The 10 Best Youth Baseball Bats of 2020 | Price, Power, and Speed

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The 10 Best Youth Baseball Bats of 2020 | Price, Power, and Speed

You may have a little slugger on your hands, but have no idea what to look for when it comes to finding them the best baseball bat for their size. Choosing the best youth bat is an important decision, not only because you need one that is the right size, but also because choosing the right bat can help improve the hitting distance of the ball. Make sure you are getting a home run choice before the first grand slam is even hit.
Things to Consider
Like youth gloves, it is important to know that not all bats are created equally. Bat manufacturers put a lot of thought into how to make the best baseball bat for young hitters. This list is so you don’t have to put a lot of thought into researching the best bats because the hard work is already done for you.
Different Types of Bats
The number one thing to consider when making this purchase is the two different kinds of baseballs that call for different types of bats; Tee Ball and Little League. When it comes to tee-ball the length of the bat can be no longer than 27 inches, while little league bats can be anything over that limitation, of 27 inches.
Top Youth Baseball Bat Comparison Chart

PictureNameTypeDrop (Length – Weight)PriceWhere to Buy?

1. DeMarini Voodoo Overlord Youth Baseball Bat Alloy-13$$$$Check Price on Amazon

2. Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 5/8 S550 Youth Baseball BatAlloy-8$$Check Price on Amazon

3. Easton Mako Composite Youth Baseball BatComposite-12$$$Check Price on Amazon

4. Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Youth ArmorAlloy-12$$$Check Price on Amazon

5. Easton Yb13Cy Cyclone-10 Youth Baseball Bat
Alloy-10$Check Price on Amazon

6. Louisville Slugger YBVA153 Vapor
Alloy-13$$$Check Price on Amazon

7. Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat
Alloy-11$$Check Price on Amazon

8. DeMarini 2020 Voodoo One Balanced 2 5/8″ USA Baseball Bat Series
Alloy-9 -10$$$$Check Price on Amazon

9. Rawlings YB5R13 5150 Youth Minus 13Composite-13$$$Check Price on Amazon

10. Louisville Slugger Youth 225 Hornsby Ash Baseball BatWood – Ash-5$Check Price on Amazon

Youth Bat Lengths
Now you are probably wondering how to tell what length baseball bat would be best. Typically you can figure this out based on the child’s age. As they grow older the longer the bat will need to be. Below is a list of how to determine what length you’ll need based on age.


5-7 Years Old24-26 inches

8-9 Years Old26-28 inches

10 Years Old28-29 inches

11-12 Years Old30-31 inches

13-14 Years Old31-32 inches

15-16 Years Old32-33 inches

17+ Years Old34+ inches

Bat Materials
Another thing to determine before purchasing a baseball bat is what material the bats are made from. There are many different composite and natural materials that baseball bats are made out of:
Despite what you see pro players use on TV, wood is the least common material used to make youth baseball bats. Wooden bats are heavier bats so it is harder for the players to swing them. Wooden bats also absorb the impact of the hit which can disadvantage the distance of the hit. There are some youth bats that are made from less dense wood, so it is easier for them to swing. But because most are made out of a dense wood, they can break down more easily. There are only three types of wood that are approved to be used for wooden baseball bats; Maple, Yellow Birch, and Northern White Ash.
Maple bats are lightweight, making them easier to swing. They also transfer more energy to the ball allowing the ball to travel longer distances to make that desired grand slam. Maple wood is smooth and makes you look like a pro from the stands
Yellow Birch
Yellow Birch wooden bats are best for rookies. While the density of these types of bats adds a little bit of weight, they still swing and hit the ball well. With a little bit of absorption, while hitting the balls, these types of bats pack a punch.
Northern White Ash
This seasoned wooden bat is normally used by well-seasoned hitters. It provides a jumping feeling while striking the ball. Because Northern White Ash is porous it makes the bat give a little and it is incredibly lightweight. In fact, it is the lightest wood approved for wooden bats.
Alloy is the most common material used for making baseball bats. But only the second most popular used by the youth. Alloy is a lightweight material, but it is also very solid so there is no risk of breaking these bats. Different companies use different types of alloys in their production of baseball bats so some have more advantages than others. For example, there are performance alloy bats that are made out of a mixture of more superior alloys which are meant to be the best performing bats on the market. But these “performance alloy” bats can easily get damaged in colder weather.  It’s also recommended that youth players use batting gloves to minimize blisters when using alloy bats.
Considered the best material for youth baseball bats, composite is a mixture of synthetic materials and metals. Most companies have their own concoction to make this material. The nice thing about composite bats is that they are so durable, they can last through many home runs and seasons. The only downfall to composite bats is that they need to be broken in. Just like any player, these types of bats need a lot of practice.
Breaking in Composite Bats
The idea of breaking in a bat might be a little confusing since it is not something you wear. But breaking in bats is relatively easy. All you have to do is use the bat! Most bats on average take about 500 – 700 hits before they are broken in, and you want to make sure you are; rotating the bat between a quarter to a half an inch with every swing to help with even distribution and you want to start off by swinging with less power than you normally would when naturally swinging.
Half and Half
To have the best of both world’s some baseball bat companies make bats out of two different materials. These bats typically have a different material for the barrel and the handle. This type of combination has the advantage of being able to absorb more energy while striking the ball. In these bats, it is typical that the handle is made out of composite and the barrel from an alloy like aluminum.
Bat Drop Weight
Knowing the drop weight of the baseball bat is important because some league and age ranges have limitations. Figuring out the drop weight may seem a little confusing at first, but after some explanation, it should make a lot of sense. The drop weight is simply the ratio between the weight and length of the bat. Youth baseball bats, from ages 7 – 13 have a drop weight anywhere between -7 to -13.5. The higher the number is after the negative sign, the lighter the bats are. As you get up to ages 13 and over you can see a drop weight as little as -3. While normally the heavier the bat the farther it can send the ball, it can also disadvantage the child by slowing down their swing. Make sure that the weight of the bat is something the hitter is able to hold and swing easily, without too much strength.
Needing to address the issue of legality, some leagues require that the bat that the child is hitting with be stamped with a logo of an official supplier. These stamps ensure that the length, material, barrel size, and weight have been approved and double-checked before being put onto the shelves in stores. Currently, most youth bats are governed by the 1.15 Bat Performance Factor. This number refers to how fast the ball comes off of the bat. Before purchasing any bats for your child after signing them up for tee ball or little league, check with the league and see if they have any specification on the legality of the baseball bats your little slugger can use.
Top Ten Youth Baseball Bats Reviews
Below is a list of youth baseball bats that have stolen a base and found their way home to the top ten best bats for young sluggers. While most bats have the same features or average sizes, it is important to notice the differences between these bats that make them all truly unique.

1.   DeMarini Voodoo Overlord Youth Baseball Bat   
Ever since Bryce Harper hit a 502 foot home run at the age of 16, the DeMarini Voodoo has been a very popular baseball bat among the youth. This 2015 model has a drop weight of -13, so it is incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. With a 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter and an Ion V end cap youngsters should find it comfortable to handle with very little vibrations from the ball and bat collision. Another comforting feature in the DeMarini Voodoo is the firm grip on the handle, which allows the hitter to have total control. This bat is made out of an alloy with X12 alloy added into it, giving it more strength and no break-in time needed. And although it has no effect on the use of the bat, this bat does come in many different colors and designs.

No break-in period required
Absorbs shock with no impact
Lightweight and Comfortable


Cold weather can cause it to crack
Painting and designs chip off over time


2.   Easton S550 Youth Baseball Bat
The Easton S550 bat is relatively cheap in terms of other youth baseball bats. It is a one-piece aluminum alloy (Alx50 Military-grade aluminum).  Because the alloy used in this bat is not as light as it could be, it gives the bat a drop weight of -8, making it easier to send the ball over the heads of the outfielders. Also, the Easton S550 has a 2 and 5/8 inch barrel making it hard to ever strike out. Easton is one of the most popular baseball bat manufacturers in the world and this model tends to be the most popularly bought bat for youth baseball. Whether it is because of the varying lengths you can purchase it in or the reasonable price, or even the fact that it is a 1.15 BFP certified and legal for many different leagues.

Reasonably priced
15 BFP Certified
Slugger weight of -8


Thin handle
Not super light for speed (though it will give the ball distance)


3.   Easton Mako Composite Youth Baseball Bat
At first glance, the Easton Mako bat looks cool and professional with a two-tone gray and orange color blocking combination. The gray and orange diamond handle on this bat is detachable making it a two-piece composite bat. But don’t let the material steer you away. This bat is made with TCT Thermo Composite Technology which is said to allow the batter to hit at lightning speed. Plus, the length to weight ratio is -11 making it easier to hit those out of the park home runs. The barrel is measured at 2 ¼ inches, which is about the average with for most youth baseball bats. And this bat comes in a variety of lengths for your slugger of any age and size. There is so much to say about the Easton Mako baseball bat because it is so popular among the youth. It is even one of the top bats that is used in the Little League World Series.

TCT Thermo Composite Technology
1.15 BFP Certified
Many sizes available


Can crack in cold temperatures
A little pricey


4.   Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Youth Armor
The Louisville Slugger may be the most infamous baseball bat company since they have been making bats for over 100 years. Despite what you may be expecting, this bat is not a wooden bat. In fact, it is made out of one single piece of aluminum that is strong enough to last many seasons. Although some aluminum bats have a tendency to vibrate upon strike, this bat has a vibration dampening end cup to help with the shock. This vibration cup makes using the bat more comfortable for children. The drop weight of the Louisville Slugger is -12, also making it easy for children to use since it is so lightweight and can be swung quickly. But it also features a narrower barrel than most bats, at only 2 inches in diameter. A narrower barrel doesn’t mean it is a bad thing, in fact, when hitting the ball with a smaller barrel gives you more control over the placement and angle of hitting the ball.

Vibration dampening cup
Single piece design


Low-quality handle padding


5.   Easton YB13 CY Cyclone
The Easton YB13 Cyclone youth baseball bat is perfect for beginners or someone who needs to work on their batting technique. Created with an extended barrel that provides strength and a balanced swing. Plus the hitter can swing this bat faster when compared to other youth baseball bats. The Easton Cyclone bat is a two-piece bat that absorbs the shock and vibrations from the impact of the pitch. With a socket pivot point connecting the two parts, it allows the bats to have thinner walls which gives the hit a popping sound that most grand slams sound like, just like the pros.

Has popping sound
Pivot point reduces vibrations


Color finish can fade
Connecting pieces can break


6.   Louisville Slugger YBVA153 Vapor
This performance alloy bat provides a traditional feel when stepping up to the plate. For a reasonably priced bat, it provides durability and power to last for many seasons. With a comfortable taper 7/8 inch handle and synthetic grip that won’t feel any vibrations while hitting grand slams. Another advantage to this bat when it comes to swinging is the drop weight. This Louisville Slugger Vapor baseball bat is made from a durable 7050 alloy, but its drop weight is only -12, making it an incredibly lightweight bat. The barrel size of the vapor falls into the average range of most youth baseball bats at 2 ¼ inches wide. A larger barrel like this helps move the ball in the intended direction with ease.

Durable and strong


Handle grip wears easily


7.   Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat
Rawlings says it likes to keep things simple with regards to their design mandate:  Make a big sweet spot, eliminate vibration and keep it affordable.  Nice.  But did they do it?  We think they sort of did, but let’s explore.  The 5150 comes in well under $100 on Amazon, and it IS APPROVED by USA Baseball so it can be used in Little League and most other leagues!  Of course, like many bats, it’s made of aircraft-grade 5150 alloy and it has proprietary “PoP 2.0 technology” for an expanded sweet spot.  We’re not sure with that is, but anything that expands the sweet spot is okay by us!   It’s a single piece design for added durability and balance.
The 5150 really has a lot of options for drop weight, length and weight.  In fact, there are way more options that we’ve seen for any other make or model.  This alone makes it one of the absolute best options for, well, …OPTIONS!

Approved by USA Baseball so it can be used in most leagues
Lots of size, weight and drop weight options when ordering on Amazon
Great price


Some have claimed that weights and lengths on the order chart (on Amazon) are not all accurate


8.   DeMarini 2020 Voodoo One Balanced 2 5/8″ USA Baseball Bat Series
The best thing about the DeMarini Voodoo One baseball bat is that it is made by, well, DeMarini!  Anything that comes from this high-end company is typically very good and we feel confident in endorsing it.  This bat is made of a one-piece alloy construction which gives maximum stiffness.  It’s a 30-inch bat weighing 20 oz and it comes in both -9 and -10 drop weights.  We love that it’s approved for USA Baseball standards as well.
The X14 Alloy Barrel delivers maximum pop and distance while giving young players the durability and light weight they’ll need to succeed at their age level.  The end cap is also a very cool tech upgrade since it’s built with a blend of lighter and stronger material.  The ReAction end cap offers increased barrel performance without sacrificing swing speed.
If you’re looking for the lightest bat available from DeMarini, check out the SABOTAGE (Amazon Link)
HISTORY:  It may be helpful (or at least interesting) to read about how the DeMarini bat company started.  Check out this biography from the company:

Ray DeMarini (1946-2001). Meet the man behind the brand.
Ray DeMarini was one-of-a-kind. At the age of 40, playing on his company softball team quickly turned into a full-blown obsession with the sport. His scientific approach to training, a 96 mph batting speed and a bombastic attitude quickly earned him the reputation of a savage competitor among the biggest guys in his league. Ray turned his attention to creating an earth-shattering high-performance bat. “The top bat manufacturers weren’t innovating. I realized there was a great opportunity to create a technical bat for the sophisticated ball player.” Ray was the personification of insane dedication. Even after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 1998, Ray kept working. When the cancer eventually claimed his eye, he was still out at the field—hitting in an eyepatch. Ray’s intensity and drive remains at the core of the company today.


