polyester, 20% Rubber
EVA construction for best support, protect
Lightweight volleyball knee pads
Imported quality knee pads
Both of knees deliver extreme protection
The knee pads sold in pairs
UA locker tag makes the pads easy to identify
Embroidered UA logo
Sold in pairs


They are constructed with a moisture wicking material that doesn’t let the sweat stay against the skin.
Lightweight terry cloth makes up the body of this kneepad.


Under Armour is not usually a premier brand when it comes to the sport of volleyball.
For users that play a lot, these may not be the best fit for you, the UA padding wasn’t thick enough and the material over the front of the knee may tear after a few games. 


Mueller Knee Pads

The Mueller Knee Pads have a standard design that will cover your knees in order for you to perform your best without having to worry about getting injured. The lightweight padding is durable and not bulky, allowing for a non-slip position on the body. An elastic material also provides an easy slide on and conforms to joints, ensuring full protection and coverage. They slide onto your knees easily and will fit securely over your knees. Thanks to their sleeve type and elasticity, they can be pulled on very easy. Mueller Knee Pads provide a full range of motion, comfort, and flexibility. They are built to remain in place even after diving for the ball.

Protects you from bruises, burns, and bumps
Very durable
Easily and will fit securely over your knees


The knee pads are durable and will last a long time.
These pads can also be used as elbow pads.


They may be too tight and interfere the blood flow.
Their size may be unsuitable.


ASICS Ace Low Profile Knee Pads

The ASICS Ace Low Profile knee pads are a great choice for a lot of people if you are looking for a knee pad that is the perfect size and has the right amount of padding. These knee pads will stay firmly on your knees all the times and protect you from any sort of injuries your knees might succumb to when connecting unceremoniously with the hardwood. This ASICS Ace Low Profile knee pad is made of special anti-microbial fabric, which protects against bacteria that causes bad odor, so its wearer stays fresh and clean. This pad comes with a dual-density padding which protects your knees comfortably. The Asics Ace low profile Knee Pad is sure to protect your knees from all of the saves and dives made on the court.

Low profile
Dual density padding
43% cotton/33% rubber/24% nylon
Sold in pairs


This product feature yarns that provide long-lasting anti-odor protection while you wear them.
They ensure more comfort, flexibility, and maneuverability.


They restrict the blood flow.
They are available only in two colors.


Nike Streak Volleyball Knee Pads

When wearing equipment for so many hours, comfort becomes a feature worth considering over other features. The Nike Streak Volleyball Knee pads provide good coverage of the knee. Constructed of Dri-fit fabric, the Nike wicks moisture away while preventing the skin from rashes. The fabric used in the Nike allows players to play without distraction from uncomfortable kneepads. The pad itself is made of shock absorbing EVA foam to protect the vulnerable areas of the knee found on the sides of the knee, over and under the patella, and medial area. The cut and design of the pad also give this knee pad a fitted look. A soft brushed fabric lines the inside of the knee pad for extra comfort. Players looking for a knee pad that incorporates the best technology will be happy with this choice.

12% Rubber, 17% EVA, 25% Nylon, 46% Polyester
Lightweight and slim fitting design
EVA shock absorbing padding
Extra soft, brushed interior lining for added comfort
Best fitting for larger knees


Soft brushed interior lining offers additional comfort for long period of time.
Back-of-knee ventilation zones for breathability.


It can be used only for volleyball and similar sports.
It cannot be washed in washing machine.


ASICS Unisex Slider Volleyball Kneepads

The ASICS Unisex Slider Volleyball Knee pads provide good protection of the knee at an economical price. They provide both comfort and protection in style and have the right mix of fibers. You don’t have to worry about different sizes when it comes to these knee pads. The padding is thick which provides the protection that a player needs through long practices and all-day tournaments. Contoured pads cut in the correct areas, help the Slider stay in place and protect the knees even during lateral dives on the court. As players dive, bend, jump, and run, the contours will help keep the kneepad from restricting any necessary movement. The cuts also allow the knee pad to move with the natural movements of your knees. Thanks to a polyester/rubber/nylon design, these pads won’t tear easily, no matter how intensely they are being used.

Economically priced
One size fits most adults
Engineered flex zones
Polyester 45%/ Nylon 16%/ Rubber 39%.
Wide coverage and low profile PU pad
Sold in pairs


They are designed to fit almost anyone.
These knee pads are highly recommended if you have ever had previous knee injuries.


There is no wicking fabric used in these kneepads.


Mizuno T10 Volleyball Kneepads

Mizuno T10 Volleyball Knee pads provide a high standard of protection in a slim-fitting design for fearless performance and maximum mobility on the court. These knee pads will provide more protection than most of the knee pads on the market today. Thanks to its enhanced foam design aimed at keeping your knee safe from any injuries you may otherwise sustain when falling on your knees. They come in youth and adult sizes to accommodate players of all ages. This knee pad will move with you so you don’t need to worry about it slipping off. These particular knee pads are also much more stylish than many other options on the market. Mizuno T10 Volleyball Knee pads are one of the best-made knee pads on the market due to their superior quality of material  and craftsmanship. We highly recommend these for the best flat-out protection!

