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Interview: Carol from Rusty Wasteland

Interview: Blooprint.
For some reason I’ve been recently watching a lot of Rust videos (great idea for a lockdown binge!).
One of the content creators that stood out for me is Blooprint.
While I was watching one of his videos I thought ‘Let me just send him an email, see what happens ’.
To my surprise I received a reply the next day and here we are.
Blooprint, content creator and owner of Bloo Lagoon and I had a little chat regarding the do’s and don’ts of Rust, his Youtube & Twitch, plans for the future and ofcourse tips for (starting) content creators and communities .
So without further ado, let’s get started .
Greetings Blooprint.
Thanks for doing this interview with us, first of, how are things going?.
No problem, thanks for having me.
Things are going great for me.
The support has been better than it has ever been before.
It’s all I can really ask for.
Can you give us a rundown on how you got started back in 2014?.
So a lot of people don’t know this but I used to be a Minecraft content creator, and I went by a completely different name – “Death Chimp.” I mainly played MCSG (Minecraft Survival Game s) and uploaded my montages to YouTube.
I had to be 11 or 12 years old at the time.
I transitioned to Rust in 2016.

And the second Rust video I had ever uploaded (Huge Armored Base Raid) was a massive hit

gaining over 50,000 views.
I had less than one thousand subs at the time, so you can imagine how this affected me and my channel.
I remember me and my school friends were freaking out seeing the numbers climb.
It was only when I hit a couple thousand subs or so that I officially changed my name to Blooprint, as I thought that “Death Chimp” wasn’t a very ‘friendly’ name.
I wasn’t trying to blow up or turn it into a job.
I just did it for fun.
I had no idea it would lead to where I am now.
Does the current Covid-19 fiasco have any impact on your content /community.
Be it positive or negative.
I’ve definitely noticed more views and subs than usual during this pandemic.
It could be because more people are staying at home or it could also just be a coincidence .
But I can confidently say that COVID-19 hasn’t caused any problems.
Besides your booming Youtube channels and Twitch streams you also run the Bloo Lagoon servers (EU and US).
What made you launch these servers?.
I love Rust, but I felt like some things needed changing.
At the time, Rust was in a weird place.
Turrets were overpowered, grinding was more of a pain, etc.
I created my servers with my vision of a better, vanilla-feeling Rust.
Less auto turrets per base, slightly higher gathering rate, better barrel loot, and just recently – improved airdrops.
This all speeds up progression a bit, allowing for more pvp.
On your other Youtube channel Blootorials you create, like the channel name suggests, .

Tutorial videos such as Rust Solo guides and how to get scrap

Was this something you thought was lacking on Youtube?.
I first made Blootorials because all the tutorials on YouTube (which honestly wasn’t a lot) didn’t explain some of the fundamental things in detail – such as how a Tool cupboard works, hardside/backward walls, where you should build, etc.
My tutorials focus on the things other tutorial channels miss or fail to go into detail with.
I also try to make them as short and sweet as I can.
I plan to start a series on the channel called Weapon Guides – which will be 1-3 minute guides fully explaining every single ranged weapon in the game, in detail.
Where they’re useful in certain situations and where they aren’t.
If you haven’t heard of Blootorials and you’re a new player (even an experienced one), I highly suggest checking it out.
I’m sure you’ll learn something.
More and more youtubers have been transitioning into live streaming.
What would you say your Twitch/Youtube ratio is when looking at hours spent?.
When it comes to views and subscribers, .

YouTube is definitely where most of my community is

Follower-wise, .

Twitch only carries about 10% of my YouTube following

For upcoming content creators, .

I suggest getting a following on YouTube first and then move to Twitch

You must have spent A LOT of hours on ‘A Solo’s Journey’, very impressive.
Is this something you do full time?.
Yes I did.
A Solo’s Journey took me 3 and a half weeks to record, edit, and upload to YouTube.
I estimated 30-40 hours of editing.
I’m most proud of it, and it’s my favorite video I’ve made.
And yes, .

I’d consider YouTube my full-time job

A question you’ve gotten a lot I take it, what’s the process like of creating your videos?.
I used to have a much more organized schedule.
Thursday is wipeday, so I record from that day, all the way throughout the weekend.
On Monday, I get started on editing, then finish up Tuesday and Wednesday.
End of Wednesday, I render and go through the uploading process.
Then Thursday morning/afternoon is when I make it public.
Rinse and repeat.
I’m always trying to improve the quality of my videos, so nowadays I put a lot more love and care into them.
That’s why they take an extra couple of days, even an extra week.
Back to the game itself, what do you think of the current state of the game seeing it has come a long way.