USA Baseball approved
1-piece alloy construction
Iconic, high-end brand


A little on the pricier end


9.   Rawlings YB5R13 5150 Youth Minus 13
This brightly green colored baseball bat is a little different from your typical little league bat.  It features a lot of stuff that I would think extreme overkill until I realize some kids have high goals and could really use the best equipment to give them every advantage for the future.  The features begin with aerospace-grade 5150 Alloy from Rawlings, which is their absolute highest performing alloy.  The one-piece construction is a big bonus for balance and speed.  Speaking of speed (of swing that is), this bat is made with a composite end cap with 36% more carbon fibers which increases your kid’s swing speed!  Amen to that!
The sweet spot size just got an upgrade in this model so it’s 25% bigger (that’s a lot by the way!) so your kid’s stats will change almost immediately!  However, having said that, some leagues won’t allow it because it does not have the USA Baseball stamp on it!

Expanded sweet spot
Rawlings’ highest-end alloy
Decent price


Finish may fade
Not USA Baseball approved, so may not be able to play in Little League


10.   Louisville Slugger Youth 225 Ash Hornsby
Priced at the lower end of the price spectrum, the Youth 225 Ash Hornsby offers very good value.  It’s strong and durable and it has a large sweet spot.  Consistent performance is a hallmark of Ash construction as well.  Ash has higher moisture content and is much more porous than most other woods.  It’s vacuum dried and compressed to ensure a very hard hitting surface so your only worry is to connect an airborne ball with the sweet spot moving quickly!
The Louisville Slugger line of Ash bats is proudly made in the USA, and the Youth 225 Ash Hornsby is made specifically for the younger athlete with increased flexibility and a lighter swing weight.
The 225 is approved for most youth leagues in the country.

Easy to swing
Distributed weight
Made in the USA
“old school” look that is the envy of lots of younger players


Won’t generate as much power as a metal bat
Can break if the ball is hit hard a little too close to the handle



Overall, all of these baseball bats could be the best bat to use for youth leagues. But it is important to figure out what bat works best for the hitter. Whether it is to determine how easy it is for them to swing the bat, or if it means that you have to follow the rules of the league about what type and size of bat is allowed to be used. Even though there are suggested lengths based off of age, it is important to keep in mind that is based off of average ages and sizes of the child. Every hitter will be different and may require a different length bat than what the suggested size is. The best way to determine what size of bat, or even what type of bat to buy would be to go to a store and having the hitter try out the bat.
When it comes to this list of baseball bats, the overall best bat to purchase would be the DeMarini Voodoo baseball bat. After purchasing this bat, it is ready to use immediately without any break in period needed. Plus it absorbs the shock and vibrations created while hitting the ball that can be uncomfortable and disturbing to beginner hitters. Lastly, because this bat is so lightweight with a drop weight of -13, it is safe to say that it is easy to swing this bat quickly to hit many balls out of the park.
But if you are looking for the best bang for your buck, the Easton S500 would be your go to bat. It is relatively cheaper than the rest of the bats on this list, but it performs just as well. With a drop weight of -13, it is easy for any slugger to swing this bat and hit the ball into the outfield. Another nice advantage to this bat is that it is 1.15 BFP certified so you don’t have to worry about it not being legal in any league that the player may be enrolled into.

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Iowa Barnstormers announce Coaching Staff for 2020 Season

The Iowa Barnstormers announced a new set of assistant coaches to join Ameer Ismail in his first season at the helm on Wednesday morning, as well as a new equipment manager.

Ismail will be joined in the 2020 season by four assistants: Chris Mosley, Mike Haar, Jason Simpson, and James Terry.
Iowa Barnstormers announce Coaching Staff for 2020 Season
A familiar name on the list for Barnstormers fans will be Simpson, who returns to the staff as the Special Teams Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach.

Simpson was a former player for the team for six seasons and coached in Des Moines in 2015, 2016 and 2019.

Jason Simpson on the field during an Iowa home game in 2019. Photo by Connor Ferguson.

“I am very excited to have Jason leading our defensive backs and special teams,” Ismail said in the release. “Attitude and energy are important attributes as a special teams coach and he has both. Look for an exciting special teams unit and an opportunistic hard hitting secondary.”

Simpson will be joined by another former player in former Sioux Falls Storm star James Terry.

Terry played 10 seasons for the Storm and sits in the top 10 in the league’s statistical categories in receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, all-purpose yards, as well as scoring.

Terry was also named to the Indoor Football League Hall of Fame in 2017.

“James Terry has experience playing at a high level as both quarterback and wide receiver,” Ismail said in the release. “I played against James as a player and he was one of the best I ever faced. I look forward to him being able to pass on his knowledge in a coaching role.”

Also on the staff is a coach with both NFL and CFL experience in Chris Mosley.

Mosley – a former coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, and Montreal Alouettes – will be the Run Game Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach.

“Mosley has both CFL and NFL experience and the ability to teach,” Ismail said in a release. “He brings schemes and knowledge of what works best in the run game. His attention to detail elevates his ability to coach next level athletes.”

The other piece to the staff is Defensive Line Coach in Mike Haar.

Haar has spent time with the Green Bay Blizzard as a defensive line coach and most recently was an assistant for the Cedar Rapids River Kings.

“(Haar) has great experience coaching in the IFL and will be a great asset to our staff,” Ismail said in the release. “His defensive line has always been technically sound and physical, two things I value very highly.”

The group will take over with the goal of bringing another United Bowl championship to the city of Des Moines.

“When finding my coaching staff, it was important that they had a love for coaching and the ability and want to learn and grow,” Ismail said in a release. “I wanted a group that was self-motivated and could also motivate and get the best out of their athletes and I believe that is what we have built.”

The team will open their 2020 season on the road at Oakland – a franchise that is new to the IFL owned by Marshawn Lynch. Each game will be televised on YouTube.

2020 Barnstormers Schedule
Mar. 14 | @ Oakland
Mar. 29 | @ Bismarck
Apr. 03 | vs. Green Bay
Apr. 11 | vs. Arizona
Apr. 19 | @ Green Bay
Apr. 25 | vs. Bismarck
May 02 | @ Sioux Falls
May 09 | vs. Quad City
May 16 | vs. Cedar Rapids
May 30 | @ Cedar Rapids
Jun. 06 | @ Bismarck
Jun. 13 | vs. Quad City
Jun. 19 | @ Frisco
Jun. 27 | Sioux Falls

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Best Electric Motor Bikes

Best Electric Motorbikes: Preserve nature and enjoy the outdoors with the top electric dirt bikes
Electric motorcycles come with two or three wheels and they are generally much better for nature than the standard fuel powered motorcycles. These motorcycles come with rechargeable batteries and will also save you a lot of money in terms of fuelling up constantly, which should allow you to ride more during tougher economic times.
Electric motorcycles might also be quite expensive and therefore, many people choose not to buy them, but we believe that these motorcycles could help you excel and get the best possible value for your money, whilst also preserving the environment.
Since choosing one can be daunting, we decided to do some in-depth research into these bikes and find out how easily a good one can be found by following the right criterion to judge them by. In this review, we will not only share our reviews for the top electric dirt bikes, but also a decent buying guide that will show you exactly what you should be looking for when purchasing one of these dirt bikes.
Top Bikes Comparison Chart

Why choose dirt biking as a sport?
Dirt bike riding is not as prominent as many other sports and many people only do it for a hobby, but riding your dirt bike can actually be beneficial to your health as well. When riding your dirt bike, your heart rate will also be increased and this will be much similar to when you are jogging or simply riding your bicycle. The increased heart rate will definitely help you burn calories and the movement on and off the bike will also contribute to your body burning some excess calories.
Dirt biking will also make a hobby for those interested in having some fun outdoors. It might be an expensive hobby to have, but as you start accumulating all of the tools and the requirements, you will definitely have more fun. The electric dirt bike will save you a lot of money in the longer term and you will only need to have it serviced every now and again and ensure that the battery is optimally charged.
Key features to consider when purchasing a dirt bike:
Dirt bikes also range in value and in quality. This is true of almost every product on the market today and if you are looking for a good dirt bike, you should know which features will set it apart from the rest. The following features are what we consider to be the most important when purchasing a dirt bike and will make life much easier for you:

The performance of the motorcycle is really important and many people still live under the notion that electric vehicles cannot perform as well as their gas counterparts. Many car and bike magazines have now claimed that vehicles like the tesla, is almost outperforming some of its gas-powered counterparts and this is also true when looking at electric dirt bikes. The electric dirt bike is most eco-friendly, but in terms of performance, it will still match the gas-powered counterparts.

Top Speed:
Top speed is not really all that important to everyone, but of you do consider yourself to be a speed freak, you will need some speed to satisfy your hunger. The top speed of an electric bike is actually given when you purchase it and if speed is one of your main things, you will be able to use this information to help you make the decision on the bike or not.

Or more specifically horsepower. Since 1 horsepower has the power to move 33000lbs 1 foot in one minute, this will show you the amount of power your bike has. The power will be greatly beneficial when dirt biking and it could help you get over some of those stubborn, but large cliffs and also improve your speed to a certain degree. Many people love powerful things and the horsepower will be one of the most important factors to consider if you are one of them.

The gas-powered motorcycles have the advantage of range, but thanks to developments in the field of batteries, there are now also advanced batteries that will allow you to reach a wider range. If you plan on touring a large area with your bike, you will need to look at the range to ensure that you do get the best value for your money. Sometimes having more power might also drain the battery faster and this needs to be carefully balanced out in your decision-making process.

Weight capacity:
The electric motorcycle is not really made with the notion of one size fits all and this could really be bothersome to some people. You should ensure that you buy the bike that matches your size and your body weight as this will help you to get the best value for your money. If the bike can carry your size and weight, you can be sure that it will have enough horsepower to carry you over a few cliffs. For children, we recommend that you buy a children’s dirt bike.

Battery type:

The electric dirt bike can come with one of three batteries and these batteries are actually quite different from each other, but will all keep your motorcycle powered up and ready to go. We have decided to look a little deeper into each of these three batteries to help you make the right decision between them:

Lithium-ion batteries are quite affordable and they also have a decent range that you could ride with them. These batteries are a little on the heavier side and might hold you back, but they have an extremely long lifetime before you need to consider having them replaced. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common batteries used by manufacturers in their electric motorcycles.

Lithium polymer:
The Lithium polymer battery might seem similar to the lithium ion, but in fact, they are a little different. Lithium polymer is thinner and smaller and will not have that wide range. Yes, they might be much lighter, but they are also much more expensive to produce and will need to be recharged more often.

Nickel-metal hydride:
Nickel metal hydride is the cheapest batteries on the market, but they cannot be charged as rapidly and will need some time. They do also hold about the same amount of power as the lithium ion battery, but they also weigh a little more and will put some extra weight on the bike. The nickel metal hydride batteries do last a little longer than the lithium-ion and could be seen as a decent budget option.

These features are the most important that we believe you should be looking at when purchasing any electrical motorcycle. For dirt bikes, the Performance aspect should be magnified, but you could easily use this guide to ensure that you do get the best possible value for your money and you buy a dirt bike that will satisfy your need to get the adrenaline pumping.
With that being said, here are the top electric dirt bikes of this season:

1.   Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike
The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is designed for the younger rider in the family and if is powered by 2 12V lead acid batteries that will ensure that you get up and running when you need to have a burst of adrenaline. The batteries might not be that great, but it does actually bring down the cost of the entire bike and this will be great for beginners to start out with.
The batteries have a life of 30 minutes and this should actually be enough time for you to play around with it and eat a few of those hills. The maximum speed on the bike is only 14 MPH, which is sufficient for younger riders and will help them to maintain great control over the bike and not get themselves seriously hurt if the bike should accidentally spin out of control.
The bike also features larger than average knobby tires and this will ensure that you have optimal grip in the mud and the dirt and the rear brake is hand operated for you to have some added control when riding. We also like the adjustability of the handlebar and since this bike is designed for individuals older than 13 years, this should be great for those who are a little longer and bigger at that age.
In terms of pricing, we think that this bike is actually a decent bargain for beginners. You might not be getting a lot of range from the batteries, but you will certainly be able to learn the ropes and get used to riding dirt bikes. We highly recommend this bike for the biking family who wants to get the younger one to start riding and have decent control over the bike.