Five separate contour padded sections
F. cut for superior fit without bulk
Sold in pairs
Slim profile offers maximum mobility
68% Polyester/20% Rayon/12% Elastic Blend Kneepads
Wrap panels provide improved knee protection
Adjustable for youth


Maximum protection without hindering your mobility.
It offers great support and helps keep players light on their feet.


They may be tight for larger size legs.


Conclusion & Recommendations

There are several options we’ve reviewed that are excellent quality pads at a reasonable price.  Keep in mind what position you will be playing before purchasing, as different volleyball positions have different knee pads and volleyball equipment requirements.  That said, it’s quite okay to keep one set of pads even if you play more than one position, and it’s not crazy to use pads meant for one position, on a different position!  The fit should be what matters.   They should feel snug without pinching the skin behind the knee and the inside material should be non-abrasive and improve your confidence and ability on the volleyball court. It’s our hope that this buying guideline will help to choose the best option. Having the right knee pads will give you the edge you need to play your best.  Let us know if you have any specific questions or have any feedback that might help others!

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Best Men’s & Women’s Volleyball Shoes for 2020

To the untrained eye, volleyball shoes may look the exact same as tennis shoes.  This, however, is not the case and can actually be a big mistake.  Volleyball shoes are different than tennis shoes, and they are different for a very good reason.  Volleyball requires you to have a good level of traction on the court as well as being able to move from side to side and from front to back quickly.  With some tennis shoes and running shoes, you simply can’t do that very well because they are made differently.  Running shoes, for example are made to go forward.  They are not mean for you to be cutting in different directions.  This is why they often have rises in the front of the shoe.  Volleyball shoes are of course different because they are flat to begin with all the way around.  This guide will help you learn the ins and outs of volleyball shoes and it will help you determine what kind you want to buy.  In addition, we’ll include the top ten shoes you can buy right now.
Top Volleyball Shoe Comparison Chart

PictureNameCategory PriceWhere to Buy?

1. Mizuno Volleyball Wave Lightning Women’s ShoeWomen$$$$Check Price on Amazon

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket Volleyball Shoes
Men$$Check Price on Amazon

3. Nike Zoom Hyperspike Women’s Volleyball Shoes
Women$$$Check Price on Amazon

4. ASICS Men’s Gel-NetBurner Ballistic Volleyball Shoes
Men$$$Check Price on Amazon

5. Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 7 Volleyball ShoesShoe
Women$$$Check Price on Amazon

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Domain 4 Volleyball Shoe
Men$$$Check Price on Amazon

