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we support two modes: Yoga and Meditation

Author Viktor Lesyk Release 2017-04-24 Version 1.0 Requirement iOS 10.0 + 2.99 Download now Categories: , Tags: Meditation, philips hue, Smart Lights, timer, Workout, Yoga.

LightItApp turns your Philips Hue lights into colourful timer

for deeper, calmer and more mindful workouts.
Currently, we support two modes: Yoga and Meditation.
Choose one of 5 amazing themes.
Set session length, position/breath period and help us to bring peace, clarity and joy into your life.
LightItApp works, with Philips Hue, thus, selected theme in app will splash around your room.
Each theme consists of two colors, when timers starts first color turns on, when position/breath period changes, second color shows up.
As a result you can feel the heart beat of your room.

We support iOS’s HealthKit integration

so all progress will be saved into your iPhone.
Features: • works together with Philips Hue lights • HealthKit integration • 2 mindfull activities • 5 different themes • set of timers to fit your training flow Got any question or feedback.
Reach out to us at [email protected] or https://twitter.com/ifitnine.

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The 9 Best Women’s Yoga Pants & Leggings for 2020

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One of the best things about yoga is that it works out your mind as well as your body. There are countless benefits to doing yoga, getting your body in shape is only the beginning. While learning and practicing yoga is itself not easy, it’s a really convenient activity to take up. You don’t need any expensive gear or equipment like with tennis, cycling, or most other athletic activities. Yes, you can buy accessories like a yoga ball, but they’re not totally necessary. You can practice in your living room, on the beach, in the woods – anywhere you can find peace and quiet, you can practice yoga. All you need is a mat and a good, comfortable pair of yoga pants.
Top Yoga Pants Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?

$$$$Check Price on Amazon

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6. PHISOCKAT 2 Pack High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets
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Buying Guide
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing yoga for awhile or if you’re just starting out, a good pair of yoga pants matters. They’ll help keep you cool, dry, and supported while you work out. Of course, some people also use yoga pants for other sports, like running or hiking, or even casual wear when running errands.
We’ve compiled a list of the top nine yoga pants for 2017, but before we take a look, let’s consider what makes a good pair of yoga pants.
Comfort and Style
Comfort is the most important part of buying a good pair of yoga pants. They should be loose enough so that you can bend and pose without anything digging into your skin while being tight enough that they won’t fall off or slide down.
Some are a loose fit, some are really flowy. There are also come that have compression qualities designed to be a little tighter, the theory being that they will help stimulate blood flow and enable you to feel more aware of the position your body is taking.
There is no one style that is best for everyone, though some are more suited for certain varieties of yoga than others. Consider what kind of yoga you’ll be doing and what style you like when looking for your ideal pair.
Because fit is so important when buying yoga pants, it’s important to make sure you get the right size. Obviously, if you’re buying your yoga pants in a store, it’s easy to try them on to find the right size. If you choose to buy online, make sure you look at the sizing chart for the manufacturer. Sizes vary from brand to brand so just because you’re a size 10 in one brand does not mean you’ll be a size 10 in another.
Another good thing to do when shopping for yoga pants online is to read customer reviews to see how the brand fits. Customers will usually tell you if the pants you’re looking at run small, big, or even short. It’s a great way to get some insight when you can’t actually try the pants on.
It’s important that the material is breathable. So much of yoga has to do with breathing and flow, and you want your pants to contribute to that feeling. Breathable fabrics let air pass through the garment and touch the skin. The fabric will help keep the wearer cool, especially during outdoor sessions in the hot summer or when doing hot yoga.
Some breathable fabrics that you can choose from are:
Cotton it the traditional fabric for yoga and the most common one used today. It’s incredibly breathable, soft, and lightweight. There are downsides to cotton fabrics, though. Cotton shrinks and stretches after every washing and will eventually start to wear thin. It’s generally not a very durable fabric.
This is a breathable synthetic fabric that is much more durable than 100% cotton. It’s lightweight and soft plus helps soak up sweat. It also maintains its shape and won’t shrink or stretch no matter how many times it’s washed.
Cotton Blends
Cotton blends are the best of both worlds. The breathability and softness of cotton with the durability and structure of a synthetic fabric. The most common combination is cotton and Spandex.
Elastic Waist
The waist of a good pair of yoga pants will fit close to the body without being too snug or uncomfortable. In yoga, because there is so much movement in the waist and lower abdomen, it’s important that it can move freely. Don’t use any yoga pants that have a drawstring because it will just constrict the abdomen in certain poses and can potentially be very uncomfortable.
Price & Branding
There are a lot of different brands out there and they vary greatly in price. Some you’ll be able to find on sale for less than $20 while other will cost way over $100. Price itself is not an indicator of how good a pair of yoga pants are. Neither is brand name, for that matter.
Of course, you know what kind of quality to expect with top names brands which is important. But read customers reviews and don’t be afraid to take a chance on an unknown brand.
Best Yoga Pants Reviews