Rust has definitely come a long way

I wasn’t around back since Legacy, but I was here for the early Experimental days.
I’ve gone through every progression system, and my favorite was the Component-Only system.
I think that if they merged that with the workbenches we have now, it would have made for some balanced progression without too much grinding.
However, the current system isn’t too bad at all.
It has its downsides, but Facepunch keeps adding Q.
L changes like reduced research costs and such which improve the game’s grind.
Minicopters and the soon to come vehicles are game changing as well.

I almost feel like Rust is going through it’s own little Industrial Revolution

But I’m sure Facepunch will continue to improve their game for the better.
I will be here to support it.
Although you do a solid deep dive into getting started, do you have any tips for new players?.
I still stand by what I say in this video but in a nutshell, as a new player I suggest starting on Solo/Duo/Trio or low population servers.
That way you can learn the basics of the game without getting shit on by tryhard players ???? What are some of the big mistakes you keep seeing in-game.
For instance base vulnerability.
A couple mistakes around base building I see are backwards walls and people making keys for their doors.
There’s a softside and hardside to every wall in the game.
If you want to know what they look like, check this out on Blootorials.
Softside walls are weak, and can be broken by tools.
Hardside requires explosives.
Make sure walls leading to your loot room and such are placed appropriately, they should be facing away from the core of your base.
Some players do not know this, but you don’t need to make keys for your key-locked doors.
Just hold E and click lock.
I also explain this in my Key Locks and Wall Placements video, and I believe I mention it in my solo guide as well.
What’s a big NO in your opinion when it comes to playstyle?.
There’s a lot of ways to play Rust and I’m not going to bash on somebody for playing their own way.
For example, as much as I personally dislike playing in zergs, I don’t hate zergs themselves.
Besides, sometimes they’re good for content.
I guess what is widely seen as a scummy playstyle though is roof-camping.
It’s fine in base defense scenarios and such but just roof-camping to roof-camp is a pain in the ass.
What are some of your favorite adventures/encounters when looking back at these last 1000’s of hours played?.
I’ve found out that my best adventures come from my solo runs.
“My Craziest Start Ever,” my most viewed video, was a blast to play and edit.
“A Solo’s Dream,” “SOLO ONLINE RAIDING a CLAN BASE,” and “A Solo’s Journey” were just so fun and exhilarating.

It’s times like those that make Rust such a unique and enjoyable game

You just won’t get these types of adventures anywhere else.
What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future?.
Right now I’m working on some brand adjustments – a mascot I can use in channel art, emotes, merch, and more.
My logo will always be around, but I think I needed something more inviting.
And my future plans are to continue making great videos.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

and just enjoy this amazing job I have.
All my thanks to my community, it’s really amazing what we have built together.
We always like to end our interviews with some tips for our readers.
Are there any last minute tips and pointers you want to give to (starting) content creators out there?.
Watch other successful content creators, find out who inspires you.
Check out their channel page and look for patterns.
Thumbnails, titles, tags, personality.
Figure out what makes them special and why people enjoy their videos.

I didn’t take any classes to become a YouTuber

I’m a self-taught editor, and back when I made all my thumbnails I was a self-taught designer (if you want to call me that XD).
I learned all my skills from the people I watched on YouTube.
When I first started YouTube, I was just doing what I thought was a fun use of my time, I wasn’t thinking about making money from it.
But as time went on, and as I put more effort into my videos, a community started to form.
If you stay consistent and you genuinely love what you make, others will too.
Stay humble, listen to your followers – but more importantly listen to yourself.
Ultimately you’re the one behind the wheel and if your community really enjoys what you do they will follow you anywhere.
Blooprint (YT) Blootorials (YT) Twitch Twitter Discord adventureBlooprintBlootorialsduomoviesolotrioTwitchYoutube 5th anniversary giveaway.
Next Alps.gg launching their new CityRP gamemode within Garry’s Mod.
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Interview: Nuclear_Poptart from Mineplex.
Interview: Carol from Rusty Wasteland.
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How to Build a Successful YouTube Gaming Channel

Author Why social news sites like N4G and reddit are failures.
Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr StumbleUpon Digg Linkedin email I’m an artist just like anyone else.

So why am I persecuted just because my paintbrush is Final Cut Pro and After Effects

and my canvas is YouTube.
In the past I’ve written about mod abuse at gaming sites that claim to be “social news” (those that allow users to submit info) before on my YouTube marketing blog, .