Decent design and durability
Large tires for extra grip
Good control and handling
Really affordable


Weak battery life
Not very fast


2.   Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike
The Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is designed for the adult dirt bike lovers in the family and it is also a little heavier with more horsepower to get the heavier adults over those hills and through the mud. The bike is powered by three 12V batteries and will give you about 40 minutes of continuous use, but the lead acid batteries do take a little longer to charge.
In terms of maximum speed, the bike will reach a top speed of 17 MPH and this is a little faster than the one for the youngster. Adult beginners will also like the fact that if they do get the proverbial “whiskey throttle”, they should still be able to keep the handling up and stay in full control of the bike to avoid any potential injuries.
We are really intrigued by the design and the design was actually inspired by supercross bikes to give you the ultimate experience. Should you be sharing the bike with someone, the handlebars can also easily be adjusted until they are comfortable. We should also mention that the weight limit on the bike is 220lbs and it is recommended for individuals of 16 years and older.
The bike is actually quite expensive in terms of pricing, but we would still recommend it due to the durability and the great design. With this dirt bike, you should never be losing control and you most likely be riding this good electric dirt bike for a very on time until you decide to upgrade to a faster bike if you really have the need for speed.

Impeccable design
Very durable
Good control and handling
Decent battery life
Offers adjustability


Not very fast


3.   XtremepowerUS Premium 40cc Gas Pocket Bike Mini Motorcycle Ride-On 4-Stroke Engine for Kids
XtremepowerUS enters our list with one heck of a good-looking bike.  It looks a bit more authentic than most others on the market, so that’s the first thing that caught our attention.  Rated for ages 13+, it can carry up to 165 lbs.  The idea is to give kids the excitement of a real motorcycle in their own driveway.  Incredibly, it features a pull-start 4-stroke 40CC gas engine that accomplishes the task of generating excitement in your kids quite nicely! 
Its 11-inch pneumatic street tires are ample for this mini “street” bike (which is usually used only in your driveway …. RIGHT!?).  Its tank can hold 1.2 liters of fuel and it can travel about 26 MILES on a tank (wouldn’t we all love that kind of economy?!)  It weighs about 50 pounds and it’s available in six different colors.  This one’s a keeper for sure.  Maybe it should be #1???

Strong and durable
Very lightweight
Extremely responsive in all aspects
Good top speed
Insanely cool looking racing bike


The only obvious negative issue was potential problems with the condition of the bike after the shipping process (ie. broken fender, etc.)


4.   Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike
The Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is actually inspired by top motocross rider and legend Jeremy McGrath. The bike is also powered by three 12V lead acid batteries that should give you about 40 minutes of continuous use before you need to have it recharged. The bike also features authentic Jeremy McGrath graphics and the design also closely resembles the bike and the shape of the bike that he rode.
The bike features a top speed of 15 MPH and has also been designed for the smaller and lighter individuals of the family with a maximum weight limit of 175 lbs. Much like all of the Razor bikes, this electric dirt bike is also adjustable in the handlebar and will allow you to get the perfect fit for your needs to get started in dirt biking.
The bike also features large 16-inch front and 14 inch back pneumatic tires that should definitely be great and keep you going through the mud without having you get stuck and need to be pulled out in an embarrassing fashion. Finally, the speed can be easily controlled and this bike should be ideal if you are new to the sport and to help you break that fear of dirt bikes.
In terms of pricing, this bike is actually really cheap and affordable compared to many other similar models. The only unfortunate thing about this bike is the weak weight limit and if the frame could just be a little stronger, this bike should be the number one electric dirt bike for beginners on the market today.

Good for the younger riders
Offers decent control
Really cheap
Easy to assemble


Very low weight limit


5.   Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike
Last but certainly not least, we have the Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross bike. This electric dirt bike is scaled down and also features three 12V sealed lead acid batteries that will give you up to 40 minutes of continues use when fully charged. The motor will also exert 500 watts of power to help you scale those hills and get you through the mud.
The bike also features a large 16-inch front and 14 inches rear pneumatic tire combination with larger than average nodes to ensure that you have maximum grip when riding. The bike has a maximum speed of 15 MPH and this should be enough to get your adrenaline pumping if you are a smaller or younger individual.
The only downside we have found with this bike is the weight limit of175 and the fact that it is mostly designed for smaller individuals. If you are a large adult, this bike will definitely not be suited for you and you might need to consider looking into a gas-powered dirt bike if you want to join in on all of the fun.
In terms of pricing, the bike is actually really affordable and will be great for beginners and children of 13 years and older. If you do find yourself inside this weight limit, the bike should also be perfect and we highly recommend the bike for those individuals who do like to ride bikes or consider starting out dirt biking the eco-friendly way.

Stylish and durable design
Offers great control
Decent top speed for younger riders
Really affordable


Only designed for smaller riders


Final Thoughts:
We would like to thank you for reading this article and we certainly do hope that you have found 1 electric dirt bike that you like. These are considered to be the top five on the market today and while electric dirt bikes are predominantly designed for the younger riders, the smaller adults will also be able to enjoy them. In terms of recommendations, we would like to recommend the Razor brand. This is due to the amount of extra effort they put into designing these bikes as well as the affordable prices.
Please let us know if you like our selection and if we might have missed any of your favorites in the comment section below. We are always open to testing out new products and sharing our thoughts and opinions.


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The 8 Best Unicycles for 2020 : Beginner, Child, & Adult Options

If you’re looking for an alternative to biking or if you just want to challenge yourself to try something new, unicycling is quickly becoming a much more popular sport and one that you might want to look into. Unicycling is a great way to improve coordination, balance, and concentration. Because there are no handles, you use your legs and core muscles in a different way on a unicycle than you do when riding a standard two-wheeler. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a great low impact workout that’s smooth on your joints and a fun way to get your cardio.
If you’re interested in unicycling, you might be wondering how to choose the right unicycle for your skill level and needs. Don’t worry – we’re here to help! By using the information in our buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to learn the essentials about unicycles and learn what you need for any skill level. Then, our list of the best unicycles of this season, can help you narrow down your choices even more.
Choosing the right unicycle can make it easier for beginners to learn and keep experienced riders happy and help them continue to push themselves and get even better at their sport. Let’s look at the important things to know about buying a unicycle.
Top Unicycle Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?

1. Sun Classic Chrome
$$$Check Price on Amazon

2. Sun Unicycle Flat Top
$$$Check Price on Amazon

3. RALEIGH Bikes Unistar SE Unicycle
$$$Check Price on Amazon

4. Club 24″ Unicycle
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

5. 16-inch Wheel Aluminum Rim Steel Fork Frame Unicycle
$$Check Price on Amazon

6. Fun Unicycle
$$$Check Price on Amazon

7. Nimbus 36″ Gremlin Gravel Grinder Unicycle
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

8. Nimbus Mountain Unicycle or Muni 24″
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

Buyer’s Guide
There are a few important things to look for when buying a unicycle. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll review a few of the most important things to consider in order to find the best unicycle for you. But before we get into the nitty-gritty details about unicycles, let’s start by examining all the different kinds of unicycles.

Kind of Unicycle

One of the ways in which unicycles are much more complex than you may have realized is how many different kinds of them there are.
These are the unicycles that are best for people to learn on. They will typically have a comfortable seat and a basic tire and frame that aren’t suited for any freestyle tricks.
This is a term used to describe unicycles that are good for competitions, tricks or games. Some competitions involve tricks and skilled riding set to music or there are also games like unicycle basketball. These unis typically have a 20” wheel and slicker tires to help with gliding and movement when doing tricks or stunts.
Trail unicycles are used to do different kinds of stunts, like going upstairs or riding along railings. The tires tend to be very wide to help absorb impact upon landing and keep your grip.
Road unicycles are primarily meant for commuting. They tend to have larger tires so you can go farther with less pedaling. You can also fit them with offroad tires if you wanted something a little more versatile. These aren’t a great unicycle to start learning with but are a great choice for an experienced rider who’s ready for a different challenge.
Also referred to as Munis, mountain unicycles can mean anything from off-roading to actually riding up and on the mountain trails. They’re built to be very strong and can take a lot of abuse. The tires vary from being smaller to handle technical jumping and maneuvering when on the rail to large to help cover longer distances. It really all depends on what you want to use it for.

The Seat/Saddle

There are a lot of important parts of a unicycle, but perhaps none will dictate how well you’ll ride more than the seat. It’s even more important than a bicycle seat. When you ride a bicycle, your weight is distributed between the seat and the handlebars but on a unicycle, you only have the seat. It supports all of your weight, all of the time.
If you’re just learning, an uncomfortable seat and a sore rear end could be enough to make you give up if you’re having a hard time getting the hang of it. If you want to start yourself off on the road to success, get yourself a unicycle with a good seat.
What makes a good unicycle seat? Some things you should look for:


Bumpers are extra protection for your unicycle seat to protect it from being damaged if you fall. If you’re just starting out, chances are you’re going to fall quite a bit. Truth is there’s always a risk for a fall no matter how experienced a unicyclist you are. Bumpers are a good investment.


Some seats will have a nice handle on the front of the seat to hold on to. Not a large protruding handle, more like a small rim to grab onto. This can come in handy for freestyling and you’ll need it to grab onto when you’re getting off your unicycle.


Make sure your seat has enough foam to keep you comfortable. This might mean buying a new seat altogether or modifying the one that came with your unicycle by adding extra layers of foam. You want it soft but firm and it shouldn’t move around too much.


Most unicycles come with plastic pedals. These will work just fine but can break pretty easily, especially for riders whose unicycles hit the ground a lot. Pedals are easy to replace and can be found at any bike shop.
What should you look for in a pedal? Good pedals are made of a material like metal that can take a bit of a beating and last a long time. The platform will be wide enough for your foot to sit on comfortably. Grip is important, too, especially for wet or rainy areas. Your feet should feel like they’re solidly in place but still free to move around.
If you do have to use plastic pedals, it’s a good idea to get reinforced ones. They won’t be as strong as metal, but they will offer you just a little more strength and durability.

Wheel & Seat post

Picking the right wheel size is key to having a good ride. If the wheel is too small, you’ll be working really hard without getting very far. Small wheels are slow but good for tricks because they’re very agile compared to larger ones. Too large and you’ll lose control. Making sure you get the right wheel size is an important part of getting the perfect unicycle.
The seat post is also important. Obviously, it can’t be too long or too short because then you won’t be able to pedal effectively. You need to have a comfortable stance on your unicycle and the right seat post is a huge part of that.
Fun with the Nimbus Gremlin Trials
Good, comfortable riding comes when you are at the right height to reach the pedals without stressing your body. You don’t want to have to stretch too far and you don’t want your knees bent awkwardly, either.
Appropriate wheel size and seat post are determined by the length of your inseam. This is the best way to know the true length of your legs so you can figure out what sizes you need.
Unicycle tires are measured in inches that reflect the diameter of the wheel. Some examples:

16” wheels are some of the smallest. They’re typically used by young children or people who can’t use larger wheels comfortably.
20 “ wheels are a common choice for beginners because they offer balance and control.
24” wheels are great for commuting, basic tricks, and racing because you can travel a farther distance with less pedaling.

As an example, inseams of 23” – 27” should use a 20-inch wheel, greater than 27” should use a 24” wheel.


Unicycle frames are usually made of aluminum or steel. There are some frames that are made out of more expensive and rarer materials, but aluminum and steel are the most common. Because other materials aren’t common, let’s take a look at the differences between steel and aluminum:

Steel – Steel frames are the least expensive of the two. Even though steel is heavier than aluminum, it’s flexible and can bend a little when force is applied to it. They can bend with a lot of force by rarely break and can usually be bent right back into position.
Aluminum – Aluminum is very light when compared to steel. It’s also significantly more expensive. Aluminum is less likely to bend than steel but, even though it’s not as resilient, it’s still very unlikely to break.

Unicycle Reviews 

Sun Classic Chrome

The Sun Classic Chrome is a great unicycle for beginners but will work well for any riders with any level of experience. It’s available in a wide range of sizes (16, 18, 20, 24, 26, and 28 inches) so anyone will be able to find a good fit with this unicycle. Each size has specific adjustments so that the fit is always perfect.
The saddle is a classic design with built-in scuff guards so it won’t get damaged even if you’re a beginner who hits the ground a lot while you’re learning. For fast and easy seat adjustments, there’s a quick-release so you can easily adjust the height. The steel frame is really durable and lightweight, primarily silver in color with bright blue accents. The plastic pedals aren’t ideal but can be replaced by anyone who would prefer metal ones.
One more reason why this unicycle is a great choice for beginners is the price. It’s affordable enough to buy to see if you like it without sacrificing quality. Advanced riders will like this one, too, because of its quality build and lightweight frame.

Well built
Comes in a wide range of sizes


Plastic Pedals



Sun Unicycle Flat Top

The Sun Unicycle Flat Top is similar to the Sun Classic but has its own unique look and feel. While the Classic is aimed more at beginners, the Flat Top is designed to resist flexion during any freestyle maneuvers and provides another foothold for riders. The frame is a brown-green color with black accents.
The wheels are a lightweight alloy. This unicycle only comes with 20 or 24-inch options. Because there are no models designed for 16 or 18 inches, this one might be too tall for people who are a little on the short side. A 30-inch inseam is recommended. Similarly, there also aren’t any 26 or 28-inch sizes available, so this one isn’t a good fit for people who are exceptionally tall, either.
The saddle is a classic unicycle shape with scuff guards on the front and back to protect it from damage in case of a fall. It can be uncomfortable with long rides, so you may want to look into getting a more comfortable one if you plan on riding a lot.