The Alo Goddess Ribbed Leggings are so good, they even have their own Instagram hashtag. They have a very recognizable style – each is two-toned. The top of the pant is one color and made of an 87% nylon/13% spandex blend and the bottom is 90% nylon/10% spandex. This gives a little more compression around the area covered by the top of the pant – the waist, hips, and thighs.
They have a recognizable leg warmer look and are designed to be worn either scrunched up above the ankle or pulled over the heel. There are a lot of color combinations. Generally, the top half is a brighter color while the bottom is a simple black, grey, or cream.
Because the top does offer some compression, the breathability of these pants suffers a bit. You will most likely sweat a little bit in these pants so they’re not really suited for hot yoga or any kind of strenuous routine.
They’re really comfortable and stylish and chances are, people will ask you where you got them. But they are also pretty expensive. While they maintain their shape, they don’t hold up as well as other options do in the wash. Read the care instructions carefully and don’t be surprised if you find some slight pilling after a few wash cycles.

Unique color block style
Compression in waist, hips, thighs


Might not hold up well in the wash
Not very breathable




If you prefer something with a little more compression, Dynamic Athletica Compression Capri Pants might be the right pair for you. They’re made of a polyester/Spandex mix and have superior moisture wicking materials to help you stay dry and cool when you’re sweating. And, to help control the funky smell that happens after long workouts, they also have anti-odor properties.
Unlike most blend, these have a higher percentage of Spandex which gives them the extra compression. They’re made to be snug with just the right amount of pressure so as not to restrict movement while still stimulating blood flow and oxygenation so your muscles can recover quickly after your workout.
The fit is true to size, but remember when you get them, they’re supposed to be tight in order to get the compression benefits. They’re only available in one length and pattern/color choices are limited.

Moisture wicking
Anti-odor properties
True to size fit


Limited color/pattern choices
Only come in one length




With 2 back pockets and inseams measuring 27″, 29″, 31″, 33″, 35″ and 37″, the YogiPace pants will fit nearly everyone!  These pants are loaded with subtle and not-so-subtle features everyone will enjoy, like an elastic closure with wide and comfortable waistband that never digs or binds.  There’s a hidden back pocket in the waistband in addition to 2 UN-hidden back pockets.  The double-layer gusset offers greater comfort.  The bottoms flare slightly so that (for those who are not aware) your legs look a tiny bit longer!  Sizes start for Petites around 5’1″ or so.
The mixture of fabrics optimizes comfort.  The fabrics are 57% Nylon, 30% Polyester, 13% Spandex, while providing 4-way stretch abilities and moisture-wicking qualities without any “see-through”.
These pants have been purchased by women who use them for not only yoga, but everyday errand-running, while adding the right shoes can even lift these pants to a more “formal” attire.  Lots of versatility here folks!

Mild Compression
Great for a wide variety of activities


Runs small




For an inexpensive option that performs as well as some of the really expensive high-end brands, try the Onzie Capri Pant. They’re made of a thin, swimsuit-like material that wicks away sweat. They’re great for hot yoga or outdoor summer sessions.
While they’re really comfortable and easy to move in, they don’t offer any compression. They have a wide waistband and are made of an 80% nyl0n/20% spandex blend which makes them super stretchy.
The sizing is accurate. If you fall between sizes, going down one is recommended because of how much they stretch. They also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, over 20 to choose from.

A wide variety of colors and patterns


Not a lot of support




The Luli Fama capri is an eye-catching pant made from 65% Polyester and 35% Elastane for an all-around GREAT stretch quality.  However, they are considered “restricted” fit which gives comfort while flattering body shape.  They do fall below the knee (about halfway between your knee and ankles).   Like many such pants, ladies often wear them for a variety of casual occasions.  They tend to run a tad bit small so be aware of that when ordering.  If you normally wear small, you may consider a medium in this case.
They are not see-through, so that may appeal to some and not others.  

Tighter fit for more active duty
Feature elastic hip band


Runs small so it can be deceiving




There’s no denying that the Phisockat yoga pants have some enviable qualities and those qualities put these pants on our list!  They are definitely opaque (non-see-through!) but also very stretchy spandex.  Attention has been given to the idea of making them thick enough to cover your body without being see-through while at the same time, not being too hot.  The material itself is really very soft to the touch and you could almost compare it to a smooth fleece.  They’ve been likened to “wearing nothing” which is an awesome feel as long as you know you actually ARE wearing something!
Not only do they feel very non-restrictive, but they’ve been designed with a visual enhancement in the form of long vertical lines to make you look even slimmer!  Nice psychology huh?
They feature a high waist for better tummy control (AKA – makes you look better) and they have side pockets for things like a smart phone if you want one in your pants!  There’s a waist pocket that will even hold a locker key.  The Phisockat pants are excellent for other activities as well like running or fitness in general, or they can be a part of a casual outfit that has nothing to do with fitness at all!  Talk about versatility!