But now I’m adding a video detailing my recent clash with two N4G mods

Before watching this video, I just want to say this: I have an insanely strong sense of justice which causes me to clash with those who don’t.
Especially when it is about something that directly impacts my daily life.
Because I’m a professional online video creator who doesn’t have a huge network promoting his channel, .

Being able to share my YouTube videos into communities is of critical importance

It’s ridiculously difficult to build an audience on YouTube using third party websites like reddit and N4G, and I’ve just reached the end of my rope dealing with people that honestly aren’t any more qualified to be moderators than I am.
Anyway, I produced a news video as part of my channel’s RPG Report segment and then went to submit it to N4G.
Seems simple enough, right.
To express just how absurd the whole situation is, I made this video using screen capture software to guide you through how far down the rabbit hole this goes.
And here are some screenshots of additional conversations taking place in the hours after I created this video: The worst part of this.
Selective enforcement of the made-up rules.

This girl posted her YouTube video at the same time I did

and her submission wasn’t auto failed by any of the mods.

They are so adamantly opposed to my submission on the basis that its a YouTube video

but it’s perfectly okay for someone else to do it.
And you CAN’T suggest her video slipped through their radar.
I let the mod know about her video and he said it was perfectly okay.
Yeah, that’s right: Lt.
Skittles once again auto-failed my post submission before anyone could vote on it.
It was at this time I looked directly below my rejected post and saw this, .

Rows of podcast and video submissions

Of course, because my post was submitted six hours ago it is like 50 something pages in the back.

At this point any hope I have of the N4G community seeing my video is gone

It’s buried under a mountain of stuff that didn’t get any votes in the past six hours.
It’s hard to be respectful when a simple act of submitting a link to a website takes six hours and a lot of back and forth just to get someone to watch the video.
Or to get told you aren’t considered an “industry professional” despite the years of work you’ve put into the industry.
And this mod comes across to me like the N4G community is like some kind of cult; like it’s the norm for mods to beat you down into submission and convert you to their way of thinking.
And this is where the story ends, .

Because I’ve wasted enough time on N4G

Their mods don’t respect the users and invent esoteric rules that aren’t mentioned on the website rules section but everyone is expected to psychically know them.
His statements demonstrate just how much they only care about their own clique.
What I believe is actually going on:.
I wish I knew.
I’d like to think there is some amount of favoritism, but the truth is I don’t have the time or energy to analyze the failed submissions versus the approved to find where all the dots connect.
What I do know is no social news website should be operating this way.
Why does any of this matter?.

In order to get your YouTube videos discovered you need to build lots of awareness

Because the ad revenue generated per monetized video view doesn’t earn enough money to justify traditional forms of marketing (like pay per click ads) you need to share your video on websites like reddit and N4G that accept submissions.
This is just a fact of life.
But when the mods block people from doing so for reasons that seem designed purely to discourage you, it makes it nearly impossible for creators to get discovered by audiences.
And you can’t say video creators are any less entitled to show their work than people who submit re-hashed memes, knitted dolls of game characters or hand-forged swords.
It takes a huge amount of time and creative ability to produce high-quality videos.
I’m an artist just like anyone else, so why am I persecuted just because my paintbrush is Final Cut Pro and After Effects, and my canvas is YouTube.
You also can’t expect videos on YouTube to be magically discovered; anyone who has built a large audience has leveraged sites like N4G and reddit to find viewers.
The problem is, in recent years the volunteer mods of these sites have hampered down on it, and basically fight anyone who exists outside the established cliches they belong to.

This is exactly why I made the Kickstarter for my own gaming social news site

rpgfanatic.net  The system is designed to not require any moderators (certainly not volunteer moderators) using gamification.
I can’t control how others run their websites, but I can choose to make a better alternative.
I hope the project gets funded so I can finally get the site in the state it’s needed to be in for the past two years.
It’s been sitting half-finished for much too long.

Martell TV is my focus right now

but I really believe a site like rpgfanatic.net is desperately needed in the gaming community, and the success of the site could inspire other websites to change their ways.
(Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?) Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr StumbleUpon Digg Linkedin email.

Trip Update: Our App Works on Sony Smart TVs

How to Build a Successful YouTube Gaming Channel.
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2015 Thank you

Author .