7. Mizuno Women’s Wave Tornado X Volleyball Shoe
Women$$$$Check Price on Amazon

8. Mizuno Wave Tornado 9 Women’s Volleyball Shoes
Women$$$Check Price on Amazon

9. Adidas Performance Women’s Energy Volley Boost 2.0
Women$$$Check Price on Amazon

10. Kaepa Women’s Heat Volleyball ShoesWomen$$$Check Price on Amazon

Volleyball Shoes Buying Guide
Gum Rubber Soles
This is one of the biggest differentiating factors between tennis shoes and volleyball shoes.  Volleyball shoes use gum rubber soles (on the bottom) of the shoe because they provide traction to the wearer.  This gum rubber is good on a number of surfaces, but it wouldn’t be good on grass or anything like that.  Gum rubber soles are common in not only the sport of volleyball, but also in soccer (indoor), squash, or practically any game played inside that.  Gum rubber is typically colored in some way; it is not white on the bottoms or black, either.  Gum rubber is oftentimes an yellowish color.  You will certainly know it when you see it!  Gum rubber is used for volleyball shoes because they are also non-marking.  This allows you to play on the court without scratching up the surface too bad.  And as stated, the gum rubber prevents you from sliding around on the court.  This helps your ankles out a great bit as you don’t have to worry about injuring them quite as much.
Another noticeable difference between volleyball shoes and other forms of athletic shoes is the lighter weight that they carry.  Volleyball is all about quick, lateral movements and jumping.  Because of this, players need as little weight on them as possible.  The shoes free players up to do their jobs whereas shoes from other sports might be bulkier because they may have to provide more protection than volleyball shoes do.
In order to keep the weight down, a couple of things are done to help.  First of all, many shoes in all areas today have gone the synthetic route.  Synthetics have replaced the materials of yesterday because they are cheaper to make and they are lighter in weight.  These man made products are also easier to mold and conform to the body, so you can get a much closer to custom type feel.  Synthetics look very shiny and slippery when they are used on uppers, but they should have no real effect on volleyball because, unlike soccer, you’re not kicking the ball!  Mesh is also used to keep the weight down while also allowing the shoe to be breathable.
The midsole or the middle part of the shoe is designed to help volleyball players protect the ball of the foot by offering it support.  Since most players are on the balls of their feet when waiting and need a lot of explosive power, they need a special shoe to help.  Volleyball shoes, like we’ve talked about before, are designed this way to make sure that you can move laterally.  If you were wearing running shoes, you probably wouldn’t have as much support for the balls of the feet.  The midsole of the volleyball shoe is also very strong as well as flexible.  This is done so that you aren’t confined, but it is also done so that you have some form of shock absorption to help with the repeated motions.  We know that doing anything repeatedly can cause an injury, so this is one way of helping prevent that.  This is why a lot of volleyball shoes are reinforced with gel.  Others have used air cushions in the past.
The upper part of the volleyball shoe is just the top part that you easily.  In most instances, volleyball shoes are made from nylon or some other mesh or mesh-like material to help with breathability, which is just referring to being able to let your sweat out.  Sweat build-up can make you very hot, so this is more about comfort than anything.
Shoe Care
Taking care of your volleyball shoes is very important.  There are a number of things that you can do to help preserve the life of them.  Remember, the more you wear them, the less effective they will be.  If you are purchasing them for frequent play, then you can expect that they will last a full season.  If you don’t play as much, then you will most likely see more use out of them, unless you are very hard on them.  Being hard on your shoes is a concern as well.  If you walk on the outsides of your feet or the insides, then this can cause wear and tear.  Another consideration to think about is whether or not you want to wear them when you are not playing.  When you aren’t playing, it is wise to not wear your volleyball shoes.  The reason is that even just walking causes wear and tear.  So even though most of these shoes look cool and fashionable, you might want to resist the urge to wear them out and about.  Any surface that is abrasive, such as concrete or asphalt can do a toll on volleyball shoes and your gum rubber.  So, you need to keep all of this in mind unless you just want to buy some for looks.
Knowing when to change out your shoes is just as important as wearing them.  The right time to replace volleyball shoes is when you start to lose traction.  If you are sliding around at all on a court that has been mopped or swept, then you need to buy a new pair.  If the floor is dirty, this could be causing your problem as well because the shoes aren’t meant to give you traction on dirt or dust.  Another way to tell if you need to buy a new pair is if he ankles start to get sore.  If this wasn’t previously a problem, it could indicate that the protection is wearing off.  If your feet start to slide inside the shoe, this can also be a sign that you need a change.  You have to make sure that the shoe continues to fit and feel as it did when you first purchased it.  If not, then you could be setting yourself up for injury on the court.
As with all shoes, we are proponents of a good, comfortable fit.  There are way too many people out there that buy shoes that don’t fit well for one reason or another.  This may seem over the top, but it is seriously a big health problem, especially for children and young adults.  You can potentially cause developmental problems for them, or even pain, as they use shoes that don’t fit correctly.
Volleyball shoes need to be a good, comfy fit.  This means that you should be able to move your foot, but not to the point that it is sliding around inside the shoe.  When you try on a pair, you need to make sure that there is just a little room between your big toe and the end of the shoe.  If you wiggle your toe and it comes up to the edge, you need to look at another size up.  If you wiggle and there is too much room, you need to look at a size down.