Resist flex
Good for freestyle riding


Only available in 20 and 24-inch sizes
Not a good fit for people really short or really tall



RALEIGH Bikes Unistar SE Unicycle

As almost anyone in North America knows, Raleigh (much like Schwinn) is an iconic name in the world of bicycles, and has been for 140 years!  Founded in Nottingham, England in 1888, no one on earth who knows anything at all about bikes can say they don’t know the name Raleigh.  So what?  Well, they know a thing or two about bikes and while other names have become better-known with high-priced specialized bikes, Raleigh continues to be an iconic name.
This Raleigh  Unicycle has a strong Chromoly frame that’s both lightweight and tough. It comes in 24 and 26-inch sizes and is available in four colors – if they’re in stock, that is.  The wheel is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and has corrosion-resistant spokes for long-lasting durability and it features an oversized cartridge bearing axle for more toughness and durability (not to mention smoothness in the ride).  The wheel is a very lightweight aluminum alloy.
It features a unicycle-specific saddle with a front handhold and built-in scuff guards along with extra padding to enhance your riding experience!  In case you’re still wondering, this is cycle that is made for the more experienced rider looking to do a few more “tricks” on occasion. 

Increased durability (frame, seat and axle engineering and construction)
Deluxe seat


Build quality seemed sub-standard for one purchaser



Club 24″ Unicycle

This Club unicycle isn’t a commuter tricycle. It’s designed to help beginners with freestyling. The single-walled tire won’t stand up to any advanced tricks so this one is not meant for more advanced riders.
The saddle is a standard unicycle design that connects to the post with a quick-release four-hole clamp for easy adjustments. The frame is black steel sturdy and durable and the whole thing is relatively easy to assemble.
One downside to this unicycle is the plastic pedals. They’re lightweight and a decent size, but they are more likely to break than metal ones. You can always replace if you want to, but it would be nice if the included pedals were a little bit higher quality.

Good for beginners who want to learn to freestyle


Not for advanced freestyling



16-inch Wheel Aluminum Rim Steel Fork Frame Unicycle

This is a really basic 16-inch unicycle that’s not only affordable but durable, too. The bright blue frame is made of manganese steel and the steel fork is powder-coated to protect it from rust or other damage.
The saddle release is quick and easy for on the fly adjustments and made of a lightweight aluminum alloy. The saddle itself is large and has guard rails to protect it from damage. These are the same bright blue color as the bike frame and are both removable. The tire is rugged and sturdy with leak protection so you won’t have to refill it for at least 3 months.
If you have a child who is interested in learning to ride, this is a great unicycle for them; however, it’s not suitable for anyone taller than 5 feet or who weighs more than 110 pounds. This obviously limits how useful this unicycle is, but it’s a great choice for kids to learn on.

Great for kids
Leak protected tire


Limited use as weight limit is 110 pounds
Only meant to be used by rider up to 5 feet tall



Fun Unicycle

The Fun Unicycle comes in 16, 20, or 24-inch sizes with a frame that is available in chrome, red, and blue. Quick-release clamps let you adjust the saddle fast and easy. The plastic seat guards are brightly colored and match the frame. They’re really durable and can take a beating without breaking or cracking.
This is a good beginner’s unicycle but it isn’t made to last a long time or take a lot of beatings doing stunts and freestyling. This is a great choice for someone just learning to ride or for a casual rider. Anyone who wants something a little durable that will last for a long time will need to upgrade this pretty quickly.
The plastic pedals are one downside. They’re not very strong and will break pretty quickly, especially for new riders who are still hitting the ground a lot. It won’t be long before they need to be upgraded to metal ones.

Great for beginners
Strong plastic seat guards


Not designed for advanced riding techniques
Plastic pedals break quickly



Nimbus 36″ Gremlin Gravel Grinder Unicycle

This Nimbus is not for the faint-hearted.  The “north-of-$600″ price tag is enough to send most people packing, but if you get past that hurdle, you just may buy yourself one of the best unicycles on the planet.  Why?  Well, this beast is made for both nice, flat terrain AND off-road trails.  It features a 36” wheel with an ISIS hub (that’s a tough cookie hub!), and a whole pile of impressive features like:
A Nimbus Stadium black saddle with front lift handle and brake, a 4-hole seat post clamp, a 42mm wide aluminum doublewall ERD rim strip, offroad crank arms, Nimbus VCX ISIS cranks and 150mm pedals along with about 25 other impressive components.  It weighs 16.5 pounds and we’re positive it’s last forever!  ….ish!

Designed for trail and road
Larger wheel to navigate obstacles and terrain MUCH more efficiently than a typical 20″ or 24″ wheel


No compatible with disc brakes



Nimbus Mountain Unicycle or Muni 24 “

Once you’ve mastered a learner unicycle and if you’re looking for another way to ride that doesn’t involve commuting to work, a muni is a great next step. Mountain unicycling is intense. You’ll climb steep hills and come back down them with control and precision. It has a steel frame for a little bit of flexibility so the bumps along the mountain trails won’t be a problem.
This Mountain Unicycle from Nimbus comes with a gel seat for extreme comfort. The seat also has a front lift handle to grab onto. The pedals are reinforced plastic so they’ll be able to take the abuse on the trail.
This is a tough unicycle that’s meant to take you to new heights and can handle the ups and downs of your next adventure.

Made for mountain unicycling
Gel seat


Not for beginners

Final Thoughts & Wrap-Up

The Sun Classic Chrome is an all-around great unicycle. It’s a great one to learn on but it’s also not so basic that an experienced rider couldn’t enjoy it. The steel from is lightweight and durable and it comes in a wide range of wheel sizes, from 16 – 28 inches. It’s an affordable choice for a first-time buyer.
Another offering from Sun Unicycle is the Flat Top, a great freestyle unicycle that’s only available in 20 and 24-inch sizes so it might not work for anyone too short or too tall. It’s great for games and competitions and is recommended for riders with a little bit of experience.
Diamondback Bicycles LX Wheel Unicycle has a tough, strong chrome frame, a deluxe saddle, and is a durable choice that’s also great for freestyling. This is another option for someone who is looking for a unicycle that’s a step beyond their learner when they’re ready to get a little more intense.
If you’re a beginner who wants to get into freestyling, try the Club 24” Unicycle. It has a sturdy black steel frame that won’t break but has enough give to stand up to abuse from any falls the rider might take while learning tricks and stunts. Just keep in mind, it’s a learning uni. Not for advanced stunts.
For an exceptionally basic unicycle that performs well and won’t break the bank, there’s the generic 16-inch Wheel Aluminum Rim Steel Fork Frame Unicycle. The frame is made of bright blue manganese steel and powder coated. It has a large saddle, reliable tires, and was designed to fit children and smaller adults.
Fun Unicycle offers 16, 20, and 24 inch sized and a variety of colors. With durable seats and color coordinating plastic seat guards, this unicycle is stylish and functional. It’s a great learner uni for beginners but won’t take the abuse of a more experienced rider. This is a relatively safe starter option as long as beginners and young children wear a helmet.
For a good trials unicycle, there’s the Nimbus Gremlin. Great for jumping and taking hard landings, this unicycle has a special saddle with a front lift handles, a tough aluminum frame, and reinforced plastic pedals. It requires special tires that are lightweight and have great grip, but of which you need for a great time doing trials.
And finally, if you’re ready to take on the mountains, the Nimbus Muni 24” is a great choice to get you there. It has a gel seat for added comfort, reinforced plastic pedals for durability, and a steel frame with a little bit of flex to help absorb the impacts from the trails.
As you can see, there are a lot of choices when it comes to unicycles. If you use the details in our buying guide to learn about what makes a good unicycle and what kinds of things you should be looking for you, you’ll be able to find a unicycle that works for you and your needs.
Our eight best list covers a little something for every kind of rider at every skill so you’re sure to find one that will work for you among our favorites.


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Canadian Nick Taylor Wins Second PGA Tour Tournament at Pebble Beach

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Category : Golf , Nick Taylor , PGA Tour

When Nick Taylor was an amateur, Derek Ingram knew he was special.
As Golf Canada’s National Head Coach, Ingram worked with Taylor, both as a junior and an amateur.
In those formative years as a golfer, Taylor displayed promise with his iron play around the greens. Ingram believed in the Winnipeg, Manitoba’s golfing skills, but more importantly his intangibles, to propel him to become a successful player on the PGA Tour.
“He was one of the best people around the greens I have ever seen,” said Ingram over the phone. “When he gets in the hunt when he’s got a chance to win, you want to have the ball to use a basketball analogy. Nick Taylor has guts.”
On Sunday playing in the gusting winds at Pebble Beach, Taylor exemplified calmness. The difficult conditions made the final round anything but normal for the Canadian. But he never lost belief in his quest for victory.
Taylor shot a final-round 70 to secure his second PGA Tour win, five years removed from his first victory at the Sanderson Farms Championship.
“I believe I could do it because I have done it before,” said Taylor to CBS Sports’ Amanda Balionis after winning. “Doing it with these conditions, against Phil, it gives me a ton of confidence going forward.”
Taylor came into Sunday’s final round at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am with ten career Top 10 finishes. He has shown the ability to shoot low scores, evidenced by his first-round 63 at the 2019 Shriners Hospitals for Children Open.
But putting together four stellar rounds has escaped Taylor. At the 2019 Safeway Open, after shooting two opening rounds in the ’60s, the Canadian finished shooting with two scores in the 70’s, knocking him out of contention.
This week at Pebble Beach saw Taylor bring all facets of his game together. Despite ranking 108th on the PGA Tour in driving distance (298.3 yards) and 94th in strokes gained: around the green (0.094), Taylor was accurate with his driving through the swirling winds and savvy around the greens.
No better example than on the 15th hole when Taylor hit his second shot in the greenside rough. With four holes to play, the Canadian was two clear of five-time AT&T Pebble Beach winner Phil Mickelson. He had just shot four over his last four holes, including a double-bogey on the par-5 14th.
Taylor went into full resilient mode.
With a wedge in hand, he sank the tricky chip shot for birdie. Then, on the par-3 17th hole, Taylor hit a high-arching iron shot through the wind, landing the tee shot five feet from the pin. His birdie on the 17th sealed his fate into the history books, earning him AT&T Pebble Beach title honours.
With the win, Taylor becomes the first Canadian to win the event and the first to secure a wire-to-wire victory at Pebble Beach. He becomes the 7th Canadian-born PGA golfer to have multiple wins, joining Mike Weir and Stephen Ames.

Not only does he get 500 FedEx Points and invites to The Masters, The PLAYERS and PGA Championships, but he also builds his case to be selected for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.
As Ingram explains, he hopes that this win will motivate Taylor to continue his upward trajectory as one of Canada’s best golfers.
“This win will give Nick validation as a PGA Tour golfer,” said Ingram. “It will allow him to relax and start to compete more regularly. He’s got a deep belief in himself and is going to be a guy that does even more after this.”The post Canadian Nick Taylor Wins Second PGA Tour Tournament at Pebble Beach appeared first on Last Word on Sports.

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Saskatchewan Roughriders Free Agency Preview

It’s amazing how fast things change in one year. In 2019, the Saskatchewan Roughriders free agency period was blanketed with a cloud of uncertainty. Chris Jones, the VP of Football Operations, Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator headed south to Cleveland for an opportunity in the NFL. Both of the Riders quarterbacks were free agents leaving many to wonder what this team would look like come kick-off.

Fast forward one year, Craig Dickenson earned himself a Coach of the Year nomination and Cody Fajardo was a finalist for Most Outstanding Player. There’s less stress in 2020 for the Riders but that doesn’t mean there isn’t business to take care of.
Saskatchewan Roughriders Current Free Agents

Running Back

Wide Receiver
Emmanuel Arceneaux, Denzel Radford, Naaman Roosevelt, Cory Watson

Offensive Line
Dariusz Bladek, Philip Blake, Thaddeus Coleman, Jeremy Zver

Defensive Line
Lavar Edwards, Micah Johnson, Jordan Reaves

Brandyn Bartlett, DyShawn Davis, Solomon Elimimian, Alexandre Gagne, Sam Hurl

Defensive Back

Special Teams
Who’s Back?
The Saskatchewan Roughriders free agency period got off to a hot start with a flurry of re-signings before the doors swing open Tuesday. There were plenty of big names that many Rider fans feared would be testing the open market. Ed Gainey, Nick Marshall, Shaq Evans, AC Leonard and Cameron Judge will all be back in green & white for 2020.

The @sskroughriders seal the deal with the first major of the game courtesy of Cody Fajardo finding Shaq Evans with a 61-yard strike! #CFLGameDay
— TSN (@TSN_Sports) October 6, 2019

Saskatchewan has also done a good job of retaining the likes of Dan Clark, Jon Ryan, Kienan LaFrance, Takoby Coefield, Chad Geter & Elie Bouka. While there has been plenty of chaos surrounding the likes of Matt Nichols, Nick Arbuckle, Willie Jefferson and Zach Collaros (rightfully so), the Riders have quietly gone about retaining a majority of their roster that propelled them to 13 wins and a West Final appearance.
Who’s Left?
Reports have been surfacing that two big names will not be returning to Saskatchewan in 2020. Naaman Roosevelt and Solomon Elimimian. After extending Shaq Evans to a deal reportedly worth $175,000, it seems likely that Saskatchewan will run with the younger receivers they have in the pipeline that includes Paul McRoberts, Justin McInnis, Kyran Moore, Jordan Williams-Lambert & Kenny Stafford.