The Big List of Sites to Submit Your YouTube Videos

Email A Simple Tactic on How tо Get More YouTube Views

You’ve just posted your recent YouTube video masterpiece.
You’re super excited about how this creation you’ve worked so hard to make is now ready for the world, and you wait in anticipation for legions of people to comment telling you how great your video is….
…Except you don’t get more than a few dozen views.
After three days.
You’ve thrown a party, but nobody is showing up.
That’s depressing, I know. But it’s your own fault; you can’t expect people to know where your video is unless you tell them where to find it.

Getting noticed on YouTube іs pretty easy to do

but you need tо take action to let viewers know the video exists.
There are the usual places like Facebook and Twitter, but there are also many websites that accept video submissions for different types of content.
If your video is featured on some of them, you’ll attract a huge audience.
Whatever your reason іs fоr posting your videos оn YouTube,  оn how tо gеt YouTube views tо successfully gеt subscribers and viewers.
Тrу submitting your video to this list of sites below and watch your viewership rise sky high.
This list of sites to submit your YouTube videos to is currently over 90 sites long.
Social bookmarking sites.
http://animeshinbun.com/  – Anime related only.
http://n4g.com/ – Gaming related only.
http://filmwatch.com/ – Movie related only.
http://techspy.com/ – Tech related only.
https://news.ycombinator.com/ – tech related only.
Blogs You Can Submit Your Videos To.
Blogs are the modern newspapers and magazines, and they can drive a ton of traffic to your videos.
It is in the interest of a blog to constantly post new content to keep their readers coming back, and submitting your videos can possibly get them featured on these blogs.
9gag.tv video submission form.
http://submit.boingboing.net/  or http://boingboing.net/suggest.html.
Traditional News Agencies & TV Shows.
Want to get your video featured on the evening news.
Try submitting your content to these places.
Where to submit Video RSS and MRSS Feeds.
Including your YouTube channel RSS feed in these indexes will help your video rank higher in search engine results.

Where to find your YouTube channel RSS feed

It usually looks like this: http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/channelusername/uploads Just replace ‘channelusername‘ with your own channel’s user name and the feed should work.
Here are the sites for submitting RSS feeds: http://www.blinkx.com/rssupload.
All of the above sites are perfectly valid places to share your videos.
I hope you found this list to be helpful, and if you know of any other sites I should include in this list, please let me know.
By the way: if you’re looking for more information on how to be successful on YouTube, considering purchasing my book.
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The Big List of Sites to Submit Your YouTube Videos.

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is known for their ‘Magic Quadrant‘ (figure 1 below)

In recent years, the changes to regulations regarding data breaches in Australia has highlighted the importance of keeping data protected.
The education industry has especially has recognised this need and has moved towards the use of new next-generation enterprise-grade firewalls at schools and colleges.
The need for this change has been accelerated since educational organisations are now considered in the top five targets by hackers.   This is because schools and colleges store sensitive data, including student’s medical records, parents’ and staff members’ financial and personal data.
As an example, .

A data breach that occurred in June 2019 at Nagle College in Western Australia

It’s not only external threats schools have to worry about either.
As students become more tech-savvy and as video explanations on how to bypass a firewall become more abundant on YouTube, schools find themselves having to deal with internal threats as well.  This, combined with the fact that many schools have limited technical staff, creates a ‘breach’ recipe for disaster.
The large fines and reputational risk that schools face as a result of a data breach in Australia has led multiple schools to replace traditional, non-enterprise grade firewalls with more capable next-generation, enterprise-grade firewalls in order to meet the highest level of data protection requirements.
The Governance and Risk Committees of many schools are now requiring enterprise-grade firewalls in their schools.
With so many firewalls available on the market, what should schools look for in a firewall.
Firstly, the firewall should be a globally recognised next-generation enterprise-grade firewall.
This means the firewall manufacturer has a large support and development team that allows it to quickly address any issues as they arise (and before they arise).
The manufacturer should supply to a large and diverse range of Industries as this ensures visibility of the latest threats.
The next-generation enterprise-grade firewall should be feature-rich and must be capable of SSL decryption, signature-based application control, user identification, web filtering and threat intelligence.
Without these features, the school will have limited visibility of applications being used, will find it very difficult to assess how students are spending their time on the internet, no control over web content students can access and no ability to stop zero-day attacks.
Enterprise-grade firewalls are consistently scrutinised for industry best-practice.
Schools should review reports compiled by industry analysts, such as Gartner, who constantly assess and compare firewall providers and their capabilities.
Gartner, for example, is known for their ‘Magic Quadrant‘ (figure 1 below).