This is important because having the wrong size shoe can cause long-term issues that are sometimes serious.  Shoes that are too small can cause you to blister very easily because you are rubbing up against the shoe at all times.  They also can cause you to walk or run differently, or to jump and land on your toes in awkward positions.  Doing this over and over again can lead to serious injury.
If the shoes are too big, you run the risk of possibly coming out of them, which is downright embarrassing.  In addition to this, it can cause you to walk completely different than what your body is used to.  This can cause areas of the body to hurt that shouldn’t hurt if you were walking correctly.  This also means that your ankles aren’t being protected as they should be.
Why bother having a shoe that isn’t going to protect you fully?  That’s the whole purpose of the shoe itself.  Please make sure to go to the store and try on some pairs just to see what feels best.  Don’t try and save a few dollars because you’re probably going to need a new pair for the next season anyway.  The cost of a doctor’s visit or a trip to the after-hours clinic will cost you more than the shoes would in all likelihood, so make sure that they are a comfortable fit.
It is also important to point out that socks can play a huge role in this.  There are some weird trends out there.  Some people wear two pairs of socks, which we don’t encourage, while some will try and get away with none.  It’s really dependent on you, but you must find a good combination for you.  If you want to prevent blistering, a good pair of socks to go with your shoes is an absolute must!  Socks can play just as big of a role in preventing blisters as shoes themselves.
In addition to all of this information, it is necessary to point out that there aren’t any options for wide foot shoes out on the market right now.  At least, none of them are labeled as such.  Because of this, it can be tough for a small percentage of people to find a good fit. You may need to go up a size, but we encourage you to try them on just to make sure that is what you need before buying.  This is the case even if you plan to do so online as it is such a hassle to send things back via that route.
One more thing before we move on from this section: when trying on shoes, always remember that your feet are at their smallest when you have been inactive.  This is a point that is often overlooked and forgotten, but it is important to know that you will not feel the same exact way when playing as you will when you try them on for the first time.  As the body gets more and more active, the feet and ankles will swell.  This swelling is going to cause a different fit.  So one tip is to do some sort of exercise shortly before trying on your shoes.  Of course, if you can’t do this then you can likely judge it and decide if you’ll need to get a half size larger to accommodate the swelling.
Price can be an obstacle for many in this arena.  Volleyball shoes tend to run, when new, from between $50 and $140, so these aren’t too bad.  The quality is what drives the price.  If the technology is older or the shoe is older, then you can find shoes at a really good price.  Just know that if you go that route that you aren’t getting the greatest thing available.  However, if you’re a recreational player, this is probably just fine for you!  The new technologies that have been brought in include things like gel and shock absorption, and there are new things all the time from the various manufacturers.  They’re just trying to gain an upper hand on the competition.  Also, it is notable that most companies usually have three or four different price points.  Sometimes, the shoes will have the same basic name but have a different number or style.  This is done so that people can shop at various levels of qualities or price points while still being able to buy the same looking shoe.
Multicourt Shoes
We briefly mentioned above that gum rubber is used in a variety of sports.  This is because it provides the wearer with great traction on the court or even on an artificial turf surface.  A multicourt shoe is an option that combines the volleyball shoe with the basketball shoe to make a sort of hybrid.  These are very popular in sports such as badminton, squash, handball, and racquetball.  There is a trend there and that is that all of those sports are also played on a court.  However, they each have something that volleyball does not.  None of those sports require very much jumping.
So while you can use multicourt shoes for volleyball because they have gum rubber, it isn’t the best of ideas simply because they are not built with any shock absorption in mind.  This means that you are going to be taking a chance on your joints if you are using these all of the time.  In fact, many players of the sports listed above like to use volleyball shoes because they find they are even better for them laterally.  Recreational volleyball players would be just fine, though, with multicourt shoes because they aren’t likely to be playing nearly as much and won’t be under near as much stress as someone who plays and practices three or more times per week.
Men’s vs Women’s
The differences between men’s and women’s volleyball shoes are minimal.  The gum rubber soles, the midsoles, and the uppers are practically all the same in both.  The sizes are one of the main differences.  Another would be the styles.  Women’s volleyball shoes are made to be more stylish and typically offer more and/or different colors than their men’s counterparts.  Women’s shoes are typically lighter in weight than their counterparts as well, likely because women are less heavy than men and the size is smaller.
We had talked shortly earlier about wide feet, and there is an additional option for women here.  If you have wide feet as a woman, then you can try on a pair of men’s shoes.  That will likely take care of the problem as the men’s shoes are usually a little bit wider than women’s feet simply because men are bigger.  This may not be the answer, but it is well worth a try.
Other than these few things, there is little difference between the two.  Women’s volleyball shoes have the same exact qualities that men’s do, so rest assured that you’re getting the very best pair possible!
Best Volleyball Shoe Reviews
Mizuno Volleyball Wave Lightning Shoe