Super comfortable
High Waist
Hidden pocket
Great price


Sizing can be a bit off




These Active Lounge Sweat Pants are a little different take on the legging.  These are not super tight, so they’re better suited to someone who prefers looser clothing in general or for a slightly more modest look.  They have just the right amount of “stretchiness” with 12% Spandex, while the remainder of the material is cotton in the solid color model.  As of this review, the only available color is black.  It offers a low-friction performance and it really feels smooth and “skin-friendly”, so no lack of comfort with this set of pants.  It also wicks away sweat during exercise.  A drawcord is standard as well as an elastic waistband, and side pockets offer lots of storage (though you’ll not want to chuck your phone and keys in there while in the midst of a Firefly or Crane pose!
Oh, and while we’re extolling the benefits of this pant, here’s a doozie!  As of my writing this review, it just so happens that these are FORTY-SIX PERCENT OFF!!!  You can confirm that HERE, and if they’re not on sale, or even sold out and not available, my sincerest apologies – you were too slow! 🙂

Large pockets
Affordable (46% off at the time of review)
High quality


Best if hand washed
Can slide down if worn for high-intensity activities




90 Degree’s Power Flex yoga pants are designed for both fashion and function. Plus, they’re remarkably affordable. There are three different fabric blends available depending on style: for the solid color, 87% Nylon 13% Spandex; heathered, it’s 47% Nylon 46% Polyester 7% Spandex; and the for the space dye, 90% Polyester 10% Spandex. All wick moisture away from your body and are designed to give you a streamlined look.
The wide waistband helps them stay in place and they don’t ride up or cause any chafing. There’s a small pocket in the waistband just big enough to stash keys. There’s a lot of color choices available in the previously mentioned patterns: solid, heather, and space dye.
These come highly recommended, but there are a few minor issues. While they are opaque for the most part, they do stretch out and become a little see-through during certain poses, bending over, etc. Overall, these are a high quality, inexpensive option.

Three different patterns
Wide variety of colors
Small pocket
Great fit


Can be slightly see-through when stretched




Comfy Yoga is a newer brand that aims to mix fitness and fashion. Their designs probably have the brightest colors and most graphic designs of any of the others on our list. They choose the colors and patterns carefully to make sure you get a stylish, practical pair of yoga pants.
They’re made of a soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking material to help keep you cool and dry and support you for maximum flexibility. They’re a little high waisted to provide some tummy control and give you a smoother silhouette.
The fabric is stretchy, doesn’t shine, and is anti-pilling so it won’t look worn after being through a few wash cycles. (Make sure to check the care instructions, they should be hung to dry.)
Something a bit unique about these leggings is they only come in one size – it stretches from a 26” waist to 42”. The manufacturer says they’ll fit small to medium sizes best so, while these are a great pair of pants, they won’t fit everyone. For some users, they may stretch a bit and be slightly see through.
The waistband isn’t very thick or supportive like some others in this price range, so if you prefer a thicker waistband, these might not work well for you. Overall, though, they’re highly rated and get a lot of compliments on the patterns.

Beautiful Patterns
High Waist


Thin when stretched
Only fit certain sizes
Thin waistband


Ideas and Inspiration for Beginners!

And those are our nine best yoga pants of 2017. As you can see, there’s a lot of variety. Which one will work best for you depends on your taste and the kind of activity you’ll be using them for.
The Alo Yoga Women’s Goddess Ribbed Legging has a unique, two-tone, leg warmer look and is so popular, they even have their own Instagram hashtag. They come in a variety of color combinations and offer some moderate compression to the waist, hips, and thighs.
Dynamic Athletica Compression Capri Pants are a great choice if you like a good amount of compression. They have superior moisture wicking properties and even an anti-odor treatment.
The Lucy Studio Hatha Capri Legging isn’t necessarily a great choice for casual wear, but for yoga, these are ideal. They’re lightweight and breathable with a low, wide waistband to move with you as you move through your routine. They offer a wide range of sizes, from XXS to 3X.
For a really affordable option, try the Onzie Capri Pant. While they don’t have any compression, they are lightweight, extremely comfortable, and really stretchy. Plus, they come in a lot of colors and patterns so you’ll be able to find one that suits your style.
The Lucy Get Going Capri is another option from Lucy Studios. These are a little different from the other choices on our list because they have a slightly loose fit and a drawstring. They also have pockets and a wide waistband. These are great for light workouts or even just for lounging around.
MÜV365’s Ultimate Yoga Pants for Women are super comfortable and you might not ever want to take them off. They have a high waist and a thick waistband and do offer some compression. Each features a different cutout, which adds a cure, fashionable detail to their solid colors.
The Women’s Yoga Active Legging from Baleaf has a high elastic waistband with a small pocket large enough to hold a small smartphone. They run true to size but are best for lighter, less strenuous activities as they have a tendency to stretch a bit with a lot of motion.
90 Degree by Reflex Women’s Powerflex Yoga Pants are really affordable and come in a wide range of colors. The wide waistband has a key pocket and keeps these pants in place throughout all kinds of activities.
Comfy Yoga’s Dry Fit Mid Rise Printed Yoga Leggings are the brightest pants on this list with the most eye-catching patterns. They’re one size only and recommended for small to medium wearers. The high waist provides some tummy control and the fabric is soft, stretchy, and won’t pill.
If you’re looking for a good pair of yoga pants, take into consideration the features we discussed while trying to find the right pair for you. When it comes to yoga pants, there really is a style that suits almost any need.


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