Upfront, Dariusz Bladek, Thaddeus Coleman and Philip Blake remain unsigned, it remains to be seen if deals will be reached before free agency opens. All three started at various points throughout the 2019 season.

On the defensive side of the ball, prized free agent from 2019, Micah Johnson remains a pending free agent. Jordan Reaves, Sam Hurl and DyShawn Davis round out key contributors who are set to hit the market.
What do the Riders need?
With Jeremy O’Day taking care of business by re-signing a range of star players and key role players, the Riders don’t exactly have to make a giant splash this free agency. While it may not put them at the top of any “Who had the best Free Agency?” lists, it was vital that they got this done before February 11th.
Additional Pass Rushers
That being said, it wouldn’t hurt Saskatchewan to add additional pass-rushers to rotate with Charleston Hughes and Leonard. If Johnson does leave in free agency, it appears Zack Evans and Makana Henry would fill in at the tackle spots.

#ChalkTalk | Micah Johnson Appreciation Week:@yours_truly4
remains unimpeded, even with double or triple teams from the opposition! 👀
🎥 »

— Saskatchewan Roughriders (@sskroughriders) July 5, 2019

Re-signing Judge was massive for the Riders, however, with the departure of Derrick Moncrief and likely Elimimian, they’ll need to add to this group once free agency opens. Finding someone of Moncrief’s diversity of talents at linebacker in coverage will be difficult but this free-agent class boasts a solid crop of talent that the Riders can target that includes but is not limited to Maleki Harris, Micah Awe, Kevin Brown II and Marcus Ball.
Offensive Line Depth
As mentioned earlier, there are a number of their own free agents the Riders can re-sign that would alleviate the urgency of this need. However, at the moment, Terran Vaughn, Brendon LaBatte, Dan Clark, Dakoda Shepley and Takoby Coefield are who make up the Riders crop of proven offensive linemen under contract.

Free agents such as Ryker Matthews and Derek Dennis may come at too steep of a price-tag for the Riders. However, there is a number of pending free agent offensive linemen that Saskatchewan can target. Such as Justin Renfrow, Spencer Wilson, Jean-Simon Roy or Tyler Holmes.
Sit Back and Wait
The cliche saying goes “the Grey Cup isn’t won in February!” but that doesn’t mean a team can’t help their chances. Saskatchewan has done the most important thing before free agency has opened and that’s securing their franchise quarterback and retaining their star-calibre players. Anything they do after that is the icing on the cake. Don’t mistake that statement with complacency.

If the Riders want to hoist the Grey Cup on home soil in nine-months, they’ll need to add difference makers at linebacker and depth at other key spots. But for the time being, Saskatchewan Roughriders’ free agency in 2020 is much need departure from the chaos that surrounded this franchise last year at this time.

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9 Best Footballs for 2020 : Options for All Ages

Football is a surprisingly versatile sport when you consider the ways in which it can be played. For example, what usually comes to mind is probably professional or college football and players with helmets, padding, and all the necessary equipment. Or maybe you think of high school football or a neighborhood league. But you can also play flag football in the park, touch football on the beach, or just toss the ball around in the backyard.
Top Football Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?

1. Wilson “The Duke” Official NFL Game Football
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

2. Spalding AFL Official Leather Game Ball Arena Football League
$$$Check Price on Amazon

3.  Nike Vapor Strike Official Football
$$Check Price on Amazon

4. Spalding Never Flat Football
$$Check Price on Amazon

5. Wilson NFL Super Grip Official Football
$Check Price on Amazon

6. Under Armour Gripskin 625 Football
$$Check Price on Amazon

7. Wilson NCAA GST Game Football
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

8. POOF Spiral Football
$Check Price on Amazon

9. Wilson Official NCAA Training Football
$$$Check Price on Amazon

No matter how you choose to play, the one thing you will definitely need is a football. You might think all footballs are the same, but that’s not true. There is a football for any kind of play. Here’s a round-up of nine of the best and some information about how you can pick the one that’s right for you.
Football Buying Guide
Most footballs have four panels, eight lacings, and two white stripes. But some are neon colored. Some have ridges. Some are weatherproof and some need to be cared for. There’s even a football that syncs with your smartphone to keep track of stats and progress. While a football might seem like an easy thing to buy, there are actually a few key things to consider.
Footballs are typically made from three different materials: leather, composites, or foam. There are pros and cons to each.
Leather is what official National Football League (NFL) balls are made of. The leather is put through a special tanning process that makes them tacky and easier to grip. They’re of the highest quality and will last a long time if you care for them the right way. They have the most effective grip and are what modern football gloves are made for.
Initially, they’ll need some polishing right out of the box to get the grip to where it should be. If you want to make sure your leather football lasts a long time, you’ll have to apply a leather conditioner occasionally, keep it clean, and store it somewhere with good ventilation that’s not too hot or cold. Make sure the leather doesn’t crack or dry out. Some leather footballs are water-resistant and can be used in the rain, but make sure to let them dry completely before putting them into a bag. They’ll need to air out a bit. While most leather footballs can stand some water exposure, it’s probably not a good idea to play with one where it will be exposed to water for extended periods of time, like in a pool or in the water at the beach. Leather footballs are intended to be used on turf or grass.
Composite footballs are basically made of fake leather. They vary in quality, some can look and feel almost identical to leather and some will be a little less refined. Composite footballs don’t require the upkeep that leather ones do and are much more tolerant to water and weather. They’re not as expensive as leather footballs, but the quality isn’t quite as high. The material is textured, making it easy to grip, but they usually don’t handle very well when they’re wet unless they have an additional special coating. They’re more durable than leather footballs and can take a little more rough play.
Foam footballs are a bit different from the other kind. They’re not typically used in any sort of official capacity as most leagues and schools prefer real leather or composite. But they are ideal for kids or just for a game of catch in the yard. They’re soft, inexpensive, and completely water-friendly. Foam footballs are a great choice for kids just learning how to throw and catch. They’re soft and forgiving so there’s less chance of injury.
Size is important because, in order to throw the ball effectively and achieve a good spiral, you have to be able to get a firm grip on it. There are a few size options when it comes to footballs. Footballs that are labeled “official size” are the same weight and dimensions as the balls used in the NFL or NCAA. Other footballs might be adult-sized but not conform to the exact measurements of the official footballs. They also make youth balls and pee wee balls for little kids who are just learning how to play. These balls are the perfect size for smaller hands to learn how to throw a spiral.
There are some nice options available on some footballs. You can get one with your favorite professional or college sports team’s logo on it. Some footballs glow in the dark and others have blank, flat white panels to collect autographs on. Some brands will even laser print your name, jersey number, or phrase onto a ball when you order it. Footballs have even started being equipped with advanced technology, using an app on your smartphone to let you know how much your gameplay has improved. You don’t necessarily need any of these things to play a successful game, but a few of the features available might be something you never thought you could find on a football and could be perfect for you or as a gift for a football lover. (One thing to note, autograph balls were not included in this list as it focuses on footballs used for playing. The white part of an autograph ball is meant to be signed by the athlete and then usually put on display and generally not played with.)
Like anything else, you don’t always need to go with the more expensive brand name when buying a football, but the quality is typically higher than generic or unrecognized brands. How much you want to pay and what brand to buy depend on who is using the ball and what they’re using it for. For example, it might not be a good idea to give your child an official game ball for his birthday and your spouse a neon foam football as a gift. Keep in mind that if you’re going to play hard with it, the ball will get more wear and tear. A cheaper brand might need replacing more often, but if it’s going to be used primarily by children, you might need to replace it every season anyway. Find a balance between quality and cost and pick the one that makes the most sense for you.
Once you’ve considered all of these things, you should have a good idea of what kind of football is a good fit and be able to find an appropriate option from our selections.
Best Football Reviews
1.  Wilson “The Duke” Official NFL Game Football

This is an official game ball of the NFL with deep texture for enhanced grip. It has a three-ply VPU bladder and strong double lacing. Because it is the official size and weight of an NFL game ball and bears the signature stamp of the NFL commissioner, this ball is more expensive than an average football. But it’s strong, durable, and the perfect choice for a die-hard NFL fan.
It should be noted that, because this ball is leather, it will require some care immediately out of the box. The ball won’t look like a standard game ball when you first get it, it will look more dull and pale. This is normal. Care instructions are included which will instruct you on how to use water, a brush, and pressure to restore the tacky grip and get it to that familiar brown color. Some red dye will come off during this process, so be sure to use an old towel or something disposable when completing this process.

Official NFL game ball
Strong and durable
High quality


Requires initial care and ongoing maintenance to properly care for leather
Should not expose to water for long periods of time

2.   Spalding AFL Official Leather Game Ball Arena Football League
If you’re looking for a more reasonably priced leather football, consider the Spalding Official AFL (Arena Football League) ball.   It has a leather cover for good grip and sturdy, white laces for higher visibility. It’s rubberized laces provide better grip and the water-resistant lining makes sure it doesn’t absorb water, allowing its weight to stay consistent in poor weather. It’s four-ply bladder really retains its shape well and it holds air so it won’t need to be reinflated frequently.  This ball was manufactured in an inventory overrun for the Arena Football League in 2016.  This is part of a whole pile of extra balls made to the exact specifications of an AFL ball, but more balls were made than needed.
Now is your chance to get one at a rock bottom price!
This ball offers all the benefits of more expensive leather balls at a price that’s a little more reasonable. It’s not an official NFL ball, but its a great ball for middle and high school games.

More affordable leather options


Some maintenance


3.   Nike Vapor Strike Official Football

This offering from Nike is a favorite of quarterbacks.  With its proprietary leather cover and tacky finish, it’s easy to hold on to.  It has a spiral design to help get better height and distance along with more accurate aiming.  It’s a great ball in most weather conditions and it maintains its shaps and holds air very well.  The TPU bladder maximizes air and shape retention for the best and most consistent performance.
This is a good all-around ball because it’s a good price, it’s easy to catch and easy to throw. It’s a simple, straightforward ball that is great for most situations and it comes at a reasonable price.


Good grip
Easy to throw
Official regulation football


Because of deeper color and grip surface, 

4.  Spalding Never Flat Football

This is a really strong and durable ball that can really take a beating. It has amazing air retention and will be able to maintain its shape no matter how hard you play.  Keep in mind that it’s a recreational ball and it’s made of rubber.  The price reflects that.  However, Spalding’s NitroFlate air technology is used to eliminate air seepage.  It features a valve with a cap to eliminate or minimize leakage and it keeps dirt out.  Overall, while not a ball for any serious play, the backyard quarterback will appreciate this ball for its durability over years of service.  It’ll take a beating and last even though it’s left on the lawn behind the shed!

NitroFlate Technology virtually eliminates any air leaks
Valve with cap also virtually eliminates air leaks


Not a competition ball


5.  Wilson NFL Super Grip Official Football

The Wilson NFL Super Grip Official Football is one of the brand’s lower cost options. It’s top of the line Wilson quality at a great price. This one is an official NFL sized ball and even has NFL branding on it. It’s high quality, composite leather construction is extremely durable and it has a multi-layered lining to help it maintain its shape.
This ball has a good grip, but it doesn’t have the same feel as a real leather ball or even some other composite balls. The grip wears quicker than it will on other composite balls, but it’s such a good price that it won’t be too financially burdensome to get another one. This would be a good ball for kids or to take on a trip. It most likely won’t last for more than one or two seasons, but it’s still a great ball for the price.

Lower cost Wilson brand option


Not real leather
Only lasts one or two seasons


6.  Under Armour Gripskin 625 Football

The Under Armour Gripskin 625 football is a great ball to take to the beach. It has a unique Spongetech cover that gives it excellent grip even when it’s wet. It’s called “gripskin” because it promises ultimate tack and grip in all kinds of weather, including in the ocean or inside a pool.
It’s a regulation-sized football so it’s large and may not fit the small hands of younger children, but the enhanced grip makes it a little easier for them to catch and hang on to than some other footballs. It’s not real leather, but you’d never really know. It arrives in the packaging inflated and ready to go. There’s no special care required for this ball, you can open the package and take it right to the beach to play.

Good grip


Not real leather


7.  Wilson NCAA GST Game Football

This ball holds some impressive statistics and that’s why it’s over $70 while many others are a third of that price!  It happens to be the most widely used game ball in the United States of America – PERIOD!  It’s the official ball of the NCAA (which has a lot more teams than the NFL) and it’s used by nearly 70% of all high school and college teams in America.  That’s a popular ball!  
GST is the absolute softest leather on the market (It also stands for Goods and Services Tax which is Canada’s national tax, but that’s another issue altogether!!).  It has a very specific and distinct feel to it and the color is a very specific light brown.  Because of its softness and tack, the GST Game ball is really easy to control.  The two white stripes are NOT PAINTED on like most, but are in fact a composite material that is SEWN onto the ball and it provides 82% more grip.  The lacing itself is pebbled and that’s unusual.  It’s called Accurate Control Lacing (ACL) which (according to Wilson) provides 174% more grip in every condition.
It’s made fully right here in the USA (in Ada, Ohio actually).