Mizuno is one of the biggest names the volleyball market and has a great selling unisex shoe that is top notch in quality.  It does carry a hefty price, but they make up for it in quality.  It is an interesting pink color, but we’re sure they have other colors as well. The cool thing about these is that they are high tops, almost like basketball shoes so you get even more ankle support.  They are very lightweight and have great breathability with mesh and it also has an “anatomical cup insole,” which is an essentially an insert to make your foot more comfortable!

Great style
Breathable and comfortable
High tops protect ankles


High price
Possibly a little too pink for some


ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoes

This pair of men’s ASICS pairs synthetic and mesh on the upper to give you added breathability as well as the opportunity to move your foot around.  This will come in handy on warm days in the gym.  Even on dusty floors, these shoes have really great traction, and it doesn’t have any weird designs that we sometimes see with other volleyball shoes.  One of the concerns, though, is that it wears a little bit on the soles, especially if you’re a player that tends to set more than attack the net.  This could just be the body positioning used.  You will need to likely buy a half a size larger than usual as these run a little small.  They are right in the medium price range, so you shouldn’t have any complaints if you want a nice shoe for a decent price.

Great medium-range price
Great traction on dirty floors
Mesh gives your feet a chance to breathe


Soles wear a little over time depending on the position played
Tend to run a little small


Nike Zoom Hyperspike Women’s Volleyball Shoes

Nike only recently got into the volleyball market by targeting it specifically.  Before that, they only gave their teams hybrid shoes.  This is an answer to that, and they do a good job.  The first thing you notice is that they look like a basketball shoe, which we think looks awesome and different.  However, it doesn’t have a huge high top for you to worry about if you don’t like that.  The great thing about these is that the insole molds to your foot, which is sometimes a problem in this market.  They do run a little large, and they toward the higher end of the price spectrum.