For a firewall provider’s firewall to appear on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

their firewall must be subjected to Gartner’s rigorous testing and assessment.
Schools who are not sure how their current solution compares can have it reviewed by an independent provider or cybersecurity auditor.
Good providers will perform a security assessment by placing a next-generation firewall alongside the current solution to compare the two.
Penetration testing with vendor-agnostic software in order to pinpoint the weaknesses.
Schools’ duty of care to their students extends beyond their physical wellbeing to their digital protection.
Schools invest in good quality locks, security alarms and cameras for their physical facilities.
In a similar way, they also need to make sure they take that one important step further and ensure they secure their staff, students and students’ parent data.
For more information, do not hesitate to contact your ICT provider or Saasyan on +61 2 8001 6632 / [email protected]
Our next blog in this series will discuss “Now you have your next-generation enterprise-grade firewall, why you need to look beyond their layer 7 design to ensure the cyber wellbeing of your students.
Figure 1.
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Ferguson: A mid-season chat with IFL Commissioner Mike Allshouse

We’re nine weeks into the 2019 Indoor Football League Season schedule, and with each team now having completed the first half of their 14-game slates, I took some time to talk to IFL commissioner Mike Allshouse about what the season has brought and where the league is going from here.
Ferguson: A mid-season chat with IFL Commissioner Mike Allshouse
The IFL currently sits at 10 teams, making it the biggest of the four indoor football leagues we cover at LWOS. The year has had its hiccups, like any, but overall it is in some of the best shape its been in, all things considered.

“I think it’s the most solid ground [we’ve been on] foundationally as a league. I’m very excited about the stability that our ownership groups bring to their teams,” Allshouse said. “If you just look at the roster of depth of not only good quality teams but good-quality ownership groups, I think it’s second-to-none.”

Allshouse referenced the Arizona Rattlers eclipsing 25 years of football and other organizations in the league like Iowa, Green Bay, and Sioux Falls approaching 20 years, too.

He added the history of the Quad City Steamwheelers as well as what Roy Choi has done – re-launching Cedar Rapids and expanding to San Diego – as great things going for the league right now.

“It’s kind of a melting pot of different owners with different backgrounds, but they’re all coming together under the common goal, under the IFL umbrella to make this league the best that it can be,” Allhouse said. “That’s exciting as a commissioner to work for individuals like that and to help guide the ship as we progress with the league.”

That doesn’t mean Allshouse and the IFL are content with where they are now. Not by any means.

He knows that being comfortable is a recipe for disaster when it comes to the sport.

“We all know that these things are cyclical, unfortunately, at the level of professional indoor football,” Allshouse said. “We’re not resting on our royals or satisfied in any way, shape, or form. We’re out working and trying to continue to improve on our business model. Again, it’s good to have a little bit of momentum and have some positives vibes in the league – and we’re certainly excited about that – but there’s a whole lot of work to do and we’re sure as hell excited to get to [it].”

One of the biggest questions that we get at LWOS and around indoor football in general is expansion.

The biggest spot on the rumor mill and maybe the only solid lead through the regular season has been a pop-up article from Oakland News Now calling for the aforementioned Choi to take ownership of a third IFL expansion team in the Oakland area.

Nothing has been confirmed on this and the potential deal is far from done, though that doesn’t stop rapid speculation.

“We’re always talking about explaining our business model and expanding our league,” Allshouse said. “I’ll reserve comment until we have something official to say from the league’s stand point. We are working on different markets in the West and the Midwest for teams that fit our geographical footprint. We’re really excited about the progress that we’ve made.”

Ryan Balentine celebrates after scoring a touchdown in the Iowa Barnstormers semi-final victory against the Nebraska Danger. Photo by Connor Ferguson

Allshouse went on to say that the league feels really good about the direction that they are heading in – and rightfully so.

It doesn’t take more than a look or two at one of the F.A.N. Show’s Top 10 plays of the week to see that the action on the field is something to be proud of for the IFL.

Not to mention, through the first half of the year, each of the league’s 10 teams have at least one win – something that wasn’t true even two weeks ago.

There’s something to say about the parity in the league this season.

“I think that it’s obviously very important to have competitive games on the field,” Allshouse said. “Sometimes the competitive nature of our games doesn’t reflect on the standings at the end of the day. Indoor football is such a wild and crazy sport. Games can be close, back-and-forth battles and come down to a team getting a lucky bounce at the end of the game to get the win. I think that’s happened for a few of our teams that are a little lower on the standings where they’ve been right in there [and still lost] a couple of games.”

In fact, that happened during the first week of the season.