Softest leather outer skin on planet earth
Approved by NCAA, NFHS
Most widely used game ball in the United States of America!
4.2 out of 5 rating on Amazon


Some users complained about the inconsistency of their construction (ie. different leathers on different quarters, slippery surface, hard to throw spirals, doesn’t hold up, etc.)

8.  POOF Spiral Football

The POOF foam football has grooves in it for better grip so it can be thrown more accurately. This ball is a great way to introduce someone to the game because it’s lightweight, easy to throw, and not so heavy that it will hurt to catch. Because it’s foam, it’s safe to play with anywhere – in the pool or in the ocean that beach. It’s also a great ball to use for indoor school sports programs or gym classes.
Because it’s made of foam, it won’t hold up very well to wear and tear. It could easily tear or be ripped apart if a young child or pet gets a hold of it. You may not even get one season out of this ball, but it’s exceptionally affordable and won’t cost much to replace.

Safe for water play


Will need frequent replacing


9.  Wilson Official Training Football Series Ball

Here’s a bit of an unusual entry to our list this year.  It’s virtually identical to our ball at #7.  It has all the most coveted features like real GST leather, official qualities of all the NCAA college official game balls, softness, ACL laces, and the list goes on!  THE ONLY DIFFERENCE that we’ve found is that the white stripes on this ball are painted on rather than composite material which is sewn on for the official ball (the Wilson GST NCAA game ball).  So, the difference is about $30 between these two balls and that price is the difference between getting sewn-on stripes or painted stripes.  Your call!  
We thought we’d like to include this ball since it’s just as good but a good deal less expensive and makes sense for most athletes who spend far more time “practicing” or “training” or even “goofing around” rather than playing.  This is YOUR ball!

Has all features of the official NCAA GST leather game ball other than the stripes
For the small difference of sewn stripes or painted stripes, you pay $30 less


Not much on this one except if you REALLY, REALLY need to have sewn-on composite material stripes!


Conclusion & Recommendations
That’s the list of our nine best footballs of this year! Once you figure out the way you’re going to play, you’ll be able to see which one is the best fit for you.
If you’re looking for a high quality, real leather option that’s an official ball of the NFL, then the Wilson “The Duke” Official Game Ball is a great choice. But If you want a real leather ball that’s a little less pricey, the Spalding TF-Gold Varsity Top Grain Leather Full Size Premium Football is a great choice.
There are a lot of great options for composite leather balls. The Nike Spiral Tech 3.0 Official Football is billed as a quarterback’s favorite thanks to its good grip and how easy it is to throw. The Spalding J5V Advance Composite Leather Football is great for even the coldest, wettest weather. The Wilson NFL Super Grip Official Football is a reasonably priced option from one of the top brands with great grip and multiple layered lining to help it maintain its shape and last a long time.
The Under Armour Gripskin 625 Football is the perfect ball for the beach thanks to its Spongetech cover that gives it exceptional grip. The Poof Spiral Football is a foam ball that’s perfect for the beach, too, and is so inexpensive, it won’t be a problem to replace it if it gets lost or damaged.
If you want to take it up a notch, the Wilson X Connected Football syncs to a smartphone app and can not only give you stats about your throw but can also keep track of eight profiles so you can play against your friends.
As you can see, there are a lot of different options when it comes to choosing a football. Use this list to help you figure out which is the best one for you.


The post 9 Best Footballs for 2020 : Options for All Ages appeared first on Sport Consumer.

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10 Best Swimming Earplugs for 2020 : Prevent Swimmer’s Ear

Nothing is quite like spending the summer by the pool or spending your fitness time swimming laps. Swimming is an excellent way to have fun and stay in shape. For many swimmers, though, their time in the pool is cut short by a horrible condition called Swimmers Ear.
Top Swimming EarPlug Comparison Chart

PictureNamePriceWhere to Buy?

1. Speedo Ergo Ear Plugs$Check Price on Amazon

2. Hearprotek Silicone Swimming Earplugs
$Check Price on Amazon

3. Putty Buddies
$Check Price on Amazon

4. Macks Soft Flanged Aqua Block
$Check Price on Amazon

5. Doc’s Pro Plugs

$$$Check Price on Amazon

6. Creatures Surf Ears 2.0
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

7. Speedo Core Biofuse
$$Check Price on Amazon

8. JBL Hydro Seals
$$$Check Price on Amazon

9. Alpine Swim Safe Ear Plugs
$$Check Price on Amazon

10. Soft Silicone Earplug
$$Check Price on Amazon

Swimming EarPlug Buying Guide
Swimmers Ear will have you at the doctor’s office, certain you have an ear infection. It can be horribly painful and lead to ringing and other issues like balance and coordination problems for some. The best-case scenario when visiting a doctor for swimmer’s ear is that you get some drops and have to stay out of the pool for a few days. The worst-case scenario for swimmer’s ear is that you have to get your ear vacuumed out by an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist.
No one wants that.
The easy solution is making sure you don’t get swimmers ear. This will keep you in the pool and happily swimming laps all year long. There are all sorts of home remedies out there said to prevent swimmers ear. The best and most proven method to prevent this painful condition is swimming ear plugs. Swimming ear plugs will give you an easy and inexpensive prevention for swimmers ear and swim-related ear infections.
What You Need to Know About Swimming Ear Plugs
When buying swimming earplugs, there are many options that you can choose from. Each of the different designs for swimming earplugs comes with its own perks and drawbacks. Here we will go over the basic styles of earplug and what you can expect from the different features of the plugs.
Conical Earplugs
Conical Ear Plugs are usually pre-molded and made out of flexible rubber, plastic or silicone. They typically look like a tiny cone that has bands of flexible plastic around the outer edge. Each band is wider than the next.
These earplugs are inserted directly into the ear to the point of comfort for the user. They are typically universal fit, because of the bands that widen the deeper they are inserted into the ear canal.
Many conical ear plugs are rated to block out noise. You would need to check with the manufacturer of the specific earplug to see if they block out the noise and if so what the noise cancellation rating is on the specific earplug.

The only concern that one would have with these types of ear plugs will be if you have a sensitivity to the material the earplugs are manufactured with (always check the label).
Those with very wide but shallow ear canals may find that these type of ear earplugs uncomfortable for them.

 Silicone Earplugs
While conical ear plugs can be made from a soft silicone that is not typically what is thought of when discussing silicone ear plugs. Silicone ear plugs are made of a soft, malleable silicone that allows the wearer to shape the silicone to fit directly in their ear canal. Many find that Silicone ear plugs are the most comfortable type of earplugs because of their custom fit.
Silicone ear plugs resemble silly putty in that they can be molded and reshaped multiple times. They are available in multiple colors which make them easy to see, or easy to hide depending on your preference.

The silicone can become sticky and attract unwanted substances like pet hair and dirt when not in use. Once this happens they are difficult to clean.
Part of the earplug becoming lodged inside of the ear has been a concern for many users. If this happens, a Doctor or ER visit may be necessary.

Vented Earplugs
Vented ear plugs are different than traditional swimming ear plugs because they allow you to equalize your ears while swimming. This may not be an issue for many people because they do not dive deep down into the water.
However, if you do any free diving or depth swimming, you may want to consider the vented ear plugs. Though the data is still unclear on whether or not you should use ear plugs when diving, the Divers Alert Network has more information and is working on ongoing studies.
Some people just like the feel of these ear plugs function better than other ear plugs and use them for regular swimming. Vented earplugs do not put anything into your inner ear, and it can be more comfortable for many swimmers.

Science is out on whether earplugs for freediving and deep swimming are safe.

Many people make the mistake of buying foam earplugs for swimming. These are not swimming earplugs. They are designed for noise suppression and will not do anything to keep water out of your inner ear. Do not use foam earplugs for swimming.
Not For Swimming!

Best Swimming Ear Plugs Reviews
1.   Speedo Ergo Ear Plugs

Speedo has been a name in swimming for decades these earplugs are just another reason why Speedo leads the market in swimming-related apparel. The earplugs had a soft core of plastic that was PVC free. The softcore on the earplugs made them flexible and easy to insert into the ear.
There are two layers of banding on the speed of earplugs. The first layer is designed to be inserted into the ear canal and expand preventing water from entering the ear. The second layer sits firmly against the outer ear to provide additional protection from water entering the ear canal. There is a bit of plastic that sticks up after the banding allowing you to grab the earplugs when you want to take them out or insert them into your ears.
The little piece of plastic that sticks out after the last layer banding was the only problematic area for the Speedo earplugs. When wearing a swim cap, this extra piece of plastic could make the earplugs uncomfortable.
The earplugs came with their own case, which made keeping track of them a lot easier. Their sleek design made cleaning them easy, which was very important considering they go inside the ear. They seemed like they would fit a wide shape of ears, though not the extra small or extra-large. If you have off shaped ear canals or you know one is larger than the other, these may not work for you.

Easy to Clean
Come with Case
Fit small-big ears


Not a custom fit
May require readjustment during a swim
Can be uncomfortable with swim cap


2.   Hearprotek Silicone Swimming Earplugs
With really good ratings from purchasers, we highly endorse these earplugs.  They’re made with pre-molded silicone and they’re really durable offering a strong seal.  They are shaped ergonomically to fit your ear and the triple flange shaped design prevents them from being pushed into your ear too far.  These plugs are Left and Right and are marked as such so you can tell which is which.
The other great thing is that they have a central hollow channel which makes it easier to hear conversations and ambient sounds.  We like that they’re re-usable and they’re available in three bright colors for easier recovery if they fall in the pool.

strong and well-engineered ergonomic design
No acoustic loss
Great price


Like most earplugs, they have their “haters” who insist they’re too small, too big, not watertight, etc.  Keep in mind that’s what you’ll find with most brands of plugs.


3.   Putty Buddies

Putty Buddies can be a great earplug once you know how to use them. That being said, it may take a little practice before you understand how long you can hold onto these pieces of silicone before they begin to stick to your hands instead of going into your ears. These types of earplugs may take a pair or two to practice with before you get the technique required to put them into your ears the right way.
The earplugs themselves are fun and brightly colored which makes them very appealing to kids and those with a whacky side. The package comes with 3 pairs and a carrying case, so you don’t have to worry when you mess up putting in the first pair of earplugs.
The best part about these earplugs is that they do form fit to your ear. Even if you have funny shaped ears, weird tubes, or one ear is larger than the other. You can get the Putty Buddies to match your ears. The manufacturer does recommend that these be used with a swimming headband, which wasn’t surprising because they did seem to be more unstable than the fixed rubber type of earplugs.

Fun bright colors
Comes with three pairs


Very sticky
Can be hard to mold
May need an extra headband


4.   Macks Soft Flanged Aqua Block

 The Macks Aqua Block earplugs are a soft, flanged ear plug that is designed to fit inside the ear. They have a fairly standard ear plug design and do not deviate from that look.
The earplugs feature a long stem that sticks out past the ear, making it easy to insert and remove the earplugs. There are three rings on the ear plugs and they can seem a bit shallow. If your ear canal is very deep these ear plugs may not provide enough protection from the water for you.
Macks Aqua Block are very soft and flexible, most of the time you don’t notice you are wearing earplugs. If you prefer a more rigid feel, then these earplugs may not feel comfortable to you.
All in all these earplugs perform exactly as they are designed with minimal leakage if inserted correctly.

Easy to use


May not fit different sized ears
Very soft


5.   Doc’s Pro Plugs

 There are two schools of thought for the Doc’s Pro Plugs, either you love them or you hate them. These ear plugs are vented and allow sound in, or allow you to equalize your ears if you are diving or swimming at depth.
The divide on these comes to whether or not they fit well. These earplugs come in a wide array of sizes, and unlike most swimming earplugs the sizing is vital to making these work. If you are lucky and you get the right size the first time, then these could possibly be the best pair of earplugs you ever own.
Most people had sizing difficulties. If you don’t get the sizing right on these earplugs then they become ill-fitting, they let water in, and they are easy to lose.
So, if they are the right size, the Doc’s are a great pair of earplugs. If they are the wrong size, they are horrible. Hopefully, you guess right and get the right size the first time.

Not sticky


Must be sized correctly for fit
Can leak
Easy to lose


6.   Creatures Surf Ears 2.0

The Surf Ear 2.0 is a great ear plug from the look of it, but compared to lesser priced models it just doesn’t perform as well as it should for the cost. These are probably one of the highest priced swimming earplugs available, yet they still experience some of the basic earplug problems, like leakage and falling out.
On the bright side, the Surf Ear 2.0 is highly customizable. The ear bud piece, that is inserted into the ear canal comes in three sizes, making it adjustable for most sized ears. The wing piece that sits on the outer ear is available in two sizes that allows for even more size customization. Despite all of the sizing options, there are still fit problems that can lead to leakage and loss.
The main design of these earplugs seems to be to let sound in. For that, they have succeeded. If you don’t mind fiddling with the fit, you can really benefit from being able to hear all around you with the Surf Ear 2.0 earplugs. They have made it so that you don’t have to sacrifice your hearing in order to keep water out of your ears.

Let sound in
Wings to hang on to the ear


Can let water in
May fall out


7.   Speedo core Biofuse

These are Speedo brand ear plugs but they mimic other basic ear plugs available on the market. The nice thing about these particular plugs is that they have 4 flanges of rubber to make sure you get a proper seal on your ear canal.
If you have smaller ears you may not like the ear guard, because it can have an awkward fit on the inside of the ear. It is designed as a safety measure to make sure the earplug is not inserted too far into the ear, but it just makes the entire plug a bit cumbersome.