Great comfort
Protects ankles without being too binding
Ultra lightweight


Doesn’t look like a volleyball shoe
Higher price for a newer brand in the industry


ASICS Men’s Gel-NetBurner Ballistic Volleyball Shoes

ASICS comes back on to the list with a men’s shoes that looks a whole lot like a normal running shoe.  This shoe has just a little more than what could be called a low top in terms of ankle support, so you may want to get some just in case. These are fully synthetic with no mesh, so that may provide a small problem as the mesh is a little more breathable.  The insole is removable on this pair, so they are encouraging you to pick your own instead of having it mold to your foot like some of the choices above would.  It is is a little higher in price compared to some, and it might be a little annoying to see the insoles don’t form to the foot.

Has a classic white and black look
Keeps the ankles very free
Very comfortable


Higher price than some comparable items
Not as durable as one would like


Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 7 Volleyball Shoes

This shoe from Mizuno is more in the upper mid-range level of quality and pricing.  Unlike the Lightning, it is not a high top that looks similar to basketball shoes do.  Instead, it is a medium range of support like most regular tennis shoes have.  This is not uncommon, and these shouldn’t be overlooked just because of that.  The style is nice and classy, and it is made from synthetic and mesh to make sure your foot is able to be moved and is breathable.  It has great shock absorbing ability, and it is very popular in volleyball circles.
It features an AIRmesh upper for lots of breathability (and overall comfort) and INTERCOOL technology.  This ventilation helps decrease heat and humidity build-up in the shoe, and finally, it has a shock-absorbing mid-sole (called SR Touch) which consists of lighter material than in the past, so lots of tech upgrades in this new model.

Great price for good quality
Mid-level support if you enjoy that feel
Shocks absorbed easily


Could be a problem if you have very bad ankles
Not many styles to choose from


ASICS Men’s Gel-Domain 4 Volleyball Shoe

These shoes instantly pop (visually that is!) and look great, even when they aren’t being worn.  They are made by ASICS, who has tons of experience making gel shoes for the racquet sports.  This is a mid-range priced pair of shoes, but they provide the wearer with great traction and shock absorption during the game.  They have gel systems in the front and back to help cushion and gives you a soft platform to jump and move from.

Great style
Very comfortable
Good price


Because of the very low profile, it can be tough (or not possible at all) to insert orthotic insoles
Less mesh could lead to a little overheating


Mizuno Wave Tornado 9 Women’s Volleyball Shoes

Coming in with a classy yet flashy color and at a premium price is another high-quality shoe from Mizuno.  These shoes have just enough flash to stand out, but they are still very refined at the same time.  These aren’t quite high tops, but they are close to being there, so you get some additional ankle support.  They have the new infinity wave plate which disperses the energy when you push off the balls of your feet, which greatly helps repeated movements.  It also helps prevent the shoe from taking on a shape that it isn’t supposed to!  They also seem to do well for wide feet.

Great style
Even better substance
Infinity plate does wonders


High price for those that won’t play often
Might be bothersome for someone who doesn’t want to be restricted


Mizuno Wave Tornado X Unisex Volleyball Shoes

These shoes are marked as unisex, but they are to be ordered in men’s sizes.  They have a decent style to them, but they’d probably look better to most men.  These are at the very high end of price, and with that, they have a lot of quality.  The Tornado line has great comfort as it has a moldable insole that fits your specific foot.  It has a synthetic outsole as the shiny nature of the design shows.  This helps it last longer and keeps the weight down so you can block, dig, and spike all day long.  These are high tops, so your ankles are going to be strapped in essentially, so you shouldn’t need any further protection there.  These also have the wave technology that disperses the impact so your foot doesn’t feel it.

Can be worn by either man or woman
Insole fits your foot
High top keeps ankles locked in place


Very high price
Some of the upper can be scratched off at times


Adidas Performance Women’s Energy Volley Boost 2.0
Here’s one of the newest shoes on our list and it’s arguably among the best on our list.  It didn’t make #1 or at least closer to the top of the list because of the complaint some had of “clunkiness”  or heaviness compared to the competition.
In spite of this, the Volley Boost is an impressive shoe on a few fronts.  The least important is that of looks.  The graduated (graded) color effects on the side of the shoe and at least 5 colors on the sole, give this Adidas creation a great, eye-catching look.  More importantly, the technical features are hard to ignore.
It features a rubber sole (that’s what you want in a court shoe), there’s what Adidas calls a “flexible Powerband upper” and a molded insole.  Adidas’ proprietary Sprintplate stabilizes and guides your foot through jumps, and the rubber outsole is durable and resists wear supremely!


Durably built
Looks Great
Good value for price


Possibly too clunky/heavy for gym use


Kaepa Women’s Heat Volleyball Shoes

This last entry on the list varies greatly in price as it ranges from very reasonable to mid-level pricing and features three designs that are a little bit subdued.  They may lack in flash and style a little, but they are very good at holding up.  These would be exceptional volleyball shoes for a recreational type player or maybe even a player that plays a little more frequently.  They are also comfortable enough to be worn with external ankle supports since they are in between a low top and mid level support.