Sioux Falls (6-1) and Cedar Rapids (1-7) squared off in the U.S. Cellular Center and played a game separated by a slim three points.

The difference came down to a missed field goal on the River Kings’ side and a made kick for the Storm.

“The standings, obviously, are the judge there when it comes to who has the best winning percentage, but when I look at parity, I’m a different judge,” Allshouse said. “When you’re at a game and can feel the excitement in the building and you can see the back and forth nature of a one-score game, that’s what I consider parity. I think we’ve had a number of games this year that reflect that, and I think we’ll have a number of games coming up [that consist of that] as well.”

Among the matchups this weekend is one between the pair of teams at the top of the IFL standings as Arizona and Sioux Falls are set to do battle for the second and final time this season.

The first game ended with the Rattlers pulling away in the second half, though with this meeting being in Sioux Falls, it’s sure to be a good fight.

On the other side of things, the Iowa Barnstormers will travel to Tucson to take on a Sugar Skulls staff that in majority was with the team during their 2018 United Bowl championship run.

The weekend is critical for both teams – Iowa can’t afford another loss or they will risk the possibility of losing home field advantage for the playoffs.

Since they don’t play each other in the regular season and Arizona won’t face another opponent with an above .500 record this season, this could be the last shot the Rattlers have at losing baring a big upset.

“Unfortunately, it just didn’t work this year to get Iowa and Arizona against each other either at home or away or even in a [home-and-home],” Allshouse said. “I know both of those teams are a little disappointed, but I have a feeling it’s a good possibility we’ll see them in a playoff game this year. I’m disappointed the math didn’t work and hopefully we don’t have any instances like that in future seasons.”

The schedule is another one of those hard-hitting topics.

It’s what the league makes the priority of each off-season as they come and go.

“We try to make our schedule the number one priority every off-season,” Allshouse said. Obviously, you’re establishing your roster of teams and things of that nature, but the [biggest] thing going into the next season is getting the schedule out. You’re trying to make it as balanced as possible while also attributing travel factors.”

Although, sometimes arena dates get in the way of making the schedule even better than what it is year-by-year.

“Really, we’re at the mercy of our arena availability dates,” Allshouse said. “We’re not like the NFL or NHL where they own their buildings and can dictate the dates. We’re sharing buildings with hockey, lacrosse, and basketball teams.”

It’s what led to back-to-back matchups for Green Bay and Quad City a few weeks ago and again with the Blizzard and Nebraska in the past two weekend slates.

Sometimes, it just happens to pay off.

Not only did the back-to-back games bring unpredictable action, but they also sparked a run by this year’s breakout team in the Green Bay Blizzard.

The team from title town is 5-3 in what has been their best start since 2012 this season. They were seven points away from winning their fifth straight game this season the last time they played.

“It’s great,” Allshouse said. “I love the ownership group out there. Larry and Kathy are great owners. They’re very important and prominent people in this league. They’ve had a couple of years where it hasn’t really reflected on the standings how well that team has played. Fortunately for Green Bay this year, it’s starting to go there way a little bit.”

Thanks to a favorable coach and some new stars up north, the Blizzard could be on their way to their first playoff appearance since that 2012 season.

“It’s outstanding to see the growth that Corey has had as a young coach after being named interim coach next year and proving his worth,” Allshouse said. “Larry and Kathy named him the full-time head coach and I think he’s proving them right thus far. They’ve got a young exciting quarterback which is great to see in our league, and the defense is playing very well too. It’s really exciting to see Green Bay [this year].”

Overall, in a variety of different ways of looking at it, the league is on the up and up.

Whether it’s the growing from six to 10 teams in a critical off-season, growing parity and action on the field, the IFL is headed in a strong direction.

One last example – YouTube viewership for the league is up from last season.

“We’re up about 15-20% on our viewership average per game,” Allshouse said. “That’s very exciting in a world and in an industry that sometimes struggles for faces to show, I still feel like we’re a very reputable league that is trying to do things the right way. We’re really proud of the [professionalism] from our entire league.”

The league is in its third year as a partner of YouTube, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

There’s no telling what the year will hold – or even the next two months. You’re just going to want to hang on for the ride.

“We’re excited for what the rest of the season holds for us,” Allshouse said. “We’re going to be chasing a championship with the teams that are vying for a United Bowl championship this year, and we’re certainly excited for things that we are working towards for the 2020 season and beyond.”The post Ferguson: A mid-season chat with IFL Commissioner Mike Allshouse appeared first on Last Word on Sports.