4 bands of sealing rubber
Ear Guard
Comes With case


One Size
The ear guard can get in the way
Awkward fit


8.   JBL Hydro Seals

Here we have another pair of vented ear plugs. The JBL Hydro Seals have been used by divers and swimmers alike to help keep water out of the ears. These are ergonomically designed to fit in the ear, though figuring out how to properly fit them the first time can be a little difficult.
The outside of the ear plugs can seem bulky if you are not used to having a large handle on your ear plugs. But other than that, the earplugs seem to run on the smaller side. The small sizes are great for children. Those with very large ear canals may not get a proper seal when using the JBL Hydro Seal ear plugs for swimming or diving.
They only come in pink.
The pink color may not be an issue for many swimmers, but for some, the earplugs only being available in pink is a deal breaker. They are very stylish, assuming you like the color!

Can be used for diving


Can be hard to fit
Run Small


9.   Alpine Swim Safe Ear Plugs

The Alpine Swim Safe earplugs are basic earplugs. They consist of two pliable bands that wrap around a center post. The first band is domed around the tip of the center post of the earplug and will create a seal on the ear canal to prevent water from getting into the ear.
These are very basic earplugs with a short stem on the outside. The short stem makes these ideal for those who prefer to swim with a swim cap on. Those who do not swim with a cap on may find that these earplugs are a little shallow, or hard to manipulate.
With frequent use these earplugs can wear out easily because of the moldable material. Those who swim daily may want to invest in a sturdier pair of earplugs. However, these would be well suited for the occasional swimmer.

Easy to use
Basic design
Comes with case


Will not fit all ear sizes
Only two sealing bands
Can wear out quickly


10.   Soft Silicone Earplugs
These soft, silicone, waterproof earplugs are designed to be used as either a swimming ear plug or a noise-canceling ear plug. For those that swim in noisy lap pools, these may be the earplugs you are looking for. If you are swimming in a situation where you need to be able to hear, do not get these earplugs. Your hearing will be impaired.
The nice thing about these earplugs was that they were dual purpose. With safety concerns, perhaps, it would be better to just have one set of earplugs for each situation. Not being able to hear when outside swimming can be dangerous.
These seemed to run on the larger side, which is great for those with larger ears.

Useful for swimming and noise-canceling
Comes with case
Designed for larger ears


Not adjustable


Conclusion & Recommendations 

Depending on your usage, the Speedo Ergo earplugs or the Putty Buddies are going to be your best bet for solid inner ear protection from the water. It comes down to preference, do you like moldable silicone, or do you prefer post style earplugs.
If you insist on using earplugs when diving make sure you read the manufacturer’s directions carefully, but either pair of vented earplugs we described should work well for diving. Doc’s perform a bit better if you can get the right fit.
You protect your eyes by wearing goggles, so why not protect your ears with earplugs.
If you are going to be spending a lot of time in the pool your best bet is to get ear plugs as a way to prevent any ear problems from occurring. We hope that with the help of this guide you are able to find the right pair of earplugs to fit both your ears and your swimming needs.

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6 Best Hockey Helmets 2020 : Adult & Youth

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There are many sports that are very physical to play. One of the most physical sports is the game of ice hockey. That is why this sport requires those who play it to be protected from head to toe. One of the most vulnerable areas to injury when playing the game is the head. That is why no matter what level of hockey you or your youth player is involved in you must have a proper helmet. We have taken the time in this article to tell you what makes a helmet a good one and we have also reviewed some of the best hockey helmets in the sports marketplace.
Top Hockey Helmet Comparison Chart

Why do you need a good helmet when playing the sport of hockey? The main reason is to avoid taking unabsorbed blows to the head that can possibly result in a concussion. A concussion results when you take a blow to the head that is significant enough to rattle the brain inside your skull. They can be an injury that is very hard to detect and they can even result in your brain being permanently damaged. That is why a good hockey helmet is considered an essential piece of equipment for any level hockey player.
Hockey Helmet Buyer’s Guide
What makes a hockey helmet a good one? There are several things that you need to consider. It is the combination of several key characteristics that make a helmet safe and comfortable to wear when playing the game of hockey.
Here are the key features of hockey helmets that you need to take a close look at when making a hockey helmet purchase for you or your youth hockey player:


Most of us are on some type of budget when we are shopping for hockey equipment and helmets are usually no exception. Be forewarned though, a hockey helmet is not something you want to shop for based totally on price. We have just told you about the need for protection against concussions and other hockey-related head injuries. So our advice here is to spend a little more to get a helmet that gives you as much protection as possible to help prevent head injuries. There are other areas you can trim your hockey shopping budget so you will be well-advised not to do it when shopping for a helmet.


This is the number one priority when shopping for helmets to wear when playing the game of hockey. Strangely enough, years ago helmets were not even required equipment for playing the game; nowadays though they are mandatory equipment even at professional levels. Most leagues will even require the use of some type of eye or face protection with them too.
What makes a helmet safe to wear? There is actually a combination of things that come together to make a hockey helmet as safe as possible. Here are the main factors of a helmet that contribute to the safety of it when it is being worn during a hockey game.


The importance of a helmet fitting you or your youth hockey player properly cannot be emphasized enough. A hockey helmet that does not fit is almost as bad as having no hockey helmet at all. If a helmet is too loose on a player it can even cause an injury itself.
That is why you need to buy a helmet that has some adjustability built into it. Rarely do you put on a helmet and it fits perfectly. A quality helmet will have such things as screws that allow you to adjust the tightness of the helmet around your ears and snug it up around your head.


Not only does any helmet you purchase have to fit snuggly on your head but it also has to be padded in the right places too. Basically, that means any place that your head comes into contact with the helmet there should be some thick foam padding between your head and the plastic part of the helmet too. The foam will not only protect you but it will also help the helmet feel more comfortable as you wear it.

Eye/Face Protection

These days eye protection is pretty much mandatory in many adult leagues and full face protection is usually required in youth leagues. Even if it is not required in the league you play in you really should consider wearing at least a visor on your helmet. So look for a helmet that is sold in combination with eye or full face protection.


To make your helmet as safe as possible you will need a good chin strap too. Most will come with a standard chinstrap but some are of higher quality and are more comfortable to use than others.


Manufacturers will try to do whatever is possible to keep their helmets light, but some helmets are definitely heavier than others. This can be especially true if eye or full face protection is added to the helmet. If a helmet is too heavy for you it may be uncomfortable to wear and can even cause some neck soreness. So consider a helmets weight during the buying process too.


Try your helmet on to see if it looks good. If two helmets are of similar quality then you might want to pick the one that looks best on you. There is nothing written that says you can’t look good while playing the game of hockey. Hockey helmets also come in a variety of colors to choose from too in most cases.


Hockey is a sport that is very rough on equipment. Although helmets are usually strong and impervious to most things that happen in the game, you never know when a helmet will break prematurely. That is why you want to check out the warranty on any helmet you are thinking about buying. The longer the warranty the more peace of mind you have to spend a little bit more on a hockey helmet.
Best Hockey Helmet Reviews
1.   Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet
We like this helmet not necessarily because it’s the “best” on the list.  In fact, it’s not the best in terms of absolute quality, but when we considered the price for value, it won the contest.  The size adjustment was easy, and it required no tools.  The facemask (Bauer 2100) was included in the deal as were integrated protective ear covers.  Of course, it’s CAS/HECC approved.
It’s important to note that it’s not a “one size fits all” helmet so you’ll have to take some care when choosing.  Having said that, it does adjust larger or smaller to an extent.
As expected, it offers multi-density foam that is strategically optimized and engineered for the best protection in various areas around the head.

Great price point
Glowing user reviews about smacking their heads at high velocity into the ice and nearly not feeling any impact at all!


Some users complain of  issues pertaining to wrong sizes being shipped and even stated sizes don’t make as much sense as they could


2.   WARRIOR PX2H6 Ice Hockey Players Helmet
One of the best features of this helmet is its uncanny ability to fit and adjust to just about any size and shape of head for a perfect fit.  With its wide range of impact protection and adjustability, it’s one of our top-ranked choices.  Warrior also boasts of a 3-layer  VN foam barrier that is strategically designed for maximum impact protection at the back of the helmet, while the front has a dual-density VN foam liner.  The overall design is convenient because it’s tool-less and spring-loaded so not only don’t you need a wrench of some kind, but because it’s spring-loaded, you can move the adjustable parts easier.
It features a dual-density chin cup in the cage as well, so you get the whole package!  Overall, this is a definite buy if it’s still available!

dual-layer and triple layer density foam shell for a 360-degree fit
Highly adjustable
Comfortable foam padding
Cage included


A little pricey
A little heavy


3.  Bauer Unisex 4500 Helmet Combo
This is a very good teen and adult hockey helmet from Bauer. It can even stand up to the rigors of highly competitive ice hockey leagues. It is really designed to keep your head safe from injury during normal contact that sometimes results when playing hockey.
What do we think makes it such a good teen or adult helmet buy? For one we loved how adjustable this helmet is. If it is snug to slightly loose when you buy it, you will be able to fine-tune its fit very easily. It also gives you complete protection above your neck since it comes with a full face cage and translucent ear covers.
It offers those that wear it the comfort and protection of thick density foam and it is a stylish helmet that will look good with any uniform too. The dual-density foam chin cup is a nice addition as well. This helmet may cost you a little extra to buy but it is definitely worth it.

Comes in several different colors
Highly adjustable
Comfortable foam padding


A little pricey
Only for teen or adult players


4.   CCM FitLite 40 Hockey Helmet Combo

Here is yet another good combination helmet and face cage on our list. This one comes from the reputable hockey equipment manufacturer CCM. It is a model that boasts being stellar in both protection and in comfort while wearing it. It is geared toward youth and young teen players and it’s very affordable for all that it gives you.
The beauty of this helmet starts with the fit. It uses a very soft but sturdy foam insert. It is also fully adjustable without the need to use tools; that means you can even make adjustments for your young hockey player during breaks in a game or practice. CCM claims this helmet is aerodynamic and we have no reason to doubt that based on its design. CCM has done a very nice job venting this helmet too.
This fine youth helmet package also includes the full cage over the face and all the strapping to hold it in place securely.

Comes in different colors
Adjustable without tools
Comfortable foam padding


A little pricey
Only for youth or young teen players
A little heavy for very small kids


5.   Bauer Prodigy Hockey Youth Helmet with Cage
Another really good choice for any young hockey player is the Bauer Prodigy Youth Helmet with Cage.  It features youth-specific elements like a quick-release chin strap buckle, quick-release facemask snaps, adjustable top-clips and J-hook mounts that can be use in 4-positions.  The facemask is much easier to use than a traditional adult helmet face mask and the adjustable snaps allow parents to change the positioning and fit of the cage as the player grows. 
The dual-density foam on the inside of the helmet provides excellent comfort while the dual-ridge crown enhances protection even further, while at the same time, promoting airflow through the sizeable vents on the side of the helmet.  Tool-free adjustment is standard, so your convenience factor is jacked even more!!

Highly rated in concussion tests
Very lightweight
Comfortable foam padding
Great price


A little bulky feeling


6.   Bauer Hockey 7500 Hockey Helmet

Here is another fine teen and adult hockey helmet from Bauer. Not only will it protect any teen or adult hockey player but they will look and feel good while wearing it too. Bauer is very innovative with their helmet designs and that is why so many high level and professional players choose to wear Bauer helmets.
There is a lot to like about this helmet and it all starts with how lightweight it is and how comfortable it feels when wearing it. We noticed you want to get the fit just right or it may seem a little bulky; but once you adjust it then its fine. The padding in it will do a great job of protecting you and it also helps make this helmet very comfortable to wear.
This helmet has a good price point considering the excellent quality it delivers.

Very lightweight
Comfortable foam padding


A little pricey
Durability issues with the foam glue
A little bulky feeling


Conclusion & Recommendations

Whenever you or your child is playing a sport the head is such a critical area to protect and it’s no exception when it comes to playing hockey. Be patient shopping and get the right helmet for you or your youth player. All the helmets on our list are good buys but we especially like two of them; the Bauer IMS and for youth skaters we really liked the Bauer Prodigy youth hockey helmet combo.
Even if you do not like any of the helmets on the list, then at least follow the advice in our buying guide. If you do that then you will stand a good chance of finding a helmet that is a perfect fit for you and your youth player and prevents concussions.

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The 6 Best Men’s & Women’s Triathlon Running Shoes for 2020

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Triathletes know that there are a lot of moving pieces that go with triathlons.  They require a lot of different equipment if you truly want to do it to the very best of your ability.  Most equipment isn’t required or really all that highly regulated, but most triathletes find certain things to be absolutely necessary.  One of the things that is considered very necessary is a very good pair of shoes for the run. 
Top Triathlon Running Shoes Comparison Chart

PreviewNamePriceWhere to Buy?