Good price
Great for recreational players
Durable and comfortable


The style is a bit different (might be a good thing for some) despite different color choices
The lower cut could be tough on ankles

Conclusion & Wrap-Up

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10 Best Volleyballs : Indoor, Outdoor, & Beach

The most basic element in all sports is the instrument that is used to play the game with.  With most sports, it is the ball.  The ball is crucial and is truly the only thing you need to play with.  It may make things harder, but you can play the game with just the ball if needed.  Volleyball is the same way.  The type of volleyball you need is crucial when you go to purchase one.  There are so many out there on the market that it gets difficult to select one simply because your senses get overloaded.  However, this buying guide will help you determine the things you need for your specific purposes.  And then we’ll look at and review the top ten volleyballs of this year.Top Volleyball Comparison ChartPictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?1. Wilson Official AVP Outdoor Game Volleyball$$$Check Price on Amazon2. Tachikara Softec Zigzag Volleyball $Check Price on Amazon3. Wilson Graffiti Volleyball $$Check Price on Amazon4. Tachikara Institutional Quality Volleyball $$Check Price on Amazon5. Tachikara SV5WSC High Performance Volleyball $$$Check Price on Amazon6. Under Armour UA Manhattan Volleyball $$Check Price on Amazon7. Tachikara SV5W Gold Premium Leather Volleyball $$$$Check Price on Amazon8. Wilson Soft Play Outdoor Volleyball $Check Price on Amazon9. Tachikara Full Grain Leather Volleyball $$$Check Price on Amazon10. Mikasa MV200 Indoor/Outdoor Olympic Volleyball $$$$Check Price on AmazonVolleyball Buying GuideMaterials: Leather or SyntheticFor many sports today, this is the debate that goes on.  Leather is much more traditional as its naturally abundant, and as a result, it has been around longer.  With our increased technology, we’ve been able to make things ourselves, and that is where synthetics come from.  Here is a quick look at the differences between the two.LeatherLeather is still the at the top of the list for volleyball.  If you want something that is high-quality, this is where you look.  This is opposite to where most sports are going nowadays.  It is important to note right away that there are different “grades” of leather.  This is similar to how produce is graded.  Some leathers are better than others, so those will naturally cost more as they are more costly to produce.  The higher the price, the softer the ball feels and plays.  This means that you don’t hurt as bad when you hit the ball.  As the price comes down, the ball does get harder and harder, and it makes it difficult for you to not hurt a little when you’re playing.  Leather is typically used for games only, or used during very serious or important practice sessions.  As abundant as leather is, it’s still not as abundant as the sheer quantities of synthetics available, and as such, it’s more expensive than synthetic.  It’s interesting to note that in spite of the history of “low tech” leather, it’s still the standard that synthetic producers are trying to simulate!SyntheticsSynthetics are great for those that need something to last for a very long time.  Synthetic volleyballs are designed to withstand tremendous wear and tear that leather simply can’t handle.  Synthetics are much more about feel and personal preference than leather balls as each is different from the next.  The term synthetic is really quite a wide-ranging term, so you never know exactly what materials have gone into it.  The combinations can make each one wildly different from the next, so that plays a massive role in how your ball will play and feel.  As the price goes down, just like with the leather balls, the synthetic ball will lose its playability and comfort.  It is very interesting to point out that the AVP, a beach volleyball league that is very famous across the world, uses a synthetic ball instead of a leather ball.  This bucks the trend of most leagues around the world.  Because synthetics are man-made fibers, they are almost always cheaper to buy than leather because companies can produce as much as they like of the material.The feel of the ball is also very important.  The type of player that you are can help make your decision.  If you’re a player that plays in the back row, and you are good at setting, you will likely want a softer ball because you prefer touch.  If you are a front row player that will be looking to spike the ball, you’ll want a harder ball to help you hit the ball even harder.  It really just depends on what you are looking for.Indoor or Outdoor and Other TypesIndoor and outdoor volleyballs are different, and they need to be classified as such.  You wouldn’t want to wear the same clothes inside and outside when it is a cool day, so you would most likely never want to use an indoor volleyball outside or vice versa.  The major difference that you can see between the two is that indoor volleyballs are molded together; outdoor volleyballs are stitched together.  This helps each ball to be as durable as they possibly can be.   IndoorIndoor volleyballs, as stated above, are molded together.  This makes the seams of the ball look smooth and even feel smooth because the panels are glued to the inner parts of the balls- the guts if you will.  This makes indoor volleyballs more playable because they feel better, move much more predictably every time, and they are smoother.  Indoor volleyballs weigh less than their outdoor counterparts as well (more on that below).  Almost all indoor balls are white since there aren’t typically any issues with other visibility inside a gym.OutdoorOutdoor volleyballs are easy to spot because you can see that the seams are stitched together.  This type of stitching makes the ball much more durable and capable of being played on multiple surface types.  Because let’s face it, a lot of different surfaces are outside.  Not everyone will be playing on grass!  The outdoor volleyball weighs more than an indoor one, and it does so in order to not be as affected by the wind.  With the added weight, the theory is that it won’t move off line as much as a regulation indoor volleyball would.  Outdoor volleyballs are also water resistant to help you in case you accidentally leave the ball outside or even if you just want to play through the rain.  They also have a much lower air pressure than that of indoor volleyballs.  Just keep in mind that the surface of outdoor volleyballs is generally much more abrasive than that of indoor volleyballs.  You will feel it a lot more when you hit the ball than you would with an indoor one.  The last difference that we’ll point out is that outdoor volleyballs also have a larger circumference, by about two inches usually, than indoor volleyballs.KidsKids volleyballs are slightly different than regulation because they are sized smaller to help kids be able to hit them.  If a really young and weaker child were to play with a bigger ball, they’d likely develop poor form, so a kids volleyball is a great way to help teach them proper form as they build themselves up over time.BeachBeach volleyballs can fall under the same category as outdoor volleyballs, but generally, the beach volleyball will have a distinct color to it to help it stand out from the normal solid white ball that you typically will see.TrainingTraining volleyballs are used mostly indoors but are designed to help players gain more strength.  These balls are roughly the same except they weigh about four ounces more than a regulation volleyball does to allow the player to learn to be more powerful with her or his play.  This is great for teaching someone how to properly set the ball with the right amount of force and touch.So, as you can see there are differences between the various types of volleyballs out on the market.  If you select the wrong ball, you can see a drastic difference in how they feel, how they play, and how long they last.  So, don’t assume that they are all the same!  A beach volleyball won’t last near as long when be playing on concrete.  And a kids volleyball will get hit way too hard by an adult!  These are just some of the possible outcomes of not choosing correctly.Volleyball Brands and Official League BallsBranding goes a long way in the sports world today, and it is no different in terms of the sport of volleyball.  Many people like to stick to a certain brand, so if you are one of those people here is a quick list of the brands that are big sellers and have an official association with a league.Wilson- official sponsor and ball of the AVP beach professional volleyball tourTachikara- official ball used by the NAIA college championshipMikasa- official ball of the FIVB, which is the world’s governing body for volleyballBaden- official ball of the American Volleyball Coaches’ Association groupMolten- official ball of the NCAA Championships and Team USAThere are many more companies that make good, quality volleyballs, but these are the most popular and the ones that have gotten themselves into the forefront of people’s minds with their sponsorships and endorsements.NFHS Endorsed VolleyballsNFHS is the board that decides what kind of equipment is allowed in high school sports throughout the United States.  