1. ASICS Gel-Noosa Tri 11 Running Shoe
$$$Check Price on Amazon

2. Zoot Ultra Race 4.0
$Check Price on Amazon

3. Newton Running Men’s Distance 8
$$Check Price on Amazon

4. Saucony Kinvara 7
$$$Check Price on Amazon

5. Nike Men’s LunarTempo Running Shoe
$$$Check Price on Amazon

6. Adidas Ultraboost Running Shoe
$$$$Check Price on Amazon

There are challenges that face triathletes that do not face regular runners, so this buying guide is going to help you walk through some of those and help you determine what kind of shoe you need in order to help you reach a better time in your race.  After we’ve gone over the ins and outs of what you need, we’re going to take a look and the top running shoes for triathlons that you can get this year!
Triathlon Shoes Buying Guide
Triathlons vs Normal Running
There’s no doubt that both triathlons and running are hard physical activities that require a lot of time and effort to get good at.  Both tax the body to the extreme at times and both are really very similar.  But triathlons do have other challenges that just aren’t always present with regular running.
With triathlons, you’re going to be competing in two other events, basically.  You’re going to be swimming and then biking before you even get to the run.  This means you’re going to be much more tired than someone that is just running.  This is not bashing or running, but it’s a fact!  So you’re going to need a shoe that is a little bit more responsive to your needs there.
One of the things that can be found is an all-purpose shoe.  This is something that will allow you to come to the end of the swim to put on and then you’ll be good to go until the end.  This type of shoe will be very good for both the bike and running sections.  It’s difficult to find a good shoe like this, but it is possible.  If you are wanting to find a shoe like that, then just know they are out there and you will have to look for them!  Remember, that transition times are a key factor in triathlons, so this may factor into your decision.
The distance of your race is a major factor in what kind of shoes you wear.  For races that are much shorter in length than Ironman races, transition times are going to prove to be much more crucial.  So having one pair of shoes for the bike and run could be very beneficial in that case.  Or even a pair of shoes that you already have tied and can just slip into would do you a world of good as well!
But the distance is a big factor here as well because of comfort and durability.  Running long distances stresses and strains you and your shoes.  Shoes won’t last forever, and many are suggested to be changed after 500 miles or so.  But, you have to remember that certain shoes are going to do better with you than others for longer distances.  Some shoes will likely do you well no matter if you’re running one mile or a whole marathon, but they could be different the further you go.
Maybe you have a shoe that you are very fast in for short periods of time, but they are very uncomfortable when you wear them for a long time.  This is something that’s very normal to see in everyday shoes, so it’s a possible example that you might encounter one day.  Those shoes, despite being fast over the short haul, are ultimately going to slow you down when you start hurting, blistering and aching.  So, you have to be very aware of your specific needs sometimes when you select a pair of shoes!
The temperature outside can also be a major influence on you when you’re running.  Not all triathlons are done during the summer, so you may need a different pair of shoes if you are running during the winter or even if you’re in the rain!  Great tri running shoes for the summer will be very breathable, which will allow your foot to feel less sticky and sweaty.  To be breathable, mesh is often used and it essentially creates an open space in the shoe.  This open space is great like we’ve said in the summer, but it’s horrible in the winter because you’re not producing near as much sweat likely.  This open space will allow the cold in and it could make you very uncomfortable.  And the answer isn’t always easily available like oh just throw on some thick socks.  If you do that, the shoe may not fit correctly!  You may be able to overcome this, but you also may not.  So you will have to factor weather in when selecting a good pair of shoes to run in a triathlon with.
You’re Going to Get Wet!
This is an obvious statement, but it’s something you’re going to have to learn.  For beginning triathletes, you don’t always need to go all out on buying a bunch of equipment.  Maybe you are just trying it out for the first time.  You’re not going to want to invest a ton of money right away in something you may not continue to do.  So maybe you’re going to use a pair of running shoes for both the biking and running sections.  Well right before the bike section you’re going to have been swimming.  So you’re going to come out of the water a little bit wet.  Your shoes are going to have to be able to deal with this, as are you, in some manner.  Not all shoes will do well with being wet, so you have to be careful to find one that is good at staying together and performing optimally while sogged with water.
Biking with Running Shoes
Because there are few rules surrounding what kind of shoes you have to wear during a triathlon, you are free to choose what you feel is best for you.  So, you can wear the same shoes, as discussed before, for both the run and the bike portions of the race.  It must be said, though, that this is not done by many expert triathletes.  Experts tend to have shoes for the bike ride alone.  The reason why is that these types of shoes have grips in them to grip the pedals better.  Whether you want this feature or not is up to you, but it should be known that there are advantages and disadvantages to your decision to either wear running shoes or cycling shoes.  There are some select ones that are dual purpose, but those will likely cost you more money and will be harder to find as well.
Here’s the preachy section of the buying guide, but it will do you well to pay mind to it.  Running shoes need to be a snug fit.  This is going to protect you over time, and it will not do you any harm.  Ever!  If they are this way, you’re going to be much safer.  Running shoes are meant to help you move as quickly as possible, and the best way to help them do their job is to have the proper size.  You need to have yourself just a little bit of room in the shoe.  If the shoes are too tight, you’re going to have your toes rubbing up against the liner.  This is very likely to cause blistering, and it may lead to slower times or you having to even drop out of the race itself.  However, if the shoes are too loose, you also will cause problems.  In addition to having the shoe move up and down your foot in a very annoying manner, you will have to readjust your running style or gait.  This is an unnatural thing to do, and it has been known to cause injuries in the back and knees over time.  Don’t let this become an issue by buying the correct size!  In order to do that, it’s always wise to go somewhere and try on shoes first.  Online shopping is great, but it is quite tricky to get the correct size if you’ve never had the specific shoe before.  You can always come back to online shopping later!
One more thing before moving is the fact that you are going to be full of adrenaline when you reach this stage of the race.  This means you’re going to be pumped up, which means that your muscles will be much larger and will be swollen than when you began the race.  This means that getting the correct size can be tricky if you’ve just been standing around doing nothing before you try them on.  A great tip is to always try to do some sort of exercise before you try on and purchase a pair of shoes.  This will help you find a much better fit, and you will be much happier overall.
Please Wear Running Shoes!
Running shoes are designed with one purpose in mind: to help you move forward.  Running shoes aren’t like other types of shoes.  Other shoes may be great for helping you move side to side, but they will pale in comparison to what running shoes will provide for you.  So, it’s pretty important to find a pair that is meant to run in instead of just getting any old pair of shoes.  They will likely not hold up very well for you.  Remember, running on hard ground, is very high impact, so you will need something that can absorb shocks.  Just because a basketball shoe, for example, absorbs shocks, does not mean that it will absorb them at a very heavy pace like running.
Running Style
How you run, (aka. your gait) is an important factor.  Here are some examples of what you might want to look for.  Whether you are someone who strikes the ground with their toes first, or there heels is very important.  Maybe you do neither, and you land on the middle of your foot (you are rare).  Those things can influence your shoes for sure.  In addition to this, how your foot’s weight is distributed is also important.  Some people put the pressure of their feet towards the outside of the shoe.  Others put it toward the inside.  For those that roll their feet outward, they’ll want to look at stability shoes.  For those that roll them inward, motion control shoes are the best type for them.  For people in between, or “neut l” foot runners, they are most likely open to many more options.
Protection vs Speed
This is something that has to be quickly mentioned.  A lot of the choices you’re going to see will allow you to choose from protection or plain out speed.  Generally, the lighter the shoe the faster you will go and the less protection you are going to have in the way of shock absorption and the such.  Another thing to keep in mind, though, is that the lighter the shoe the less durable it is likely to be as well.  So, many of the shoes that we’ll look at will be great for use in competitions, but maybe not quite as great for training.  If used for training, they’ll function fine, but they may not last as long as training-specific shoes.
Best Triathlon Running Shoe Reviews

1.   ASICS Gel-Noosa Tri 11 Running Shoe Men’s and Women’s

It’s not a huge surprise to see ASICS at number one on any list having to do with running shoes.  Both genders have great colors to choose from, and both shoes have elastic laces, which make them much easier to get on and off of the foot. They both have a sockliner that is great for airing out your wet foot throughout the race, and they also have excellent grip in areas where it’s wet!  The price isn’t bad, either, as they can run from moderate to slightly above moderate, but nothing really bad at all!

Good price
Great for transitions
Keeps you dry


Not for wide feet
Not as comfy as previous offerings

2.   Zoot Ultra Race 4.0 Men’s and Women’s

if you’re looking for something stylish, easily seen, and in a moderate to slightly above moderate price level, then the Zoot is your answer.  Both have just one color, but they are very flashy, maybe too flashy for some people.  They are fully synthetic with very little mesh appearing to have been used and they have a huge protruding curve to them in the front that will try and make you more comfortable over the course of the race.  The fastening system is also quite different, but it appears as if they’d be easy to pull on in a hurry.

Very flashy
Very comfortable
Quick to put on


Runs small
Takes time to break in

3.   Newton Running Men’s Distance 8

You can imagine we try out a lot of shoes, but I have to come clean on this particular shoe:  I own a pair ’cause they’re the ultimate!!!   I could talk about them all day, but here’s the unique feature that sets them apart from the competition;  They are made for proper, ergonomic running form.  That is, they are made for running with a forefoot strike!  What does that mean?  Well, let’s put it this way;  If I asked you to run in your barefeet (or even just jog) 30 feet down the driveway, I will give you a 100% chance that you would NEVER land on your heel. 
You would run exclusively on the front of your foot (between toes and mid-foot).  But, when most runners slap on a pair of running shoes, they immediately start landing on their heels.  This is categorically WRONG as far as kinetics and kinesiology is concerned, but that doesn’t stop shoe manufacturers from making shoes that encourage heel strike running.  TSK! TSK! 
The Newtons have it right!  And, to encourage fore-foot strike running, Newtons feature a less padded heel, and “lugs” or chunks that stick out of the sole at the forefoot, that contract and then spring out to give you more distance and efficient propulsion with each step.  Pretty snazzy I’d say!
All Newtons have EXTREMELY good ventilation!  So much so, that you can always see what color socks you’re wearing right through the shoe material.  If I put in another way, you Northerners will get it;  you WON’T want to wear these casually in the winter since your feet will freeze within a few minutes – that’s how “well-ventilated” they are!

Very cool looks
Ultra-revolutionary technology
Potential to change your running philosophy!


Not the cheapest shoe
Potential to change your running philosophy 🙂


4.   Saucony Kinvara 8 Men’s and Women’s

If you’re looking for a shoe for a moderate to high price that has a multitude of great colors and looks, then look no further.  This is also a great running show with a synthetic and rubber make up.  It has a lot of mesh all around it to help you air out a little better as well. That’s the difference between this and a regular running shoe.  It has a bit of curve toward the top of the foot, but not as pronounced as the second item on our list was.  This has a very flexible outsole to the shoe, and you are able to remove the insole and replace it easily with whatever insole you need to install in its place.

Tons of colors to choose from
Very breathable
Removable insoles


A little stiff
Not a lot of toe room

5.   Nike Men’s LunarTempo Running Shoe

if you are looking for a great looking shoe with a lot of breathability built into it, then look no further.  This shoe is priced about the same as all of the others we’ve seen so far, and it’s built with a ton of mesh.  It might not be so great on cooler days but certainly will get the job done when it’s warmer.  It is a classic lace-up shoe that will have to be tied, so it’s down a little on the list in comparison to others.  The toes do curve up a little, but it’s only slightly noticeable to the eye at a glance.  It has technology built in to make the inside very plush and comfortable to wear for you.

Very breathable
Great for warm days
Very comfortable


Runs a little small
Probably not great for cooler days

6.   Adidas Ultraboost Running Men’s and Women’s

These Adidas shoes right here might come at a higher price than the others on our list, but they do serve a specific purpose besides just making you look great with a number of color options to choose from.  These are great stability trainers, so they are great for anyone that tend to roll their feet outward when they stand, walk, and run. These are made from synthetics, but they also have a lot of mesh at the front of the foot. They aren’t as open as the Nike, however.  The ‘boost’ in the name is referring to its new, more cushioned response this time around.  These are a little bit heavier than many we’ve seen on the list so far, so they might make a little better training shoe than just an all-around competition shoe.  They do need to be laced up, so that’s why they are a little bit lower on the list than most of the others one.

Awesome looks
Very comfortable
Great stability trainer


Not as quick in transitions
A little expensive

Editor’s Choice for Quality, Value and Customer Satisfaction!

Conclusion & Recommendations

It is absolutely critical to remember that running shoes are not all the same.  Each person has a different need that should be addressed, so you must keep this in mind when you are searching for a pair of shoes.  It’s great to have a really nice look and style to your shoe, but it will mean little in the end if your shoe is uncomfortable!  Remember, you need to have a good pair of running shoes with you in order to protect yourself as your feet as going through a lot of trauma and potential pain over the course of a race.  Also, it’s wise to think about what you want to spend money on and what you want to be doing (or not doing) during the transitions of the race!  Once you’ve made all those determinations, you can get to the task of buying the perfect tri running shoe, and then you’ll be cutting your personal best in no time!
And finally, it’s SUPER critical to note that our review does not (and simply cannot) extensively cover ALL the best triathlon running shoes on the market.  We did indeed exclude some very competent shoes that might even be better for YOU than some that we’ve reviewed.  If I were you, I’d check out all these options in addition to our reviewed shoes!  Happy shoe hunting!


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