If you are in this category as a coach, player, or a parent, then you need to know what balls are approved.  Here is the list:TachikaraMoltenMikasaMartinNikeWilsonBadenChamproTaking Care of Your BallThe durability of any ball is affected not only by the materials used and the surfaces played on but also by the way you take care of the ball.  While it is true than synthetics, in general, will last longer than leather because of their man-made properties, you can still help your ball last longer by doing a few thing to ensure that you take care of it.  No matter the type of ball that you buy, you can use these tips to help prolong the life of it.Never leave the volleyball outside as air pressures will fluctuate drastically as the weather changes from hot to cold and back again.Volleyballs should be stored in an area that is dry and at room temperature when you are not using them.  The constant air pressure and temperature will help it retain its shape.If it needs to be washed because it has picked up some dirt or dust, you can use warm water and soap to wash it.  Just make sure to dry it and leave it somewhere that is at room temperature.If you find your ball to be a little too hard initially, you can either let some air gently with a needle or you can apply a conditioner to it to help do so.  Keep in mind that the conditioner works far better on leather than on synthetics.Always make sure to moisten your needle as you go inflate or deflate your ball.  We have seen countless numbers of people jam needles in only to see them break off because they were not dampened in the slightest.  This can ruin a volleyball that is worth quite a bit of money!Remember that over time, your volleyball will lose a little bit of air, so you may need to inflate it occasionally to keep it at the right air pressure.Best Volleyball Reviews Wilson Official AVP Outdoor Game Volleyball coming in at a very reasonable price is the exact ball used by the beach tour professionals in the AVP.  This ball has the classic white look but also has yellow on it to make it easily visible for both players and fans alike.  This is classified as a synthetic ball, but it is very high quality and will not cause you to hurt from hitting it repeatedly.  Because of its makeup, it ages very well and can last a while compared to other game volleyballs.  Keep in mind, however, that is it a game volleyball and that means it will not last quite as long as something geared toward training!ProsThe official ball of the AVPSynthetics make sure it ages well yet offers nice protectionGreat price for high qualityConsIt will not hold up forever in intense sessionsWill sometimes be shipped deflated, which is a bit of a hassleTachikara Softec Zigzag Volleyball this offering from Tachikara comes in five different colors, each with the same eye-catching design pattern.  This is a regulation-sized indoor volleyball that comes at a very reasonable price, and it is meant for recreational volleyball.  So, this would be great for PE classes or recreation departments to purchase to have for kids to play with.  This is another synthetic offering, thus the lower price, but people absolutely love how soft the feel is for them compared to other volleyballs that they had purchased.  It is a regulation-sized ball, so it would not be great for people looking for something specific like that.ProsDifferent styles to mix and matchGreat for recreation or PEGreat priceConsNot meant for league playUse of foam can cause issuesWilson Graffiti Volleyball another reasonably priced ball comes from Wilson at #3 with this very eye-catching ball that will grab everyone’s attention quickly and easily.  Once again, it is a synthetic ball made to meet the specifications to be considered a regulation volleyball.  It appears to be geared more toward outside use, but it’s hard to tell due to its makeup.  It’s obviously modeled toward those that are in their early to mid-teens, but it can still be just fine to be used for adults as well.  It’s definitely a great one to take to the beach!ProsGreat for the beachGreat for pre-teens and teensGood priceConsNot meant for indoor useNot very friendly to men because of its designTachikara Institutional Quality Volleyball the name make it sounds like its fit for use at a mental asylum, but don’t be fooled as this is a good quality synthetic volleyball that also comes at a reasonable price.  It comes in four different color choices, including the classic white or white paired with another color.  This is so you can match you team’s colors for practices.  This would be a good volleyball for indoor practices as the synthetics would help it last longer and retain its shape as session after session passes by.ProsGreat practice ballReasonable priceNice colors to choose fromConsShips deflatedNot the most forgiving on the arms and handsTachikara SV5WSC High-Performance Volleyball This Tachikara is a high-quality synthetic, indoor volleyball that is in the moderate price range- very comparable to the Wilson AVP ball.  It has three different colors on the ball, which will help it stand out, and it is stitched together.  It is regulation size, so if you need anything special, this one would not be the way to go.  Because of the price, it’d be a pretty choice if you wanted to use it in games, but it will naturally be a little bit harder than pure leather would.ProsNice colors on the ballGreat for indoorsGives players great controlConsCan be hard to some, especially against stronger playersNot intended for outdoor/beach useUnder Armour UA Manhattan Volleyball Under Armour is now attempting to take over the volleyball market, and its Manhattan offers a ball that has a textured cover to help give you additional grip.  This is a synthetic volleyball that has been reinforced by cloth and has stitched seams.  It is definitely intended for beach play as that textured cover should help clear away any issues with that. It’s also at a moderate price, so it’s worth a look if you want something that looks a little different but still plays great.ProsGood priceTextured gripGood for the beachConsNot for indoor useSometimes has issues holding airTachikara SV5W Gold Premium Leather Volleyball finally a leather ball makes the list at #7 with a top-of-the-line in quality ball from Tachikara.  This ball is 100% leather, and because of that comes at the higher end on the price range.  It is meant for regulation indoor use, and it is geared toward the best players and competitions in the world.  It also comes in four different colors, so you don’t have to worry about only having the traditional white to choose from.ProsWon’t hurt you near as badGreat for indoor useBest for very good playersConsHigh priceShips deflated againWilson Soft Play Outdoor Volleyball too bad they didn’t have this kind of volleyball when we were growing up!  The Wilson Soft Play is a very inexpensive outdoor volleyball that is also very soft, so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt with it.  It is synthetic backed with sponge, so don’t expect it to last forever, especially if left in the elements.  It comes in five different distinct colors, so any child would love to have one of these to mess around with in the backyard.ProsVery inexpensiveFive different colorsVery soft for outdoorsConsWill not last very long, especially if it remains in the elementsNot the greatest choice for adults or anyone not playing recreationallyTachikara Full Grain Leather Volleyball this is only our second leather volleyball to make the list, but it comes at a more moderate price than the other Tachikara.  In addition to that, it is also available in more colors to help you match your team’s colors.  It is regulation size and weight and should be great for indoor use for practices and possibly some games.ProsLower price than most leathersMany colorsGreat for practiceConsHigh price compared to most volleyballs on the listNot quite the same feel as higher-end leatherMikasa MV200 Indoor/Outdoor Olympic Volleyball this is for those that want to play with FIVB-approved replica ball so they can be similar to the pros!  The ball is yellow and blue and has interesting stitching on it to hold it in place.  You simply won’t find many balls stitched together the way this one has been.  It is at a very reasonable price, and it does its job well without doing too much more.ProsVery reasonable priceGood for kidsColor helps make it stand outConsNot good for adultsOnly good for outdoor use, unlike what they tell usOkay, This is NOT Educational – But it is Hilarious!  Indulge Me! The post 10 Best Volleyballs : Indoor, Outdoor, & Beach appeared first on Sport Consumer.